• Wed 28th Feb 2007 Sky, Roberta G, and Estella | Behind the Scenes

    Estella is a lovely girl to work with! Great at taking direction and a lot of fun! Wearing reading glasses and tartan panties this Scottish lass is horny and cheeky!

  • Tue 27th Feb 2007 Toni B | Behind the Scenes

    Toni and I go way back, well kinda. So it was nice to see her again and shoot together. She has such a vibrancy in front of the camera and really hams it up. So the shoot was a lot of fun, lighting was easy, keeping her happy was easy, finding a great spot in the house was easy. Toni just did her stuff. I love it when models really get it and show a funny, kooky, alter ego during a shoot.

  • Mon 26th Feb 2007 Toby shooting Nadine and Tiff | Behind the Scenes

    These two together, Nadine and Tiff, what a beautiful combination! Not one but two sexy blondes! What more could you want?! Hot tanned bodies intertwined. If you thought girl on girl action wasnt your thing you will dig it now! These two are spunkalicious and so into each other.

  • Fri 23rd Feb 2007 Toby shooting Roslyn | Behind the Scenes

    Today was full of surprises. Toby was driving today and we got a tad lost due to my lack of map skills... Hey I'm a girl, I cant read maps... but I can drive. So Toby and I changed seats and we got there in no time. When we got to the location Toby decided that her dress was the prettiest and that Roslyn should wear it... but what is Toby going to wear? We thought of Toby shooting in a bra and undies... which I thought would make fab backstage pics! Then Roslyn said that Toby could wear her clothes. Damn! After that was sorted Roslyn did a great job and loved hanging from the green house. She has great boobs and a fit body. You guys are going to love her!

  • Thu 22nd Feb 2007 Alex T and Nadine | Behind the Scenes

    Alex T and Nadine were on fire today! Hot weather, hot ladies, Someone give me a long cold shower, these 2 spunks got me all riled up!

  • Tue 20th Feb 2007 Toby shooting Addison | Behind the Scenes

    Addison did a fantastic job today, not only is she beautiful she is also flexible. That always makes my heart beat quicker. She showed us some great moves and the splits every way possible. I hope we can shoot her again but I think she will be jetting back over to England very soon. All the best Addison!

  • Mon 19th Feb 2007 Patience and Nadine | Behind the Scenes

    Another Tier 3 for my sister, isn't she just shagging her way through every model eh? (And she's not complaining, let me tell you!) Today was Nadine's turn, and they had a grand old time by the looks of things. This is a Tier 3 with a difference, with one stationary camera and one camera held by the models themelves. No actual operator today, so should be an interesting one! By all reports, and by the state of that bedroom, I'm sure it will suffice...

  • Fri 16th Feb 2007 Susie shooting Katy and Lacey | Behind the Scenes

    When two nannies get together there is gonna be trouble! Today we shot the lovely Katy, and cutie Lacey, in Lacey's unit which is like a mini menagerie! She had a budgie (which helped me hide out in the dressing room section of the shoot), a cat, who tried to join in on the action, and a bunny! Which Susie and I both went nuts over but whose fur sent Susie into a near wheezing fit. Lucky Katy was there with the puffer like a white knight with her sword...

  • Thu 15th Feb 2007 Toby shooting Melinda | Behind the Scenes

    Melinda is such a sweetie, her house was great. We shot her in an awesome yellow chair and she had all these mirrors laying around, so we used a couple to bounce the light around. She was very patient with me while I fiddled around with the lights and then the mirrors, and then the lights again. I love patient models.

  • Wed 14th Feb 2007 Ada with Toby | Behind the Scenes

    Well its not often I have to come back from a shoot with a change of undies on, but Ada was that good. We had her frolicking in the sunshine and playing with the hose, which was a bit naughty of her I guess, what with our water restrictions, but this was a special occasion. All the ground around us was wet, and in pursuit of a great shot I sat in a puddle and soaked my bum.

  • Tue 13th Feb 2007 Tell me more, tell me more | Behind the Scenes

    With Toby around, you don't even notice there are carloads of hot naked chicks just hanging out around you! You'll recognise models Shelly and Katy, who today did their Tier 3. In the middle there is new model Cameron, who just may have been roped into hosting the newsletter with the other two! And of course, there's Prue, Sky and Christiana (with me taking the photo too!) and oh, yeah, I think that's Toby in the back there...

  • Mon 12th Feb 2007 Gilian and Patience with Sky | Behind the Scenes

    Well I just had to stand back with this one. Gilian and Patience certainly made for the hottest Tier 3 I have ever shot. Susie dropped me off before high-tailing it out of there quicker than I had ever seen her move (even from the office on a Friday afternoon!). Patience and Susie being sisters may have made this a little weird if she had stuck around. The girls got along amazingly right from the start to the end. I certainly hope I was able to translate their passion onto film.

  • Fri 09th Feb 2007 Tiff shooting Toby? | Behind the Scenes

    Ahhh, Toby, what the heck is going on here? I thought YOU were the photographer? Interesting. Everyone, meet Tiff, our new naked photographer. Isn't she pretty? You might even be lucky enough to spy a shoot of hers coming up very soon, that is, if Toby gets back to work!

  • Thu 08th Feb 2007 Phoenix and Shelly B | Behind the Scenes

    I was a very lucky again today to be able to do a shoot with Phoenix, and this time we were shooting with the lovely Shelly who just happens to be (nearly) as big a fan of dumb british comedy as I am. Her video collection was amazing! As I'm sure you'll see in the photos, she had piles of DVDs, toys and videos that reached the roof. Phoenix, Susie and Myself had a great time rumaging around her shelves, which Shelly was cool with as long as we didn't take anything out of its box. Ha! Hot, slightly nerdy girls are my favourites.

  • Wed 07th Feb 2007 Everybody | Behind the Scenes

    Count the pretty ladies! One, two, three...one million! Aren't they lovely, all smiles and bright eyes. I am sure you'll recognise most of those faces, and as for the rest it'll just have to be a mystery! Two of these ladies did a Tier 3 together today also, but I'll leave that one secret too - maybe you can guess?

  • Tue 06th Feb 2007 Evette | Behind the Scenes

    Evette is one hot girl...and what should hot girls have, the best. So we gave her the best dildo ever, I and the girls oooohed and ahhhhed over this shiny metal looking delight. It came out of a black box lined with silk... It was swanky. Evette was so excited by the toy that she gave us a great performance. Thanks Evette.

  • Mon 05th Feb 2007 Adora shooting Kylee | Behind the Scenes

    Bend and stretch, reach for the stars... Oh yes, Kylee's done the odd forward bend or two in her time. Ballet has infiltrated many a youngster's life; great for developing future party tricks though. Kylee was a great host, showing us around her posy in the lounge and showing off her great body. Cheers!

  • Fri 02nd Feb 2007 Toby with Crystal | Behind the Scenes

    Crystal was so much fun. I was trying very hard to concentrate on shooting and not making stupid jokes with her today. It turns out she is quite musical and looked stunning playing a bit of guitar (pronounced Gee-Tarrr). The light looked great as well, and we even improvised a shampoo commercial with a cute vintage fan. So there are some very interesting shots in today's set. Nice work Crystal, hope you all enjoy looking at her as much as I enjoyed shooting her.

  • Thu 01st Feb 2007 Aydee | Behind the Scenes

    Aydee has the most stunning blue eyes I have ever seen, they are so clear and pretty. I tried very hard to focus on them today in her shoot. She actually had a scar on her face also, that I thought was a lovely contrast to her eyes, I debated whether to ask her about it, as I didn't want to make her self conscious (I thought the scar was pretty damn cool) but when I did ask her about it, she was totally proud of it! Telling me how the scar was her "war wound". Neat!

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