• Mon 30th Aug 2010 Janee & Laila | Intimate Moments

    A hot day gets even hotter when Janee and Laila get together for their Intimate Moments shoot. They're into it from kick off, naked and horny, spreading their legs, rubbing their pussies and sliding a finger or two inside themselves.

    A light sheen of sweat soon blankets their faces as the sounds of their wet bodies propel them to climax.

  • Mon 30th Aug 2010 Edie | Solo

    So many interesting and rather naughty stories to tell!

    Edie candidly shares the most intimate details about her group sex encounters, her favourite kisses and all the things it takes to turn her on... Best of all she follows it up with a real time demonstration of what it does take to get her hot and wet... and hot and wet she does get as a blissful climactic rush rattles through her body.

  • Sun 29th Aug 2010 Antonella | Intimate Moments

    Laid back and relaxing on her bed, Antonella's tasty, olive skinned body is set off perfectly against her fiery orange blanket, just the thing to highlight all her good bits.

    Shot in nice and tight, it's a divine angle to view this hot Abby babe from. Watch her muscles clench as moans escape her lips and an orgasm sweeps through her body.

  • Sun 29th Aug 2010 Charlotte E | Solo

    Earthy tones and copper skin, Charlotte is back to grace us with her presence once again. With a look that says she just popped out of bed... loose cosy clothes, silky knickers and messy hair she's sexy as ever.

    If you've never had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte, sit back and take a moment now. She's a stunning, leggy beauty with mousey hair and delicious small breasts, copper skin and full lips... I could go on and on!

    It's no wonder we keep coming back for more!

  • Sun 29th Aug 2010 Edie | Solo

    She's cute and sensual and oh boy, that long silky hair falling all the way to her waist and brushing softly on her skin!

    Confident and comfortable with every inch of her body, from her large soft nipples to her rosy pink pussy Edie is open and takes extreme pleasure in pushing her vibrator inside herself to take you to the same orgasmic places she does.

  • Sat 28th Aug 2010 Dee Dee & Katia | Girl-Girl

    The tension and desire between Dee Dee and Katia is palpable. These two ravage each other in this hardcore girl girl video. It all starts with passionate kissing and boob sucking. Then progressing to cunnilingus as Dee Dee starts on Katia.

    She really enjoys the act. Taking her time, teasing Katia as she gently and slowly rubs the end of her tongue against the very tip and lips of Katia's pussy and clit. Katia moans with approving pleasure and Dee Dee soon smothers her face with Katia's pussy.

    That's just my favourite moment in an action packed double video instalment also featuring 69ing, mutual masturbation, face sitting and a host of other explicit acts that will start and most likely flood your engine.

  • Sat 28th Aug 2010 Tinsley | Intimate Moments

    Red haired Tinsley looks sexy in her light summer dress. She lies on the couch and starts to reach around and rub her pussy in this solo masturbation video. She then decides its time to unbuttons her dress and reveals she isn't wearing a bra and her pert boobs look fantastic.

    She then slaps her ass and squeezes the cheeks before getting right back into the reach around position as she masturbates with her undies in this thrilling instalment.

  • Fri 27th Aug 2010 Laura P | Solo

    Laura, who you may have seen in the wonderful girl girl video, Sunset Girls, released yesterday, is back with her redux solo video. What a fine body Laura has.

    Her ass is divine. It looks amazing in her short skirt as she moves around her lounge room. And so does her entire body in her tight fitting outfit. She reeks of sex appeal. And it's all natural and real!

    She discusses her past videos and all matters relating to sex. Including her first time at the beach, in a boatshed and in the water. And if all that doesn't get you hot under the collar then there is a heap of sexy fingering as this confident blonde goes to work on herself.

  • Thu 26th Aug 2010 Dee Dee & Katia | Girl-Girl

    Dee Dee & Katia are desperate to fuck each other. Their passion and desire for one another is apparent in all 214 images that make up this rousing sex fest.

    They simply devour each other with all the sexual imagination and commitment they can muster and consequently this image set is some seriously absorbing stuff.

  • Thu 26th Aug 2010 Danielle Y | Intimate Moments

    Danielle closes her eyes. Her mind starts to wander through arousing thoughts and pretty soon its obvious she is very horny. Keeping her eyes shut and staying lost in her sexy thoughts, Danielle starts to gently, like a strong close breath, caress her body and run her hands underneath her shorts.

    Almost as if still in a dream, Danielle's hands start to take control of her body. They soon find their way across her undies until she locates her clitoris. She rubs it delicately on the outside and this sets off a chain of events so thrilling and explosive they are not worthy of words but of breathtaking images. So watch and enjoy!

  • Wed 25th Aug 2010 Laura P | Solo

    Laura looks angelic in this smashing image set. Her blonde hair and beautiful curvy body look amazing. I love her confident aura, but really what is undeniably sexy about Laura, is her ass.

    There are plenty of pics of it, showing us in great detail every curvy round inch of one of the best bums around. I also got off on her sexy red knickers. Hotness!

  • Tue 24th Aug 2010 GG Video: Sunset Girls | Solo

    5 hot models take a trip to a secluded beach in this fun girl girl video. Antonella, Janie, Laura, Michaela and Renata relax on the beach together.

    They chat and sunbake as we get some great up skirt shots. They soon egg each other on and undress revealing sexy bikinis beneath their summer dresses and outfits.

    The bikinis don't last long though and the girls roll around on the sand and take a splash in the shores as the big waves roll in and lap against these five fine figures. It's a beautiful finish as the sun sets and wraps around them a final time to close a great day and an awesome vid.

  • Tue 24th Aug 2010 Hayley F | Solo

    Hayley is a regular on abbywinters.com and isn't that awesome! If you have not acquainted yourself with every inch of her svelte body and sexy smile then you need too, right now... and this video is a great place to start!

    The camera follows her around in one continuous stream of action. One shot, one extremely hot model = very sexy video. Watch as she parades around the house with her graceful and cat like movements. There is a myriad of provocative poses as Hayley takes us from the back porch, to the kitchen bench, the stairs and finishes on the couch, writhing a body that is, simply to die for.

  • Mon 23rd Aug 2010 Calypso & Patty | Intimate Moments

    Calypso is a dark skinned finely cut Mauritian and she is paired with the milky skinned curvy red head Patty. They are a diverse combination that compliment each another perfectly. They start chatting about masturbating, Patty declaring the bath as her favourite locale, "It feels like someone is licking you, you can't control it." Calypso replies "sounds good" and the two girls giggle.

    Patty also declares herself the noisy one, and lives up to it. Both girls sneak glances and watch either others technique and feed of the horniness that fills the room as they work towards an epic and joint finale. And then there is the de-brief and post orgasm chat. Great stuff girls!

  • Mon 23rd Aug 2010 Zahra | Solo

    It's Zahra's first time on video. She takes to it, quickly displaying a very intelligent and open mind. Zahra is a free spirit declaring, "I had friends at school and we use to experiment together." This is as she recalls, her first experiences with women, but she likes both the sexes. Perfect!

    This is an epic instalment, the first video is mostly Zahra talking and giving us glimpses of her fine figure. The second explores the physical and sexually charged side to this flexible pole-dancing champion. She also includes a huge U shaped purple dildo she sucks and licks, and also uses it to work a few areas at once... and has a powerful gasping orgasm.

  • Sun 22nd Aug 2010 Tayla | Intimate Moments

    Tayla is very attractive with a beautiful face, fit curvy body, smooth youthful skin and sexy tan lines. She starts this solo masturbation shoot by taking off her top and rubbing her nipples. We have an awesome close and open view of her every move in this thrilling video. And we are lucky as there is plenty of movement too!

    Tayla gets herself very worked up. She rubs her fingers against her pussy on the outside of her hot pink shorts and undies. And as she presses harder against them we can see the outline of her pussy. Tayla then reveals all, most notably her fast style of masturbation, which oscillates quickly between working the clit and inserting her fingers. Whatever method, the result is a full body convulsing explosion of unbridled pleasure.

  • Sun 22nd Aug 2010 Zahra | Solo

    Zahra looks so inviting as she writhes around her bed sporting long socks, a purple dildo and matching hair. She has a seductive look and I love the images of her wrenching her knickers off.

    And then there is the matter of her prodigious purple dildo, which she utilises in a range of provocative positions in this rousing image set.

  • Sun 22nd Aug 2010 Sunset Girls | Solo

    This is a peach of an image set. Sunset girls features Antonella, Janie, Laura, Michaela and Renata against the wonderful backdrop of a picturesque secluded beach.

    But even as spectacular as the beach and sunset looks, it is the searing hot models that dominate each and every image. Watch them playfully frolic around the beach, boobs bouncing, water lapping against their smooth skin, sun lapping up their svelte bodies and reducing their tan lines. Very beautiful stuff!

  • Sat 21st Aug 2010 Sloan | Intimate Moments

    Sloan is so horny. She licks her finger and rubs underneath her pants and undies right away. This fiery petite framed red head then pulls her bra down and licks her nipples.

    So turned on she masturbates urgently, on her tummy, on her back and by rubbing her pussy and clit against the couch. She closes with a pulsating and breathtaking orgasm that will no doubt ensure she is not the only one short of breath when her debut concludes.

  • Fri 20th Aug 2010 Rachel S | Solo

    She seems so innocent when you gaze upon her but thankfully it isn't so!

    Rachel is a raunchy and rather mischievous little one indeed. Opening her bedroom door a jar so we can peek on in and see what she's up to, she throws a glance that says loud and clear... Come in and play!

  • Thu 19th Aug 2010 Hayley F & Jasmine | Girl-Girl

    With the rain falling around them and sounds of the nature everywhere, it's time for Hayley and Jasmine to get each other wet and join in the call of the wild!

    Hayley's sensual touch and kisses get Jasmine all riled up and ready to smack her lips on some creamy beaver. And smack those lips she does, her fingers are jammed inside Hayley as her tongue goes to town on her clit, bringing on some body rattling orgasms.

  • Thu 19th Aug 2010 Capucine | Intimate Moments

    Stretched out on her side, Capucine runs her hands up and down her curvaceous body, smiling to herself and drifting away to her hottest fantasies.

    She exposes a breast, tickling her nipple then dives a hand down the back of her knickers and fingers her wet pussy. She might be quiet but she's into it!

  • Wed 18th Aug 2010 Claire C | Solo

    Claire swings into abbywinters.com for a picturesque debut solo video. She has immaculate smooth tanned skin that shields a fantastic body. Possessing a peach of a bum, she looks appetising as she playfully swings in the Aussie outback.

    There is a myriad of angles and movements that capture her fine assets. I loved the tantalising upskirt shots and racy sexy talk. Nice to meet you Claire!

  • Wed 18th Aug 2010 Rachel S | Solo

    Angelic and naughty at the same time, young Rachel sexes up a storm for us in her very first insertions shoot. She's a gorgeous doe eyed brunette that if you're not familiar with already, now is the time!

    Her super girly style is delightful and she's always wearing the cutest panties beneath those clothes, not to mention braces that take her cuteness to a whole other level.

  • Wed 18th Aug 2010 Hayley F & Jasmine | Girl-Girl

    Playing on a rug under a tree, Hayley and Jasmine are young, fresh and adventurous. Their hands brush against each other's creamy skin, filling them with unreleased passion.

    Peeling clothes back and knickers to the side, they lick nipples and their wet pussies yield to eager tongues and fingers.

  • Tue 17th Aug 2010 Claire C | Solo

    Claire is hot. Her subtle sexy tan lines wrap around her full round bum and pert boobs. Her smooth skin and fit womanly body are equally striking.

    There is also her long sweeping brunette hair, seductive and innocent eyes, beautiful pussy, sexy pics on a swing, the magnificent wild bush location and extra large image options that all combine like ingredients in a gourmet to meal to make this a simply searing image set.

  • Tue 17th Aug 2010 Gypsy | Solo

    Gypsy is definitely the outdoorsy type and here she is enjoying the hot rays of the sun in the clear, icy water of her pool.

    The best part is that Gypsy has some very hot and naughty fantasies about doing it poolside. She undresses slowly as she walks us through her fantasies step by delectable step.

  • Mon 16th Aug 2010 Iveta & Samsara | Intimate Moments

    Oh really, we love it when the girls get totally into each other and in fact, can't keep their hands off each other. With kisses full of lust bringing heat to their cheeks and gentle flutters between their legs.

    Iveta and Samsara's spread themselves open, kissing one another and touching themselves as their quivering apogee comes rolling toward them.

  • Mon 16th Aug 2010 Danielle Y | Solo

    Danielle wakes up from a deep sleep after a successful night. Left alone, she plays around the room exploring and sizing herself up in the mirror... she is a perfect fit.

    Her pert supple breasts look hot in the lucky guys shirt. I also love her sexy pronounced tan lines that hint at an innocent women that lies beneath.

    But Danielle is quite the opposite, she takes a stills camera she finds and takes several erotic snaps revealing an immaculate body and insatiable appetite for pleasure. This video also features masturbation in a host of rousing positions leading to the same conclusion: Danielle is a gem!

  • Sun 15th Aug 2010 Eden | Intimate Moments

    Satisfy your carnal cravings as you watch Eden send herself to another place in a very sensuous, earthy Intimate Moments session. Undressing at the very beginning of her video, she pops into the bath tub taking deep pleasure in the feeling of the warm water wrapping and lapping about her limbs... Another entity caressing her as she caresses herself...

    There's something a little different about this one and it's very, very hot!

  • Sun 15th Aug 2010 Gypsy | Solo

    With the hot Australian sun really beating down to heat things up, Gypsy does her bit to steam the lens up just a little more. Sitting poolside in a brightly coloured, cotton summer dress, Gypsy's curvaceous thighs are just dying to be exposed from beneath it.

    Dipping her toes, then feet and legs into the water, she slides in completely and catches her breath as the icy water hits her warm skin.

  • Sun 15th Aug 2010 Danielle Y | Solo

    Tight jeans hug her ass and her shirt clings to her waist, offering a small taste of the lusciousness that lies beneath. She unbuttons her shirt slowly, her silky hot-pink bra and toned stomach revealed. With a smile she begins to undo her jeans... A hand slides down the front... It's all fun and games from there on in!

    Danielle is a never fail beauty that you'll crave for more and more with every move she makes.

  • Sat 14th Aug 2010 Misha | Solo

    Misha is one of the leggiest models we've ever been lucky enough to shoot for abbywinters.com. She's tall and lean and really does have those kind of legs you just dream of wrapping around you.

    Visiting Australia from Europe, she's brought her confident nature with her too and just loves to be naked.

  • Sat 14th Aug 2010 Viola | Intimate Moments

    Come with us folks... We're doing it doggy style with Viola!

    Closing her eyes and thinking naughty thoughts, Viola sucks on a finger before slipping her skirt over her gorgeous round butt and starts feeling herself through her panties. She slings herself over the sofa on hands and knees, pulls those panties down around her ankles and vibrates herself into the stratosphere!

  • Fri 13th Aug 2010 Kasey F | Solo

    Kasey is a natural, and is downright sexy without even trying! Quietly wandering about her bedroom and flirtatiously slipping out of her clothes, she is sensual and alluring in her second solo shoot for abbywinters.com.

    Her lean, toned figure will knock you for a six as she bends and flexes her naked contours for the camera.

  • Fri 13th Aug 2010 Misha | Solo

    Misha is one of the leggiest models we've ever been lucky enough to shoot for abbywinters.com. She's tall and lean and really does have those kind of legs you just dream of wrapping around you.

    Visiting Australia from Europe, she's brought her confident nature with her too and just loves to be naked.

  • Thu 12th Aug 2010 Mei & Patty | Girl-Girl

    Two friends taking some time to get to know each other... Patty sits across the room from Mei, staring at her with a lustful twinkle in her eyes and then tells Mei she's daydreaming about kissing her.

    Curious and playful by nature, Mei encourages Patty's advances and soon both open up like flowers to passion inducing lips, fingers and tongues.

  • Thu 12th Aug 2010 Khloe | Intimate Moments

    Propped up casually on a pile of cushions on the floorm, full lipped brunette, Khloe, is one sexy lady! She rolls onto her side giving you a perfect view of her pussy and tasty body.

    She licks her fingers and spreads her legs apart to run her fingers over her perfectly neat pink bit, licks them again and keeps rubbing until she's over the finish line in a moaning climax.

  • Wed 11th Aug 2010 Chere | Solo

    This doe eyed lass knows just how to shake it! Oozing sexuality from every pore, lose yourself in Chere's world as she shares secrets about her body and her fantasies in the bedroom. And what a body it is too! Soft pert breast, curvy butt and such a tiny little waist!

    Chere likes a man that can take her and throw her confidently on the bed... Click and see if you've got what it takes!

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