• Thu 31st Jul 2008 Backstage 211 | Behind the scenes

    This is going to be a really good Backstage. Backstage 211 gives you a nice big dose of Alex T & Nadine, Annabella, and McKenzie, plus a few others. Our old photographer friends Jamie and Verity can be seen too. I told you it was good!

  • Thu 31st Jul 2008 Renee L | Solo

    Renee L is out for a hike and this horny young lady gets herself nude in the forest. Her green eyes match perfectly with the lush vegetation and her crinkly nipples are truly sexy. Renee will spread her legs for you and let you see all of her pink bits before walking away and displaying a very spank-able bum.

    It's almost the time when you'll be needing your new (free) abbywinters calendar page for August. This month it's the beautiful, kind, and highly sexually charged Immie. If you need a desktop calendar, don't miss it.

  • Thu 31st Jul 2008 Corelle | Intimate Moments

    Sexy blonde minx Corelle is in the mood for a little self love this morning. Her boobs gently jiggle and her gasps synchronise with the urgent rhythm of her hand. She builds up her arousal intensely and keeps herself right on the edge for most of this video... just after Immie comes(off camera- in another room), Corelle's fingers stop their fervid plunging and start to stimulate her clitoris. What follows is a squeal inducing, sheet clawing orgasm.

    Don't miss this perfect example of Intimate Moments!

  • Wed 30th Jul 2008 Angie & Shaminee | Girl-Girl

    Big busted Angie and brummy Shaminee are melt in your mouth creaminess. This spicy video starts straight away with Angie taking control with a soft "Don't stop". She guides Sham's hand lower and lower...down her tummy to slide teasingly between her thighs. No energy wasted, no nipple goes unlicked and even arse holes get a thorough seeing to! Their passion is intense...sure to melt your screen!

    My favourite bits: at 8 mins and 35 seconds into the backstage video and you realise Toby's not even taking photos! The sex is so real and so unscripted that I feel lucky we sort of 'snuck in' to film them...

  • Wed 30th Jul 2008 Claire J | Solo

    Gorgeous, bra-less Claire J is out exploring the Australian bush, getting progressively more naked..yay! She's endearing- trying to be cool while she struggles to get her tight-fitting white jumper off...but we don't mind because eventually her wondrous breasts plop out for us to enjoy. She tells us about how she uses them when she gives blow-jobs (sounds like fun!) and what kind of features she looks for in a man...

    My Favourite bits: the mesmerising way she slowly peels open her soft, cleanly shaven pussy lips. If you'd like to see more shaved lips or more meaty pussy lips we have lists to help you find what you're looking for!

  • Wed 30th Jul 2008 Jude | Solo

    Jude's back with a somber, almost creepy, stills set that features her sitting in a dark room smoking. Dark except for the bright lights shining right on her and her smoke. Whatever you may think about her smoking, you can't deny that she looks smokin' hot while doing it.

  • Tue 29th Jul 2008 Mayla | Intimate Moments

    Caramel skinned and long legged Mayla is left alone in a junk room to pleasure herself any which way she likes. Her nautical inspired day-wear is shed, revealing a lilac matching _lacy bra and panties_ set that perfectly cups her breasts and hides her pussy....yummy! Her arousal intensifies and she gives you a quick peek with the crotch of her knickers pulled for just an instant to one side.

    This is her special, private time. Her time to show us how she really masturbates, how her body reacts to the electricity and force of her orgasms. Don't miss this video because it's made with passion!

  • Tue 29th Jul 2008 Brandy | Solo

    Beautiful, busty Brandy is lathering up her body with luscious organic moisturiser and she gives all areas equal, loving attention. She smooths and rubs, concentrating and focused. Every finger, shoulder bone, both breasts, tummy, thighs and toes- every part of her sexy body is touched, caressed, squeezed and loved.

    In two parts, there's more than 40(!!) minutes of everything to love about a lotion video. This super long length will surely please anyone longing for lingering views of a sexy abby girl.

  • Tue 29th Jul 2008 Claire J | Solo

    Claire J will rock your world in this imageset. She leans against some boulders in the woods and undresses herself in the soft, filtered sunlight. Claire's boobs are almost as big as boulders, but her pussy is soft, pink, and lickable. Wouldn't you love to run into this wood nymph out in the bush?

  • Mon 28th Jul 2008 Blaire & Marigold | Intimate Moments

    These two talkative Aussie models, Blaire & Marigold, have their whole afternoon planned, they have a brief chat about how they like to get off and democratically decide they'll try to orgasm together...

    Super sexy Marigold is a guiding force- helping to ease some of the pre-shoot butterflies for new model who's done a solo and Florist Girls with Petria and Katia but hasn't yet made the leap into this much more intimate display of herself. She needn't have worried. She's beautiful to watch. Her soft, pale skin warms to her touch, hips bucking and head flung back as she races towards the finishing line of pleasure.

    My favourite bits: the juicy, wet, slurping sounds of slippery fingers penetrating needy pussies.

  • Mon 28th Jul 2008 Angie & Shaminee | Girl-Girl

    This is a very atmospheric and sexily lit girl-girl shoot. Angie & Shaminee enjoy each other's bodies. I think Shaminee likes playing with Angie's jumbo boobs (who wouldn't), and I think Angie likes licking Shaminee's pussy with all of its piercings. Watch for a couple of anal finger insertions here and there too.

  • Mon 28th Jul 2008 Annalisa | Solo

    Annalisa's very first shoot, out in the wilderness of Werribee! Ever wondered what it'd be like on a real life shoot? Well this video is half normal solo and half backstage and gives a fascinating look into exactly what happens each and every day at abbywinters.com

    I remember it was a totally stinking hot day but like a trooper Annalisa didn't complain-not a peep! Even when the massive semi-trailer trucks went passed and she had to duck behind the reflector board with me (well I wasn't complaining that's for sure!). Toby was really happy with the pictures and this video shows how she gets the wonderful, sharp and super sexy photos you love.

    Make sure you check out some of the other drop dead gorgeous shoots Annalisa has featured in: Pottery Girls, Kitchen Girls, fun with Agnes and Mandy M...

  • Sun 27th Jul 2008 Melinda | Intimate Moments

    Today is a great day for Melinda fans! Know why? Because today another solo masturbation video is released!

    She's quickly undressed and her hands have found their way down to her luscious pussy...with small, intense movements she very slowly but steadily builds herself up to a gasping and very enjoyable-looking orgasm...

    Blaire is this week's sexy host of the video newsletter...she'll take you on a short guided tour of some of the updates this week and give you a quick preview! You can see all the past newsletters here.

  • Sun 27th Jul 2008 Brandy | Solo

    Brandy wears a floor-length bright green dress that looks so hot on her. The bodice covers and accentuates each perfect globe of a breast. Her pussy looks great when she slips off her sexy green undies and sits open-legged toward you so you can see her lips. More of Brandy is always welcome as this set proves.

  • Sun 27th Jul 2008 Annalisa | Solo

    A pretty girl on a pretty day, with not a cloud in the sky. Annalisa takes off her short dress and sexy undies and lets it all hang out. Her pointy boobs are sticking right out there for you, and her close-cropped pubic hair lets you get a good look at her pussy and inner lips. Annalisa's been in a number of other shoots already, including Wrestling Girls, Annalisa & Mandy M, and the Kitchen Girls.

  • Sat 26th Jul 2008 Zora | Intimate Moments

    What a great location! Penthouse rooftop with the Rialto and Eureka sky tower in view...but WHO CARES when you've got the writhing and hip bucking Zora, naked and spread legged, her needy pussy in front and centre?

    She alternates between penetration with three fingers and the tight up-down rubbing of her clit. It's so arousing to watch.

    Her orgasm comes hard and fast with hot slapping noises and whole body palpitations that ebb away as she relaxes into the afterglow...

    If you haven't already, you should definitely check out Zora's double trouble with Selena and with Shaminee!

  • Sat 26th Jul 2008 Magdaline | Solo

    Gorgeous, pixie haired Kiwi (New Zealander) Magdaline is about to show off some yoga moves! Just when you thought you'd had enough of yoga a beauty like Magdaline knocks your socks off with her poise and concentration..not to mention jiggly boobs!

    But when she gets sick of yoga, watch as she pulls out a slender glass pleasure toy and explains "I've been exploring my sexuality- and I really, really love having my cunt licked out" Who's going to argue with that?!

    The best bits: there's lots of tightly framed close-ups of her little pink nipples and she's pro underarm hair! So tasty!

  • Sat 26th Jul 2008 Carys & Cleo | Girl-Girl

    Rumpled Sunday morning sheets and a warm sleeping buddy make for the beginnings of a passionate morning romp loaded with unspoken desire. Cleo wakes her spooning partner with a nudge, a kiss and an inquisitive hand sliding down Carys' toned body... teasing us from beneath the sheets.

    Divided into two parts this girlgirl moment has lots of kisses with meaning, some delicious licking, wet, slippery finger insertions and raw, explosive orgasms.

    There's even a short backstage video where you can peek in and take a glimpse at how Toby and Charli captured great photo's of the girls lovemaking...

  • Fri 25th Jul 2008 Amy J | Intimate Moments

    Aww, little Amy J is alone with a camera...I wonder why? I don't know but I really don't care because she's just laid down and UNZIPPED her skirt!! Yaowee!

    Her soft, relaxed body shifts as she gets both more comfortable and more aroused. Her creamy fingers start exploring her lady garden - inserting and probing for the best pressure, angle and rhythm...

    If you loved this video, you should definitely see Amy's fling with Jennifer S and get to know her a bit more in her solo!

  • Fri 25th Jul 2008 Marigold | Solo

    Marigold is back from her world tour and here to engage and titillate....just like usual! She flew from her home in Melbourne to be a star model for the new shooting crew in Sydney- that means you'll have to go easy on the wobbly camera picture (hey I'd be unsteady on my legs too if I was around a very naked Marigold..lol).

    But a great side effect of an inexperienced camera girl is MULTIPLE shots of crucial moments such as boobies springing out of bras and stretching demonstrations involving lots of bum thrusting...

  • Fri 25th Jul 2008 Carys & Cleo | Girl-Girl

    Waking up together, these two hotties' first thoughts are about sex. If you were in bed with one of them wouldn't it be yours? Carys & Cleo go down on each other and stick their fingers into wet pussies. The last pictures in the set of their erotic kissing and neck licking are particularly enjoyable.

  • Thu 24th Jul 2008 Magdaline | Solo

    Magdaline's boobs were practically bursting out of her dress, even before she set them free out the armholes. Her breasts and her eyes are really some of her best features. Her pussy is a thing of beauty too. Magdaline uses a Dildo Drive dildo sent in as a gift by Alexbee.

  • Wed 23rd Jul 2008 Fotina & Kiki | Girl-Girl

    OOOH! The tension as Fotina & Kiki meet in a corridor (but not really 'cause Kiki planned it) is electric! You'll be on the edge of your seat and struggling to undo your zippers because they launch into full blown passionate kissing and licking.

    Kiki teases: "Somebody wants to kiss me" before her teasing laughter is quietened with a kiss...

    ...and then there might be a neighbour spying: "fuck it!" says Fotina and she goes back to ripping Kiki's clothes off..

    This is a super hot girl-girl with fast paced, completely unreserved action. After you've enjoyed every lick why not head over to the forum so you can tell the models how amazing they are!

  • Wed 23rd Jul 2008 Dallas | Solo

    Shooting with Dallas out in Daylesford was incredibly sexy, she has the innate ability to fascinate and proves without a doubt she's a horny, kinky, pint-sized sex bomb who LOVES being the centre of attention and in command of her seductive powers.

    Tini-tiny and super petite, her svelte body is hidden (but not for long) under tight denim shorty shorts and a plunging pink halter top. Her perky breasts have small, tight, chocolate nipples and as her hands roam, reaching further down to her thighs she'll show you her dark pink extra large labia lips...full flavoured fun!

  • Wed 23rd Jul 2008 Marigold | Solo

    Would you believe that this stills shoot was done in front of about ten newbies as a training shoot? Marigold was totally unbothered by the crowd. She's such a professional (professional-seeming amateur that is). She looks hot as always, and her hairy crotch is always a treat.

  • Tue 22nd Jul 2008 Becky T | Intimate Moments

    A little unusual but none the less enjoyable, Becky T brings on the buzz with a blue vibrator she puts to good use on her quickly enlarging clitoris. Her concentration is admirable as is her dedication to finding the exact and perfect sweet spot so that at 9 minutes and 34 seconds you too can have a toe curling orgasm just like hers.

    This video deliciously proves there's more to be done in a kitchen than mere cooking!

    Thanks Jeff for your fine donation to the Dildo Drive.

  • Tue 22nd Jul 2008 Asha | Solo

    Cute blonde sculptor Asha teasingly describes her naughty lesbian romps as she takes off her clothes agonisingly slowly. I don't think she realises how hot she's making her viewers, lounging around, wriggling her lacy, barely-covered bum at the camera. Giving off sassy vibes with her tips on how to approach her in a bar or club- how to get her aroused by playing with her perfect nipples or stroking her milky skinned neck... Asha, your wish is my command baby!

  • Tue 22nd Jul 2008 Dallas | Solo

    Dallas has found some really cool woods to explore, and some of the shortest shorts I've seen in awhile. She spreads her blanket out by a neat tree "cave", sits down and spreads herself out too. Dallas' pink bits are on display, which reveal some lovely external lips, into which she promptly inserts her fingers.

  • Mon 21st Jul 2008 Annalisa & Fae | Intimate Moments

    Gorgeous blonde Swiss Annalisa -you might remember her from Pottery Girls- her solo's not up yet but here's a sample of her passion that's sure to whet your appetite! She's alone with Fae, a Chinese cutie who's been very active on the forums recently, and they're getting it on big time!

    These two are so horny that as soon as out videographer Amber left the room they started pashing and undressing each other. Clothes come off, braless breasts are groped and fingers are slowly but surely edging their way lower and lower. The best bits: Annalisa sucking Fae's fingers and seeing them stroking and moaning in unison.

  • Mon 21st Jul 2008 Fotina & Kiki | Girl-Girl

    What a pairing - these two models were meant to be together. You can feel the sexual tension. Fotina & Kiki are at once tender and loving, but at the same time, wildly aroused. They slip their fingers into each other and taste each others juices - so sweet. You really must see this light-skinned and dark-skinned couple.

    Petria hosts this week's Video Newsletter from (get this) the library. She has to be really, really quiet, but that doesn't stop her from being really seductive in her sexy library outfit. Petria lets you know about all the shoots for this week and uses video clips to do it. Maybe if you meet up with Petria in the library, you two can share a dirty book together.

  • Sun 20th Jul 2008 Immie | Intimate Moments

    With luminous, radiant, healthy skin and striking eyes, Immie is sure to be your dream girl. This intimate moment she shares with us all the body convulsions, all the authentic, involuntary gasps and her special, private technique. A beautiful video, don't miss it.

    Talk to Immie directly. She's smart, friendly and waiting to chat to you!

  • Sun 20th Jul 2008 Asha | Solo

    This girl, Asha is so gorgeous that I'm at a loss for words. She looks so soft and cuddly in her white sweater, but somehow I get the feeling she can be a real tiger in bed. Her see-thru sheer top adds to her allure and the sense of anticipation we feel is not unwarranted when her clothes come all the way off. The beauty of her body parts is matched by the wonder of the whole person.

  • Sun 20th Jul 2008 Alisa | Solo

    It looks like Alisa's been painting her room. She's starting to make me see spots! She has a very cute and fit body with crinkly nipples. Alisa's pussy has obvious external lips that just cry out for someone's tongue to give them a good lashing. The best shots though, just may be Alisa from the back side, with long blonde hair and bending over, as in doggy-style, waiting for you.

  • Sat 19th Jul 2008 Juanita | Intimate Moments

    Feeling like a treat today, saucy South American Juanita has decided to wear some seductive lacy underwear and it's interesting to see her absent-mindedly preen herself as she gets more aroused. She's totally alone and as her bra comes off and her panties are pulled to the side you can peek at the special, private way she likes to get off.

    A slow, pulsing video that draws you in right to the hip-rocking end.

    If you like her toned and tanned body and want to get to know her more have a look here at Juanita's solo photo and video set.

  • Sat 19th Jul 2008 Zora | Solo

    Zora is a cheeky, flirty, alternative girl exploring the Aussie bushland without a care in the world, feeling "beautiful and comfortable" when she's naked. She enjoys her svelte body, is confident and self-assured. She also has had many, many sexual encounters in the bush and she remembers them with glee...there's a lucky guy!

    This is the first time you've seen Zora alone and gotten to know her more ...intimately, she's previously appeared in an outrageously sexy ice-cream video with Selena... go check it out!

  • Sat 19th Jul 2008 Becky T & Shaminee | Girl-Girl

    Anal fingering and licking anyone? I love this vid, not many Aussie girls are into it but I get the most intense orgasms after I slide a finger in this taboolicious back door.

    Becky T & Shaminee steam up an afternoon with their lusty advances. First Sham goes down on Becky, making sure she's comfortable and licks her clitoris gently, firmly but not too energetically to bring her lover to orgasm- just enough to stoke the tension a bit.

    Then it's Shaminee's turn- pressed up hard against the cool glass door pane she tilts her pelvis forward a tad to give Becky better access to her sweet spot. Becky relishes the sweet juice pouring down her face and so will you!

  • Fri 18th Jul 2008 Jody | Solo

    What do you think Jody would do if she came home to her flat and found Patience waiting on her doorstep- ever present camera rolling? Invite her inside? Relax on a kitchen bench and start telling dirty stories? Tell dirty stories and then get progressively undressed? Yes, yes and yes again!

    Wearing an flirty emerald coloured summer dress over bare breasts and totally shaved honeypot, she casually chats to Patience about all manner of sexual techniques, positions and oceanic encounters...

    My Favourite cream inducing part: This feisty young Canadian gives us a lingering view of the "camel toe"- her pink undies jammed up into her crotch...Yum!

  • Fri 18th Jul 2008 Becky T & Shaminee | Girl-Girl

    Aww, Becky brought Shaminee some pretty dandelion flowers. And you thought Becky was a brutal girl; she is actually quite the romantic. Becky T & Shaminee undress each other, kiss awhile then play with each others pussies, including eating each other out. There is even a bit of anal play, including a finger insertion.

  • Thu 17th Jul 2008 Backstage 209 | Behind the scenes

    You can find the girls of Backstage 209 riding in cars, lying naked on the bed, writing their handwritten notes, getting dressed after a shoot, and eating lunch. Everything the models and crew do when they are behind the scenes is fair game. In addition to being interesting, many of the backstage photos are quite sexy too.

  • Thu 17th Jul 2008 Zora | Solo

    Zora's found an old rusting car out in the bush to pose with, while her striped tights really stand out among the leaves and foliage. Zora likes tattoos on her naked chest and she's anxious to show them to you. Her sexy back is a full-length work of art! Zora is up for some finger insertions as she spreads her lips from behind.

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