• Mon 30th Nov 2009 The best way I know to spend the afternoon | Behind the Scenes

    Welll if you are alone that is. Talk about sexy as all hell! Wow! One of my absolute fav's Iveta gets it all on for her intimate moment shoot.

  • Mon 30th Nov 2009 Hope they put on sunscreen... | Behind the Scenes

    Sunbaking, underwear swimming, soft drink by the pool - sounds like the ideal day to me! I felt a bit bad for having to drag Kyle and Gypsy away from their tropical paradise to finish their shoot. But, them's the breaks!

  • Sun 29th Nov 2009 Ladies lounging in the grass! | Behind the Scenes

    I can't even describe how much I love Iveta, and Charli too goes beyond words! Here they are doing the stills for Iveta's Intimate Moment shoot, and don't we just love the great outdoors here at AW.com, don't say we don't look after you!

  • Sun 29th Nov 2009 How cute | Behind the Scenes

    Everette and Meagan K get ready for a delicious intimate moment together. It was the girls first double intimate moment and understandably they were a little shy at first. Don't they look adorable?

  • Thu 26th Nov 2009 Dana B looking Sexy! | Behind the Scenes

    Self shot of Dana B. She is such a quirky little thing, we all adore her. Keep a watch out for her upcoming Girl-Girl shoots, they are hot! hot! hot!

  • Thu 26th Nov 2009 Cuddles | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki and Charlotte hug it out on set of her first Girl-Girl! Don't they look cute together?

  • Wed 25th Nov 2009 Cheeky Girls | Behind the Scenes

    So this is what they get up to when they miss a flight - No, I'm sure it's just orange juice in those champagne glasses. Jette, Iveta and Aneta prepare for a few days of lady lovin'.

  • Wed 25th Nov 2009 All tuckered out! | Behind the Scenes

    It may not seem like it, but having sex in front of 2 different kinds of camera is hard work! Because we are so kind, we let our models have a nap between shoots to keep her awake for her post-lunch installment of sex with DeeDee!

  • Tue 24th Nov 2009 Happy Wednesday | Behind the Scenes

    Good morning to everyone, well I'm actually not sure it's morning where you are, but it's morning here and what a great morning it is! Here we have Gita, Chloe B, Rosanna, Carly T and Leiko, what a fab way to brighten up the office.

  • Tue 24th Nov 2009 'I am 'ere to clean ze pool...' | Behind the Scenes

    I knew we had Kyle on the set today for a reason... (other than providing you guys with another zesty shoot!) The pool was full of leaves and bugs before we got to it, but at the end it was good enough to swim in! And we did. That was one pristine piscine!

  • Mon 23rd Nov 2009 Pay day for Charlotte | Behind the Scenes

    I would be smiling like that too if I had a big wad of cash after doing a few Girl-Girls shoots, lucky for her she is off to continue her traveling adventures. I miss Charlotte already!

  • Mon 23rd Nov 2009 Team 'Sleepy' | Behind the Scenes

    In the waiting game, they dominate. Jacki and Klaudia found the comfiest pool-side lounges in the shade that they could find and drifted off like that! That's what you get for a Monday morning... needless to say everybody perked up greatly after their nap!

  • Sun 22nd Nov 2009 Pre-Girl Girl | Behind the Scenes

    Deedee and Charlotte had been waiting all week to get into each other's pants. What a great shoot, a little bit sticky, a little bit sweaty, just the way we like it.

  • Sun 22nd Nov 2009 Another of Audrey's fabulous wigs | Behind the Scenes

    Whaddya think, is blue my colour? I think it's quite striking - a permanent fixture for office-bound days, methinks!

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  • Sat 21st Nov 2009 Charli's eyes say it all: | Behind the Scenes

    'How about these?' a skirt and sexy G string on Iveta - what could be hotter? Charli knows hot to pick 'em...

  • Sat 21st Nov 2009 Audrey's new purchase | Behind the Scenes

    I swear stuff gets done at AWHQ... Audrey's wig order finally came in after months and months of waiting. And it sure didn't disappoint! Look out for more wigged-staffers this weekend.

  • Fri 20th Nov 2009 Jacki in the great outdoors | Behind the Scenes

    This picture was taken during the shoot of Camping Girls. Such a gorgeous landscape for what went down there... And what went down you ask? Just wait, you will NOT be disappointed!

  • Thu 19th Nov 2009 Smooches! | Behind the Scenes

    Blossom blossomed like a blossom on a beautiful Spring day - like those on the tree growing indoors to Blossom's left featured in Blossom's first shoot. Blossom blossom.

    This shoot was very beautiful; lots of yellows, lots of blues, lots of stares down the camera lens and bendy body shapes. What else could you ask for!

  • Thu 19th Nov 2009 Anabela an exhibitionist? Never... | Behind the Scenes

    Cast your minds back a few months to the pictures you saw of Anabela, Kara D and Maria S making nookie in a popular Melbourne hot spot... anyone can see that she loves the thrill of being exposed in public! When Toby, model Nadja and I dared her to flash the car next to us she quite happily obliged! Same story with the guy on his mobile on the street, the guy parked on the side of the road... you get the idea :D

  • Thu 19th Nov 2009 Charli gets amongst it! | Behind the Scenes

    Charlotte is fast becoming a Girl-Girl Pro! ha just what you wanted to hear right...Here she is with lovely and HOT Dana B - and it was 37 degrees celcius today so for those of you who like a bit of sweat, this is the shoot for you.

  • Wed 18th Nov 2009 naw sunshine smiles | Behind the Scenes

    Jette and Charli look pretty happy that the sun is out, and it looks like it's here to stay - say hello to new outdoor shoots.

  • Wed 18th Nov 2009 Toby in post | Behind the Scenes

    So when we finish our fun day of shooting gorgeous naked ladies, it's back to AWHQ we go to do all the rest of our work. Photographers such as the lovely Toby get to go through their shoots again and pick out their favourite shots. Here she is checking out Blossom's second solo shot today. It will be a while before it is up but it's definitely one to look out for!

  • Tue 17th Nov 2009 A taste of Viola | Behind the Scenes

    This was Viola's second solo for AW, but her first appearance on POTD! She is a nerd's delight and very individual (and is one of Giselle's many peeps) ! Enjoy.

  • Mon 16th Nov 2009 The cool kids | Behind the Scenes

    What more needs to be said? Hot!

  • Mon 16th Nov 2009 Iveta getting a massage | Behind the Scenes

    These are just some of the thing we do to make sure abbywinters.com models are treated the best in the world - massages!

  • Mon 16th Nov 2009 That dang lastolite again... | Behind the Scenes

    The giant frame that holds the translucent diffusing scrim up is a pain to put up, but little Toby enjoys the sunshine as she does so. It's funny because it's bigger than her :)

  • Sun 15th Nov 2009 Katia sprawling | Behind the Scenes

    Last week saw many things - one of those things was a beautiful warm (nearly) Summer's day with plant watering and bucket-bathing and sprawling underneath the shade of the sails. We had to take a couple of drink breaks during the shooting of Katia's video, so here she is rolling around with some gear.

  • Sun 15th Nov 2009 See? We got there! | Behind the Scenes

    Such goooorgeous weather - how could Rosanna and I resist! (I had brought my togs to work all week in the hope of shooting SOMEWHERE with a pool or near the beach. My prayers were answered!)

    Happy Sunday everybody, I thought since I've been featured every day this weekend on POTD why not make it a hatrick. Yay for you!

  • Sat 14th Nov 2009 Lunch time capers | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a shot from Friday's shoot at lunch time. The plan WAS to eat lunch by the pool but due to time restraints no could do. I got there in the end though...

    In this shot: Photographer Toby, pregnant model Dolly and previously-pregnant Rosanna! (So much to talk about...)

  • Fri 13th Nov 2009 Allison gets topless! | Behind the Scenes

    Toby is getting some awesome shots of Allison's boobs here. RAD!

  • Fri 13th Nov 2009 Lottie and Allison | Behind the Scenes

    Allison was such a happy little camper, I found she got more confident as the day went on. The lighting was beautiful for her video and by all reports they had some pretty interesting discussions too.

  • Fri 13th Nov 2009 The team | Behind the Scenes

    You may have noticed Toby has been back on the scene. Can't say I mind much, she's alright. If you look really closely you may be able to see what Lottie has in her hand...ok ok it's a gay porn mag. Us girls tend to be a bit partial to this stuff, maybe we should ask Abby to let us shoot some - don't kill me!

  • Fri 13th Nov 2009 Dancing Lottie | Behind the Scenes

    Actually I'm not sure if she is dancing, not really sure what she is doing, but doesn't she look great doing it?

  • Thu 12th Nov 2009 Rollercoaster ride of a car trip | Behind the Scenes

    Biggest dags at AW Patience and Toby were sitting in the front bickering about the best route to take to get to our destination. Needless to say, Catrinia and Allison were in stitches the whooole way. (So pretty...)

  • Thu 12th Nov 2009 Meagan K relaxes on a thursday arvo! | Behind the Scenes

    Meagan leans back on a super retro banana lounge and has a delicious intimate moment. Some people have all the luck. Hang on I was there shooting her, that's pretty lucky too. Lucky me.

  • Wed 11th Nov 2009 My favorite flower blossom | Behind the Scenes

    Here's me taking a few shots of divine creature and earthy sexiness, Blossom. She is so sexy and gorgeous it made me want to shoot her again straight away.

  • Tue 10th Nov 2009 And the answer is... | Behind the Scenes

    Roxy of course. She has done a few solos, and in my opinion each gets better than the last.

  • Tue 10th Nov 2009 Guess who's bum? | Behind the Scenes

    ...and what a lovely bum it is. Let me give you a hint: this was taken a while back...she is very 'oz'...has done a few solos since then (this was her first)...she has done Double Intimate Moments and solo Intimate Moments shoots?

    I'll give you the answer in one hour exactly. Maybe in between then you can check out our discussion boards or find a pretty lady to watch - It's not like we have a shortage.

  • Tue 10th Nov 2009 Jacque kicks back | Behind the Scenes

    I took this snap of Jacque kicking back just after some afternoon delight. I think there is some more action to follow, how happy and relaxed she looks. Nice one Jacque!

  • Tue 10th Nov 2009 Silly Times | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes when the weather gets warmer, sanity goes out the window. Audrey has been serenading everyone with the ukelele so we thought we would mark the occasion and share with you all. I wonder what is going through Lottie and Chloe's minds?

  • Mon 09th Nov 2009 Joannie asleep in the back of the car | Behind the Scenes

    A lot of models comment on how tired they get in the car on the way back from a shoot - wallowing around in their nakedness for some stills and video cameras, it doesn't seem like any effort at all! But, like Joannie here finds, it really is tiring work! Poor little cutie...

  • Sun 08th Nov 2009 Katia and Dana at HQ | Behind the Scenes

    Today Dana B and Katia dropped by to say G'day. Both are pretty excited about their upcoming shoots (plus one together I might add)!

  • Sun 08th Nov 2009 Uke-leiko-lele | Behind the Scenes

    Our model's lounge was jam packed when this photo was taken, so much was going on - Patience was helping Blossom, Joannie was doing something (God knows what) and Leiko was letting it all happen around her while she practised playing the ukelele for her solo! How happy can ya get!

  • Sat 07th Nov 2009 Carly T with a puppy | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Carly T with Navah's puppy. Carly looks very happy about getting to cuddle such a cute animal. I hope everyone's Sunday is golden and glorious!

  • Sat 07th Nov 2009 Sue-ann nursing Kylie | Behind the Scenes

    This shot was taken a while ago. I can't exactly remember the date, but it must have been when Sue-ann was our trusty Production Assistant and Kylie T was doing one of her many awesome shoots.

  • Sat 07th Nov 2009 Katherine F is super flexi | Behind the Scenes

    I was not in the car when this shot was taken with Katherine F, but check out how flexi she is. So rad. Also while you are at it checkout Katherine's other shoots she is pretty delicious.

  • Fri 06th Nov 2009 Hannah C amongst the graffiti | Behind the Scenes

    Hannah C is out on a mission. A mission involving other girls and star photographer Jacki.

  • Thu 05th Nov 2009 Pretty ladies | Behind the Scenes

    Iveta and Hayley F getting a bit of sun in the back of the van. These two lovely ladies have, or are about to embark on Girl-Girl adventures. Stay tuned for that.

  • Wed 04th Nov 2009 Blossom checks us out | Behind the Scenes

    New model Blossom gets hold of the video camera to turn the tables on staffer Lottie. Lottie is a shy creature so she quickly got back in charge and did a delectable shoot of first time model Blossom.

  • Wed 04th Nov 2009 Dee Dee gives Toby a hand | Behind the Scenes

    I had a sneaky look at Dee Dee's video that Lottie shot yesterday, and I must say it was really really awesome! Dee Dee is extremely entertaining, not to mention hot, and here is she helping out Toby with the lastolite - good on ya Dee Dee (Toby needs all the help she can get) hehe

  • Tue 03rd Nov 2009 Would you believe...? | Behind the Scenes

    ...That this is coffee number 5 for the day for new model Ela? Look at how calm and collected she is - not only does she appear that way but she certainly has that air about her. I felt very subdued when I was shooting her :) You will love her!

  • Mon 02nd Nov 2009 "I'm meeellllting...!" | Behind the Scenes

    Max gives us her best Wicked Witch of the West impression today as she stands next to the soft box. The likeness is uncanny! :P

    Kidding Max, you're alright!

  • Mon 02nd Nov 2009 Lottie and kitty | Behind the Scenes

    Lottie takes time out of her busy shooting schedule to share the love. Thats just the kinda girl she is.

  • Mon 02nd Nov 2009 Clothing palooza | Behind the Scenes

    Check it out, I was so impressed with what the girls brought in I had to share it with you! It's completely out of control have you ever seen so many bras, knickers and shorts. Crazy!

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