• Mon 28th Feb 2011 WHAT A DAY!! | Behind the Scenes

    I have never in my (almost) 4 years of shooting for aw.com seen a shoot like this. We had squirting, communication (which involved a lot of dirty talk), inserting random objects, Candid backstage discussions and even some tears! The models, Masie and Twyla created something else entirely, I can't wait for you to see this one. What a Monday!

  • Sun 27th Feb 2011 Ah the ol' 69! | Behind the Scenes

    What a great day! We should work on weekends more often, our creative juices were indeed flowing. SO here you can see naughty Masie and Laura P getting it on in the form of a Girl-Girl hardcore shoot! Note that this is a Girl-Girl with a twist and one you are not going to want to miss.

  • Fri 25th Feb 2011 Sauna time! | Behind the Scenes

    Don't you just feel the need for some deep heat? Well I do, and Marina M and Laura P did as well. Starting their Girl- Girl escapades in the sauna, then rinsing down in the shower makes for a sexy as hell shoot.

  • Wed 23rd Feb 2011 Alexis V getting her rock-on! | Behind the Scenes

    And doesn't she look the part, surrounded by instruments of rock! If I was surrounded in such things, I would be turned on too...

  • Tue 22nd Feb 2011 New model Anastasiya and Nichole | Behind the Scenes

    Before you too excited, no, new model Anastasiya is NOT doing a Girl Girl with Nichole, but Laura P is!! Good times all round.

  • Mon 21st Feb 2011 Laura P and Alexis V | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes the shoot van is the only place to escape the freezing temperatures. It's all good though, we usually have a good laugh at each other in these moments.

  • Fri 18th Feb 2011 Alexis and Nayomi | Behind the Scenes

    Well today was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Alexis V (she is here from Australia), and she was as every part lovely as the crew had reported so we had a great day. Not forgetting bubbly and vibrant Nayomi, who always brings the goods to set. xx

  • Wed 16th Feb 2011 Showing how it's done | Behind the Scenes

    Had a ball shooting new solo model Alexis V today. She is a sweetheart from down under. Dimple smile, gorgeous olive skin and the cutest bum to boot!

  • Tue 15th Feb 2011 Girl-girl action!! | Behind the Scenes

    Today was a special treat. An Aussie from abroad in the shape of new model Alexis will be a tasty treat for your eyes. Add to that the gorgeous long legged Dutch lass Nichole, and the magic happens from there :)

  • Mon 14th Feb 2011 Finally the Natalja solo!!! | Behind the Scenes

    Well ever since Movie Night Girls came out, I know how much you guys have been looking forward to Natalja's first solo. And here it is. Yaaaaay! Was such a great day on set. Chilled vibes, lot's of smiles and a beautiful 'abby' girl to photograph.

  • Sat 12th Feb 2011 Strike a pose! | Behind the Scenes

    Some days when the words escape you, whilst directing a model, it is easier just to show it! This demo being pretty tame, but it is not uncommon to see my bum hanging out on set during a bending over demo or such. EEK!

  • Sat 12th Feb 2011 New model Fae | Behind the Scenes

    Enter new model Fae! Gorgeous blue eyes, purrrty brown hair and a shy smile to melt your heart. The nervousness that is oh so swoony to watch. You'll love it!

  • Fri 11th Feb 2011 Oh so clean! | Behind the Scenes

    9 times out of 10, if we are setting up lights and turn around, Marina M will for sure be onto some type of beauty routine. This lady is always smelling like flowers and sparkly from head to toe. Here she is pictured giving her pearly whites a brush before her delicious kissing shoot!

  • Fri 11th Feb 2011 New model solo! | Behind the Scenes

    You've seen her in single and double IM's! You have seen her in the fun filled Movie Night Girls! But today at long last you get to see the lovely Leandra all by her beautiful self where you can really get to know her intimately. Cute blonde with big blue eyes. Choice!

  • Wed 09th Feb 2011 A sexy sexy Girl Girl in action | Behind the Scenes

    I mean what I say! I am so pleased with this shoot, Marietta and Marina did a fantastic job at bringing maximum sexiness. For those of you who love kissing and lots of it, this shoot is for you. If it's not your thing, check it out anyway!

  • Mon 07th Feb 2011 Hot much? | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a snapshot of Jacki shooting brand spanking new model Dahlia. She is pretty damn hot, let me tell you that even I was a little nervous during her masturbation session. Trembling legs do not make for steady camera. Apologies.

  • Sat 05th Feb 2011 Dahlia | Behind the Scenes

    Cute Dahlia reminds me of model Jette...

  • Fri 04th Feb 2011 Elsbeth doing final touches... | Behind the Scenes

    Before her second shoot! She has the bluest eyes in the world and she reminds me of model Asha, what do you think?

    P.s If you haven't wished Jacki a Happy Birthday, you should!

  • Fri 04th Feb 2011 CHeeky Priya | Behind the Scenes

    Look at that face! It's all in her eyes that this one is a cheeky one, ah Priya how we love you so...

  • Thu 03rd Feb 2011 Introducing Dahlia! | Behind the Scenes

    Jumping straight into the deep end with a double Intimate Moment shoot and a single Intimate Moment shoot Dahlia is the typical girl next door AND she has a massive crush on model Sahara! I will get all those juicy details when we shoot her on Monday.

  • Tue 01st Feb 2011 Lunching Ladies | Behind the Scenes

    Model Elsbeth and new firecracker Nayomi share a bite to eat...

    Nayomi's shoot was hilarious, this lady doesn't hold anything back!

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