• Fri 31st Jul 2009 The circle of love! | Behind the Scenes

    These hoops symbolize love, happiness and eternal unity. The lovely ladies are the essence to this divine affirmation. This gives me strength to enjoy life and to keep experiencing love in all shapes and sizes... For this joyous day my totem is definitely the circle of love.

  • Fri 31st Jul 2009 Hula'd out! | Behind the Scenes

    After a mighty morning of hula it was time for a post lunch nap for Miss Caitlin K... Isn't she as a cute as a button!

  • Thu 30th Jul 2009 Chloe joins in the fun | Behind the Scenes

    God only knows why we didn't get Chloe B to instruct the models today for the hula hoop shoot - she wouldn't leave! :P I'm kidding, she was having a ball though with the models while Max Suri and I set up lighting n stuff. And boy can those hips waggle!

  • Thu 30th Jul 2009 Team players! | Behind the Scenes

    I love it when models put up their hand to help out! Warms the cockels of my heart. Beautiful lovelies, Charlotte E and Aisling help us out in the morning with hula hoop preparations. Bless them!

  • Wed 29th Jul 2009 Hugs to ya! | Behind the Scenes

    A big shout out to my little poppet Patience! You're miles away and I cannot reach you, so consider this my big friendly hug that I can't give you right now! Charli and Audrey...of course I'm sending the biggest of hugs your way too (I just couldn't find a pic of it =) he he)

  • Wed 29th Jul 2009 Lounging ladies (and company) | Behind the Scenes

    Bleary-eyed Monday saw a lot of gorrrgeous models in the model lounge at AWHQ, including Keilyn, Navah and the effervescent Carly T. Not only did this brighten up everyone's morning, but Navah brought in her new baby to say hello!

  • Tue 28th Jul 2009 happy go lucky! | Behind the Scenes

    Lottie's having a gay old time outside in the backyard on this lovely winter morning. What better way to spend a bit of time in the sun by having a joy ride on the clothes line! yeeeh harrrr... Go Lottie, Go!

  • Tue 28th Jul 2009 Where's Max? | Behind the Scenes

    In the vibe of "Where's Wally", it may be tricky to spot Max in this one. Peek-a-boo...she's hiding in amongst her trusty flash gear. Hope she's not stuck!

  • Mon 27th Jul 2009 Nothing like my knickers! | Behind the Scenes

    Blissfully excited to be spending some free time in her knickers for you and Abbywinters.com! We love Dana B's happy, giggly personality and her imagination and vitality which gave our shooters a fresh and very erotic new outlook on sexuality!

  • Sun 26th Jul 2009 Max and Michaela with the lastolite | Behind the Scenes

    Check out Max and Michaela putting up the Lastolite (big white thingy). It's used as a giant softbox to soften light to make everyone even prettier than they already are.

  • Sat 25th Jul 2009 Lottie flashing those pearly whites | Behind the Scenes

    Lottie so young, so cute, so vibrant smiling out to the world. Gotta love that chic!

  • Sat 25th Jul 2009 Couples in Canberra | Behind the Scenes

    As Annabelle Lee wrote her after bio for her girl-girl with Katherine F, there were others in the room finding love...

    (A piece of the mic holder broke off my camera so I used the ribbon that was holding up my pants to attach it. Makeshift!)

  • Sat 25th Jul 2009 Jemma nestling by the... softbox | Behind the Scenes

    Who needs a heater on hand when you've got a red head diffused by a soft box!? Jemma T has the right idea - not only is she keeping toasty on this rainy unpleasant winter's day, but she's also being beautifully lit. Nice-ah.

  • Fri 24th Jul 2009 Max and Aline | Behind the Scenes

    We shot Aline on top of a large book table. Yes, it was a table designed as books. A little strange we thought, lucky we had Aline as our model and she can make anything look good. She has a really sexy French accent and a great sense of humour, you guys are going to love her!

  • Fri 24th Jul 2009 Kara finds the hot spots | Behind the Scenes

    Well, next week in Canberra Charlie, Audrey, myself plus 6 fun filled and fantastic models (I am keeping it a secret for now) will be off again to shoot more goodness for AW.com.

    This is Kara D and Jette just before they make sweet sweet love together.

  • Thu 23rd Jul 2009 Puzzling isn't it! | Behind the Scenes

    The girls take a break after a hard days work, Kara is looking like she is all over the old rubiks cube here. Beautiful and smart thats the way we like em.

  • Wed 22nd Jul 2009 Shower sex. | Behind the Scenes

    This is actually the end of the scene. They started washing themselves in the bath and then using the shower head for another few orgasms.

  • Wed 22nd Jul 2009 NAAWWWW | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki making use of 50 whole minutes down time...Sleeping beauty.

  • Wed 22nd Jul 2009 and again... | Behind the Scenes

    Lottie and I had fun interviewing these three ladies after Kara D and Katherine's GG together...SO if your membership is running out soon be sure to renew it, as we not only have this Girl-Girl coming up, but we also have 9 new Girl-Girl shoots in the can.

  • Tue 21st Jul 2009 3 in the bed? | Behind the Scenes

    Ok, this is not what it looks like...

    The three gorgeous ladies are Kara D, Katherine F and Jette (yes, she is having a nap), and of course we all know Jacki who is always around to capture the greatness.

  • Mon 20th Jul 2009 Christen looking fab! | Behind the Scenes

    Ahhhh Christen so gorgeous and sweet, not to mention a bit of a clown. This girl is serious fun to be around. It may not come across in the videos so I thought I would give you a peek of the Christen I know and love! Check out her shoots here Christen

  • Mon 20th Jul 2009 Yipee! | Behind the Scenes

    This picture reminds me of being on a really fun ride with a camera waiting at the end to take a funny picture. Both Nikki and Julia look like there having the ride of their life.. down the hall way! Yipeee!!!

  • Mon 20th Jul 2009 tricky manoeuvres | Behind the Scenes

    Max finds a way to get maximum sturdiness and the best frame by leaning up against a trusty wall. Tricky manoeuvres but it's worth the challenge!

  • Sun 19th Jul 2009 Models and Red Heads! | Behind the Scenes

    Models and red heads is what were all about at Abby. Rachel S and Jodie C are doin a fine job of modelling and the red head is there for good measure... It was a fun day for everyone with plenty more to come.

  • Sat 18th Jul 2009 Jacki shooting away | Behind the Scenes

    Check out cute Jacki shooting up a storm. I have been missing her she has been away all this week, never fear Jacki fans...she is back next week. Yay!

  • Fri 17th Jul 2009 Say cheeze! | Behind the Scenes

    Max is looking very happy to be at work today ready to take on any challenge that comes her way. Thats the attitude that makes life seem pretty darn joyess. Good on you Max... Yay, yay, yay!

  • Fri 17th Jul 2009 Sexy set up! | Behind the Scenes

    Max and Klaudia delivered a very sexy, sexy shoot today. Klaudia had has a very sexy way about her. With lots of slipping and sliding around on the bed and all the right sensual moves to make you go mmmmmmmmmmmmm! When you combined that with Max's fantastic photography skills this was a definite recipe for success.

  • Fri 17th Jul 2009 Models bonding. | Behind the Scenes

    It's great to see the models bonding today while we were busy setting up the lights. It loved seeing them having so much fun with the camera and each other today. Both Charlotte and Kluadia are true stunning gems and we love them!

  • Thu 16th Jul 2009 cute as a button! | Behind the Scenes

    Roxy pokes her tongue out in protest that she is more fond of funny faces rather than smiling.. I agree and think she still looks as a cute as button. Cute is definitely one word to describe This lovely lady but i can think of a few more promiscuous names as well. Check out her solo shoot and you'll know what I mean! he he

  • Thu 16th Jul 2009 Max gets seriously saucy! | Behind the Scenes

    While the lovely model roxy has a little rest in between shoots Max has moment to try out some of her sexy high heels. Even though she is still learning to walk in them she still struts her stuff showing the girls a thing or two! Seriously saucy!

  • Wed 15th Jul 2009 Get your groove on!! | Behind the Scenes

    Max warms sexy Mandy B and Christen up with some sexy dance moves for another hot Abbywinters shoot! It was cold outside but these sensual ladies will be sure to keep you warm...

  • Wed 15th Jul 2009 Serious times! | Behind the Scenes

    Max gets serious with her setting up skills. I was lucky enough to have her assist with my lighting ideas today and i have to say she was a very efficient young woman. Nice work Max , cheers for that!

  • Tue 14th Jul 2009 kisses, love and happy days! | Behind the Scenes

    Max and Col getting all loved up .. Max seeming to win all the ladies over with her charming ways and ravishing smile. Today was full of laughs and love and some sexy sexy moves, it's great to see at the end of the day there are smiles and cheekiness still fluttering in the air!

  • Tue 14th Jul 2009 rockin out! | Behind the Scenes

    Today we got to experience the wonderful sounds of Navah playing guitar and singing some of her favourite tunes... some of which she she wrote herself. Pretty talented chick babe indeed!

  • Mon 13th Jul 2009 Capturing another fabulous moment! | Behind the Scenes

    Patience gets up close and personal (as usual) with the amazing the ability to capture the sleek, sensual and sexy attributes of our Abbywinters girls.

  • Mon 13th Jul 2009 Tops go off with flair! | Behind the Scenes

    There are so many sexy models for Abbywinters that all have their own style and essence to them. I love this picture for it's sheer elegance and sassy flair. What a bomb shell!

  • Sun 12th Jul 2009 sexy kitten! | Behind the Scenes

    Navah is looking hot, hot, hot as she stretches and slithers around on the black leather couch. Her moves are electric and who can resist a gorgeous brunette with panties and some knee high stockings on!

  • Sat 11th Jul 2009 So fresh so clean | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Michaela freshening up before her second solo photo shoot. With all the bending, flexing and moovin' on her windowsill it was probably for the best :) Kidding, but we like our models to feel at their freshest! Beautiful shoot though, if I do say so myself!

  • Sat 11th Jul 2009 Navah is telling Jacki a secret... | Behind the Scenes

    During Navah's shoot yesterday I heard a commotion from where Jacki was taking close ups - Navah's vagina was yelling :| It's hard to tell in this photo whether Jacki is freaked out or intrigued...

  • Fri 10th Jul 2009 Jacki, Joannie and Michael | Behind the Scenes

    Here Jacki and Joannie pay tribute to MJ in their own special way...

  • Fri 10th Jul 2009 Smile! | Behind the Scenes

    Kenia is an adorable creature, I have massive dread envy, her hair is so freakin cool. You might remember AnnaBelle Lee from a while ago, well she is back, looking hot, and is lined up to do a few Girl-Girl shoots.

  • Thu 09th Jul 2009 relaxed shooting stlyes! | Behind the Scenes

    Max has the right idea and has pulled herself a chair while she shoots the lovely model Kenia. Some times it's hard to balance and get down really low to get a shot at eye level so what a great idea to take the load off those more challenging positions!

  • Thu 09th Jul 2009 Jumping in the Sunshine | Behind the Scenes

    Just when you think Melbourne winter has kicked in, the weather gods throw us a beautiful day - and lets be honest there is nothing better to do on a lovely day than to jump into the sky, feel the fresh crisp air with someone you love - naked.

  • Wed 08th Jul 2009 Caitlin shoots buddy Joannie | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki had the genius idea today, that while we have these two best friends together shooting solos we might as well shoot a T1 as well...Luckily for us our location had a rad backyard and in the backyard was a rad trampoline. You can work out the rest.

  • Wed 08th Jul 2009 This is how it's done! | Behind the Scenes

    Today i got a shot of the girls doing there thing in a very simple but elegant lighting set up. This shoot of Maribel is amazing and I think Max hits the nails of the head with emphasizing and highlight what a true beauty Maribel is. What a gem, good work Max!

  • Tue 07th Jul 2009 Toastie and warm | Behind the Scenes

    Catrinia is sassy, sexually aware, stunning and to top it off she is a gorgeous country girl at heart. She showed us her fire making skills today. The shoot looked stunning, with her rolling about in front of a toastie warm fire.

  • Tue 07th Jul 2009 I finally caught their attention! | Behind the Scenes

    Nikki told me that while I was shooting Catrinia inside she could see us moving about, then the next time she looked up there I was with the backstagie! Even caught unawares both she and Jacki look adorable...

  • Mon 06th Jul 2009 Charlotte E is happy about something... | Behind the Scenes

    Could it be that she's about to do a shoot outside in the garden, in the cold and rain? I don't think she realized at that time because it was perfectly nice and sunny when we looked outside! She's such a trooper... :)

  • Mon 06th Jul 2009 Charlotte and Edita | Behind the Scenes

    We had what seemed to be 5 million models at HQ today and then there were 2: Charlotte E and Edita.

  • Sat 04th Jul 2009 Peek-a-boo! | Behind the Scenes

    Charli and Joannie are sooo in the moment, that they didn't even bat an eyelid when this photo was being taken. Charli was working her photographic magic, and Joannie is clearly basking in the awesomeness of being an AW model.

  • Fri 03rd Jul 2009 Dress ups #2 | Behind the Scenes

    ...and here it is, the second installment of Suri and Jette's dress- up escapades. DOn't they just look darling in their little outfits.

  • Fri 03rd Jul 2009 Degrassi stylin' | Behind the Scenes

    Max looks like a kid from the 8o's TV series Degrassi Junior High. That hat totally suits her and along with her funky ass vest she's rockin' her way to the 21st century with styles. It gives me a hope and a sense of freedom that one day I might look that cool too!

  • Fri 03rd Jul 2009 Dress ups #1 | Behind the Scenes

    This is the first installement of 2 (maybe 3) dress ups photos from Suri and Jette. This was taken on set of Caitlin T's first solo.

  • Fri 03rd Jul 2009 Meagan F and Lottie have a roll around | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes a more hands on approach is required when shooting video. Here is Lottie giving Meagan some physical direction...

  • Thu 02nd Jul 2009 The Crew | Behind the Scenes

    Best day ever: 1. Had the pleasure of shooting with Charli. 2. Joannie and Kailin are HOT, and great to work with. 3. Joannie and Kailin went and got an awesome lunch for all of us. 4. We were back at HQ by 2pm!

  • Wed 01st Jul 2009 Meagan F laughing it out between shots | Behind the Scenes

    When I asked her if she was sportive or if she danced, this was the reaction I got. Aww... if she weren't so darn cute I wouldv'e socked her... Kidding!! :P Speaking of socks though, the dress and tights combination looked veerrrrry swish!

  • Wed 01st Jul 2009 Kara and her banana | Behind the Scenes

    Before you ask, that suspicious looking substance all over Kara D is only vegemite. On her head is a banana skin, the banana she ate as the ending to her third solo video. This video delivers something a little different from Kara's other shoots. To check these other shoots out click here: Kara D

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