• Fri 31st Dec 2010 Anycka Anycka | Behind the Scenes

    Michelle's hot tip for a hangover:

    Spearmint Milk, Burger King and your favorite abbywinters.com Girl - Girl. Mine would have to be Anneke & Giselle

  • Thu 30th Dec 2010 Maya C | Behind the Scenes

    I know I have posted a few of her, but jeez can you hardly blame me? She is absolutely gorgeous!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.s. If you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot!

  • Wed 29th Dec 2010 Lunch time!! | Behind the Scenes

    Does this make you hungry?

    We had a very interesting conversation over lunch about sexuality, it is usually Jacki and myself asking the hard hitting questions, though the tables were turned today and Anycka and Maya put us on the spot which resulted in some great cander and lots of laughing!

  • Wed 29th Dec 2010 a little more of Maya C | Behind the Scenes

    I did the sneaky mc sneak on Jacki while she was shooting Maya C and this is what I walked in on. Ahh it's a tough gig but someones gotta do it!

  • Tue 28th Dec 2010 ..and together | Behind the Scenes

    Aren't they the cutest little things?????

    Maya C and Anycka, grace us with their presence. I am keeping my fingers crossed they return for some more rad shoots.

  • Mon 27th Dec 2010 Smiling Anycka! | Behind the Scenes

    Anycka is an awesome woman! She has a smile to die for, and we had the best time shooting her. She also has a beautiful singing voice that you will get to hear in her video. Good Times.

  • Mon 27th Dec 2010 Picking the clothes... | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki concentrating on picking the right outfit for young Maya...as you can see she has an awesome selection, which always makes it easier.

  • Sun 26th Dec 2010 Introducing Anycka and Maya C!!!! | Behind the Scenes

    Thats right, 2 new beauties for you this week! Cuties, Anycka and Maya C came and hung out with us for a few days, which resulted in some damn sexy shoots! I am looking forward to these going live, you're gonna love 'em.

  • Fri 24th Dec 2010 Bio time! | Behind the Scenes

    As you all probably know very well, another important part of the shoot process is the model bios. Here is Elsbeth demonstrating the concentration required to do these. ha, not really!

    Oh by the way Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wishing everyone a fabulous day wherever you are in the world.


  • Fri 24th Dec 2010 Pre-shoot chatsies | Behind the Scenes

    A crucial part of the shooting process is the Photographer and the model having a chat pre-shoot about what types of things they are going to do. Jacki will ask the model things like, "are you comfortable doing x today", and "how do you feel about x theme". Then the magic ensues.

  • Thu 23rd Dec 2010 Jacki from a different perspective | Behind the Scenes

    Getting ready to shoot Elsbeth. No PJ's for shooting today. Tops work Jacki!

  • Wed 22nd Dec 2010 Elsbeth | Behind the Scenes

    Preparing the 'just got outta bed' look...

  • Wed 22nd Dec 2010 Agnes V Post Shoot | Behind the Scenes

    I told you she was a little lady!

    Agnes V post shoot collects her things ready to hit the road. I'll tell you a little secret too (cos I'm a nice gal), she is keen to get involved with out Girl Girl shoots. Look out!

  • Mon 20th Dec 2010 Ain's she adorable | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki is a trooper, I have worked a lot of jobs with a lot of people in my time and I gotta say that no one has a better work ethic than old mate Jacki. She had been sick for days and still kept on shooting, granted she did it in her pajamas, but hey who cares when you get the quality right?

  • Sun 19th Dec 2010 Can you see her?? | Behind the Scenes

    New model Elsbeth is sooo cute, kinda reminds me of a mix between Odette and Lea?? See what ya'll think.

  • Sat 18th Dec 2010 Here she is again | Behind the Scenes

    Good times. It's models like Priya that give me so much joy. It's like unraveling an onion, we get to know more and more gradually and it's fantastic to watch and be apart of.

  • Sat 18th Dec 2010 And this is Priya... | Behind the Scenes

    I gotta tell ya, I was shocked about 15 minutes through her video when she began telling me about some of her previous escapades. This is a video you are not going to want to miss. Put it on and watch it from start to finish. Trust me.

  • Fri 17th Dec 2010 Smiles! | Behind the Scenes

    I bet you are all glad Pic of the Day is back in full swing! Look at these lovelies filling your screens. It's great to be shooting again, I was getting slightly ansy having to be in the office all day, it hurts.

  • Fri 17th Dec 2010 Ready to go | Behind the Scenes

    About 5 minutes after Jakci took this shot, Asdyna and mysel went outside, as I was showing her where I wanted her to walk, I slipped and almost fell straight into the icey water. First lesson in shooting in Amsterdam - take it slow.

  • Thu 16th Dec 2010 Asdyna and Kitty | Behind the Scenes

    Look at that beautiful face, wait I mean, those beautiful faces!!! Kitty told be at one point she felt sea sick form being on the houseboat, bless.

  • Wed 15th Dec 2010 Walkin the streets | Behind the Scenes

    Yes, it is as cold as it looks! Amsterdam giving us Aussies a does of the ol 'hows ya father'!! Lucky we have models brave enough to embrace and endure throughout to get a good shoot.

  • Tue 14th Dec 2010 Elsbeth | Behind the Scenes

    Cutesie aint she? She may look extremely dutch with her blonde hair and blue eyes, however this young lass is actually from Latvia.

  • Tue 14th Dec 2010 Marietta!! | Behind the Scenes

    Marietta is an interesting young woman. She was really fun to hang out with and had some fun stories up her sleeve too.

  • Tue 14th Dec 2010 Meow, this is Kitty | Behind the Scenes

    Kitty has arrived! She actually has crazy curly hair, but had straightened for this shoot (you know variety and all that). She has a super sexy body that allows the viewer to see in all the hard to see places.

  • Tue 14th Dec 2010 Snap! | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Jacki and Kitty warming up for her solo shoot. Good times.

  • Tue 14th Dec 2010 Why hello Zarina! | Behind the Scenes

    Introducing new model Zarina! She is a sexy Brit, with cute braces who loves to experiment and try new things...Stay tuned to see more of her.

  • Mon 13th Dec 2010 In action | Behind the Scenes

    Zarina made great use of a tape measure and a ribbon, and that is all I am going to tell you.

  • Mon 13th Dec 2010 Jacki playing hairdresser | Behind the Scenes

    And who says we don't pay attention to every last detail of the shoot, including taking a special moment for the model's locks. It's not often me that has this job (my hairstyles are something to be desired I know), so I captured Jacki in the action.

  • Mon 13th Dec 2010 Feed the birds, tuppence tuppence | Behind the Scenes

    We had a few special guest on set the other day. It was handy that the set was an authentic Amsterdam house boat. Here is Jacki trying to attract the attention of the wildlife. Did you know swans are really noisy little buggers?

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