• Sun 31st May 2009 Meagan F's very first shoot | Behind the Scenes

    I had a lovely chat with Meagan when she returned from her shoot with Amber and Max last week - she had a ball! Which is something that we aaaaalways like to hear after models' first shoots. She seemed like a very happy and confident young lady. :)

  • Sun 31st May 2009 Cathrin warms her toesies | Behind the Scenes

    It was a cold day in the beach-side house on Friday. Yay for us for remembering to bring heaters out on the shoot! Cathrin was such a little cutie, as you can see in this photo.

  • Sat 30th May 2009 Look both ways Suri! | Behind the Scenes

    Lucky for us Suri was just messing around and she lived to see another day at Abby. Phew!

  • Fri 29th May 2009 dreaming of a white christmas | Behind the Scenes

    How dreamy Lottie looks.. just like a daffodil waiting for the rain... or a fairy thinking about what she is going to wear to the next fairy and pixie party. Or maybe its that she doesn't want her photo taken this early in the morning... She still looks just as pretty as a white Christmas regardless of what time.

  • Fri 29th May 2009 sexy kitten! | Behind the Scenes

    Suzie looks so cute with her fringe nearly covering her eyes and her sexy little green dress on. She looks as chic as the funky carpet and to top it off we have clear shot up her dress. what could be better!

  • Thu 28th May 2009 Sunshine.... | Behind the Scenes

    It was a beautiful day and Kellie K was in need of a much needed rest after her stella performance. I busted her on the sunbake and stole this little glimpse of our days here at Abby for all to see.

  • Thu 28th May 2009 Sex on the Beach | Behind the Scenes

    A very impromptu Girl-Girl indeed, we just wanted to shoot the premise on the beach but the girls got so carried away that we ended up shooting the whole thing there. I had to send Jacki to get me some more P2 cards. Great Shoot.

  • Wed 27th May 2009 Lazing by the sea side.... | Behind the Scenes

    Charlotte E and new model Caitlyn J were left with cheeky smiles after there double intimate moment by the sea side... The weather was cold and stormy, and the sea was rough but these girls knew just how to warm themselves up!

  • Wed 27th May 2009 A lottie ladies | Behind the Scenes

    Go me! Not only did I score a cuddle from two cute chicky babes, I also came up with a pun involving my own name! Stay tuned for more. :)

    (Could I look any more pleased with myself?)

  • Tue 26th May 2009 As we speak - Again! | Behind the Scenes

    Katy and Maria S bring home the goods yet again. Jacki is shooting stills right this second again. Don't say we don't look after you!

  • Tue 26th May 2009 Kailin cleans up | Behind the Scenes

    So many backstage pictures to choose from today, but I think this one is quite cute. After a long day of shooting and looking good all she wants is some peace and quiet... but no, here comes someone with the backstagie, ready to take yet ANOTHER photo. Life's tough for Kailin :P

  • Mon 25th May 2009 The Girls | Behind the Scenes

    While Jacki and I were trying to park the monster van, Lottie, Joannie and Blaire jumped out to give some direction from outside the car, it worked because we didn't smash into anything. Go Us!

  • Mon 25th May 2009 Knitting to pass the time! | Behind the Scenes

    Layer upon layer the many talents of Suri unfold. Today a little knitting to pass the time, while I set up lights for the girl-girl stills. I think Katy was quiet impressed!

  • Sun 24th May 2009 Right this very second | Behind the Scenes

    I love it when I get to post pics of what is happening right this very second. So, today we have the gorgeous Chahna and old fave Katy making sweet sweet love! Not a bad way to begin the working week hey.

  • Sun 24th May 2009 Love even before they started | Behind the Scenes

    All it took for the gorgeously blonde Joannie and Blair were some words exchanged over breakfast, before they had their tongues rolling around each other's faces in the car on the way to their shoot! Definitely one to watch out for, by the way!

  • Sun 24th May 2009 Alice Y not so unawares | Behind the Scenes

    So there I was explaining something to Alice, but little did I know that she wasn't even listening! :( The camera just loves her too much. I can't argue with that!

  • Sat 23rd May 2009 Another happy customer | Behind the Scenes

    Ha, the look on Kylie's face says it all! What a cutie... and you just know that her happiness is just going to ooze out through her shoot! Not long to wait for that one I'm sure.

  • Fri 22nd May 2009 Mei and Kellie couldn't keep there hands off each other! | Behind the Scenes

    It was cheeky times all round after a romp in the sun! Suri and I had to practically pry these girls apart.... Look forward to there doulbe Intimate Moment!

  • Fri 22nd May 2009 lotion ladies | Behind the Scenes

    Before every shoot the girls like to look feel and be the most sexiest they can be. In this case maria is scrubbing up for a lovely sexy sexy time in deed!

  • Fri 22nd May 2009 Mei is stronger than she looks! | Behind the Scenes

    Miss Mei isn't just super sexy she is also super strong... So today Suri and I took a load off and she carried us around in the sun... Cheeky times in the sunshine.

  • Thu 21st May 2009 Caught ya! | Behind the Scenes

    I happened to walk into the bathroom and this is what I saw: Blaire and Joannie scrubbing each other clean getting ready for their Girl-Girl shoot and Lottie sneakily capturing it all!

  • Wed 20th May 2009 Pharrell makes an appearance! | Behind the Scenes

    Pharrell couldn't help but mimic Alice on set today... Both of them are just as cute as a button!

  • Wed 20th May 2009 maxa-von-tease! | Behind the Scenes

    Us shooters have many many talents, some of which only come out when we've gone a little crazy after downing too many coke zeros.. the next thing you know your using the light stand as a pole to show off your smooth burlesque moves! Max a million, your worth every penny!

  • Tue 19th May 2009 Testing out the bed | Behind the Scenes

    After taking a seat on the edge of this bed, Suri, Max and Jette couldn't help but sidle their bums a little further away from the edge... and lay down... and eventually fall asleep on the oh-so comfy mattress.

  • Tue 19th May 2009 New Model Jemma! | Behind the Scenes

    Wow, you are going to LOVE new model Jemma M, never have I shot a model that epitomizes the Abby look and feel like she does. NICE!

  • Mon 18th May 2009 All pussys loved to be played with! | Behind the Scenes

    Thats right people... in case you haven't realized all pussys loved to be played with but sometimes teasing them can cause high levels of frustration and things get heated. Later that day I had a great idea involving Jette holding the sting with her strong vagina muscles and then see who wins the ultimate pussy tug of war. I didn't mention it but thought it was a cool idea!

  • Sun 17th May 2009 Story time | Behind the Scenes

    Suri decided to give us story time on set of the Girl-Girl on Friday. Speaking of Girl-Girl shoots, I hope everyone is ready for Anneke's return and Sylvanna's debut on Wednesday!

  • Sat 16th May 2009 Anabela and her skills | Behind the Scenes

    She is such a great model our Anabela and she has many talents too. One of which is sucking her own nipple as you can see here!

  • Sat 16th May 2009 sleepin' on the job | Behind the Scenes

    It's hard filming girls getting rough and wild with each other all day and sometimes us shooters need a little nap nap to rejuvenate the old energy levels. But 10 points to patience who has now mastered sleeping and shooting at the same time!

  • Fri 15th May 2009 Shooters getting ready | Behind the Scenes

    Suri and I were busting out some backstage while Jacki was preparing for brilliance! I snapped away to mark the occasion.

  • Fri 15th May 2009 Pre-Girl-Girl raunch! | Behind the Scenes

    WOW. It has been a while since we have shot a Girl-Girl that is non stop hardcore sex from beginning until end!So much good stuff going on!

  • Thu 14th May 2009 Girl-girl debut! | Behind the Scenes

    Today was Katherine F's very first girl-girl! And what a partner Carly T made, to help introduce her to the scene. These girls looked stunning together. Gorgeous pale skin, and brunette colourings. Can't wait for this one!

  • Thu 14th May 2009 New Wheels! | Behind the Scenes

    Our new wheels are soo big we can fit all our gear in the back plus Lottie, Jacki, Carly T and Katherine F! The days of the Subaru are gone ladies and Gents and it's a new era that will be full of bigger, better and cooler shoots because now we have the means to use/ transport bigger, better and cooler equipment!

  • Wed 13th May 2009 Tiana finds a friend | Behind the Scenes

    It seems that a lot of our POTD have featured kitties, but Tiana and this feline made fast friends! I do recall hearing her talking about 'forcing her love' upon it, however I don't think Tiana would need to force her love onto anyone!

  • Wed 13th May 2009 Happy Times! | Behind the Scenes

    This is Djion looking especially happy to be going on an AW shoot and Elfrida looking particularly cool and relaxed! Good times...

  • Tue 12th May 2009 I don't even know... | Behind the Scenes

    When I walked outside and told the girls to do something, this is the result. Max looks like she's doing some martial arts 'come hither' move, Djion looks like she's going to slide along the ground on her knees and Elfrida is standing aloofly by watching the craziness.

  • Tue 12th May 2009 fingers in the pie | Behind the Scenes

    There's always time for a bit of funny business and we tend to get ourselves in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. max seems to have found an exceptionally lovely place indeed.

  • Mon 11th May 2009 Lauren B demonstrates the 'Banana Guard' | Behind the Scenes

    This shot was taken on Lauren and Tiana's Double Intimate Moments shoot - I personally don't understand the point of 'Banana Guards', but they are hilarious, and apparently it's made in such a way that all bananas can fit! The more you know...

  • Mon 11th May 2009 Hannah and her fave knickers! | Behind the Scenes

    Look how excited new model Hannah C gets when she shows us her favourite knickers! She had such awesome clothes, I was overwhelmed. Lucky for me though Jacki was there to bring home an outfit that looked HOT HOT HOT.

  • Sun 10th May 2009 Aisling's handfuls | Behind the Scenes

    And what handfuls they are! It's like she needs extra support on the inside of her top and the outside! Pink is definitely her colour.

  • Fri 08th May 2009 The girls just keep coming! | Behind the Scenes

    Today was a really saucy situation where the girls just finished their pancakes and a special herbal tea that supposedly had an natural aphrodisiac in it. I think it did the trick because as soon as they finished they got into some hot and heavy passionate love making on the kitchen table. No time for dishes thats for sure!

  • Fri 08th May 2009 Tiana catching up on some reading | Behind the Scenes

    Tiana is hot. When she first walked through for an interview with Chloe B I remember thinking wow! She has been doing a few shoots for us this week with her buddy Giselle. The word is that she may be returning, so keep a watch out!

  • Fri 08th May 2009 Caitlin J shows off her stuff | Behind the Scenes

    She's a very obliging young lady who's boobs will always look good no matter what bra she's wearing...

  • Fri 08th May 2009 Anneke fresh out of the shower | Behind the Scenes

    Just after finishing her shower and stumbling her way over the obstacle-course we had created for ourselves with unused furniture, (still completely naked might I add) Anneke was re-united with her clothes. You can see the look of relief on her face.

  • Thu 07th May 2009 Whoa... | Behind the Scenes

    This is one gorgeous photo - not only does Allison look adorable but Suri also looks like she could be one of the models! She looks so wistful and deep...

  • Thu 07th May 2009 Giselle feeling the power! | Behind the Scenes

    Anneke and Giselle were so relaxed today and eased into the shoot - Ah I remember the days. It was very sexy, they are very sexy together. They shot and directed each other, and as you can see in this pic Giselle got to kinda like holding the camera - and she looks mighty hot doing it.

  • Wed 06th May 2009 Pretty as a picture | Behind the Scenes

    Here Max frames her sheepish grin with an extension cable. That gives me an idea for a shoot... Yeeeeah!

  • Wed 06th May 2009 New Model Elga | Behind the Scenes

    Max and I shot new model Elga today. She is a gorgeous girl from Germany. Here's what Max had to say: The light was awesome... It wrapped around Elga's body beautifully, and I found the whole thing a pleasure to shoot. Go window light go!

  • Mon 04th May 2009 Pre - Double Intimate Moment! | Behind the Scenes

    Col and Marika just seconds before they masturbate to orgasm sitting next to each other - HOT!

  • Mon 04th May 2009 Blaire hanging out! | Behind the Scenes

    See, I told you in my last entry that Blaire was sitting next to me and here is the proof! She came in to do some posting and have some lunch with Melita. It's always nice having her around - especially when she looks so damn cute.

  • Sun 03rd May 2009 Cuties! | Behind the Scenes

    This is Jette and Mia H in their Double Intimate Moments shoot last week. They are so cute together. Also, for those of you who have been living under a rock, Jette did her first Girl-Girl with Blaire on Friday. Blaire is actually sitting right next to me. I'll post another pic soon.

  • Fri 01st May 2009 Check out Suri's get-up! | Behind the Scenes

    When you put 5 girls in an op shop there is bound to be some shenanigans. Suri decided to get into the vibe and put on a lovely number as you can see here. Don't worry all will be revealed on the awesome backstage video. Be sure to check it out. If you like girls trying on clothes, this video is for you.

  • Fri 01st May 2009 Jacki, Blaire and Jette | Behind the Scenes

    Hotstuff is the word of the day. It was Jette's very first Girl-Girl and she blew us away. Of course with a partner like Blaire it would be hard to not get well amongst things.

  • Fri 01st May 2009 Steamy girlgirl riding! | Behind the Scenes

    Maria and Zasha having what looks like a REALLY good time for their girlgirl shoot.

    It's real, natural, passion - we were just lucky enough to be there!

  • Fri 01st May 2009 Aleit spreads! | Behind the Scenes

    Aleit spreads....her clothes silly! I dunno what you were thinking but before her sexy shoot, she laid her clothes out on the sofa so she could pick her favourite outfit!

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