Puffy nipples

Puffy nipples, better called puffy areola, are areloas that puff out when the nipple is in a relaxed state. Puffy nipples are characterized by a conical shape rather than a flat shape of the areolas and are rare trait in women. Puffy nipples can mostly be seen on small and medium sized breasts rather than on large breasts and mostly happen to younger women. The content on this page will give you up-close view of our young, happy girls and their puffy nipples.

Our criteria for inclusions

Included on this page are images of areola that protrudes further than the breast so erect, large, inverted or prolonged nipples are not included.

Beth & Julia, puffy nipples
Elizabeth S, puffy nipples
Carmina & Fenna DR, puffy nipples
Dahlia & Hayden, puffy nipples
Felicity M, puffy nipples
Alyssa & Carmina, puffy nipples