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  • Video capture of Nude Girls slender and petitie Luna spreading soft labia

    Mon 09th Feb 2015Nude girl: Luna (Video) | Solo

    'Sometimes I feel so tall, like Avatar,' standing naked on the desk, Luna's long legs push her slender body high in the air, her slim arms resting on the ceiling, her toned body twisting so she doesn't bump her head. Retrieving her skirt from the window, she pulls it down over her feminine curves, the bump of her pert breasts, her slender waist and finally, over her shapely hips. 

    Luna's hands caress down the back of her wonderful body, her fingers lifting the fabric of her top, exposing her smooth dark skin. Peeping over her shoulder, Luna introduces herself, pointing out the pale heart shaped birthmark on her smiling face. 'I like boobs!' she confesses. Laying on her back, Luna peels off her top as her back arches up, her dark nipples popping slowly out from beneath the fabric. Cupping her breasts in her hands - for they are 'the perfect size for hands' - she shows us how she likes them to be touched. Naked, Luna parts her dark labia to show the pale pink of her vulva while she gives us a guided tour around her body!

  • Image of Nude Girls slender and petitie Luna spreading soft labia

    Sun 08th Feb 2015Nude girl: Luna (Stills) | Solo

    Luna seductively slips her clothes off her slender body, each article revealing more of her smooth dark skin.

    With her effortlessly sexy smile, she holds eye contact as her hands feel and explore her naked body. Laying back, she grips her pert round breasts and slowly opens her long legs to expose her dark trimmed pubic hair and soft labia. Gripping her firm bum cheeks she rolls backwards, lifting her legs high up in the air.

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