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  • Image of Behind the scenes toned and athletic Greta and Irish lass Jamie-Lee and juicy labia Mandy M and tiny breasts Keira and petite amateur Alisha all girl team

    Fri 04th Mar 2011Backstage 257 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 257 is up today

  • Fri 04th Mar 2011 | News

    Greta & Jamie-Lee GGT3 257-001 to 063

    Toby: Well today was Greta's last shoot, I know I said that last time but she fitted us in for one final lucky last one. The girls were great! they looked amazing against the green bedspread and the lovely large window. The bed was on a crazy angle in this room, so it allowed me to really get in there with the lights and shoot from a couple of different angles that I don't usually get to. Thanks Greta and Jamie-Lee!

    Susie: Last year on my birthday I shot the amazing Phoenix for her starry redux in the gallery - and today its a Tier 3 with Greta and Jamie-Lee! Seems like only yesterday I was 24...heehee. It was a great video, the girls were really into each other and the kissing was lovely. Especially at the end - it was quite romantic!

    Prue: Well i think it is good bye Greta...she went out with a big bang today...a sea of orgasms. We shot Jamie-lee and Greta today. She was happy to see that she had been paired with another Irish girl. It started off soft and sweet and then the fiery Irish Jamie-Lee gave many orgasms to the lovely then slowed done to a sensual mood with lots of kissing. HOT!

    Shasta & Mandy M IM 257-064 to 076

    Emmalee: At first I wasnt sure how these two girls would get along. Both were a little shy.. but after I organised them into position to shoot the video, they came to me and said, "We hope you dont mind, but we changed position!". They showed me and I was wrapped to see they snuggled and got closer and were filled with energy and laughter after the shoot. Can only make a good DIM I reakon!

    Alisha Solo 257-077 to 139

    Toby: Onion weed. I had never heard of it until Alisha told me I was sitting on a pile. "Cant you smell it?" she said, I thought I had just sat on a stink bug or something because there was the most disgusting smell of onions, out here in the bush. Apparently Alisha had grown up with onion weed and was able to fill me in on a little known grass, that when you step on it, stinks like onions. She also did a great sun kissed shoot, which I think kinda harks back to the 70's...

    Patience: Bush walking, hiding from people, video cameras, Sue-Ann and Alisha make for a fun day in the bush!

    Keira Solo 257-104 to 139

    Toby: The joys of shooting in the scrub again! It's the first time this spring we have shot out in a park and now I totally remember why I was so thrilled to get the day wound up! Its hard work, not only do we have to watch the sun and the exposure and the model! but we also have to watch out for prying eyes! Today we had one guy who just wouldn't go away. Luckily Keira and I were waiting for a cloud to come back over, so any spys had a long wait on their hands.

    Patience: Toby and I got to be at one with nature today. With the help of Sue-Ann we produced a great shoot with Kiera out in the bush, we had her sitting on an old look-out chair.

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