• Thu 25th Oct 2012 Backstage 341 | Behind the scenes

    A bumper backstage set this time with some amazing abbywinters.com models making some great, sexy appearances! There's all styles of shoot being shown here and the atmosphere behind the scenes is as fun as ever.

    There's some really popular shoots in here and be sure to follow the links and check them out: Annabelle Lee, Immie & Leah, Katia Solo 2, Larissa M Solo 2, Immie Solo 3, Jamelia Solo, Blaire Solo 2

  • Thu 25th Oct 2012 | News

    AnnaBelle Lee Solo Lee: Woa! AnnaBelle Lee is so hot I was melting in her company today! A constant talker, she went into explicit detail about everything she did and listening to her voice wavering through her descriptions made my knee's knock! I think all the members will enjoy watching her explosive orgasms! Toby: Some very flexible posing from thew lovely AnnaBelle Lee today, she was amazing, nothing was too much trouble and we ended up getting pretty deep into some dildo drive insertions at the end of the shoot! Thanks so much AnnaBelle, hopefully we'll see you back VERY shortly! Immie & Leah DIM Jacki: The girls today were very different in personality but connected very quickly just the same. With Leah being the more subdued one and Immie letting her down with her loud cries of ecstasy, these two made what will be an awesome DIM I'm sure. Lee: The couch was a perfect setting for Leah & Immie to orgasm today. They faced each other on the couch and even after they undressed remained face to face to get excited and give encouragement. Katia Solo 2 Charli: did a beautiful little hair light bouncing off the back of Katia's freckley shoulders and fair skin. She was a absolute delight to work with and kept me amused with Marilyn Monroe impersonations. Lee: Oh what fun we had today with Katia and Sue-ann playing in the lounge. They were jumping around in such an incredibly entertaining fashion! Charli was watching in the background and was in hysteric's! It was difficult for me though since I had to keep up with them on the camera - I was exhausted by the end of the day! Larissa M Solo 2 Toby: How spoilt am I?! I really didn't think i could be so lucky as to shoot Larissa twice in one week, but it seems the sun is shining on Toby! Larissa's amazing legs make her a dream to shoot and we got a great shoot of her playing the drums today. A fiddly overhead lighting setup worked a dream. Lee: Larissa M is such a breeze to shoot! She is so cheerful, so helpful and so beautiful she's sure to amass an abundance of fan's out there! We had a great shoot today constructing her drum kit so she could have an enjoyable bash today! Immie Solo 3 Jacki: Once again I got the pleasure of shooting Immie. She is such a fabulous model. Very naturally sexy, great body awareness and is able to manipulate her body every which way to do any position I could ever ask of her. The overhead lighting was a little tricky to deal with at times but all in all I think it will be a really lovely shoot. Amber: My first solo with Immie and it was such a pleasure as she knows exactly what's sexy and really loves to enjoy herself, by herself. Jamelia Solo Charli: We had interesting day with the lovely Jamelia, I tried to copy the daylight that was coming into the room because it wasn't quite strong enough. I used flash and some reflectors for fill. I think it went ok but it didn't really replicate the daylight I will try again another day. Lee: Jamelia is such a cutie! Her slim, lithe body managed to meander around the kitchen table and chairs while delicately teasing the camera with her playful smile. Blaire Solo 2 Jacki: There's just something so enjoyable about shooting a model who knows what she likes, who knows how to move sexily and how to speak to the camera with her eyes. This is why shooting Blaire is such a pleasure. We did a moodier, more sultry shoot than her first. The results were gorgeous. And the dildo made things even better! Lee: When Blaire walks through the door in the morning you just know it's going to be a good day and it certainly was today! Her smile and laugh is infectious and we giggled all day - just holding in our laughter for the all important shoot!

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