• Mon 28th Jan 2013 Backstage 355 | Behind the scenes

    Jenny-Lee's erect nipples pressing against her thin vest are the only thing that could distract from her infectiously cute smile.

    Transport yourself backstage on some fantastically sexy and fun shoots. In this set there's a perfect mix with Caitlyn Y & Daria in their video masturbation shoot, Kiki and Jenny-Lee shoot their solo's and another video masturbation with Kiona & Lou-Ellyn to round it off beautifully!

  • Backstage

    Mon 28th Jan 2013 Backstage | News

    COLLATED RAVES ------------------------------------ Caitlyn Y & Daria IM Toby: What a fun day with these two today! It was so nice to see them again and do some shots, even if it was quickly! Oh, I also got peed on... Yikes! WOW! Were these two born to be together? They were like old friends and loved to talk! They also had a pee together and laughed their heads off. Kiki Solo 3 Jacki: I don't think I've ever seen a body as perfect as Kiki's. I've got such a soft spot for her and it was amazing to finally get to shoot her. I can't get over how incredible her chocolaty skin looked amongst crisp white sheets. It was so peaceful shooting her while she was asleep. Amber: What comes to mind with Kiki is how anyone could be made anymore perfect. She is gorgeous in each and every way and every day with her is falling more and more in love! Jenny-Lee Solo 2 Toby: Oh So Pretty! Today was so pretty out in the country. The sun however wasn't shining and Charli and i were really hanging on having some glaring sunlight, but it wasn't happening. We had a back up plan though. The beloved 85mm lens. That baby always makes a shoot amazing. Not to mention Jenny-Lee who was hilarious and beautiful. Patience: Awesome Awesome awesome! Kiona & Lou-Ellyn IM Lee: I thought Kiona and Lou-Ellyn might be the giggly, chatty types but (not for the first time) I was wrong! They were relaxed, sensual and passionate. Jacki: These girls were so cute together. All cuddled up on a couch with arms wrapped around each other, giggling and making eyes at each other. The HMI lighting was bright and white and really made their eyes sparkle.

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