• Thu 14th Apr 2011 Gretchen & Laura P | Girl-Girl

    Laura teases Gretchen by shacking her round juicy bum in Gretchen's view to tempt her. Once provoked and stimulated Gretchen goes wild as she pours water on the buxom body of her partner and licks and sucks it off as the oral sex, fingering and passionate girl girl action flows just like the water from the bottle that splashed all over Laura's smooth skin- thick and fast!

    It is a very hot day and these two sexy girls relish the heat as they move all around their living-room soaking up the rays and the added heat from each other. Filled with sensual and instructional dirty talking and passionate girl on girl sex, this video will heat up your living room- no matter how cold!

  • Wed 13th Apr 2011 Gretchen & Laura P | Girl-Girl

    Little, libidinous and limber Laura unknowingly seduces the innocently cute and slightly geeky Gretchen with her morning workout. Unable to resist, Gretchen moves up behind Laura and starts to pull her mouth towards her lips; Laura showing no restraint starts to lift up Gretchen's top and grabs hold of her pert breasts.

    The two quickly begin to entwine themselves in each other, and as their clothes fall away they press against each others slim, toned bodies. Lauras fingers slip themselves between Gretchen's full bush of pubes, forcing her to writhe in pleasure. The two move together from floor, to window to sofa indulging each other in unrelenting and passionate exchanges of sexual stimulation!

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