• Sat 20th Dec 2014 Lesbian sex: Anahi & Gisela (Video) | Girl-Girl

    As her orgasm begins, Anahi's entire body writhes uncontrollably across the floor, her whole body shaking with pleasure. Gisela follows, continuing to press her finger deep inside Anahi's hairy vulva, till her orgasm finishes and she lies with her trembling in her arms. "Do you want more?"

    Peeping out at the busy city below, Anahi and Gisela notice the sparkle in each other's eyes and are soon lost in their own private space. Reaching forwards, Gisela gently twists Anahi's hair between her fingers, watching her expressive eyes before they plant soft kisses on each other's cheeks. Kissing deeply, their hands pull their bodies closer together, Anahi reaching down to Gisela's tight shorts and perfect ass, pulling her clothing tightly up into her wiggling hips. Pulling Anahai's dress over her pale curves, Gisela feasts on her full breasts, Anahi gently stroking her hair while she licks up between her breasts, "I love your boobies!" 


  • Thu 18th Dec 2014 Lesbian sex: Anahi & Gisela (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gripping onto each other's naked bodies, Gisela and Anahi gasp with pleasure, their mouths millimeters from each other as they move closer to orgasm.

    Kissing passionately, they waste no time getting each other undressed and exploring their beautifully feminine bodies. Gisela grabs a handful of Anahi's full, large breasts as she reaches around to let her fingers slip between her legs and press against her clitoris and open, wet vulva. Holding each other close, they raise each other to simultaneous orgasm!

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