• Wed 08th Oct 2008 Caitlyn Y & Daria | Solo

    Bonus girlgirl video today! Who likes to pee?! Caitlyn Y & Daria do! While taking a break from their upcoming double masturbation video they just had to go - I asked if they'd let team abby film it and that's how this little 2 minute gem came about!

    Hot golden wee trickling at first with a dainty tinkle and some stage fright and then a massive gush as they burst together!

    BMX Girls Noelle, Alice P, Zasha, Luanna and Kristal ride through the woods looking tough in their BMX biker gear. Hair rumpled, hot and sweaty after some falls they all get naked... as you do...

    The camera follows every delicious item of clothing as it's removed and abandoned on the forest floor. Round, smooth arses rise and fall, humping the bike seats as they ride.

    ...full flavoured fun in the sun!

  • Mon 06th Oct 2008 Caitlyn Y & Daria | Solo

    It's golden shower time for Caitlyn Y & Daria.

    This short but good girl-girl photo set captured the two models taking a break and peeing outdoors on some large rocks. There are some great close-ups of the pee coming out - you feel like you've got you head right up in there watching. The girls got quite a laugh from doing this side by side and for the camera.

    The BMX Girls shoot is being reintroduced today after being pulled from our line-up a couple of days after it was first released. Five smokin' hot girls ride through the forest on their bikes, getting progressively more naked. This really was a great shoot and we're happy to return it to you. BMX videos will follow in two more days.

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