• Fri 28th Feb 2014 Video masturbation: Suyai | Intimate Moments

    Slowly takes her top off, parts her legs and gently slides a finger between her labia. Her breath gets deeper and her fingers press firmly on her clitoris occasionally licking her juices off her hand. 

    Hips start to contract, squeezing her big breasts, she squints from pleasure as she orgasms.

  • Fri 28th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Gretchen (Video) | Solo

    'I want my doggy style positions', Her glasses balanced on her nose, Gretchen bends forwards on the sofa exposing her excited vagina, ready for something to insert inside her. 

    Gretchen's firm breasts are visible down blouse as her fingers tease at the fabric of her green dress. She tells us how she found the dress during her travels and how she has adapted it for life back in Europe. Slipping from the dress she shows off the white cotton slip she wears beneath before finally she is naked on the floor.

  • Thu 27th Feb 2014 Real life couple: Amabella & Dion (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Amabella's boyfriend cradles her head gently in his arms as she starts to orgasm. His penis is deep inside her feeling the contractions of her vagina as she gasps in pleasure.
    Amabella's perfect ass is framed in her tight pink shorts as she bends forwards to rouse her boyfriend with a tender kiss. Her small breasts are visible down blouse, the delicate lace of her bra peeping out from inside her t shirt. Dion gently pulls Amabella's knickers to one side, revealing her perfect shave job, which he presses his face to. Laying on the bed, her tan lines white against her golden skin, Amabella moans with pleasure under her partners touch.

  • Thu 27th Feb 2014 Lesbian sex: Kylie H & Noa (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sucking Noa's nipple, Kylie stretches to get her whole mouth around her pert, hanging breasts! 

    Gripping her body she writhes and tenses as she draws closer and closer to orgasm. Exploring each other top to toes the both take full advantage! Playing with Noa's slim body and Kylie's full bush they move from position to position in the beautiful and natural outdoors.

  • Wed 26th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Gretchen (Stills) | Solo

    Gretchen's hands reach up the wooden beam she pushes out her pert, round bum, curving her naked body into a perfect seductive 'S'. 

    Showing the profile of her firm breasts she leans forward, her hand moving up her leg she finds her open wet vulva and starts to slowly push her fingers inside herself...

  • Tue 25th Feb 2014 Real life couple: Amabella & Dion (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Gripping his erect penis Amabella looks up at her boyfriend, her beautifully large blue eyes, and open lips suggesting at what she wants to do! Holding eye contact she slips her mouth over his hard shaft...
    Holding each others hands and pulling close Amabella gets on top of Dion. Guiding it with her hands she pushes herself down onto his erection, and leaning back starts to ride him, her hands clawing at his chest. The passion between this real life couple is obvious, and makes for an extremely sexy, honest and genuine girl-boy shoot!

  • Tue 25th Feb 2014 Video masturbation: Gisela & Yale | Intimate Moments

    "I like it when people are looking at me!' Yale's tummy presses into Gisela's back, hugging the curve of her spine. Gisela's round buttocks push back into Yale's pubic bone, Yale's pubic hair ticking Gisela's flesh. Water from the shower makes both bodies shine. 

    Gisela invites Yale to the shower, to help her wash her long hair. 'It makes you feel a bit shy!'. Yale gently lifts the hair from Gisela's naked back, massaging it between her hands. Giggling they shake their bodies, dancing in the shower as Gisela demonstrates her skating skills! The heat from the water starts to influence their conversation and bodies press together. 

  • Mon 24th Feb 2014 Backstage 411 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes with Abbywinters.com models this weeks we see lots of teasing and fun loving models flashing to the camera when the shoot is being prepared. After Anabela & Joannie's shoot 

    Patience said 'So much sex, and full on sex, not sex that goes in and out of passion, but sex that is 100% non stop passion'. in this set we also see Isadora behind the scenes for her first solo shoot and Tinsley


  • Mon 24th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Roxanne M (Video) | Solo

    Roxanne's natural L cup breasts, pour over the edge of the bed. As she reaches down, her large breasts are barely contained by her bra, the soft round flesh trying to spill from her clothing. 

    Roxanne's full cleavage is visible down blouse as she lays on the bed playing with her phone. Her eyes sparkle with youthful naughtiness as she looks up at and shows us some of her photographs and a lot of her breasts - 'I have a lot of boobage!' Slowly she unwraps her boobs, pressing them between her hands, as if trying to pop a large balloon. As she teases with her fingers, her hands pass over her inverted nipples to pull at her harder nipple, till it stands tall and excited!

  • Sun 23rd Feb 2014 Nude girl: Roxanne M (Stills) | Solo

    Grabbing her large breasts Roxanne holds and pushes them together. Each breast far more than a handful she smiles over the top of her chest towards you. 

    Laying over the side of the bed her breasts hang over the edge, and rolling onto her back she holds them on top of her with her arms as she reaches past towards her naked vulva. Holding her labia wide apart with one hand she starts to push her fingers deeper inside herself.

  • Sat 22nd Feb 2014 Lesbian sex: Juliette M & Sicilia (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Juliette kisses into Sicilia's long hair as skilled fingers tease into her hairy bush. Rubbing into Juliette's meaty lips Sicilia turns her face to kiss Juliette as she gasps with pleasure. 

    'Do you wanna bend over the couch?' Juliette eats into Sicilia's neat vagina, her hands resting on her round buttocks as she bends her forward in doggy position. Sicilia's pert bottom jiggles as she inserts an answering hand inside Juliette, her left cheek bouncing in rhythm with her movement. 

    Juliette massages Siclila's feet. She feeds Sicilia's wiggling toes into her mouth, sucking on them in greedy delight. Sicilai's bare foot rubs into Juliette's crotch before lifting higher, her flexible toes opening her bra to pull on her large nipples.

  • Fri 21st Feb 2014 Video masturbation: Sileny | Intimate Moments

    Sexy short hair blond Sileny rolls her panties down to her ankles sitting on the toilet to pee. Looking at images she finds a toy and parts her warm thighs starting to rub her meaty labia causing her body to shiver from an intense orgasm. Her muscles contract and she can barely get dressed after that but the smile on her face says it was sure worth it.

  • Fri 21st Feb 2014 Nude girl: Lawan (Video) | Solo

    Lawan slides her panties to one side exposing her most intimate mole and smooth soft skin. Her fingers tease at her dark labia lips before pushing them open to reveal moist pinkness. 

    Turning from her washing up, a smiling Lawan shows off her arm muscles, a result of her love of sports. She plays with the bubbles in the water, letting the soap crystals fizz on her thin top, starting to reveal the outline of her nipple. Pulling her t shirt to the side she exposes her small breasts and tops them with white bubbles. Leaning forwards she tries to blow the bubbles from her dark nipples before teasingly slipping free of the rest of her clothing.

  • Thu 20th Feb 2014 Classy, elegant: Jette (Video) | After Dark

    Jette's skirt bounces on her pert bottom as she walks down the ally, her pale thighs rubbing together as she moves. Leaning against a wall she opens her jacket, her pale skin almost glowing in the dark as she shows off her body outdoors

    Pressing her body against a disused building Jette looks into the camera with sultry eyes. Slowly she reveals her body, baring all in the public ally way. Her pink nipples are a brilliant colour as she slips from her bra. Sitting naked on the ground her fingers tease into her dark pubic hair as she stares upwards into the lens.

  • Thu 20th Feb 2014 Lesbian sex: Juliette M & Sicilia (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pale skin Brunette Juliette slowly massages her friend Sicilia's sexy feet. Juliette presses her heal against the blond petite's vulva over her jeans and licks her toes. 

    Sicilia's panties soon get wet and she joyfully parts her knees to have Juliette's tongue stroking her immaculate vulva.

  • Wed 19th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Lawan (Stills) | Solo

    Undressing herself Lawan runs her hands over her smooth naked body, pinching her nipples and pulling at her pert bum she moves around the kitchen. 

    As she removes her pink lace underwear she pulls it tight against her perfectly shaved vulva. Laughing and playing, Lawan lets her fun personality really shine through!

  • Tue 18th Feb 2014 Classy, elegant: Jette (Stills) | After Dark

    Kinky little spitfire Jette, holds you with her seductive gaze as she undresses; her delicate pale skin standing in contrast to the dark shadows around her and flashes of red hair!

    Soft curves, loads of attitude, Jette is both intoxicating and exhilarating to watch as she moves and writhes through this After Dark shoot.

  • Tue 18th Feb 2014 Video masturbation: Daisy B & Marleen S (Video) | Intimate Moments

    'I love the wee feeling when it's just creeping through your body, waiting to come!' The freckles on Daisy's tummy dance over her pale skin as her breathing quickens in time with her fingers. 

    'I love having company' Daisy and Marleen sit side by side on matching chairs, asking one another intimate questions. Marleen opens up her long legs, flashing her knickers as she demonstrates her favorite sexual position! In a rush they both rip off their knickers, flinging them across the room as far as they can! Continuing to challenge each other, they push their bodies through increasingly flexible positions, getting steadily more naked each time!

  • Mon 17th Feb 2014 Backstage 410 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    When body painting becomes an excuse to touch each other intimately it can get very interesting behind the scenes. I am referring to Christen & Courtney M where the models have a good time teasing and covering each other in paint. 

    In this behind the scenes set we see also the model Justine K who is cheeky and playful with Jorja backstage. 


  • Mon 17th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Minks (Video) | Solo

    18 year old Minks poses in her actual school skirt, her white knickers flashing upskirt as she settles down on the sofa. Smiling she reveals what she has learned from her sexual lessons so far, before giving a demonstration. 

    White cotton panties stick to her as Minks rubs herself through them, the fabric becoming damp where it has pressed into the heat of her crotch. After wiggling on the sofa showing off her perfect ass, Minks slips from her clothing and begins to intimately touch herself, her fingers teasing open her curling labia, to reveal her neat pink clit.

  • Sun 16th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Minks (Stills) | Solo

    Spreading her labia with her fingers, Minks' wetness runs out of her vulva and down her pert bum cheeks towards her anus

    Reaching underneath her tartan skirt she grabs her lace underwear, holding it between her fingers she slowly pulls them off, down hr slender legs and drops them on the sofa besides her. Seductively staring, she leans beck naked against the sofa, holding her hands together against the wall.

  • Sat 15th Feb 2014 Lesbian sex: Brooklyn & Lulu (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Brooklyn licks into Lulu's armpit hair, tasting the sweet sweat that has built up in the heat of their outdoor love making. 

    On a public path Brooklyn and Lulu throw down their rug and rush to have sex before anyone catches them! Lulu pushes Brooklyn backwards in deep intense kissing, Lulu's purple knickers visible upskirt as she begins to hump Brooklyn's warm thigh. As Lulu's crotch drags along the pale leg of Brooklyn, her natural full bush can be seen poking out the sides of her underwear.

  • Fri 14th Feb 2014 Video masturbation: Antonella F | Intimate Moments

    listening to the sounds of nature, brunette Antonella F runs her hands on her skin and pulls her light dress off revealing her big breasts. She starts gently massaging her hairy vulva and her body shivers from pleasure as she is having an orgasm outdoors.

  • Fri 14th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Sadie (Video) | Solo

    Dark nipples sit on top of tight breasts, new milk dripping out when the pressure builds to much, aided by Sadie's fingers. Naked and pregnant she slips into the bath. 

    Casually leaning on the bathroom wall, her natural armpit hair dark against her skin, a glowing Sadie tells us her big news! Her hands press over her raised tummy, showing off the tight skin across her bump. She tells us how her body has changed and the influences her changes in hormones have had on her sex drive. Slipping into the bath to relax her dark full bush waves in the water, as she gently moves about.

  • Thu 13th Feb 2014 Lesbian sex: Brooklyn & Lulu (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Two pale skinned girls with matching panties take them off outdoors for a sexual adventure. Lulu impales Brooklyn with her passionate and cheeky look and enjoys her tongue stroking her labia. Brooklyn presses her nipple against Lulu's clitoris and 

    With her toes she tickles Lulu's nipples. They both love to lick their dump fingers from each others juices.

  • Wed 12th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Sadie (Stills) | Solo

    Radiantly pregnant Sadie exposes her naked body, showing the naturally beautiful changes from her pregnancy. 

    Exploring her large swollen breasts and darkened nipples Sadie slips into the warm water of the bubble bath. Wetting her body she shows she's still kept her long under-arm hair and dark full bush!

  • Tue 11th Feb 2014 Video masturbation: Gisela & Renae D | Intimate Moments

    'I'm sweatiest here', Renae lifts up her breast and runs a finger along her sticky skin. Her red hair hangs down her naked body, adding to her heat. 

    Light pours in from the window, illuminating Renae's face as she looks up at Gisela. One strap of Renae's dungarees hangs free, drawing the eye to her tight top, stretched over full breasts. Looking to the people bellow, they remove their sticky clothing and sit in their knickers. Renae's bright red pubes, sticking out the sides of her underwear as her fingers rub into her full bush

  • Mon 10th Feb 2014 Backstage 409 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    'Some ripper orgasms today with Davana and Zita.' Patience says after Davana & Zita's intimate moment shoot, but what happened behind the scenes? this backstage images give plenty of insides to to this and another 18 shoots including Iveta's and Pennylaine first solo. 

    Always sexy atmosphere and lots of laughter while the models prepare for their shoots and this becomes obvious in this image set. 

  • Mon 10th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Amabella (Video) | Solo

    Rolling down her see-through panties Amabella moves in the couch giving us a peak of immaculate shaved vulva

    Running her fingertips softly on her chest she tells us how she likes her small breasts and brushes her soft hair. Her full lips so sexy to watch as she eats some chocolate candy just before she uses her lip balm making them soft and wet.

  • Sun 09th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Amabella (Stills) | Solo

    Amabella's tongue gently strokes her full lips spreading her lip balm, effortlessly seductive she slides her hands down and starts unbuttons her lacy top. 

    Her tan lines make her small breasts look lighter as she reveals her nipples slowly rolling her panties off too. Reaching to get a book from the shelf Amabella pushes her sexy bum out as she kneels on the couch.

  • Sat 08th Feb 2014 Lesbian sex: Claudia S & Gloria (Video) | Girl-Girl

    'I want to play with you..' Gloria says to pale skin Claudia S as she lifts up her shirt grabbing her small pert breasts. Claudia licks a finger and gently bites on Gloria's nipples before she slaps her perfect ass and starts to rub her clitoris. 

    'I changed my mind.. i like doggy with girls too.." Claudia says to her partner after an explosive orgasm with her vulva clinching on Gloria's fingers.

  • Fri 07th Feb 2014 Video masturbation: Estefania | Intimate Moments

    Sitting on a wet log in the park Estefania gets her jeans skirt wet but also running her fingers on the inside of her thighs gets her panties wet too. 

    The natural environment and greens are the perfect setting to get her into the mood touching her hairy vulva giving herself an orgasm.

  • Fri 07th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Saskia (Video) | Solo

    Saskia's tiny shorts hug to her small body, the fabric revealing the outline of her labia in a smooth pink camel toe. She teases her t shirt up along her toned tummy, the soft peach fuzz on her skin, glinting in the light from the window.

    Do you want to play a 'little game'? Saskia unfolds her long legs and stands up on tip toes. Spinning around she invites you to guess how long her legs are. She lifts her leg high in the air and places it on the tall book shelf. Her muscles are visible along her leg, her fingers reaching between them to tease at her knickers. Her laced top barley hides her bare breasts, her 'interactive nipple' popping through the fabric as she moves around the room.

  • Thu 06th Feb 2014 Classy, elegant: Catrinia (Video) | After Dark

    'I love getting dirty, dirt sticks to the sweat you make!' Catrinia rolls on the hard concrete, rubbing dirt into her skin. Her large nipples are hard on her small breasts, as she wraps wire around her body. 

    'I love playing with wire and chains' Catrina wraps her slender body in the hanging wire, moaning with pleasure as she passes the wire between her legs and pulls it up into the crease of her tight buttocks. Catrina's panties are visible upskirt as she moves around, the soft peach fuzz on her thighs visible in the twilight.

  • Thu 06th Feb 2014 Lesbian sex: Claudia S & Gloria (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pale skin Claudia S rolls off Gloria's jeans revealing her perfect ass in the kitchen. Playful Claudia slides her fingers inside Glorias hairless vulva as she gently bites on her nipples

    With their knees apart on the kitchen floor they tease each other as they move in a sixty nine position Gloria wets a finger on Claudia's tongue before she slides between her labia. 

  • Wed 05th Feb 2014 Nude girl: Saskia (Stills) | Solo

    Sexy blond Saskia  pinches her nipples with her hair-clip and stretches her long legs slowly pulling her cute socks off. 

    She looks over her glasses knowing how sexy she looks in her panties pulling her legs apart sliding her fingers inside her shaved wet vulva

  • Tue 04th Feb 2014 Classy, elegant: Catrinia (Stills) | After Dark

    In this sexy and moody After Dark shoot kinky brunette Catrinia shows why bondage has such a hold on her! Writhing in the shadows she undresses her toned body.

    Pulling the wire over her skin she tenses with the naughty pleasure! Gripping her small breasts and contorting her slender frame she seductively gazes out from the darkness...

  • Tue 04th Feb 2014 Video masturbation: Gloria & Sabina M | Intimate Moments

    'You have a really sexy body' Sabina says to Gloria as she pulls her red panties off under the skirt

    Sitting on the bed they both slide their hand inside their panties and getting wet touching each other while they masturbate. 

  • Mon 03rd Feb 2014 Backstage 408 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes today with Zippora for her first solo shoot, but also as always lots of fun and cheeky smiles from the models behind the scenes. With Manuella's energy, Djion's story telling technique and Jette showing of her skills in drumming nude, you can imagine how sexy this image collection is.


  • Mon 03rd Feb 2014 Nude girl: Kenji (Video) | Solo

    'Its good naked weather!' Kenji's feminine shape stands proudly in the branches of the tree, her bare feet curved around the bark. 'I want to be naked and I don't understand why it is such a taboo thing!' 

    Kenji rests her arms casually on the back of the bench, her soft armpit hair visible as she talks, 'It smells amazing!' Making sure she is out of site from her neighbors, Kenji puts her hand inside her dress caressing her nipple. 'I have very warm nipples!'. Her warm thighs part to show the patterned crotch of her knickers, the fabric clinging to her labia lips revealing their intimate shape.

  • Sun 02nd Feb 2014 Nude girl: Kenji (Stills) | Solo

    Her inviting green eyes accentuated by the green scenery as Kenji gets naughty outdoors. Slowly pulling her dress of rubbing the fabric on her hard nipples before she reveals her big natural breasts

    She runs her fingers through her hairy armpits and pulls her panties to the side gently parting her labia.

  • Sat 01st Feb 2014 Lesbian sex: Tallulah & Uma J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    'It really really turns me on when people spit on me and i feel a jolt' Tallulah says to Uma J. Rubbing her hairy vulva on Tallulah's warm thigh Uma J pinches and pulls her partner's nipples, and hair pulling becomes a turn-on for the two girls. 

    ' Put your fingers in me' says Uma just before her body shakes from an intense orgasm and pushes Tallulah against the glass door sliding her fingers inside her until her orgasm makes her collapse from joy.

  • Fri 31st Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Alex K | Intimate Moments

    Alex breaths in the smell of the candle before spilling hot droplets over her arched body. She shudders in pleasure as the wax hits and drys on her skin, her free hand stimulating her vagina as she pours. 

    Illuminated by a beam of light from the window, Alex lights her plate of candles. Her long hair is held from her face by a beaded Alice band, as she settles back on to a large pillow. As the wax melts she warms up her body, reaching into her top to massage her small breasts. Her hand starts to rub her underwear into the warmth of her vagina and her fingers can be seen working up the leg of her shorts. Ready, she strips and pleasures herself further, the soles of her bare feet sliding on the floor, scrabbling, as her orgasm starts to build.

  • Fri 31st Jan 2014 Nude girl: Zarina (Video) | Solo

    Sexy brunette Zarina touches her inverted nipples softly and talks about her naughty sex adventure in the cinema.Running her fingers on her body she slowly takes off her panties revealing her sexy bum.

    Getting on fours on her bed she slides her red toy inside herself and then lays back parting her knees to play with her clitoris. "I always get hot after.." Zarina says breathing heavily after her pleasurable orgasm.

  • Thu 30th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Tallulah & Uma J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Uma j licks Tallulah passionately and her spit drips on her hairy pussy

    Watching a movie gets these two girls so hot they cant wait to explore each others body with their tongue. Tallulla licks Uma j's pink pussy giving her an orgasm. Uma passionately pushes Tallulah against the glass window while she slides her fingers inside her, but their pleasure picks with a sexy surprise through the window. 

  • Wed 29th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Zarina (Stills) | Solo

    Pushing her breasts together Zarina leans over, her eyes effortlessly seductive as her hands wander over her body. 

    Playing with her inverted nipples she explores her body in the mirror. Grabbing her pink dildo she pushes it inside herself, her body tensing as it gets deeper!

  • Tue 28th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Latisha & Rose D | Intimate Moments

    'We have the same nipples!' Latisha rubs her small breasts against Rosa's fuller boob, their similar nipples stimulating each other as they touch. 

    The game, to 'try to come at the same time!' With the sun in the sky Rose and Latisha try on summer dresses. Rose bends down to assess Latisha's perfect ass in a new dress, her feminine curves shown off by the tight fabric. 'I think I like it better without the dress!'. Pulling the dress down Rose discovers two hard nipples. As Rose strips down, her pubic hair is visible through her cotton knickers, dark against the crotch of her white pants. 

  • Mon 27th Jan 2014 Backstage 407 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    'Flec has just a stunning presence that's makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. I love her energy on and off the camera. She is a pure young woman with the most sensual movements. Blues are definitely the color that suits her in my opinion especially with her striking red hair.' That's what Suri said after Felicity C First solo shoot. 

    In this image set we get a peek behind the scenes the first solo shoots for 8 models including Everette, Milena, Davana and Manuela 

  • Mon 27th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Amaya M (Video) | Solo

    Resting her perfect ass on the table, Amaya peeps through the window to the busy street bellow. Her hand unzips her home made dress, revealing her feminine hour glass figure. 

    Amaya flashes us with a prefect upskirt while looking through the balcony door. Her fingers softly stroke her warm thighs, slowly moving down to her worn underwear. She pulls her knickers to the side, exposing her hairy crotch. 

    "This was my first bra!" Playing with the straps of her worn brassiere, she reveals her small breasts. Her hands wander across her pale skin before she gently slides her fingers deep inside herself, intensively stimulating her body to orgasm.

  • Sun 26th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Amaya M (Stills) | Solo

    Sexy pale skin Amaya M peeks through the window as pull her panties to the side running her fingers through her pubic hair.

    Crawling under the table she sticks her beautifully shaped bum out and pushes her bra strap against her aroused nipples. She plays innocent with her big eyes as she inserts two fingers inside herself, pulling her labia apart and massaging her clitoris.

  • Sat 25th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Alyssa R & Bisera (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Alyssa's perfect ass catches Bisera's attention while they are showing each other yoga exercises.

    Bisera massages her partner's breasts and in return Alyssa slides her wet tongue softly between Bissera's immaculate shaved labia. The intense orgasms that come after that could not be described but Bisera's shiver says o lot.

  • Fri 24th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Pippa | Intimate Moments

    Pippa slides her hands into her shorts, stimulating her perineum. Reaching for her perky nipples she grasps them with her fingers, shaking her small breasts to increase her pleasure. 

    Pippa sits on a chair gently brushing her fingers over her pale thighs, slowly reaching into her crotch, touching it over her shorts. Moving her hands higher Pippa plays with her nipples, stimulating them over her thin t-shirt. Slowly, she gets naked. Pushing her fingers deep inside herself she arouses her intimate parts, bringing herself to a very intense orgasm.

  • Fri 24th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Zoey (Video) | Solo

    Zoey's hand slips inside her panties, pressing her naked labia lips to the gusset of her tights. Her fingers tease over her open vagina through the fabric, her dark pubic hair, followed by the exposed flesh within. 

    "I'm always wiggling my toes", Zoey's naked feet rub together on the table top, her blue knickers visible upskirt as she squirms. Slipping her feet into bright panty hose, Zoey's fingers pull the fabric along her warm thighs and down towards her peachy bottom. Bending forwards she stretches, her dress lifting up to reveal her cotton panties, molded tightly around the form of her perfect ass.

  • Thu 23rd Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Alyssa R & Bisera (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Alyssa seems to love Bisera's thigh gap as she massages her labia with her warm tongue.

    Bisera presses on her pert breasts as the move into a sexy sixty nine position the tow models begin to get really wet. Pushing Alyssa's perfect ass down in the couch with her feet up end Bisera parts her legs gets the chance to tickle her clitoris with her soft lips inserting her fingers inside herself

  • Thu 23rd Jan 2014 Real life couple: Ask & Caisa (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Blonde Caisa slides her hand into her boyfriend's jeans grabbing his penis after she gets caught playing with his flute. 

    Her pale bum gets red as he spanks Caisa, while she enjoys him thrusting from behind. "My favorite position... doggy she says looking into his eyes. Passionate and hard sex between this couple seems to be their thing.

  • Wed 22nd Jan 2014 Nude girl: Zoey (Stills) | Solo

    Pale, Zoey runs her hands on her legs looking in the mirror as she touches her hairy vulva pulling her meaty lips apart. She shows off her sexy toes as she puts one knee on the desk taking of her wet panties sticking her perfect bum and gives cheeky looks over her shoulder.

  • Tue 21st Jan 2014 Real life couple: Ask & Caisa (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Sexy blonde Caisa finds her boyfriend flute and gently places it on her lips . She explores and blows through the holes but Ask her boyfriend is there to show her.

    She quickly climbs on top of him and ends up exploring his body rather than his flute sliding his penis into her mouth warm mouth. This couple enjoys some passionate sex in many positions. Caisa's perfects bum is sticking as she is bent over with her boyfriend throbbing from behind her.

  • Tue 21st Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Lotte & Lucie L (Video) | Intimate Moments

    "What do you feel when you are coming?' Lucie's fingers squeeze into Lotte's young breasts, helping her to build to a natural orgasm. 

    'Do you want to touch it?' Sat outdoors by a log, Lotte and Lucie compare everything. Their fingers tentatively reach out as they look at each others bra's, Lucie's large breasts barley contained by the fabric. Lucie's breasts are almost as pale as Lotte's skin and Lotte is amazed by the contrast of Lucie's tan lines as they slowly get naked. 

    'You don't mind if I start to touch myself?'

  • Mon 20th Jan 2014 Backstage 406 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Jacki says 'Naked bodies twisting around and around and around...well you get the picture. So many candid moments of laughter and fumbles.' referring to the shoot included in this backstage called Hula Hooping Girls in which we see Giselle, Caitlin, Roxy, Tamara, Aisling and Charlotte E.  In this set we also get a peek at some other young ladies shoots and what happens when the production camera is not rolling.

  • Mon 20th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Justyna (Video) | Solo

    Justyna knows how sexy her small and perky breasts look under her thin white top although she says she is shy

    "My first experience with a girl..." she says as she gently touches her nipples. Her smile is even bigger as she slides her fingers into herself covered under the bed sheets.

  • Sun 19th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Justyna (Stills) | Solo

    Laying down and reading a book brunette Justina gets distracted by her body reflection.

    Looking in the mirror she feels her small breast and cowls on the floor and her chair parting her knees and posing for herself feeling her warm thighs and bum cheeks. Looking at her puffy labia showing on the side of her stained panties get Justina even more turned on. 

  • Sat 18th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Juliette M & Tahlia J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Juliette giggles as Tahlia nibbles into her neck. Her nipples are hard as bullets, her eyes flashing intense desire behind her glasses as she is gently pushed back onto the sofa. 

    Tahlia's breasts bounce free as she slips from her dress, Juliette eagerly kissing into the exposed flesh as they are uncovered. Standing bare, Juliette's perfect ass wiggles as Tahlia's hands squeeze into the flesh, Tahlia's young lips covering the sides in kisses. Settling down between Tahlia's legs, Juliette presses her face to her hairy vagina, slurping up her juices in dripping oral sex.

  • Fri 17th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Sasha R | Intimate Moments

    It's hard to find a quiet moment in the city but Sasha finds time to create her own tranquil haven, while the rest of the world crashes on around her. Laying on her back she slowly devotes time to herself, beginning by brushing her long hair before slowly pealing off her clothing, to reveal her petite frame. 

    She teases her large nipples with her hair before rubbing oil into her olive skin. As her body comes alive her hands stroke the skin before finally finding her pleasure spot ready for a climax. 

    In her own words this is simply, 'awesome'.

  • Fri 17th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Marleen S (Video) | Solo

    Marleen wiggles free of her knickers, sliding them down her long legs, which continue for seven rungs of the ladder she stands on. Tensing her upper body, she grasps the top of the stairs, extending her legs into a flexible v shape. 

    Marleen's shapely legs fold in front of her in the tight corridor, her knickers peeping out between her thighs as she removed her roller blades. Her nipples are hard from the outdoor chill, their shape visible through her t shirt. Upstairs, her fingers tease at a hole in her top, navigating her nipple so it pops through the fabric.

  • Thu 16th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Juliette M & Tahlia J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Juliette M takes her glasses off and passionately pushes the Australian Brunette Tahlia J against the glass door inserting her fingers inside her hairy vulva. Both pale skin girls lick each others juices from their fingers and enjoy lesbian sex on the couch wall and floor..

  • Wed 15th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Marleen S (Stills) | Solo

    Tall Marleen stretches out her long flexible legs as she gives suggestive glimpses up her little skirt

    Looking through her blonde hair she undresses her athletic figure, playing and teasing with her tights as she starts to get herself more turned on. Moving her hands around her smooth shaved vulva Marleen stretches out her legs and pushes her fingers deeper inside herself.

  • Tue 14th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Bisera & Daisy B | Intimate Moments

    'You taste so good!' Daisy stretches up towards Bisera, kissing into her young lips. Her womanly shapes are visible as she wiggles in her underwear, her hand stroking into the warmth of Bisera's thigh. 

    'I'm nearly see through I am so pale!' Daisy compares her pale skin to Bisera's darker skin tones. Her hand rests on Bisera's leg while her nails are painted, 'your legs are all soft and smooth!' Flirting with one another, the ladies eyes sparkle! Bisera's hand starts to rub at her knickers, her small breasts eager to be freed.

  • Mon 13th Jan 2014 Backstage 405 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Giggling and being cheeky with each other behind the the scenes, in this set we see the models Caitlin T and Joannie enjoy the sunny day jumping on a trampoline nude as well as Annabelle Lee and Michaela's having fun backstage at their solo shoots. 


  • Mon 13th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Sileny (Video) | Solo

    Sileny's body rocks up and down on the sofa, her hands stimulating her nipples, her meaty lips curling together. Her fingers gently tease apart her long labia, revealing the intimate pink inside. 

    Sileny's round bottom wiggles as she looks out of the window, her fingers teasing at the fabric of her skin tight trousers. Pulling on the fabric of her trousers, the cloth grinds deeper into her crotch, the outline of her labia visible in a defined camel toe. Taking off her glasses Sileny confesses her masturbation record before showing us how she touches herself.

  • Sun 12th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Sileny (Stills) | Solo

    Short hair blond Sileny Looking serious with her glasses but then she takes them of and start to crawl from the floor to the couch. Pulling her tights off she stretches and twists her meaty labia and squeezes her small breasts. It looks like she is enjoying inserting her finger inside her clean shaved pussy while looking at herself in the mirror.

  • Sat 11th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Lulu & Poppy C (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Lulu's perfect ass is bent over the log and her knickers are pulled down. Her dark pubic hair is visible even from the back, as Poppy's hands start to touch her! 

    Outdoors by a fallen log, two new friends kiss for the first time. Lulu licks Poppy's open mouth, holding her head still with her hand. As Lulu starts to explore Poppy's pale breasts, her natural armpit hair is visible peeping out the side. Poppy's face glows red as she tries to muffle her orgasmic cries and they haven't even gotten to their organic dildos yet!

  • Fri 10th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Candice | Intimate Moments

    Stunning redhead Candice really lets lose in this very sexy and revealing Intimate Moment. Caressing her smooth, milky white skin, she removes her bra and fondles her large perky breasts. As she plays with and watches her self in the mirror, she reaches over for her favorite vibrator and that's when things really start to heat up. Keep an eye out for the moment her strong orgasmic contractions cause her smooth, shaved pussy to almost push her vibrator out!

  • Fri 10th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Irmina (Video) | Solo

    Irmina's perfect ass wiggles into tight jean shorts. Her round bottom cheeks flatten as they squeeze into the tight fabric, before slipping inside and pushing back into two perfect curves. 

    Irmina's undies cling to her crotch as she crawls in doggy position across the table and onto the window ledge. With her bright eyes shining, the light from the window illuminates her skin, highlighting her tummy muscles as she sits fixing her bra. Her fingers tease at the lace on her knickers, her finger tips tracing over the crotch, wisps of her full bush just visible from the sides.

  • Thu 09th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Lulu & Poppy C (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Lulu's panties are pulled down to her ankles by Poppy C, who slides her fingers in lulu's hairy pussy after giving her a light spanking. The girls look intensely into each others eyes while they passionately kiss and have sex in nature

    Poppy leans on the tree and opens her legs for lulu who uses her long tongue to go deep into her partner after teasing her clitoris, the connection between these two is obvious! 

  • Thu 09th Jan 2014 Classy, elegant: Anabela (Video) | After Dark

    Anabela's hands stroke over the pale skin of her neck and breasts, tracing the lines where her friend's soft female lips had been kissing her. 

    Stocking topped legs draw the eyes upwards towards Anabela's warm thighs. Slipping from the armchair onto the floor, she peals off her knickers, her naked round buttocks touching gently back to the floor. Her fingers reach between her legs teasing at her red pubic hair as breathlessly, she tells us more of her naughty encounter.

  • Wed 08th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Irmina (Stills) | Solo

    Irmina pulls her jeans down showing her perfect ass and slides her knickers to the side while she is sitting next to the window. She pinches her hard nipples and crawls around the room and on the table sticking up her bum cheeks before she uses her top to pull her panties of completely.

  • Tue 07th Jan 2014 Classy, elegant: Anabela (Stills) | After Dark

    Slowly and seductively lifting up her dress Anabela reveals the lace trim of her stockings and suspenders.

    Falling back onto the sofa she leans forward, her full breasts nearly spilling out she starts to slip the dress off from her shoulders. Leaving on only her stockings and high heels her hands wander over pale skin, feeling the contours of her body she stares straight at you with her smoldering eyes!

  • Tue 07th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Elva & Tahlia J (Video) | Intimate Moments

    'Maybe we should just kiss!' In just their knickers the ladies touch, their shapely thighs leading up to the firm buttocks of their perfect asses

    'I have never actually watched a girl masturbate before!' Tahlia and Elva are keen to get naked, wiggling free from their clothing. Elva's hand rubs against her underwear as she reaches forwards kissing Tahlia. Laid at either end of the sofa their fingers dip between their legs, Tahlia rubbing into her dark full bush, her breasts jiggling slightly with the movement of her arm.

  • Mon 06th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Alyd (Video) | Solo

    Two peachy buttocks are visible upskirt as Alyd lays on the bed. Her eyes follow her pen as she updates her diary, her pert breasts visible down blouse as she writes. 

    Alyd's finger delicately dabs perfume onto the tops of her soft breasts. Her finger dips bellow her top, the whitest flesh of her chest momentarily exposed. Her chest is topped with a blanket of neat freckles, slightly red from the summer sun. Smiling up from behind her glasses she slowly starts to tease off her clothing.

  • Mon 06th Jan 2014 Backstage 404 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    This image set gives a joyful inside to 4 model's first shoot. Max says "Darina looked super cute in her glasses... The light was rad while she rolled around on a fit ball... Yummy times for everyone involved" referring to Darina's first solo. 

    What do the models get up to while the set and lights are being prepared? Piano playing, giggling, teasing and a room with colorful underwear and leggings around.

  • Sun 05th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Alyd (Stills) | Solo

    Sexy Alyd gets undressed as she is reading a book on her bed really turned on applies essential oils on her pale skin

    As she crawls around the room with a scarf between her legs rubbing her vulva she pinches her hard nipples and squeezes her perfect breasts

  • Sat 04th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Immie & Ren (Video) | Girl-Girl

    The soles of Immie's bare feet rub against Ren's reddening face in the 69 position. Ren's orgasm is soft and breathless in comparison to Immie's, which shakes her body and explodes from within. 

    As the waves crash on the beach, Ren and Immie are lost in each others eyes. Sitting close together their finger tips gently reach out and trace the bare skin of their partners, legs or hands. Immie kisses along Ren's neck as she wriggles like a cat being petted. Keep an eye out for Immie's glasses the second time you watch this video, they end up everywhere!

  • Fri 03rd Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Amber L | Intimate Moments

    Amber's face is so close to her hairy vagina that she can almost peep inside. Her flexible body bends in half, her pale legs stretched behind her, hands stroking her round buttocks. 

    Amber raises her feet up to her face for inspection, her fingers pushing between each of her wiggling toes. Pressing the soles together she stretches, her pink bra visible through her white t shirt as her body pulls taller. Slipping from her clothing, she continues to stretch out her toned body. Warmed up, her fingers pull at her nipples till they stand like bullets and she intimately touches.

  • Fri 03rd Jan 2014 Nude girl: Grisel (Video) | Solo

    Grisel's raging full bush protrudes out the sides of her firmly fitted undies that hug her fit round bum

    This Argentinian babe plays outside on her trampoline before retiring inside for some more fun play. Her hands run lightly across the bulge of her panties and then inside her thick bush and down to her wet lips. 

    Grisel brings her wet fingers to her mouth, tasting herself and explaining "its delicious".

  • Thu 02nd Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Immie & Ren (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Ren licks Immie's vulva through the hole she made on her leggings when their picnic turns into a joyful sex adventure. What better way is there to enjoy the sunny day. Ren dips her tongue in Immie's dripping wet pussy who has a very strong and unique expressions when is orgasms

    Rens perfect round breasts are constantly a turn on for Immie who cannot resist groping them and sucking on her nipples with every chance.

  • Wed 01st Jan 2014 Nude girl: Grisel (Stills) | Solo

    Grisel's long legs and fit body are put to great use as she jumps around on her trampoline out in an picturesque field. Her supple breasts and fit body are slowly exposed as she writhes around on the trampoline before retiring inside for some more intimate touching. 

    Her full bush, so thick it explodes out the sides of her panties and she runs her fingers through it until she makes her way down to her wet pussy.

  • Tue 31st Dec 2013 Video masturbation: Claudia S & Noa | Intimate Moments

    Noa's dress rides up as she squirms on the bed talking with Claudia. Her round bottom starts to appear bellow the hem of her dress, a hint of her knickers visible upskirt

    'BOOBS - I love big boobs!' Claudia and Noa stretch out on the bed sharing intimate thoughts and experiences. As they talk they drawer closer, the pale skin of their legs rubbing against one another as their conversation becomes more animated. Hesitantly, Noa climbs on top of Claudia, to demonstrate her new favorite sex position and soon they are kissing and rubbing their bodies together.

  • Mon 30th Dec 2013 Backstage 403 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Here we get another peek behind the scenes of abbywinters.com shoots. In this backstage set we see lots of sexy models and shooters interacting and setting up while nude they have fun and we get to see what they get up to before and after the shoot. 

    Chloe B & Susie evidently enjoy their shooting day and show the camera as well but also in this set we have Mia H,Rachel Sand the couple Anneke & Larissa M.

  • Mon 30th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Tallulah (Video) | Solo

    Tallulah's fingers tease over her curling labia, rubbing into her meaty lips. On her belly with her perfect ass  wiggling onto her hand, she pushes down onto her clit. 'This is how I normally masturbate, it's my favorite position!' 

    Round firm buttocks squeeze into tight shorts. Crawling across the floor Tallulah's knickers are visible upskirt, as she teases across the floor. With her long socks pulled to her knees and her cute glasses, she is the picture of innocents, blushing as she reveals intimate details about her sexual kinks! 

  • Sun 29th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Tallulah (Stills) | Solo

    Tallulah teases with her perfect ass before she takes her tight jeans shorts off.

    Laying down she takes off her glasses and pulls her bra off to show her pert breasts and hard nipples. she is looking so innocent but when she pulls a condom out of her purse we know she is hiding a sexy trick up her sleeve. She plays with her meaty lips and slides her fingers inside herself opening up her gaping pussy. 

  • Sat 28th Dec 2013 Lesbian sex: Noa & Rosa M (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Noa writhes on the floor, her once pale skin flushed red, as she convulses in orgasmic heaven under Rosa's touch. 

    Rosa pushes her body up against Noa's while helping to fix her hair. Hands start to paw at clothing and soon the ladies are pushing their breasts together. Deep kissing and breathy moans echo outdoors around the woods. Cold water pours down Rosa's full breasts and onto her toned tummy making her gasp, as the ladies cool off after a steamy sexual encounter!

  • Fri 27th Dec 2013 Video masturbation: Zoey (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Her finger slips into the well of moist labia, rubbing into her meaty lips. Settling back into her chair she pleasures herself. 

    A girl sits at the desk in her bedroom, her slender frame held upright as she studies. The mirror on her desk offers the observer flashes of her glasses and concentrating face. Boarded from her studies, Zoey turns away in search of a break. 

    Slowly she opens the first few buttons of her shirt, granting down blouse views as the shape and form of her breasts become visible, nestled in her bra.

  • Fri 27th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Lewa (Video) | Solo

    Squirting, orgasmic, pussy juices, rain down onto the camera from Lewa's bright pink vagina, as she pleasures herself outdoors in the woods. 

    Lewa's fingers work suntan lotion into her dark skin. Her full breasts pop out of the cups of her bras, as her fingers massage in the protective cream. After running her moist hands along her smooth legs, she searches for somewhere to sit down. Finding a mysterious box Lewa tells us all about herself and soon her fingers are brushing her curly pubic hair

  • Thu 26th Dec 2013 Lesbian sex: Noa & Rosa M (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pale skin Noa's pushes her fingers against Rosa Ms stained panties. Getting nude in nature the girls get very aroused groping each other and squeezing each others breasts. Noa's fingers get so wet when she slides them into Rosa Ms vulva from behind as she sticks her bum cheeks up. 

    Surely she can get an orgasmic reward for all her hard work.

  • Thu 26th Dec 2013 Real life couple: Ryan & Tahlia J (Video) | Girl-Boy

    'I'll come if you keep doing that', clear liquid gushes, squirting from Tahlia's hairy vagina. Her young body contorts under her boyfriends fingers, twisting and writhing on the ground, long after her orgasm has stopped. 

    Snuggling on the sofa, Tahlia slips from her scarf and presses into her boyfriend Ryan. Kissing deeply she looks into his eyes, gently working her way down his chest to his underwear. With a smile she extracts a stray hair from between her lips before eyes sparking, she once more sucks on her partners balls. 'Old Vanillary' works a treat and her pelvic muscles soon locks around Ryan's shaft, as her body shudders for the second time.

  • Wed 25th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Lewa (Stills) | Solo

    Pushing her fingers deep inside herself Lewa can feel herself beginning to orgasm! 

    Slipping her clothes off from over her dark skin Lewa exposes her large erect nipples, her pert round bum and trimmed curly back pubic hair. Stimulating herself inside and out she orgasms, squirting all over the camera lens! 


  • Tue 24th Dec 2013 Real life couple: Ryan & Tahlia J (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Pale skinbrunette Tahlia J runs her fingers Ryan's chest moving down she pulls his jeans off and grabs his penis looking into his eyes as her tongue touches it. He slowly pulls down her almost see through panties and touches her hairy labia inserting inserting his fingers and sucking on her clitoris. Intense sex between this real life couple leaves Tahlia laying on Ryan chest with a smile of joy.

  • Tue 24th Dec 2013 Video masturbation: Daisey & Lulu | Intimate Moments

    'So how often do you masturbate?' Daisey's hand tightly grasps Lulu's breasts while her body twitches in full orgasm, her dark full bush radiating pleasure. 

    Daisey's large breasts are visible down blouse as she lies on the bed, so large they touch her chin as she talks. Laying next to her is Lulu and today she is going to help Daisey do something for the very first time! Lulu links the toes of her bare feet together as she talks, smiling as she pulls out two matching colorful toys and shows them to Daisey!

  • Mon 23rd Dec 2013 Backstage 402 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    'Raunchy, uninhibited, animalistic! All the things you want to see in a hard and fast girl-girl shoot' thats what Jacki says after the shoot with Anabela & Maria S. Here we have some imagery showing all the quirkiness, the sexy vibes and laughter the models go through with the shooters before and after a shoot. We see the girls changing into different underwear and outfits while teasing each other.

  • Mon 23rd Dec 2013 Nude girl: Denna (Video) | Solo

    "You get this urge to get naked!" Light from the window illuminate the lines of Denna's toned tummy as slips from her dress. Her slender body wiggles as she dances, her hands teasing at her perfect ass

    Denna smiles into camera and tells us why she wanted to try nude modeling. Her hands rest in her lap, her fingers animated as she speaks. Her blue cotton panties flash upskirt as she sits on her sofa, her long hair framing her bright face. Lifting her cotton bra she flashes a nipple, the hard outline still visible through her cotton bra. 

    Naked, a pert breast rubs into the pillow bellow her, the nipple pushing into the soft flesh of her breast. Still laid in doggy position, her hand reaches behind her and opens up her most intimate areas.

  • Sun 22nd Dec 2013 Nude girl: Denna (Stills) | Solo

    Her short dress gets lifted up as Denna stretches her arms. Beautiful natural light bounces her soft lick-able skin while she teases with her sexy body and smile. She slowly rolls her panties down her long legs letting them rest on her ankles as she touches her wet pussy. Denna pushes her perfect bum cheeks up giving wild inviting looks as she squats on her toes and parts her knees.

  • Sat 21st Dec 2013 Lesbian sex: Kylie H & Ren (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Pussy juice's have leaked into Kylie's knickers and the soaked crotch is clearly visible as she peels them off. 

    'I Fogged up your glasses!' Sat behind their gaming boards Kylie watches Ren role the dice! Ren's large breasts jiggle as she laughs, drawing Kylie's eyes. Stood behind her she massages into the squish flesh before indulging in her personal desires and putting her face between both breasts. Kylie's hand snakes into Ren's knickers, parts her full bush and pleasuring begins.

  • Fri 20th Dec 2013 Video masturbation: Emily B | Intimate Moments

    Looking up at the camera Emily runs her hands over the thin material of her summer dress. Feeling her breasts she starts to undress herself.

    Her fingers slipping up the exposed thighs and towards her panties she takes all her clothes off! Touching her pubic hair she stimulates herself, her spare hand gripping her breasts as she brings herself to orgasm

  • Fri 20th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Lulu (Video) | Solo

    With the cold air stimulating her hard nipples Lulu crushes her fingers into her hairy crotch, reaching climax outdoors on the balcony!

    Lulu's hands rub her warm thighs, her fingers catching the hem of her dress until she is flashing her underwear. Lulu enjoys showing her young body to the camera, twisting so the light from the window falls over her skin. Looking into the lens she instructs the camera to come in for a close up of her breasts, lifting up her bra to show the underside, before letting them slip free to hang lose. Naked, she takes control of her shoot, inserting her fingers into her natural wetness as she sits on top of the table.

  • Thu 19th Dec 2013 Lesbian sex: Kylie H & Ren (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Boardgames and natural naked girls, whats not to enjoy! In this beautiful outdoor setting Australian Kylie and Ren flirt and tease each other.
    Peeking through her thick rimmed glasses Kylie slips down Ren's body, pulling off her underwear she exposes her full bush and pink labia. Grabbing a hand full of her large breasts she pushes her whole mouth around Ren's vulva, flicking her tongue, and filling her with pleasure!

  • Wed 18th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Lulu (Stills) | Solo

    Lulu sits on a park's bench spreading her thighs wide apart, slowly reaching into her intimate bits. Her fingers touch her hairy vagina, opening up her lips before gently pushing inside. 

    Lulu walks outside, the glow from the sun highlighting her olive skin as it bounces off the snow. Surrounded by green ivy she slides her hands under her dress, taking of her knickers. Checking that no one is observing her she flashes her hairy pussy into the breeze! Feeling more comfortable, she lifts her dress even higher! Ever more daring she exposes her small breasts, brushes her nipples softly with a leaf. Running her hands over her body she moves toward her intimate parts, one more time inserts her fingers, to pleasure herself in the nature

  • Tue 17th Dec 2013 Video masturbation: Sabina M & Sicilia | Intimate Moments

    'Do you mind if I come closer?' Sabina draws nearer to Sicilia, her toned naked tummy, her soft puffy nipple. Gently she reaches out and starts to caress Sabina's arm, smiling as her own thigh is stroked by way of an answer. 

    Sabina carefully drinks her tea so her glasses don't steam up, smiling across at Sacilia, her panties visible upskirt. Warmed by the drink, the ladies slip from their clothing revealing two sets of hard nipples. Sabina slips a strawberry from the tray and rubs it over Sicicia's breasts. 'It's like they are coming', Sabina laps up the strawberry juice's from Sicilia's breast before slipping a hand between her own legs and into her full bush


  • Mon 16th Dec 2013 Backstage 401 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Behind the cameras with some very popular abbywinters models on some excellent shoots! In this backstage set we're visiting, Julia M, Erna, Katherine F, Mei, Danielle N, Caitlyn J, Susie, Alma, Hannah C, Elfrida, Mia H, Petria and Joannie

    Don't forget to check out their model pages, the shoots that these backstage images belong too and take a roam around the vast back catalog of shoots on the website! Keep a keen eye out for Julia M's ballet inspired after dark shoot for some extra models popping in there!

  • Mon 16th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Louise B (Video) | Solo

    With her knees on the couch sticking her bum out Louise B writes something on her bedroom wall as her shorts allow her bum cheeks to be visible. Using her panties she holds her curly hair up and leans back comfortably, slowly rubbing her fingers on her clitoris through her natural bush. Louise B describes in her french accent how sensitive her body is to touch and on fours she slides her purple vibrator inside herself holding it in and moving it without hands by the contractions of her vulva.

  • Sun 15th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Louise B (Stills) | Solo

    Her worn out lacy panties and bra become a pleasure toy when Brunette Louise B presses it against her hard nipples

    She occasionally throws some killer looks to the lens with her large almond shaped eyes undressing and sliding her purple toy deep inside her hairy vulva.

  • Sat 14th Dec 2013 Lesbian sex: Gia & Tahlia J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Tahlia rubs into Gia's dampening knickers, the fabric slipping with her fingers to reveal a hairy, crotch. Her face is clamped between Gia's warm thighs as they lock with her orgasm, Gia's hands holding her head in the right place. 

    'I can probably take more than it looks like I can take' a smiling Tahlia reveals! Shyly Gia looks across the piano into innocent eyes, 'I was thinking about kissing you' Standing by the window Tahlia buries her head between Gia's breasts, kissing into them. Her feet stand on tip toes so she can her taller friend. 'You smell good' Gia presses her face to Tahlia's slender belly, her nose resting on her thin bra as she reaches up to kiss into it.

  • Fri 13th Dec 2013 Video masturbation: Alyssa R | Intimate Moments

    ...'that turns me on the most'. Alyssa shares her masturbation secrets, her fingers rubbing over her small breasts before she shows us exactly where her vagina needs to be stimulated! 

    Alyssa puts lotion onto her tanned body, rubbing the cream between her toes as she smiles into the camera. She tells us about the difference between masturbating for someone else and on her own and how this affects her technique. She turns to remove her shorts, her perfect ass barely contained by the denim. Alyssa gets fully nude so we can observe her movements, revealing a toned body and neat tan lines

    'This is the part I like to be touched' 

  • Fri 13th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Noor (Video) | Solo

    'I walk naked in my house all the time!' Noor welcomes us into her home, her firm buttocks and kickers, visible upskirt as she shows us around! 

    Noor smiles, white foam dribbling from her lips as she tries to brush her teeth while telling us about her love for nudity. Her hips start to rock from side to side as she explains her passion for dancing, her perfect ass jiggling ever faster as she spins. Laid on the floor, her hands tease at her underwear, slowly lifting it aside to reveal her neat anus.

  • Thu 12th Dec 2013 Classy, elegant: Giselle (Video) | After Dark

    Giselle's little black dress clings to the curves of her slender body. She teases at the fabric, lifting it to reveal the toned lines of her tummy and her small breasts, tucked neatly in her bra. 

    Standing by the mirror Gisella reaches into her pocket, the leather of her tight jacket squeaking as she moves. Opening moist lips she applies fresh lip gloss, puckering the sticky sides together, in a knowing gesture. Pushing her perfect ass backwards, she wiggles from her tight trousers, the thin fabric of her knickers clinging to her buttocks, betraying their shape and form. Naked, she slides her hands from her open mouth, down and across, her excited body.

  • Thu 12th Dec 2013 Lesbian sex: Gia & Tahlia J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gia slides her fingers through Tahlia light loose shorts grabbing her perfect ass

    As the sit together on the piano, their fingers touch softly and soon they are pulling each others clothes off. Gia passionately runs her hands on Tahlia's pale skin and squeeze her breasts after she was bent over and had her leggings pulled off by her partner. Tahlia inserts her fingers deep inside Gia's wet hairy vulva as she lays down and with her other hand she masturbates. 

  • Wed 11th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Noor (Stills) | Solo

    Slowly rolling her pink knickers down Noor shows off her perfect ass just as she returns from a bike ride 

    in her red short skirt. Her knitted bra comes off as she gets wet and playful on her couch, and presses her toothbrush against her nipples making them hard and soapy wet. wearing only a kitchen apron and nothing else she crawls on the floor were her essential oils are waiting to make her hairy vulva slippery. 

  • Tue 10th Dec 2013 Classy, elegant: Giselle (Stills) | After Dark

    Undressing her stunning slender body Giselle dips in and out of the shadows, the light dancing over her small breasts and highlighting her long legs

    Writhing on the floor her hands pass over and hold her body, her heels and necklace the only things remaining! Looking with her big, smokey eyes she effortlessly seduces you!

  • Tue 10th Dec 2013 Video masturbation: Alex K & Merel | Intimate Moments

    Dark skinned Merel is excited and a bit nervous as she talks to her masturbation partner Alex. They discuss techniques, routines and compare their body. They arouse one another as they talk and lightly caress their bodies. 

    Their thorniness growing quickly and powerfully as they embark on a short but powerful and explosive masturbation session. Both intoxicated by the others arousal and desire to reach orgasm, these two passionately come with convulsing full body orgasms.

  • Mon 09th Dec 2013 Backstage 400 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Jacki: Well, well, well! What a lovely surprise today was. Tricia L's first girl-girl and oh my goodness. She was a amazing. And together paired with Maria S, there was just no stopping them. What was meant to be a 5min prelude on the beach turned into a whole stills AND video set right there amongst the elements. That's the stuff we love to shoot! 

    Maria S & Tricia L's shoot is really one to save into the favorites, so natural and passionate, you can get to it here! And whilst your there make sure to go back into the abbywinters.com archives for some more gems that you might not have seen so far! But of course that's not the only shoot that we'll be going behind the scenes on in this backstage set, there's a lot more in here too... 

  • Mon 09th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Daisy B (Video) | Solo

    Bare buttocks peep upskirt from beneath Daisy's dress, her perfect ass pushing back as she crawls across the sofa. Her anus pulses as she bends forwards, pink and puckered. 

    Daisy's legs pull up to her chest as she wriggles on the sofa. Her pink panties are visible between her legs, the small poker dots mirroring the scattering of freckles that lead up her pale legs. Smiling she peeps out of the window before leading the way to the bedroom.

  • Sun 08th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Daisy B (Stills) | Solo

    Daisy B's short dress get lifted up as she looks out the window giving us a peek of her sexy panties, which soon she pulls to the side revealing her immaculate vulva

    She teases with her smile and show off her perfect ass sticking it out as she gets on fours. Daisy twists her nipples and pulls her meaty lips sliding her fingers inside herself.

  • Sat 07th Dec 2013 Lesbian sex: Gisela & Noa (Video) | Girl-Girl

    As Gisela inserts her fingers into Noa's hairy vagina, she causes ripples to dance across her perfect ass cheeks. 

    Noa slips her foot from her shoe and reaches it under the table to stroke Gisela. Holding hands across the table, their finger tips give away their excitement. Walking hand in hand, they head into tall grasses, Gisela carrying Noa, to protect her pale legs from the undergrowth. Settled on their picnic rug, Gisela lets Noa snuggle into her side for warmth, hugging her body to her side.

  • Fri 06th Dec 2013 Video masturbation: Sofia M | Intimate Moments

    Glasses on, fingers running along the keys, English woman Sofia is in full business mode, trying to get some work finished on her computer. The trouble is she is fed up and the words wont come. 

    Knowing herself well there is only one course of action so she sets her work to one side and prepares to re invigorate herself. Her hands are fast workers and soon she is massaging her small breasts inside her top, while her other hand seeks out her clitoris inside her jeans. Pealing off her clothing so she can have full access to the slender body beneath, she reaches behind her pillow and locates her favorite toy.

    Laying on the sofa using her whole body to ride the toy, she meets each buzz as it comes so that she gets full stimulation. Her body starts to twitch as the power rips through her body, from her hairy pussy, through her limbs and out of her mouth where her trembling breaths escape.

  • Fri 06th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Rose D (Video) | Solo

    Rose's perfect ass is visible through the open car door, bent forwards in doggy position. Slowly she raises the hem of her skirt, her labia lips poking out the side of her knickers. 

    Rose opens her legs, her panties visible upskirt. A man walks by with his head down, missing her delicate fingers pulling her knickers aside revealing meaty lips. Removing her bra, her hard nipples poke through her string to,p while she hangs out the car window feeling the breeze on her skin. Her fingers play with her t shirt, slowly raising it to reveal two 'little woman boobs', pale and pert.

  • Thu 05th Dec 2013 Lesbian sex: Gisela & Noa (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Her mouth full over Gisela's wet vagina, Noa pushes her tongue deeper inside, building the pleasure for Gisela and forcing her body to arch and tense! 

    Among the natural outdoor setting and nestled between the lush green long grass they passionately kiss and undress. Noa's pale naked body pressed up hard against Gisela's tanned skin as they bring each other up to orgasm!

  • Wed 04th Dec 2013 Nude girl: Rose D (Stills) | Solo

    Rose's stunning, naked hour-glass figure illuminates a grey and rainy Amsterdam day! 

    Running through the streets, undressing in the car and playing naked on the beach, this shoot is a whirlwind! The cold winds whip her curly black hair over her goose bumped skin and pert breasts. The rain drops snaking their way through her full bush as she ditches her clothes and umbrella in the sand

  • Tue 03rd Dec 2013 Video masturbation: Gloria & Tallulah | Intimate Moments

    Gloria takes her clothes off and begins to masturbate after a card game with Tallulah who pulls her panties off looking at her Spanish friend licking her juices from her fingers. 

    Gloria get really turned on watching Tallulah squinting and breathing heavily while having an orgasm and rubs her labia sliding a finger in herself talking sexy with her Spanish accent and sweet voice.

  • Mon 02nd Dec 2013 Backstage 399 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Jacki: If ever there was an ultimate 'Abby' girl, Alice would be it. Peaches and cream skin, strawberry blonde hair, wrinkled nose smile. What a fun pleasure it was to shoot her. Can't wait for this one! 

    Another fantastic dive back through the archives in this backstage set! Behind the curtains once again with Allison, Alice Y, Joannie, Kellie K, Mei and Kailin as they shoot, undress, have sex, mess around and generally enjoy themselves!

  • Mon 02nd Dec 2013 Nude girl: Uma J (Video) | Solo

    'I have never told anyone this before!' Uma's fingers twist her meaty lips apart to reveal her moist pink opening. Looking down into her mirror she examines her most intimate areas in detail. 

    'Do you want to see my knickers?' Uma's knickers peep from between her legs upskirt as she talks. Her perfect ass cheeks wiggle under her dress as she stands on the table, her round bottom pert and firm. Wrapping her arms around herself in an embrace, Uma describes her perfect kiss, peeling down her dress. Her breasts are barley contained in her bra as she moves about, her nipples slipping from the lace fabric.

  • Sun 01st Dec 2013 Nude girl: Uma J (Stills) | Solo

    Peeling off her white lace bra she exposes her full breasts and pale pink nipples.

    Undressing the rest of her petite body, she shows her pert bum and little trimmed bush of pubes. Pulling her labia apart she shows the soft pink inside.

  • Sat 30th Nov 2013 Lesbian sex: Marietta & Sabina M (Video) | Girl-Girl

    'Baby fuck me!'Marietta's fingers slide into her girlfriends dripping pussy, moving frantically till she is writhing on the bed in pleasure. 

    Marietta and Sabina giggle as they play fight on their bed, Sabina's pink knickers flashing upskirt as she wriggles around. Pinned together their play turns to passionate kissing as they press their bodies closer. Marietta pulls Sabina's kickers down while she humps her leg, her white tan lines framing her round little bottom. With Marietta pinned in front of her, Sabina teases into her full bush, making Marietta's toned tummy vibrate as she continuously orgasms.

  • Fri 29th Nov 2013 Video masturbation: Darcie (Video) | Intimate Moments

    English woman Darcie sits by the window straightening her long hair. With her hair done she finds herself with an afternoon to fill and her hands start to explore her body. 

    She begins by pulling her tights off, then her pants and doesn't stop until she is only wearing her glasses. Naked in the sunlight she takes her makeup brush and slowly tickles it over her naked skin. She brushes from head to toe, feeling every nerve in her body wake up and flash with desire. Only when every sensor in her skin is ready does she let her fingers reach down between her legs to play. 

  • Fri 29th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Adeline (Video) | Solo

    'I do love a good pussy... for me it's the clit!' Adeline's fingers pull at her knickers, wisps of her pubic hair visible at the sides. In doggy position she pushes back her perfect ass before reaching to her 'special draw'! 

    'I have to say I have a favorite nipple!' Adeline walks around her home sharing stories, her knickers visible upskirt, as she bounces between rooms. Illuminated from the window she lays on her bed, her fingers teasing at her top, reaching for her sensitive nipples. Still naked, Adeline boldly walks around the side of her house, a foot dangling in her swimming pool as she touches herself sexually in her garden.

  • Thu 28th Nov 2013 Lesbian sex: Marietta & Sabina M (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Tanned, naked bodies entwine in passionate sex as Marietta and Sabina explore each other! Marietta's natural and hairy body tenses as Sabina pushes her mouth hard against her full bush! This is an intense and urgent shoot, just hear what the photographer from the day had to say about the experience... 

    Masie: "I thought I had seen everything there was to see and then today happened. It wasn't just the positions they did, it was the energy shared between them. When Sabina had Marietta in her gaze it was like watching sexual hypnotism. I love this couple and I loved today."

  • Wed 27th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Adeline (Stills) | Solo

    Pale skin Adeline's panties are stained from natural wetness as she touches her inverted nipples and slips her fingers inside her. 

    She gives a tour of her body with her hands, sticking her perfect ass out and playing with her hairy labia on the couch. 

  • Tue 26th Nov 2013 Video masturbation: Suyai & Zaira IM | Intimate Moments

    Two tanned and natural models on the floor touching each others breasts and getting rubbing their hairy vulvas

    long legged Zaira licks Suyai's nipples hard and they both lay flat tummy down on the floor masturbating as we view them from above. Their bum cheeks contract and their legs shiver as they insert their fingers inside until they both orgasm.

  • Mon 25th Nov 2013 Backstage 398 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Another fun and action packed backstage set across some fantastic shoots and locations! Here's what photographer Jaki had to say about the Blaire & Jette girl-girl shoot... 

    "Throw a pair of girls into a jumble of re-loved clothes, and some silly fun is bound to erupt. And with a little accidental touching and flirting, things turned cheeky soon enough between the mischievous Blaire and Jette. Jette's first girl-girl ever! In real life or on camera. So the excitement and anticipation was delicious to watch between the girls." 

  • Mon 25th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Anja B (Video) | Solo

    Blue spotted knickers peep from between Anja's legs, visible upskirt, as she leans out of the window. Her flexible body stretches as she moves on the floor, her leg remaining straight as she touches it to her ear. 

    Anja's breasts push together as she leans forwards, a bright line of white flashing from inside her bra as her tan lines start to reveal them selves downblouse. Illuminated from the window, she slowly reveals her body. Her knickers hug her round bottom revealing the shape, riding up in her crotch on one side. Sitting on the floor she opens her legs and a damp spot can be seen on the crotch of her knickers! 

  • Sun 24th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Anja B (Stills) | Solo

    Pulling her legs apart slowly, only her toes touching the floor Anja B stretches on her sofa giving us a peekaboo of her underwear that is worn out from years of use. 

    This short haired, flexible lady with a nice bum crawls from the chair to the window and on the floor doing some splits and and dances nude into the worm sunlight.

  • Sat 23rd Nov 2013 Lesbian sex: Juliette M & Twyla (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Knickers flash upskirt as Juliette jumps up onto the bed. Her skirt frames her perfect ass, a small hole in the front showing the white of her tummy. As her legs part, a growing damp spot is clearly visible on the crotch of her panties. 

    'How far is your hand in there?' Labia juices flow, as Juliette guides Twyla's whole hand insider her tight opening. 

    'If you pinch my nipples harder Its goona make me come!' 

    The ladies lock legs in urgent tribbing, Julietta opening up her labia as they push together so she can rub into her partner. Twyla's juices dribble down Julietta's arm as squirting she climaxes. The ladies smearing their juices over one another before re setting for more intense sexual contact! 

  • Fri 22nd Nov 2013 Video masturbation: Arianna | Intimate Moments

    Arianna is back and this time is wanting to share an honest time indulgent exploration with you. The light teases and warms her olive skin as she slowly undresses while touching every inch of her toned body. All her senses are on edge as she finds her dark nipples and wets them with her fingers. 

    The way she speaks of touching soft skin will have your own tingling especially as when you find out what her belly button can do! 


  • Fri 22nd Nov 2013 Nude girl: Adelle (Video) | Solo

    Bent over in doggy position, Adelle inserts her fingers, a gush of air exiting her tight vagina as she does so! 

    Highlighted by the light from the window Adelle's finger traces the outline of her pert breasts. The tops are soft and wobble slightly as she fits them snugly inside her bra. Her long legs stretch out in front of her and she uses a tape measure to check their length, giggling when she reads out '69'! She smiles over her shoulder as she squats up and down, her perfect ass tightly hugged in her shorts. Snaked her fingers drop between her legs, pulling at the new soft pubic hair she has grown just for us!

  • Thu 21st Nov 2013 Classy, elegant: Joannie (Video) | After Dark

    Joannie's pert breasts are barley contained by her black corset. Two soft mounds of flesh rise and fall with her breathing, her finger tips reaching up to trace the curve, slipping inside the fabric. 

    A sexy shadow moves across the room. Joannie's hour glass figure is silhouetted against the wall, her labia a raised curve between her shapely thighs. Her fingers tease at her breasts, slipping over each nipple in turn, till they are hard and swollen. Sliding her hand between her legs she pushes open her damp labia, to reveal her clit.

  • Thu 21st Nov 2013 Lesbian sex: Juliette M & Twyla (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Kinky Asian Twyla grabs Juliette's pigtails pulling her head back kissing her as she parts her knees and rubs her hairy pussy on Twyla's leg between her warm pale thighs. 

    Juliette definitely enjoys having her nipples pinched and being dominated by er partner. Twyla gets her hairy vulva licked and standing with her back on the wall she looks in Juliette's eyes as she massages her labia with her tongue.

  • Wed 20th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Adelle (Stills) | Solo

    Standing naked, Adelle runs her hands over her slender, toned body, slipping through her full bush her fingers slowly start to enter her wet vagina. 

    Undressing and teasing with her amazing shaped body Adelle stares longingly and suggestively as she plays with herself. Exploring her pert breasts, long legs and natural body she lets you watch!

  • Tue 19th Nov 2013 Classy, elegant: Joannie (Stills) | After Dark

    Blonde Aussie girl Joannie shows us her darker side in this seductive shoot! 

    Checking herself out in the mirror she undresses her petite, pale body. Slipping out from underneath her black corset she exposes her pert breasts and erect nipples. Standing fully naked she stares with her smoldering bright eyes.

  • Tue 19th Nov 2013 Video masturbation: Immie & Poppy C | Intimate Moments

    Immie's body convulses in intense orgasmic spasms. As Poppy watches on in amazement, her limbs lock and her face turns red with pleasure! 

    Immie's fingers tease at her tight Jean shorts, while discussing 'spelunking' with Poppy. Smiling through her glasses Immie shares a personal description of herself -'Girlish boobs and womanly quim!' As they start to get undressed their dark pubic hair is visible through lace knickers. Poppy stretches up her arms showing off her armpit hair before their hands settle between their legs and they intimately touch.

  • Mon 18th Nov 2013 Backstage 397 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Jacki says "Stockings, and heels, and orgasms...OH MY! Could my day have gotten any better". She's of course talking about the amazing Anneke & Giselle After Dark girl-girl shoot

    A great variety of models, locations and shoot types in this behind the scenes set! The shoot team whiz from day to day, set to set and of course produce some great shoots of natural and beautiful girls. Make sure you take a look into the abbywinters.com back catalog and see if you can find the shoots that these backstage images belong too! 


  • Mon 18th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Muna (Video) | Solo

    'Teasing other people is more fun!'Muna's long hair wraps around her small tongue as she sucks teasingly on the ends. She snakes her hair past her young breast and through the center of her bra. 

    Muna pulls down her zip till a dark nipple drops out of the hole. Her fingers gently rub the sensitive ends of her breasts. 'I'm a D cup and I'm proud of that!' Her eye sparkle behind her glasses, her innocent face in juxtaposition with her womanly curves. Slowly she reveals her dark skin, her round bottom wiggling in and out of tight jean shorts. 


  • Sun 17th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Muna (Stills) | Solo

    Dark skin Muna pulls her bra off and grope her large breast squeezing them making her nipples hard. listening to her music excited she dances in her panties teasing with her sexy poses. 

    Using her toothpaste she draws on her body and brushes her teeth letting the froth fill her mouth and drip from her juicy lips onto her breasts.

  • Sat 16th Nov 2013 Lesbian sex: Bisera & Candice (Video) | Girl-Girl

    'You came really hard then, I could feel it!' Bisera's nimble feet stimulate Candice while she sucks on her vagina. One foot tugs on an erect nipple, the other rubbing upwards between her open legs. 

    Candice lifts the hair from Bisera's neck, kissing the exposed flesh. Delighted they look down to Bisera's t shirt, her nipples now visibly erect and excited through the fabric. Bisera's toned tummy ripples as she sits up to watch Candice tickling her clit, her breathy cry of 'almost' proceeding her climax. 

  • Fri 15th Nov 2013 Video masturbation: Karolin | Intimate Moments

    "you can watch me, we're having a little fun together i hope!" Karolin talks to you as she reaches for her toy. Her legs wide apart she exposes her full bush.

    Grabbing it with her left hand she pushes it hard against her clitoris, the powerful vibrations making her tense and groan. Using her spare hand she slips a finger inside of herself. Coming closer to orgasm her body shakes as she screams!

  • Fri 15th Nov 2013 Video of myself at home: Laura P | Self-Shot

    Sexy blonde Laura P touches her hairless vulva  while shooting a tour of her Caribbean home talking about her panties and how she likes to masturbate. Talking about a sexual experience with her legs open on her bed, she says "I rubbed my self just like this and had an orgasm watching the workers outside through the window, i love doing that its so hot".

  • Thu 14th Nov 2013 Real life couple: Gloria & Ricardo (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Gloria's perfect ass is bent forwards, clear juices squirting from her vagina in blasts of orgasmic pleasure, as she is fingered and licked by her boyfriend. 

    Gloria's legs kick out playfully in her knee high socks, as her boyfriend Ricardo lightly touches her skin. He lifts up her dress to reveal her toned tummy, blowing into the soft middle making her giggle. Gloria arches her body as Ricardo touches her before standing and bending over so he can lick into her exposed anus.

  • Thu 14th Nov 2013 Lesbian sex: Bisera & Candice (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pale skin redhead Candice's runs her fingers on Bisera's slim body and pulling her top off revealing her small breasts.

    Sitting on the bed together the girls start brushing each others hair and touching each other to eventually end up in a 69 position with Candice on top pulling Bisera's labia with her lips while Bisera slides her fingers inside her partner's wet and smooth shaved vulva. 

  • Wed 13th Nov 2013 Photos of myself at home: Laura P | Self-Shot

    Naked in nature! Follow the beautiful Australian Laura as she takes us on some sexy self-shot mini adventures in and out of her stunning home. 

    Undressing her slim, athletic body she shows off her small, pert breasts and sun kissed blonde hair. Teasing whilst she plays with herself Laura gets a few of her favorite toys out. Laying on the bed she uses a toy on both her clitoris for some anal play!

  • Tue 12th Nov 2013 Real life couple: Gloria & Ricardo (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Ricardo presses his penis against Gloria's outer labia before he slides it inside her shaved pussy

    She pulls his pants off and strokes the head of his penis before she wraps her lips around it while looking into his eyes. She turns against the wall and sticks her perfect ass out as her juices drip on inside of her thighs when he thrusts. A very sexy shoot with a very sexy couple.

  • Tue 12th Nov 2013 Video masturbation: Gisela & Melody S | Intimate Moments

    'I'm wet already!' The sticky sounds of their moist vulva's fill the small bedroom, as the young woman insert their fingers. 

    Melody spoons the back of Gisela, pressing their warm bodies together in an intimate hug. As they stir, their eyes turn to one another and they edge closer once more. 'Shall we take it all off?!' Freeing themselves of their clothing, their neat athletic bodies and small breasts are revealed. As they stimulate their vagina's they kiss, gasps of breath passing from one mouth to the other. 

  • Mon 11th Nov 2013 Backstage 396 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    "I think that Silvie and Zasha are very alike in many ways, both have gorgeous, slim, tanned bodies and long long dark hair, and today both were very smoochy and romantic. Very cute." 

    Another action filled backstage set with 16 fantastic models all making an appearance across almost every shoot imaginable... including Chloe B on the set of her After Dark shoot


  • Mon 11th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Sicilia (Video) | Solo

    'I'm a little but flexible', Sicilia stretches out her shapely legs, her crotch opening up like a flower. Her labia lips are perfectly smooth and her fingers pull them aside to reveal her neat clitoris. 

    Sicilia's perfect ass is barley contained in her tiny jean shorts as she moves about the kitchen. Her round buttocks are tight and firm and she shows them to the camera in many provocative ways. Slipping from her shorts she reveals a neat camel toe which vanishes as she pulls on her panties. The fabric disappears between her labia, stimulating her pussy as she applies pressure. Sicilia stands nude and excited in the middle of the room, her finger nail tracing over her toned stomach and up onto her puffy nipple.

  • Sun 10th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Sicilia (Stills) | Solo

    Sicilia's wet, white t-shirt clings to her pert breasts and soft tanned skin

    Slowly undressing her svelte and sculpted body she reveals her smoothly shaven vulva, her peachy round bum and exposed goose-bumped skin. Running her fingers over and around her vagina, she pulls her labia apart to show the soft pink wetness between. 

  • Sat 09th Nov 2013 Lesbian sex: Sabina M & Tallulah (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "You taste of my pussy!" Tallulah hungrily licks into Sabina's mouth, kissing her deeply after she has licked her wet vagina.

    "I love your boobs!" Sabina's tongue flicks over Tallulah's nipple, rubbing it against her hairy crotch. 'Your so wet!' Sabina's fingers rub into Tallulah's underwear uncovering her full bush with her fingers. Sabina bends Tallulah forwards in doggy position, so she can see people pass the window while she is being pleasure. 'It makes me feel naughty!' Tallulah confesses shyly, gasping as she is stimulated! 

  • Fri 08th Nov 2013 Video masturbation: Jessi | Intimate Moments

    Jessi, opens up her hairy crotch and inserts the blunt end of her lady shaver deep inside. Using her fingers on her clitoris, she stimulates her vagina inside and out! 

     Peeling off her top Jessi reveals a tight toned stomach. As she sits on the window ledge wrapped in a soft blanket, the light from the window highlights her athletic body. She touches her body intimately before her fingers stroke into her pubic hair. To pleasure herself fully, Jessi indulges in some unusual object insertion!

  • Fri 08th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Belen (Video) | Solo

    Belen pushes her chapstick closer to her hairy crotch. Sliding it under her lacy underwear, she rubs around her opening, stimulating her intimate parts. Dragging her now moist chapstick along her tanned skin, she raises it towards her mouth, tasting her own wetness. 

    Belen gets turned on by watching her favorite models from abbywinters.com. With Lace's voice in her ears, Belen's hand slides under her long skirt, gently, touching her intimate parts. Filled with need, Belen takes off her clothes and pushes her fingers deep inside herself. With her bum high in the air, she stimulates herself intensively, until she orgasms.

  • Thu 07th Nov 2013 Lesbian sex: Sabina M & Tallulah (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sucking on a grape Sabina presses it against Tallulah's hairy pussy with her tongue. 

    Groping each others breasts and biting on each others nipples these girls indulge in some passionate sex with a lot of licking! Tallulah rests her tongue on Sabina m's meaty labia tickling her and slips her fingers inside causing Sabina to squint and moan from pleasure, but of course she does not neglect to give Tallulah a powerful orgasm afterwards.

  • Wed 06th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Belen (Stills) | Solo

    Belen's tounge reaches out towards her breast, heading for her nipple. Licking all around, her arousal is evident from the height her nipple grows to! 

    Belen pulls down her dress, exposing her bum. The fabric of her underwear gathers in her bum crack, emphasizing her perfect ass. She exposes her full bush which is barely covered by her lace knickers. Her fingers pull at the sides of her labia, exposing the most intimate parts. With one leg extended, she pushes her fingers deep inside herself, stimulating her vagina.

  • Tue 05th Nov 2013 Video masturbation: Lewa & Renae D | Intimate Moments

    Do you come fast? The clear pussy juices squirting from Lewa's pink vagina, fly down the stairs towards Renae. Lewa's hand grasps Renae's pale breast, as they climax together.

    Lewa sniffs Renae's knickers, which are covered in Lewa's orgasm, holding them to Renae's nose so she can inhale her sent as well. The first glimpse we get of these knickers are upskirt, as Renae sits on the stairs looking up at Lewa. Grinning at Lewa's reaction, Renae pulls her knickers forwards displaying her red pubes. The ladies expose their bodies and intimately touch.

  • Mon 04th Nov 2013 Backstage 395 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Lot's and lots of fantastic abbywinters.com shoots in this whirlwind backstage set! 17 models shooting in all kinds of locations, for all kinds of sexy and interesting shoots! 

    Jacki says, Maria had her girl-girl debut today, and she did not disappoint. Once her initial jitters were subsided, she let loose and showed Kara just what she was made of. It was sweaty, raw and lot's of fun for all involved." 

    See the backstage and find the shoot on the website, its a great insight to some great shoots! 

  • Mon 04th Nov 2013 Nude girl: Lona (Video) | Solo

    Lona's panties flash upskirt as she bends over the sofa looking for her brush. Spying it on the floor she leans forwards, her large breasts nearly toppling out of her t shirt as she moves. 

    Carefully Lona brushes her long hair, her breasts visible down blouse as she works. Twisting her hair between her fingers, she brushes it over her breasts, wrapping it around her nipple. Her hair is wet from where she took it into her mouth, sucking on the ends, her small tongue curling around the tips. She moves her brush lower, gently combing her full bush.

  • Sun 03rd Nov 2013 Nude girl: Lona (Stills) | Solo

    Red head Lona tickles her nipples with her hair and squeezes her big breasts while laying on the couch. She pulls her labia apart as she brushes her pubic hair revealing her clitoris and grabs the camera for self shoot.

  • Sat 02nd Nov 2013 Lesbian sex: Gina J & Kylie H (Video) | Girl-Girl

    I love tribbing!' Kylie's sticky pussy juice's coat Gina's tummy as she leaks excitement in mind blowing scissoring. 

    'I want to see you get yourself off on my leg!' A shy start erupts into hungry kissing, Kylie's hands pawing at Gina's skirt, flashing her panties upskirt. Gina's bra rides up as they kiss, showing bullet hard nipples. Kylie teases her hairbrush across Gina's raised bottom, making her shiver. The light thud of the brush makes a basey sound and Gina wiggles in pleasure as she inserts her finger. 


  • Fri 01st Nov 2013 Video masturbation: Samantha-Jane | Intimate Moments

    Hot pee sprays down open legs, Samantha-Jane's fingers rubbing into her moistening pussy, as her excitement grows. 

    Water slides down pale skin, droplets hanging on large breasts. Delicate nipples harden, as cold air touches where hot water once caressed. Standing fully nude Samantha-Jane touches herself, the sticky sound of natural wetness echoing around the shower cubical, as her fingers plunge into her open pussy. 

  • Fri 01st Nov 2013 Nude girl: Lia (Video) | Solo

    A round bottom wiggles out of the curtain. Lia's white cotton knickers have ridden up on one side into her crotch, revealing her ass cheek. 

     Lia shows us how her young body looks in some of her favorite outfits. Slipping behind a curtain she teases us by revealing individual body parts through the gap in the curtain, a leg sliding out, naked and naughty. Bending forward her perfect ass can be seen up skirt as she has no knickers on. She wraps her young ripe breasts with a scarf, the dark nipples still visible despite the fabric. 

  • Thu 31st Oct 2013 Classy, elegant: Gem (Video) | After Dark

    Armed with shaved pussy, pink hair and pierced nipples vixen Gem dresses in fish net stockings, killer 8 inch platform stilettos and kick ass PVC finger-less gloves. 

     Reclining casually on a boudoir style lounge, it's the perfect setting for her to expose her tattooed and toned sexy body. She pulls her bum cheeks apart for full view, that makes this video the ultimate tease. Gem is the perfect girl for the After Dark style.

  • Thu 31st Oct 2013 Lesbian sex: Gina J & Kylie H (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    kylie h likes to have her body worshiped and that's exactly Gina J does walking into kylie's bedroom and gets on her knees looking her eyes with a submissive look. 

    she squeezes kylie's pert breasts who runs her hand under Gina's short loose skirt to grope her perfect ass. Gina j pins down on her lap kylie h facing down with her bum cheeks up and begins to slide a finger in her vulva.

  • Wed 30th Oct 2013 Nude girl: Lia (Stills) | Solo

    Timidly undressing her petite body, Lia hides herself away, teasing and flirting as she removes more and more clothing.  

    Moving down to the floor she moves and stretches as she touches her warm, tanned skin. Sliding her hands around her body she opens her legs, her smooth shaved vulva open and fully visible!

  • Tue 29th Oct 2013 Classy, elegant: Gem (Stills) | After Dark

    Gem is a really sexy, stunning girl with a kinky alternative twist. Her piercing dark eyes hold with with a seductive gaze as she moves around the red velvet sofa, twisting and playing with her stand out pink and blonde hair. Provocatively dressed in a black lace top, fish net stockings and big platform heels she flirts and hints at the slim, svelte body beneath. 

    As Gem moves to the floor she strips to reveal her two nipple piercings and smooth shaved pussy. Bending and arching her back over the sofa she pushes her head backwards and hips forward showing her erotic slim toned body at its best.

  • Tue 29th Oct 2013 Video masturbation: Gia & Lotte | Intimate Moments

    Do you like to have sex outside?' Under a tree, Gia's mouth kisses into Lotte's large breasts, pressing her face into the soft skin. 

    The ladies glance at one another, Gia's fingers lightly stroking along the pale skin of Lotte's leg. Encouraged by Lotte's cheeky grin, her fingers touch her warm milky thigh, the soft skin delightful to her touch. Intimate conversation leads to intimate touching and soon Gia is helping Lotte to free her breasts from her bra. Finally their hands press between their legs, Gia's fingers becoming lost in her natural full bush.

  • Mon 28th Oct 2013 Backstage 394 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    What a day it was! A hugely messy, wet extravaganza! We shot Larissa and Silvie out in the rain today and it was great, we all got absolutely soaked, I had to walk around in a towel for all of the video shoot while my jeans were in the dryer. The girls were amazing! really keen to be outdoors and quite brave even when the lightning picked up... eeek!" 

    Larissa M & Silvie's  Girl-girl is an absolute must see, passionate sex in the thundering rain! In these Behind the scenes sets we get a unique perspective on the fun, sex and goings on, on a shoot day. Enjoy! Also in this set we catch up with Charlotte E, Estella Z, Mirial, Harper, Shelley, Anabela, Evette, Keilyn, Col and Marianna


  • Mon 28th Oct 2013 Nude girl: Kyna D (Video) | Solo

    I was worried about popping out but at the moment . . . it doesn't really matter!' Kyna's large breasts are barley contained by her bra, her nipples slipping free from the cups, as her hands stroke across the tops. 

    Giggling Kyna bounces on the bed, her knickers flashing upskirt as she reaches for the ceiling. 

    Her cute smile grins into the camera, as she pops the buttons on her dress. Laid on her back her natural armpit hair proudly on show, Kyna lets her hands slip to her underwear. The fabric of her knickers clings to her crotch, the outline of her labia appearing in a gentle camel toe. Curls of her dark full bush show through the sides of her knickers as she lays on the bed.

  • Sun 27th Oct 2013 Nude girl: Kyna D (Stills) | Solo

    Sultry and seductive Kyna undresses her petite body, illuminated by the cold Autumn light she exposes her large breasts, full bush and under-arm hair

    Her big green eyes look up through her curly brunette hair, her eyes locked her hands glides over her large breasts  towards her nipple, grabbing the skin she squeezes tightly. Her other hand grips onto her full bush as her fingers run through her long thick pubic hair hair.

  • Sat 26th Oct 2013 Lesbian sex: Lulu & Rosa M (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Outside and framed by the lush green of the tall grass Lulu grabs Rosa's large breasts! Unleashing Rosa's breasts from her bra she quickly undresses her, passionately kissing her neck and shoulders as she holds her tight. 

    Pushing Rosa over onto all fours Lulu pushes her fingers deeper into her wetness as she races her towards orgasm! Entwined together they move from position to position, and facing each other they tribbing  and grind, their full-bushes rubbing together.

  • Fri 25th Oct 2013 Video masturbation: Sofia M | Intimate Moments

    Sofia's buttocks rise and fall, her fingers extended upwards so that her clitoris crashes up and down off their tips, delivering pleasure with every thrust.

    Mature woman Sofia decides to try something new! She teases her small breasts from her bra, laying on her tummy and extending her hand between her legs. The material of her shorts frame her perfect ass and once she has slipped out of her clothing, small curls of hair can be seen nestled between her legs.

    The soles of her bare feet start to twitch in anticipation of the building orgasmic release. . .

    - 'All in all I had a really good wank!'

  • Fri 25th Oct 2013 Nude girl: Caramel S (Video) | Solo

    Naked on the beach, Caramel grasps her toy in both hands, thrusting her hips on and off, controlling her pleasure. Natural wetness glistens in the sun as it collects beneath her vaginal opening.
    Walking outdoors in the bush Caramel reaches a quite beach. Barely hidden by some rocks she slips from her clothing and dons her bikini. She steps into the waters, waves breaking over her tanned skin, cooling her body. Caramel sits on the beach so the water rushes between her legs at the peak of each wave. After playing in the water, she strips from her swim wear and discovers how breaking waves feel over naked skin.

  • Thu 24th Oct 2013 Lesbian sex: Lulu & Rosa M (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Naked bodies entwine amongst the lush green outdoors, passionate kissing, licking, grabbing and grinding as Lulu and Rosa get fully engrossed in each other. 

    Lulu's tongue makes its way across Rosa's tanned body, her large breasts past her bush of dark black pubic hair and towards the wetness beneath. Fully naked they fight for dominance as they move from one position to the next, 69, to tribbing standing and most things in-between!

  • Wed 23rd Oct 2013 Nude girl: Caramel S (Stills) | Solo

    Running her hands down her sun kissed body, she lets her fingers explore her smooth shaved vagina, delicately playing with her labia she slides a finger inside...
    A day outdoors at the beach with Caramel, we explore the beautiful scenery before we follow her down to relax on the beach. Undressing her slender, tanned body she exposes her pert breasts and round bum to the elements.

  • Tue 22nd Oct 2013 Video masturbation: Rose D & Vanesa IM | Intimate Moments

    Buxom and big breasted  Vanesa joins pale skin and dark haired partner Rose for their masturbation video. Starting out with a fun teasing game, the girls touch and talk, flirting is ever present as they clearly have a strong chemistry. 

    The soon embark on their masturbation session, things getting more serious as they concentrate intensely as they bring themselves closer and closer to thrilling orgasms.

  • Mon 21st Oct 2013 Backstage 393 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    What great day it turned out to be. The models were all unbelievably stunning, that seemed to all have the fittest little bodies! The location had a glorious light that seemed to kiss the skin of the models most sensual areas and i was lucky enough to capture that. But with out a doubt the most fun thing about today was riding on the dolly and having max push me around like a slave... it's the simple things, heheheh! : ) 

    That's just one description on the day, of just one of the shoots in this awesome backstage set! Starting with the beautiful Life Drawing Girls and running through Intimate Moment's, Girl-Girls and solos! 

  • Mon 21st Oct 2013 Nude girl: Brodie R (Video) | Solo

    Rocking around the house naked, doing normal stuff, just naked! Australian Brodie shows off her slender body and pale skin as she undresses in her house. 

    Playing with her nipples through her this lace bra she squeezes her small breasts together as she explores herself. Pulling down her small hot pant she shows off her long legs and round, pert bum. On all fours on the floor she lifts her bum into the air, and opening her legs shows off her thick full bush of pubic hair!

  • Sun 20th Oct 2013 Nude girl: Brodie R (Stills) | Solo

    Laying on her side Brodie pushes out her naked bum, the hair from her full bush parting around the lips of her pink vagina. 

    Unbuttoning her top and slipping off her shorts Brodie exposes her svelte figure and pale skin. Running her hands over her small breasts and little pink nipples she stands in front of her window, illuminated by the strong Australian sun streaming through the window.

  • Sat 19th Oct 2013 Lesbian sex: Brooklyn & Poppy C (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "I have my whole hand inside you!" Poppy comes while bent over Brooklyn's lap, queefing out the trapped air as the hand is removed, to lie gasping on the floor. 

    The ladies hands lightly brush over skin, as they rub in the protective spray. Poppy smiles from behind her glasses, her natural armpit hair visible as she reaches out to Brooklyn. They embrace, Brooklyn held close to Poppy's sexy curves. 'I like sitting on faces to'. Poppy's thighs lock around Brooklyn's face as she grinds down onto her, face sitting  to orgasm!

  • Fri 18th Oct 2013 Video masturbation: Latisha IM | Intimate Moments

    Latisha is enjoying a relaxing lunch. With her pale skin warmed by the light from the window, she sits down to enjoy a healthy salad. As she leans forwards to pick at her food, her top slips, giving a down blouse peep at her bra.

     Slowly she removes her clothing before amusing herself by placing salad leaves over her small breasts . Her hands start to wonder and soon she is racing towards her orgasm.

  • Fri 18th Oct 2013 Nude girl: Alex K (Video) | Solo

    I get wet really easily when I do this! Alex slides a finger inside, putting pressure on the roof of her moist vagina walls, while her other finger rubs circles into her clitoris

    Alex drags her finger across smooth legs, her breasts visible down blouse as she moves. Reaching into her tin of questions Alex tells us everything! She shows off her flexible side as she drops into the splits on the floor, her knickers visible up the leg of her shorts as she does squats to warm up. She shares personal quirks 'I just like having something in my mouth!', and her personal masturbation techniques. Finally she shows us a toe curling, leg shaking orgasm, that sends her writhing across the sofa in pleasure.

  • Thu 17th Oct 2013 Real life couple: Peigi & Boyd (Video) | Girl-Boy

    She has such a lovely ass it's hard not to grab it! With her perfect ass } in the air, Peigi's hands grip the sofa as her boyfriend enters her in doggy position. 

    Wanting sex three times a day Peigi knows how to get what she needs, sliding straight into her partners crotch as they sit on the sofa. Reaching upwards she kisses her lovers mouth, wiggling like a contented cat as his hands stroke her breasts. Her pale skin flushes pink as they move together, Boyd's hands pawing and spanking at her bottom, which bounces up and down.

  • Thu 17th Oct 2013 Lesbian sex: Brooklyn & Poppy C (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Amongst the natural setting of the woods Poppy explores Brooklyn's pale, slender body, and full dark bush

     Bending her over Poppy pushes her fingers deep inside Brooklyn, making her writhe with the pleasure! Pulling at her own erect nipples Brooklyn reaches a screaming orgasm. Holding close they kiss and collapse into each others arms, exhausted.

  • Wed 16th Oct 2013 Nude girl: Alex K (Stills) | Solo

    Pushing her pink toy deeper inside herself the vibrations make Alex's boy tense up, her muscles tightening as she raises to orgasm

    Undressing her slender athletic body Alex exposes her tanned skin, pert breasts and firm bum. Standing, sitting and laying down with her legs high in the air Alex uses her dildo at every possible angle!

  • Tue 15th Oct 2013 Real life couple: Peigi & Boyd (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Peigi  wraps her lips around her boyfriend's penis straight after she pulls his jeans open with her teeth. She gets wet and her juices are a dribbling on Boyd's tongue as he licks her vulva making her squint from pleasure. 

    Peigi opens her legs and bents over to feel his Penis sliding between her bum cheeks from behind just before he pushes it in her wet pussy. She gets so aroused with her eyes covered, and definitely seem to enjoy the 'spoon' position on the couch.

  • Tue 15th Oct 2013 Video masturbation: Lewa & Melody S | Intimate Moments

    Sometimes I do get wet!' Lewa orgasms, clear liquid squirting from her pink vagina, her hand tightly gripping Melody's thigh. 

    A flash of Lewa's colourful bra is visible between her dark breasts, down blouse. Melody and Lewa glance at each other giggling, trying to read each others faces as well as their cards. Their legs stretch out on the sofa, pale skin and dark skin side by side. They put down their cards and talk about more intimate things - 'Your not wearing a bra!' Slowly hands starting to stroke soft skin.

  • Mon 14th Oct 2013 Backstage 392 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    16 models, across 14 shoots! This set is a non-stop tour of naturally beautiful abbywinters.com models and the makings of their shoots! 

    Follow the team around as they shoot the action packed Kara D & Silvie girl-girl, athletic  Amanda H outdoors in the garden and plenty else! Look at the backstage images and find their shoots already live on the website, it's an exciting perspective! 

  • Mon 14th Oct 2013 Nude girl: Ensa (Video) | Solo

    Ensa's fingers move over her bare shoulders, which are covered in a blanket of freckles. Her fingers tease at the strap of her body suit, her nipple visibly hard beneath the covering silk. 

    Ensa's perfect ass wiggles as she slips free from her tight shorts. Her dark full bush is visible through the material of her panty hose, as are her fingers, which slip inside to tease at her meaty lips. With her bottom pushed back in doggy style, Ensa peels down her tights, to reveal all!

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