• Mon 21st Jul 2014 Nude girl: Iva (Video) | Solo

    Iva's nipple presses into the warm bark of the tree, as she pushes her body forwards, hugging the trunk to her topless body. Pressing her hands against the tree she wiggles her legs causing her trousers to shimmy down her smooth legs, her toned tummy muscles visibly flexing as she moves.
    Fixing her long hair with an Alice band, Iva looks out across the water enjoying the warm breeze rushing over her. Reaching forwards she hooks the strap of her bra around her bare foot and smiling pulls it forwards, her bra and breasts visible down her t-shirt as she rocks. Slipping free from her bra, Iva leaves the jetty to walk outdoors through the lush green surroundings, her nipples visible through her mesh top as she moves.

  • Sun 20th Jul 2014 Nude girl: Iva (Stills) | Solo

    Iva pushes the mesh of her yellow top against her chest, her small breasts and tan lines visible below the fabric, softly brushing up against the material as she moves. Slowly moving the threads of her top over her hard nipple, she exposes the sensitive tip and surrounding dark areola.
    Walking half-naked outdoors, Iva pushes her bum against the tree, exposing her see-through underwear. Hugging the tree to her bare chest, she slowly presses her nipple to the bark enjoying the texture on her sensitive nipple. Sliding her fingers between her flat stomach and the seam of her knickers, Iva teases the reveal of her dark hairy crouch which, is surrounded by white tan lines.

  • Sat 19th Jul 2014 Lesbian sex: Gala & Thais (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "I want to feel you enjoying the moment!" Thais climbs high onto the arms of chair so Gala can squirm lower between her warm thighs into the perfect position for face sitting. Her vulva pressing down onto Gala's nose and mouth, Thais reaches back to pull on Gala's nipples as she laps into her vagina.
    Snuggled together in a chair, Thais and Gala whisper together behind their book. Licking Thais' neck, Gala presses her body into Thais, her eyes seeking permission to do more. Sliding down Thais' petite body, Gala rubs her breasts into her crotch till Thais grabs Gala by her long hair and presses her face into her cleavage. With her perfect ass dangling off the chair, Gala watches Thais slide a finger into her full bush, gasping as she continuously finds the right spot, "your gonna make me come already!"

  • Fri 18th Jul 2014 Video masturbation: Grisel | Intimate Moments

    Tanned Grisel parts her knees as she lies in the sun that highlights her pubic hair protruding on the side of her white panties. She softy runs her fingers through her full bush and gently massages her clitoris as she bites her lips from pleasure. Her pelvis doesn't stop moving and her feet look so sexy as she moves them around stretching her toes.

  • Fri 18th Jul 2014 Nude girl: Jada (Video) | Solo

    "I usually start off touching my clit!" Jada's vulva turns dark red as pleasure fills her young body. Her legs are extended straight in the air and they vibrate uncontrollably as she flushes red and experiences an orgasm, her hair brush buried deep inside herself.
    Jada wiggles her hips so the hula hoop passes around her waist, her whole body working,  she says "I think I'm going to try it without my bra!" Moving over to the chair she prepares to bend forwards, pulling her shorts down over her perfect ass, her glasses clad face peeping around the soft flesh. Gently, Jada taps the flesh of her bottom making it jiggle around and inside her transparent knickers. Sitting back in the chair Jada holds open her long labia lips, exposing the inner pink, gently rubbing her chap stick bottle around the sensitive flesh before pressing it deep inside, then she says "I like to find random household objects and use them as dildos."

  • Thu 17th Jul 2014 Lesbian sex: Gala & Thais (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    With one hand Gala spreads Thais' soft labia, with the other hand, she slowly pushes her fingers into the warm wetness of Thais' open vagina.
    Felling her partner squirm with the pleasure besides her, she feels herself getting more and more turned on. Bending over Gala pushes out her amazing, pert bum, inviting Thais in. Exploring each others petite bodies they bring each other to climax!

  • Thu 17th Jul 2014 Classy, elegant: Charlotte E (Video) | After Dark

    Tight black lace clings to small breasts, Charlotte's pink nipple bare and visible under the fabric of her top. 

    Walking tall in sexy heels, Charlotte walks into the bathroom. Her fingers tease at her skirt, lifting it over her round bottom, her buttocks held in place by her tight body stocking. Reaching between her legs Charlotte releases the catch of her body suit. Her moist labia sticks together, a gaping hole starting to form, as slowly, she opens her legs.

  • Wed 16th Jul 2014 Nude girl: Jada (Stills) | Solo

    Licking her wetness from her fingers, Jada moves her hands back towards her open, wet vagina. This time she takes two fingers and pushes them deep inside herself, making her whole body tense with the pleasure.
    Looking through her glasses she holds eye contact as she bites her lip. Experimenting with herself, Jada takes some of her own possessions and uses them in an unexpected way! Lying on her side she grabs her petite bum and pulls her cheeks apart to reveal her full bush and tight anus.

  • Tue 15th Jul 2014 Video masturbation: Lila & Sicilia | Intimate Moments

    Sicilia's long hair tickles her excited nipple as she looks down at Lila masturbating at her feet. Lila's pale skin looks even lighter next to Sicilia's golden tan, Lila grasping onto Sicilia's leg as she stimulates her young vulva, her eyes fixed on Sicilia's crotch.
    Lila raises her body up into 'bridge position' her panties becoming visible as the slip of her dress rides up. Sicilia is next to drop onto the yoga mat, the toned lines of her slender tummy running along the exposed flesh of her stomach and into her t-shirt. Freeing themselves of restrictive clothing, the ladies continue to explore their flexible limits before they settle down to some mutual masturbation. Lila's white skin starts to turn a bright red around her crotch, her small breasts vibrating, as her pleasure builds to orgasm!

  • Tue 15th Jul 2014 Classy, elegant: Charlotte E (Stills) | After Dark

    Glimpses of Charlotte's naked body peeks out from the shadows. Her long legs, flat stomach and smooth shaved vagina all being slowly revealed as she undresses. 

    Running the bath she strips out of her lace full piece underwear. Her tanned skin stands in contrast against the dark backdrop of the dimly lit bathroom. Stepping into the water she lays with her legs up, the water from the tap splashing over her vulva!

  • Mon 14th Jul 2014 Backstage 431 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    "You turn your back for a second and they are tickling each other or having a pillow fight," says Masie commenting behind the scenes on Carmina & Evelina's girl-girl shoot. 

    Here we have a collection of backstage images from that shoot, Carmina's shoot with Kaylee and a mystery shoot.

  • Mon 14th Jul 2014 Nude girl: Blanca (Video) | Solo

    Blanca's blue bra is just visible downblouse, as she wiggles out of her cardigan. Her white tan lines rising above her bra line as her breasts squeeze together with the movement, the pert young breasts threatening to spill from their cotton binding.
    A wonderfully round bottom wiggling in tight jean shorts as Blanca bends forwards, her fingers dropping between her legs to rub over her warm crotch. Sitting on her round bottom Blanca's fingers tease as her pink panties, her dark pubic hair and fingers visible through the semi transparent fabric in a sensual shadow show. Pushing her underwear to the side, Blanca's long labia stands high against her hair, her finger gently stroking the pink lips. Sneaking outdoors Blanca reaches up to pull on the tree blossoms, her crotch wonderfully visible upskirt, as she is outside wearing no knickers!

  • Sun 13th Jul 2014 Nude girl: Blanca (Stills) | Solo

    Blanca hooks her finger in her underwear, pulling it high so the fabric presses against her hairy anus. Playfully looking to the camera, she slowly slides her hands into her underwear and pulls it down, exposing her stained used panties.
    The fabric of Blanca's worn bra slips over her nipples, slowly exposing her young breasts and white surrounding tan lines. Her fingers slide over her pale skin and down into her hairy crotch, teasing over the soft hair. Pulling her labia apart, Blanca displays her natural wetness, running her fingers over her sensitive feminine parts. Getting hornier, Blanca lines her fingers up with the entrance to her vagina and pushes her fingers deep inside!

  • Sat 12th Jul 2014 Lesbian sex: Anahi & Maylin (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Gently moving her leg, Anahi rubs her foot over Maylin's puffy nipples as she stimulates her dripping vulva with inserted fingers, making her squirm across the floor. Lifting her pelvis higher, Maylin orgasms clear liquid squirting up and over Anahi, who eagerly rubs the warm fluid into her pale skin.
    Anahi's nipple visibly hardens beneath the thin fabric of her dress as Maylin softly tugs at the straps, Maylin's hands slipping lower till she is massaging her large breasts. Spinning around, Anahi reaches for Maylin, kissing her tenderly while laying her down on the soft bench behind her. As she begins to explore Maylin's body, Anahi's dress rides up over her round bottom, her knickers visible upskirt as Maylin's nimble feet slide under the fabric, pulling it higher still. Naked they lock legs together on the floor tribbing, Anahi's large breast swinging into Maylin's knee as she wildly drives her vagina into her. Clinging to a chair, her tan lines glowing on her hot skin, Anahi drags the chair across the floor and her body convulses as she releases her deep orgasm.

  • Fri 11th Jul 2014 Video masturbation: Alyssa R | Intimate Moments

    Alyssa lifts the waistband of her knickers, sliding her hand inside. Teasing out the moment she finally presses down onto her clitoris, her face displaying the release of anticipation when she first touches herself. 

    Alyssa's legs move up and down as she works out, the muscles highlighted by light from the window. While her body is warm she slides her shorts down, allowing her easy access to her most intimate parts. Slipping inside, her hand starts to stimulate her expectant vagina, a white strip becoming visible across her toned tummy, as her tan lines are revealed. Stripping from her clothing to display neat small breasts, Alyssa uses her fingers to achieve an intimate climax.

  • Fri 11th Jul 2014 Nude girl: Gisela (Video) | Solo

    "When I do it with the left hand it feels like someone else!" Gisela plunges her hand deep inside her jeans. Her body wriggles as her fingers stimulate her crotch, her hips rising up in large circles in search of deeper pleasure.
    Gisela opens her red shirt, her small breasts held in a tight white t-shirt. The muscles of her tummy visibly shifting under the soft skin, as her shapely hips wiggle. Gisela lays on the bed, shirt open, her tight t-shirt and panties on display. Smiling behind her glasses, her hands caress across her body making her squirm. Reaching for some water she wets her shirt, revealing her dark nipples as the fabric becomes transparent.

  • Thu 10th Jul 2014 Lesbian sex: Anahi & Maylin (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Anahi throws her head back and invites Maylin to sit on her face and press her wet vagina against her mouth!
    Gripping Maylin's round bum, Anahi pushes her tongue inside Maylin, flicking it over her clitoris and making her squirm with the pleasure. Undressing each other, they survey their partner and let their hands wander and explore. Licking and sucking on Maylin's pert breasts, Anahi looks suggestively into her eyes.

  • Wed 09th Jul 2014 Nude girl: Gisela (Stills) | Solo

    Laying on her side, Gisela curls her slim naked body up into a ball, pushing her bum and vulva out to the side she slides her smooth white dildo inside herself.
    Peering over the top of her glasses, Gisela hints seductively at removing her top. Stretching backwards she shows off her flat stomach and delicate hips. Lying on her back she lifts her legs into the air and slowly removes her jeans.

  • Tue 08th Jul 2014 Video masturbation: Agnes V & Yara | Intimate Moments

    "I was surprised ... Oh, I'm bi sexual!" Yara's legs flex and her body shakes up and down as she pushes her vulva onto her outstretched hand. Her movements intensify as pleasure builds within her body, her face flushing red behind her glasses.
    "Are you excited?" Yara and Agnes talk intimately on the sofa before pulling off their clothing to reveal their naked bodies. As Yara pulls off her top she wiggles her firm breasts, the skin slightly paler on her soft bosom where it has been hidden from the sun. Murmuring "breasts" a mesmerized Agnes reaches forwards and the ladies touch and stimulate the new breasts in front of them with eager fascination. Agnes rests her hand on her dark nipples and stimulates her vagina with Yara wiggling in pleasure next to her. Panting to get their breath back, the ladies bask in the glow of their orgasms, Yara reaching for a fruit cordial to re-energize her body after an intense orgasm.

  • Mon 07th Jul 2014 Backstage 430 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Sexy models shooting sexy models and this image set comes from a camera which catches all the naturally delicious moments behind the scenes

    Roos, Marleen S, Alyssa, Darcie, Candice, Kissa, Klara and Zoey are some of the models who appear in this collection, among 10 other models.

  • Mon 07th Jul 2014 Nude girl: Flora (Video) | Solo

    Rubbing her hairy vulva on the pillow, Flora pushes her perfect ass high in the air, the movement opening up her firm bum cheeks exposing her neat anus to the camera.
    "I was a teacher's pet!" Flora stretches out her petite body, reaching up to the ceiling, her actions accidentally exposing her favorite underwear in an unexpected upskirt! Gently moving her smooth legs apart Flora opens up to reveal her crotch. Showing us her tanned tummy Flora slowly lifts her t shirt exposing her small breasts, neatly held in place by her bra. Completely naked Flora grabs her bum cheeks and squeezing them between her fingers, opens them up to expose more of her hairy vulva. Splitting her labia lips with her slender fingers, Flora gently slides a finger deep inside herself.

  • Sun 06th Jul 2014 Nude girl: Flora (Stills) | Solo

    Flora wiggles about on all fours, giving us a sneaky peek of her see through underwear. Gently lifting up her skirt she exposes the pale skin of her bottom, her fingers sliding into the front of her feminine underwear, softly touching what is inside. After slowly wiggling her hand within her knickers she pulls the fabric aside to reveal her full bush.
    Flora playfully lifts up her t-shirt flashing us with her toned tummy muscles. Touching the soft skin around her chest, her fingers slip under her bra strap, pulling it gently off her shoulders. Pulling harder she exposes more of her ripe breasts, the soft flesh pale and firm. Pushing her bum high in the air she pulls her knickers down so her pink anus is proudly on display. Sitting on her bottom she brushes her fingers through her pubic hair before pulling her labia apart, Flora pushes her finger deep inside herself.

  • Sat 05th Jul 2014 Lesbian sex: Dannah & Gala (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "Can I bend you over?" Gala willingly raises her perfect ass into the air so Dannah can lick into her neat anus. Rubbing her fingers in the juices created by her mouth, Dannah carefully inserts her finger to give anal stimulation, Gala sitting back to rest on Dannah's soft thighs so she can bounce up and down with Dannah's finger buried deep inside her ass.
    Gala stretches in a variety of yoga poses, crossing her warm thighs together and wrapping her arms across her small chest, her blue panties visible as her dress rides higher. Curious, Dannah asks to learn some poses, Gala delicately placing her hand on the small of her partner's back to guide her. Nervously letting their thighs touch, the ladies launch into a frenzied passionate embrace, barley able to stop kissing long enough to tug their clothing over their heads, hands feverishly exploring each other. Gala pins Dannah's hands behind her back as she tugs her top over her head, allowing her easy access to nibble on Dannah's pert breasts, her tongue swirling over a pink nipple. "Hold your legs up for me," rubbing her knuckles into Dannah's dripping vagina, Gala inserts a finger.

  • Fri 04th Jul 2014 Video masturbation: Noa | Intimate Moments

    Noa's labia lips grip either side of her toy, her milky thighs clamped tightly together. Her hand paws at the air as her body contracts with the force of her second orgasm. 

    Sexy legs and a tight bottom, Noa's underwear is visible upskirt as she ascends the stairs. Slowly she explores her pale skin, her hands rubbing over clothing, before slipping inside. Her finger presses into her nipple, while her other hand teases between her legs. Gripping her toy, she begins her multiple orgasm journeys, squirming in waves of pleasure on the stairs.

  • Fri 04th Jul 2014 Nude girl: Mila (Video) | Solo

    Mila's fingers pull at her knickers, which continue to ride up into her labia revealing their intimate shape in a tight camel toe. Wisps of pubic hair stray from the edges of her knickers and as she spins around we can see imprints of the chair she was resting on molded into the soft flesh of her spankable bottom.
    Mila's nipple is tantalizingly visible through her white top, her nipples noticeably high on her pert young breasts. Lifting her long white dress higher, Mila slowly exposes the dark hair between her legs, twisting it between her fingers before slipping back indoors. Sliding from her remaining clothing Mila, lets her fingers run over her body, a small ridge interrupting the smooth line down the side of her breast onto to her slender belly as her third nipple sticks out proudly.

  • Thu 03rd Jul 2014 Lesbian sex: Dannah & Gala (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Dannah slides her fingers into Gala's long hair and squeezing her head tightly between her warm thighs. Naked on her knees, Gala pushes her prefect ass high into the air while lapping deeply into her partner's dripping pussy.
    Gala pushes her partner back into the couch and opens her legs wide apart, licking eagerly into Dannah's crotch. Gently taking off Dannah's underwear, she continues to lick the cheeks of her bottom, slowly moving her tongue to her anus. In return Dannah drops her partner into doggy position, feeding her fingers into Gala's eager mouth. Ripping Gala's underwear from her incredible bottom, Dannah simultaneously pushes her fingers into Gala's pussy and anus, letting her partner rock backwards onto her hand to intensify her pleasure.

  • Wed 02nd Jul 2014 Nude girl: Mila (Stills) | Solo

    Looking through her glasses, Mila runs her hands down over her svelte body and pert breasts, effortlessly seducing with every move.
    With her fingers slipping through her thick pubic hair, she spreads her labia. Looking down inquisitively to feel the wetness of her open vagina she pushes her fingers deep inside herself.

  • Tue 01st Jul 2014 Video masturbation: Janee & Kami | Intimate Moments

    "Tell me more about your fantasies." Asian beauty Janee looks at Kami's perfectly shaved vulva as Kami inserts her pink toy. Leaning forwards Janee swirls her tongue around Kami's small breasts, "I like when someone nibbles on them gently with their teeth!"
    "Can I see your breasts?" Brushing out Janee's incredible long hair, Kami asks her several intimate questions. In a daring mood the ladies strip from their clothing till Janee is standing breasts bared in front of Kami, in just her semi transparent knickers. Unable to help herself Kami spanks Janee's perfect ass, the soft flesh turning a vibrant red where her hand has squeezed the delicious flesh. After Kami bends forwards offering her own firm buttocks to Janee's hand, they settle down on their chairs to enjoy the site of their partner masturbating.

  • Mon 30th Jun 2014 Backstage 429 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes, the models often pick up the camera and start snapping pics of each other while changing underwear and being cheeky. In this backstage set we get a collection of seventeen masturbation shoots along with images from Fenna & Misha's and Aletta and Misha's lesbian sex shoots. After Sadie's masturbation shoot Yvette says "I've never seen so much juice in a shoot before! Wow!"

  • Mon 30th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Gala (Video) | Solo

    "I came so hard!" With her large shapely buttocks hovering off the ground, Gala drives her fingers into her full bush, the muscles of her incredible bottom visibly clenching and shifting as her orgasm builds.
    "I feel very connected to my ass." Crawling on all fours Gala's perfect ass is neatly framed by the tight jean shorts she has fashioned for herself as she reaches forwards for her red comb. Naked from the waist up, Gala explores her naked breasts, lifting her arms to blow gently on the small nipples, soft natural armpit hair visible under her arms as they rise up. Standing, Gala jiggles her large bottom, her buttocks barley contained by the tight fabric of her knickers as she pushes down into a yoga stretch. Slipping from her panties, Gala runs her comb through her pubic hair - "It makes me feel like a woman."

  • Sun 29th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Gala (Stills) | Solo

    Outdoors, Gala sits at the waters edge exploring and undressing her petite and natural body.
    Stretching and flexing she shows off her toned and svelte body, her perfectly pert and shapely bum and her small breasts. Running her fingers through the thick hair that surrounds her wet vagina she toys with herself and starts to slip a finger inside. Arching her back with the feeling, she seeks more, letting her other fingers push inside her anus to heighten the pleasure!

  • Sat 28th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Blanca & Thais (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Blanca peeps around the side of Thais' firm bottom, smiling into her eyes, as she gauges her reactions to what her fingers are doing deep in her crotch. Helping Thais stand, Blanca squeezes her fingers into the flesh of her bottom, her fading tan lines drawing the eye to her own round bottom.
    Thais pulls hard on Blanca's panties, Blanca's bottom jiggling up and down as she grinds into the tight fabric that is pulling into her crotch. Thais' hand leaves one firm spank onto Blanca's bottom before she squeezes the soft flesh between her fingers. With her bottom still raised in the air in doggy position, Blanca slides kisses along Thais' belly, her panties pulled down by Thais feet to reveal her hairy crotch. Standing, Thais starts queefing making the ladies giggle before once again they drop to the floor, Thais dropping kisses on Blanca's pink nipples before raising her legs to her chin so she can kiss into the warmth of her crotch.

  • Fri 27th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Juliette M | Intimate Moments

    Slipping her mirror between her legs Juliette stairs down through her pubic hair to her fingers, which tease at her long labia. Pushing her moist lips aside she reveals her clit, which she gently applies pressure to. 

    A smile spreading across her glasses clad face, Juliette takes a naughty picture in response to the text message she has just received. In an ever revealing game, she receives and sends increasingly explicit messages, her nipple already hard as she pushes her bra to the side. Naked, her toes curl as she inserts deep inside herself! Juliette's body curls up as her orgasm builds. A damp spot clearly visible on the chair as she wiggles around.

  • Fri 27th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Roos (Video) | Solo

    Naked outdoors, Roos starts to climb the tree, her red hair wild in the breeze as she stretches her body to clamber onto the firm branches. Brushing her red pubic hair out of the way, she pees down onto the ground.
    Slender feminine legs float along the green trail, the curve of Roos' buttocks visible bellow the fabric of her dress as she moves. Pulling at her dress Roos peeps down the neck hole, her warm smile, nude breasts and green knickers visible as we look up at her body from the ground. Removing her knickers, Roos sits on the path and massages the squishy flesh of her buttocks, the pale skin white next to the vibrant greens of the nature she is exploring.

  • Thu 26th Jun 2014 Real life couple: Maylin & Victor (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Asian beauty Maylin unzips her tight jean shorts, feeding her boyfriends hand deep inside. Wiggling her body so her round bottom pushes back into Victor's crotch, Maylin navigates his fingers so they brush against her panties in just the right spot!
    Maylin brushes out her long dark hair, her nipples just visible through the soft fabric of her clothing. She smiles appreciatively when Victor enters and rubs her shoulders but continues to peep down at her sci-fi book. Smiling as Victor asks for more attention, Maylin takes her boyfriends hands and together they massage her pert breasts before she stretches up kissing him deeply. Laid on the bed Maylin spreads her legs wide while Victor kisses into her crotch, Maylin's puffy nipples rising high off her breasts as she squirms in pleasure.

  • Thu 26th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Blanca & Thais (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Running her hands up Thais' long socks, Blanca spreads her legs and opens up her pink, wet vagina. Pressing her tongue against Thais' vulva she licks and sucks as she makes her squirm on the floor.
    Undressing their petite bodies they grind against each other, grabbing their breasts, puling at their nipples and fingering each other to intense orgasms!

  • Wed 25th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Roos (Stills) | Solo

    Naked in nature, Roos clambers into the tree, her naked body moving nimbly as she stretches up to slide onto the firm branches. Slowly she allows her fingers to tease down over her pale skin and into the fluffy pubic hair which coats her labia lips.
    Walking on the rocks, Roos bends forwards to keep her balance, flashing us with a perfect upskirt. Laying on her tummy Roos presses her chest onto the pier, pushing her breasts into the warm wood. Naked Roos lays outdoors on the grass, sliding her fingers once more into her red hairy crouch, pushing her labia to the side to expose her most intimate parts.

  • Tue 24th Jun 2014 Real life couple: Maylin & Victor (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Maylin's hand grips around her partner's erect penis as she lays back and guides him into her wet vagina, her mouth gaping open as he presses deeper inside her.
    Moving around each others bodies they experiment with multiple positions, treating each other to oral and penetration. Fingering Maylin deep, Victor brings her to an intense ant wet orgasm as she squirts to climax!

  • Tue 24th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Roxanne M & Twyla | Intimate Moments

    "Moan into my mouth!" Intimidatingly kissing and moaning in pleasure, Twyla and Roxanne's open mouths press together as they masturbate side by side on the sofa.
    "Do you wanna play a game?" Twyla and Roxanne test each other in a guessing game and you can play along with them: "what is soft and sometimes wet?"
    Roxanne's large breasts are squeezed into her clothing, the soft flesh spilling out by the pink ribbon of her bra, as she leans forward to share Eskimo kisses with Twyla. Twyla compares her small breasts to Roxanne's large beasts, starting to stroke her own crotch over her shorts as Roxanne licks her large breast, sucking her inverted nipple till it pops out hard and excited!

  • Mon 23rd Jun 2014 Backstage 428 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    There's so many moments of natural beauty captured when sexy girls and shooters are being cheeky and spontaneous behind the scenes.

    The role of the backstage camera is to capture both the spontaneous moments of pure natural sexiness. In this backstage collection, see genuine moments of Alyssa, Carmina, Karlijn, Kaylee, Merel, Saskia, Lacie, Nichole, and Theresia.

  • Mon 23rd Jun 2014 Nude girl: Dannah (Video) | Solo

    Dannah massages her pert young breasts, the pale flesh a perfect fit in the palm of her hands. Dipping a finger in cool massage cream, Dannah draws a white circle around her nipple which grows with excitement before her teasing finger relents and flicks across the sensitive tip.
    "Why do woman wear bras . . . I think it's so guys don't get scared of how amazing breasts are!" Perched on the back of the sofa, Dannah's legs slide over each other, her panties visible upskirt as her warm thighs open and press back together. Bending over on all fours Dannah pushes her bottom high in the air, her fingers snaking around the sides to tease at her openings, before she indulges in some anal pleasure.

  • Sun 22nd Jun 2014 Nude girl: Dannah (Stills) | Solo

    Pushing her fingers deeper inside herself, Dannah tenses her slender body as the pleasure builds.
    Grabbing hold of her pert breasts, she squeezes them hard and pulls at her nipple to further help her enjoy the sensation. Looking up through her long dark hair she uses her cute smile to effortlessly seduce as she touches her self.

  • Sat 21st Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Gala & Yara (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Yara's buttocks jiggle as she rocks on Gala's out stretched tongue, her whole body engaged while she is face sitting. Her pert breasts knock together as she grinds onto Gala's eager mouth, her body shuddering to orgasm, her little moan echoing around the woods.
    Walking outdoors Gala and Yara can hardly keep their hands off each other, eager fingers teasing at each other's clothing, slowing down their progress. Gala presses Yara up against a metal fence, her fingers linking into the metal bars as she presses her body into Yara, kissing her deeply. Pressing her leg through her cotton skirt, Gala rubs herself against the crotch of Yara's tight Jean shots, whipping their excitement levels ever higher. Shimmying down the chain wire fence Yara stops at nipple height, sucking on Gala's small breasts with delight.

  • Fri 20th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Lotte | Intimate Moments

    Lotte's knickers stick to her damp vagina, the outline of her neat young labia just visible through the material. 

    Lotte sits outdoors in the shade of a tree, resting from the heat. Her delicate bra is visible down blouse, drawing the eye to her ripe young breasts. Her fingers tease at the hem of her dress, flashing her knickers. Slowly she peels off her clothing to reveal pale skin which, unlike her t-shirt tan lines, is untouched by the sun.

  • Fri 20th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Sicilia (Video) | Solo

    Sicilia pulls on her firm buttock, her labia lips parting with a sharp pop, as she releases the air from her neat shaved vagina. Her stunning face lights up in delight as it happens again and she continues to pulls on her bottom till all the air, which became trapped while she masturbated, is free. Peeling open her sticky labia lips, Sicilia once more pushes her fingers deep inside.
    Sicilia's comb glides through her long hair before teasing over her white t-shirt. Running her comb along the neck line Sicilia begins to get excited, the comb brushing at her nipple through the fabric, the outline visible through the thin material. Slipping from her t-shirt Sicilia drops down on all fours, rubbing her firm breast gently in her hand. Her breasts are so pert that even with gravity pulling down on them, they push out proudly from her tanned chest up towards her face. Illuminated by the soft light from the window Sicilia straddles a padded coat hanger, humping her dampening panties onto it as her pleasure starts to grow.

  • Thu 19th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Gala & Yara (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pressing Gala back against the fence, Yara grabs her breasts, clawing to get inside her clothes and down to her naked body.

    Exploring themselves outdoors they lick, finger and grind their way to intense orgasms. Between the trees Yara presses her fingers deeper into Gala's wetness, gripping her body she feels her tense as she reaches climax!

  • Wed 18th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Sicilia (Stills) | Solo

    Sicilia warms her naked body in the hot sun as it streams through the window. Slipping off the clothes from her slender body, she exposes every inch of her tanned skin.

    Her fingers run over her toned stomach down to her hips and smooth shaved vulva as she explores herself. Spreading her legs wide, she opens up her pink wet vagina and starts to slowly push in her fingers.

  • Tue 17th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Landra & Lila | Intimate Moments

    "Can I touch your breast?" Lila reaches over to touch Landra's small breasts as they snuggle together in a mound of pillows, watching dirty movies. The ladies warm thighs brush together as they stimulate their young bodies, driven by what they are watching.
    Landra's colorful bra is visible down the arm of her t-shirt, as she wiggles down next to Lila. "Pink is my favorite color." Slipping from her matching pink bra and panties, Landra spreads her legs open, her pink nails slipping between her legs, rubbing circles into her clit, as she rests her head on Lila's shoulder. Lila's vulva is still a hot pink from her own orgasm as she reaches across to help Landra. Landra's pink toe nails twitching as pleasure starts to run through her body, flushing her pale skin.

  • Mon 16th Jun 2014 Backstage 427 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    "What do the models get up to while The crew grabs some lunch?" asks Masie. Naughty Lacie alone in a room with a mirror a camera and a desire to pleasure herself answers this much-asked question.

    Twenty eight scenes are featured in this sexy backstage collection. Across these scenes Edie, Misha, Daisey, Lawan, Zarina and thirteen more babes have their fun.

  • Mon 16th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Thais (Video) | Solo

    Thais glides up the stairs, her knickers visible upskirt, as the light material of her dress floats along behind her. Sitting on the stairs she pulls her socks higher, her fingers brushing the skin of her milky thighs. Resting on the stairs the crotch of her knickers peeps out from between her knees as she introduces herself.
    "Many people I know want to touch my ass!" Thais lifts her skirts to warm her firm buttocks on the heater, explaining that she hates the cold. As she warms up she reveals more of her body, lifting her dress higher to show off her bright panties, neat pubic hair sticking from the sides. Sitting back on her knees she slowly rolls down her knickers revealing her perfect ass, large and firm on her small body. Laying on her back her fingers finally slip into her opening, her curling labia lips dark at the tips, her natural wetness audible as she plays with her glistening pink vulva.

  • Sun 15th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Thais (Stills) | Solo

    Spreading her legs, Thais runs her hands up over her long socks towards her full bush and open wet vagina.
    Grabbing her pert breast with one hand, she squeezes her nipple as her other hand moves around her vulva. With the tip of her finger inside herself, she then pushes deeper inside, her mouth gaping wide with the pleasure. Playing with herself and experimenting with some of her own personal items she brings herself to a hot orgasm!

  • Sat 14th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Flora & Thais (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Thais' whole body shakes with her orgasm, white light rushing from the window she is resting against. Her small hand clamped firmly onto Flora's breast, while Flora's fingers wiggle inside her vagina.
    Thais lays on her tummy her panties visible upskirt. Thais' head rests in Flora's lap near the warmth of her crotch; small moans escape her mouth as she is massaged by firm, feminine fingers. Turning over to rest against Flora's chest, Thais wiggles around in anticipation as Flora's massage slips down into her t-shirt and finally over her green knickers. Whipping around Thais pulls Flora up by her open belt, pushing the soft fabric between Flora's teeth like a bit, pinning her to the ground rubbing her body over her friends. Kissing deeply the ladies move again, Flora's breast visible down blouse as she is bent forwards for Thais to rub her sensitive nipples into her bottom. Unable to support her body while experiencing such a rush of pleasure, Flora falls forward, writhing on the carpet as Thais fingers her from behind.

  • Fri 13th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Saskia | Intimate Moments

    Saskia pushes her fingers between her tight bum cheeks straight into her vagina and as the fingers plunge inside, the sweet clicking sound of her natural wetness fills the room. 

    Saskia exposes her small ripe breasts, her hand slipping over the soft bare skin. Laying on her side, her fingers softly touch her nipples before sliding gently down into the warmth of her thighs. Flipping to her belly, her perfect ass raised from the mattress, she removes her underwear. Her hand slides down her toned tummy, the fingers working their way between her labia lips where she stimulates herself sexually.

  • Fri 13th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Noa (Video) | Solo

    Noa's anus pulses with excitement as her finger flicks across the hard ridge at the top of her clitoris, her vagina excited for more stimulation.
    Noa's knickers slip from her warm thighs and onto her wiggling toes. Her bare feet slide over one another as she picks up her panties, holding her knickers to her nose, she inhales deeply! "Do you think it would be nice to taste this?" Noa's innocent eyes look up from rubbing sweet jam across the tops of her firm breasts.
    Her dripping panties stick to her body, the damp material revealing her dark full bush where the fabric has become transparent. The fabric forms a tight camel toe over her moist crotch and her fingers twist her sticky pubic hair over the top of her knickers.

  • Thu 12th Jun 2014 Classy, elegant: Dana B (Video) | After Dark

    In a figure hugging black gown that reveals her stunningly ample bosom, Dana strips slowly. As she rolls off her black panties, we see her hairy vulva and perfect ass beautifully outlined with her suspenders. 

    Leaving just diamonds glittering across her exposed breasts Dana B submits to our gaze, urging us to admire her beauty.

  • Thu 12th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Flora & Thais (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gripping onto the roof, Flora lifts her body up for Thais to grab her thighs and press her face and mouth hard against her open wet vulva.
    Licking, sucking and grinding each other, Flora and Thais experiment until they bring each other to intense orgasms. Exploring their slender bodies, hairy bushes and pert breasts they push each other hard for the best climax they can get!

  • Wed 11th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Noa (Stills) | Solo

    Pouring oil onto her breasts, blonde Noa makes her pale skin shiny and slippery. The oil dripping from her tummy down on to her crotch makes her panties see-through, outlining her shape of her vulva through her pubic hair.
    Changing outfits turns into a sexually exciting exploration of her limits as Noa stretches her legs wide open, pushing her fist inside herself to an explosive orgasm.

  • Tue 10th Jun 2014 Classy, elegant: Dana B (Stills) | After Dark

    Under the spotlight, playful brunette Dana gazes as she slowly strips revealing her beautifully shaped bum

    With her panties off, her wet hairy vulva is highlighted between her thighs as she lifts her leg and rolls her stockings off.

  • Tue 10th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Janee & Lawan | Intimate Moments

    "Two Asian vaginas!" After admiring each other's neat vulvas, Janee and Lawan gently stimulate themselves on the sofa, peeping at each other's technique and breaking to ask questions about what their partner is doing. Lawan leans forward to witness Janee's intense squirting orgasm, as clear liquid rushes to the floor.
    Janee and Lawana get to know each other, Janee's peach bottom visible as she curls her legs under her body. As the ladies talk they each slip a hand between their legs, their finger tips gently touching the crotch of their knickers, unsure if their partner can see what they are doing.

    "Can I see your bum?" Janee proudly shows off her firm buttocks to Lawan, explaining she has been working hard to keep it so perfect at the gym. Peeling off her fitted shorts, Janee encourages Lawan to touch her buttocks and the silk smooth fabric of her underwear. "I like your breasts their so perky" tentatively Lawan reaches out to stroke Janee's small breasts and neat dark nipples, confessing that it is the first time she has touched another woman! Smiling at one another they sink back on the sofa and bring themselves to orgasm.

  • Mon 09th Jun 2014 Backstage 426 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Often picking up the backstage camera, the girls stroll around in their panties. Taking snaps of each others' sexiness and cheeky mood.

    See the fun and sexiness unveiling behind the scenes. Aletta, Fenna, Gaby, Satine and Misha are just some of the babes in this collection.

  • Mon 09th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Mila (Video) | Solo

    Juice spills from Mila's passion fruit, running down her chin, dripping onto her third nipple. Sticky syrup tracks run in lines along her naked body, dripping into her dark full bush.
    Smiling from behind her glasses, Mila expresses her passion for reading and shows off some of the new books she has just treated herself to. As she talks her soft thighs rub together, her knickers visible upskirt, as she uncrosses her legs. Sliding to the floor Mila shows off her yoga skills, bending her body into the familiar flexible poses that make up her yoga routine. Squatting down into a yoga pose sweat is visible on the fabric of her panties, tufts of pubic hair visible on the sides.

  • Sun 08th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Mila (Stills) | Solo

    Running her hands up her slender, naked body Mila explores her pert breasts and full bush of pubic hair.
    Showing her flexibility, Mila moves into her Yoga poses to stretch her tall frame. Pushing out her small bum and long legs she looks down through her glasses at herself. Her fingers combing gently through her pubic hair she spreads her soft, pink labia and starts to press her fingers inside herself!

  • Sat 07th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Blanca & Gala (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Blanca's cotton knickers are visible upskirt as she sits on the sofa while Gala teaches her different parts of the body in English. Running her hands across her own warm thigh Gala says the word before running her finger across Blanca's expectant lips, hesitating before kissing them deeply.
    "May I suck your toes?" Gala rubs her small breasts into Blanca's as they wiggle on the sofa, their bodies pressed tightly together, Gala's panty clad bottom raised high in the air. Slipping down between Gala's thighs Blanca starts to stimulate her crotch, her finger sliding between her pubic hair and into her warmth as she nibbles on her thighs. Straddling Gala's firm legs, Blanca rubs her moist labia along it, her natural wetness making delightful clicking sounds as she positions her leg under Gala's crotch, bouncing up and down on her foot so her ankle stimulates Gala's hairy vagina.

  • Fri 06th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Grisel (Video) | Solo

    Her puffy nipples squeeze between her bra and singlet top, as she gently runs her fingers across her supple breasts. Grisel is relaxing in the kitchen on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The soft light creeps through the glazed window and adorns her smooth skin, long legs and full bush

    Grisel is a master of tease. She touches herself inside her panties, feeling her wetness and squeezing her legs together. She likes to take her time and explore many positions and techniques before arriving at her thrilling and body shuttering orgasm.

  • Fri 06th Jun 2014 Video Masturbation: Marleen S | Intimate Moments

    Marleen S has set herself the challenge of having 3 orgasms within this video!

    Athletic Marleen has been practicing at home and to help her achieve success has brought her favorite dolphin toy. She begins by running her hands over her toned body, letting her fingers pull on her small breasts. Slowly she lets her fingers rub circles over the top of her underwear, before finally she turns on her aid and starts to rush towards pleasure hit number one.

  • Thu 05th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Blanca & Gala (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Blanca lays underneath Gala's hairy wet vulva and pulls it down over her mouth, her tongue licking and tasting Gala's wetness.
    Flirting together these two natural and very horny girls make no efforts to hide what they really want from each other! Feverishly undressing, they move and experiment from one position to the next as they start to bring each other to climax.

  • Wed 04th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Grisel (Stills) | Solo

    Grisel's puffy nipples squeeze between her black bra and white singlet top. Her supple breasts harden with her excitement. 

    Her fingers run gently over the outside of her panties and then inside her thick full bush. She feels her wetness, turns herself into doggy style and takes off her panties. With her anus fully exposed, Grisel runs her hands lightly across her anus. She loves to take her time pleasuring herself and the results are tantalizing.

  • Tue 03rd Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Noa & Poppy C (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Flirting with each other and discussing their own personal sexual adventures, blonde-haired, Dutch Noa gets to know Poppy a lot better! 

    Drawing closer to each other, they explore each others bodies - touching and undressing as they get more and more turned on. Kissing and pressing their breasts together, they start to touch themselves. Pushing her fingers deeper inside herself, Noa feels Poppy's body tense and squirm as they raise themselves to a synchronized orgasm!

  • Mon 02nd Jun 2014 Backstage 425 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    "Two lovely blue eyed ladies with delicious skin and a thirst for pleasure; Gaby and Gretchen kissed, grinded, sucked, licked and mmmm'd their way to multiple orgasms," describes Frankie, the videographer. What can be expected from a backstage collection that includes a description like that? For one, a lot of giggling from tickling playmates Gaby & Jenna K, as well as chocolate sauce poured over two beautiful pale skinned girls - Crystal S & Elsbeth. Also featured in this compliation: Analyn, Fenna, Maya C, Aletta, Chloe B, Misha, and 8 more models.

  • Mon 02nd Jun 2014 Nude girl: Sasha M (Video) | Solo

    Sasha's firm bottom rests in a clear pool of her own vaginal juices, the warm fluid dripping from her buttock, as she lifts off the floor. Her vagina begins to pulse again under the power of her small clitoral toy, as she experiences a second squirting orgasm!
    Sasha wiggles free from her silky panties, the tight fabric leaving small red lines on her toned bottom from where the material has been hugging close to her body. Her hands reach for the blinds and she presses her naked chest to the horizontal lines, letting them squeeze into her small chest as she peers out at the world. Stepping back her hands rub over her breasts, teasing at her puffy nipples. Sliding to the hard wood floor she shows off how flexible she is by tucking her leg behind her head, her fingers reaching down to pull on her meaty lips, then twisting her beautiful long labia between her fingers.

  • Sun 01st Jun 2014 Nude girl: Sasha M (Stills) | Solo

    Lifting her leg high over her head, Sasha looks down towards her smooth shaven vulva, and pushes her fingers into the white girlcum that is starting to ooze out.
    Spreading the soft lips of her labia as she pulls out, she exposes the wet pinkness inside her vagina. Grabbing her small breasts, Sasha penetrates herself again!

  • Sat 31st May 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Rosa M (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "Wait, I want your ass to be on my face!" Ripples shimmy across Mila's raised bottom as Rosa's fingers slip in and out of her dripping vulva. Laying below Mila looking up at her flushing face, Rosa's hard nipple brushes against Mila's, as she stimulates her full bush to orgasm.
    Snuggling into Mila's shoulder Rosa listens to the poem she is reading, her hand lightly brushing her soft thigh. With a burst she jumps Mila, sending her giggling across the bed as they play fight. Rosa's top rising up to flash her bra, Mila's hands cupping her breasts for a tantalizing moment before they shyly pull apart. Rushing forwards again they kiss deeply, their hands exploring each other's bodies. Grasping Mila's braids Rosa guides her to her crotch, arching her back in pleasure as Mila slurps into her hairy crotch for the first time; deep animal moans escaping Rosa's mouth despite the finger she hastily stuffs into her mouth.

  • Fri 30th May 2014 Video masturbation: Iskra | Intimate Moments

    Iskra's small breasts bounce as she rocks up and down on to her hand, her finger catching her exposed clitoris - pressing it into her body. 

    Iskra pulls her jumper down over her naked chest and looks at her reflection; her nipples are still hard like bullets, clearly visible through her top. Moments before she lay on the bed, hand stimulating her vagina, fingers teasing through soft pubic hair. As she explored her body, she watched herself in the mirror, taking in the reactions under her delicate touch.

  • Fri 30th May 2014 Nude girl: Marietta (Video) | Solo

    Marietta's crotch expectantly lifts on and off the floor wiggling in anticipation of her fingers, which she swirls around the inside of her mouth. Coating them in saliva Marietta inserts her fingers into her natural wetness, stimulating her body, till ripples run across her small breasts as she has a body shaking orgasm.
    Gamely Marietta takes part in 'the abbywinters challenge,' answering questions and testing her athleticism in physical activities. She begins by stretching out her body, her armpit hair visible as she brings her hands above her head in a long stretch. Sitting on the floor her fingers run over her soft skin while she talks, her fingers playing with stray wisps of her pubic hair that have staid from inside her knickers.
    "What can I do with my underwear?" Marietta pulls her panties down exposing her full bush, her natural excitement leaving a visible wet spot on the crotch of her knickers. Pressing her underwear to her face Marietta inhales deeply before rubbing the soft fabric into her hairy crotch.

  • Thu 29th May 2014 Real life couple: Demi & Nicolaas (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Looking up into Nicolaas' eyes, Demi slides her legs apart and positions herself so her perfect ass is bent forwards over the bed. The flesh of her bottom jiggles as his hands wobble her firm buttocks, his fingers softly tracing over the dark skin and flicking over the crotch of her panties. Pushing back, Demi rubs her incredible bottom against his jeans; grinding into his growing erection.
    Crawling across the bed Demi holds herself open, drawing Nicolaas' teasing fingers to her entrance. Her hands grasp the bed covers, as he fingers her in doggy position, her chest dropping onto the bed so she can look into his eyes with her ass still up in the air. "Don't tease me," laying on her back with her boyfriend dropping kisses on her warm thighs, Demi tries to guide his head towards her clit. Wiggling on the bed under the intense pleasure, Demi calls for him to stop, her hands firmly pressing his head deeper into her crotch as she fights the intensity of the feelings leading to the orgasmic release she desires.

  • Thu 29th May 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Rosa M (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Grabbing Rosa's large, full breasts, Mila suggestively stares at her through her glasses as she bites her lip.

    Exposing each other's naturally beautiful bodies, they explore with their hands, fingers, mouths and tongues as they work to pleasure their partner every way they can. Bending Mila's slender body over, Rosa spreads her pert bum apart to expose her pink wetness between her soft full bush; starting with just the tip Rosa pushes her fingers deep inside Mila!

  • Wed 28th May 2014 Nude girl: Marietta (Stills) | Solo

    Undressing, Marietta exposes her toned and athletic body as she stretches naked on the hard wooden floor.
    Slipping off her clothes she runs her hands over her smooth tanned skin and through her thick, dark pubic hair as she explores herself. Feeling the sides of her pink vulva, she spreads her labia apart and pushes her fingers deep inside herself.

  • Tue 27th May 2014 Real life couple: Demi & Nicolaas (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Reaching between Demi's perfectly shaped bum cheeks, Nicolaas lifts the thin strip of material from Demi's underwear to expose her tight anus and vulva. Pushing his fingers between her labia, he presses inside her wetness.
    Exploring each other's dark skin, toned bodies and sexual needs, the couple move from position to position. Demi giving oral and then pushing her bum back towards Nicolaas, to tease him as he penetrates her from behind!

  • Tue 27th May 2014 Video masturbation: Bisera & Tahlia J | Intimate Moments

    Tahlia's toes flex and twitch as her her fingers rub into her pubic hair. Her bare feet grow ridged as, reaching out for Bisera, she begins to orgasm. 

    "You're a perfect kisser," Bisera leans towards Tahlia's soft lips for more. "Tell me something naughty..." Stripping down to just their jeans and knickers, Tahlia and Bisera excite one another. Tahlia holds Bisera's bare breasts in her hands, kissing into them eagerly. "We have the same boobs!" Wriggling from the rest of their clothing, they intimately touch themselves while glancing to their partner with desire.

  • Mon 26th May 2014 Backstage 424 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    "Madelief translates to Daisy in English. And oh how pretty like a daisy she was. Blonde hair, brown eyes, freckles and tanned skin," says Jackie, the photographer. All the sexy action behind the scenes is in this compilation; featuring Gaby, Anouk, Analyn, Jade S, Jia, Dewisandra and Misha

  • Mon 26th May 2014 Nude girl: Jada (Video) | Solo

    Jada slowly climbs the ladder, her perfect ass visible upskirt as she ascends. Her cotton panties hug tight to her skin, slipping between her crotch and buttocks, revealing the pleasing shape of the body beneath the fabric. Slowly rubbing her hand over her bottom, Jada cups her left bottom cheek; jiggling it up and down on top of her fingers.
    Sitting at the top of the ladder Jada's fingers tease at her turquoise underwear, pulling them upwards till they start to disappear between her labia lips. Twisting her panties so they sink even further insider herself, Jada wraps her labia around her knickers, like a warm feminine burrito. Her delicate strawberry blonde pubic hair coats her labia lips and she plays with the soft pubes as she peeps down at herself. Slipping off her glasses, Jada slips them down between her legs, using the smooth arm of her glasses to open her moist vagina.

  • Sun 25th May 2014 Nude girl: Jada (Stills) | Solo

    Lifting up her short skirt Jada pushes out her pert round bum and exposes her soft white skin.
    Brushing her fingers through her thick full bush Jada pulls on her labia and ventures towards her pink labia to explore their touch. Pulling and twisting them she opens her legs wide and explores her open vulva. Running her hands over her petite body Jada peers through her glasses and suggestively holds your gaze.

  • Sat 24th May 2014 Lesbian sex: Janee & Sasha M (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "I like cold hands on my breasts!" Sasha cups Janee's small breasts in her hands and massages them. Janee's Asian heritage has given her dark nipples, which stand firmly to attention as they are stroked and stimulated.
    "You can give me directions, I wont be offended, I want to know how to please you". Janee opens her legs to show off her tight shorts, the fabric hugging to her crotch in a pink camel toe. Sasha wiggles free of her own tight shorts, releasing the pressure on her crotch before helping Janee to do the same. Moving around on the sofa the ladies pleasure one another, Sasha's puffy nipples visibly excited as she sucks her own juices from Janee's outstretched fingers, "I do taste like Candy!"

  • Fri 23rd May 2014 Video masturbation: Yale | Intimate Moments

    Yale's pink knickers are visible upskirt. Her finger reaches around and rubs into the crotch, pressing deep into the fabric. 

    Sitting upon the window ledge, Yale strokes her soft warm thigh. Turning on her phone, she selects a video and begins to stimulate her body. Her fingers rub over the outside of her bra, flicking over her small breasts. Peeling back the material, she pulls on her nipple - stretching it between her fingers. As her hand slips between her legs, the sweet sounds of her natural wetness can be heard.

  • Fri 23rd May 2014 Nude girl: Agnes V (Video) | Solo

    The thin straps of Agnes' bra slip over her dark nipples, brushing against the sensitive ends, making them grow even harder. Looking at her reflection in the mirror Agnes smiles at the beautiful Asian woman smiling back at her, continuing to stimulate her breasts while sitting on the sofa.
    Brushing out her long hair Agnes starts to peel off her clothing, occasionally taking in her reflection in the large mirror. Pulling at her cotton panties, Agnes stretches the fabric till it rises up into a thin strip, revealing her perfect shave job. Naked, she wiggles around on the sofa, pressing the soles of her bare feet together in a flexible position that showcases her firm bottom and other intimate parts. With delicate fingers she opens her dark labia lips to expose the pink insides and her small clit before she wiggles her hips, grinding at the air on top of an invisible lover, showing us how she moves when having sex.

  • Thu 22nd May 2014 Lesbian sex: Janee & Sasha M (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sasha explores and undresses Asian Janee's slender, taught body as they flirt and kiss together.

    Exposing her tanned skin, pert breasts and full, thick bush of pubic hair, Sasha runs her fingers over her. Touching and feeling, she presses herself closer, lifting her leg over Janee she makes it obvious what she wants. The two entwine as they kiss, lick, grid and finger their way to intense orgasms!

  • Wed 21st May 2014 Nude girl: Agnes V (Stills) | Solo

    Stunning Asian Agnes looks suggestively through her glasses as she undresses her slender and taught body.
    Exposing her pert breasts, she plays with her large dark nipples and runs her hands over her smooth round hips and long slim legs. Teasing herself she builds the tension as she runs her fingers around her shaven labia, exploring every inch of herself!

  • Tue 20th May 2014 Video masturbation: Gretchen & Noa | Intimate Moments

    Gretchen's body convulses in pleasure as she watches Noa rubbing into her open crotch, the table banging in rhythm to her frantic movements. Noa's pale skin flushes red as she reaches orgasm, her breathing catching in her throat.
    Gretchen lifts up her head, offering her delicate lips to Noa. Noa's hand gently caresses Gretchen's neck as they start kissing. "I like you to watch me," Noa takes in Gretchen; her open legs, her fingers while they rub into her full bush, the way her eyes shine behind her glasses. Opening her own legs, Noa rubs into the crotch of her panties, her pubic hair spilling from the sides as she teases at the material.

  • Mon 19th May 2014 Backstage 423 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Before their scene, the girls usually pose in panties posing to tease each other, while the shooters set up the lights and camera. The abbywinters.com backstage lens always catches these naturally sexy moments. This time, check out Kylie H, Adelle, Jenna K & Nichole, Karlijn and 9 more models across seventeen shoots!

  • Mon 19th May 2014 Nude girl: Logan (Video) | Solo

    "I was sick of oral sex, I just wanted to know what a penis felt like!" Logan's natural juices coat her slender fingers, leaving a sticky trail across her shaven labia lips, as she pulls her fingers from inside herself to trace across her skin. Sinking further in her seat on the outside deck Logan's finger begin to tease around her neat anus, the tip of her finger pushing into the tight hole, while she teases her clitoris with her other hand.
    "I guess it's a bit naughty!" Coming up onto her knees Logan drops into doggy style position, her firm young buttocks displaying imprints from the wicker chair she has been reclining on. Pulling open her bum cheeks, Logan squats to relieve herself, her pee passing through the wicker chair down onto the wooden deck of her parents house and blending with the sounds of the rain which surround her outdoor sanctuary.

  • Sun 18th May 2014 Nude girl: Logan (Stills) | Solo

    Flexible Logan exposes her slender body and pale skin as she undresses between the lush green of the Australian outdoors.

    Touching her small breasts and feeling the inside of her soft smooth vulva, she opens her legs wide and spreads her labia to show her pink wetness. Leaning forward she pushes out her pert bum and with a cheeky smile she starts to pee onto the grass.

    Exploring her body Logan reveals every inch of her skin, touching herself she even experiments with some double penetration as she simultaneously pushes her fingers inside her vulva and anus!

  • Sat 17th May 2014 Lesbian sex: Dannah & Thais (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "Don't forget, breathe!" Dannah buries her face deep inside Thais' hairy crotch, lapping pleasure into her open vagina. Thais pulls on Dannah's braid sinking her tongue even deeper into her opening as her orgasm builds. "I'm sorry sometimes I cry," Thais' body trembles all over as her orgasm passes from her body. Dannah tenderly wipes away the tears of release and kisses her glowing face.

    Thais runs her painted nails along Dannah's soft thigh and up the edge of her skirt. Pulling Dannah's leg across her own Thais squeezes the bare foot between her fingers before laying with Dannah's thigh between her legs so she can push her crotch onto the warm flesh, while sucking on Dannah's toes. Wiggling around on the bed, Thais pulls down Dannah's jumper, pinning her arms as she massages the exposed breasts, sicking on the swollen nipples. Laying back Thais uses her dextrous feet to massage Dannah's breasts before Dannah falls forwards and gives some pleasure of her own!

  • Fri 16th May 2014 Video masturbation: Ariel D | Intimate Moments

    Her natural wetness sticks her white knickers to her labia, giving a perfect camel toe. The sweet sound of her moist vagina, clicks under her touch. 

    'Today I do my first masturbation... you can join me if you like?!'. In the privacy of her own home, Ariel sets up her personal camera and does something she has never done before. Her hands slip inside her clothing and she stimulates her body. The bottom of her large breasts are visible up her jumper as she massages them. Her eyes look into the camera behind her glasses, as her pleasure builds.

  • Fri 16th May 2014 Nude girl: Lucie L (Video) | Solo

    Lucie's fingers pull at the hem of her dress, gradually raising it over her warm thighs. Her cotton knickers are visible upskirt, as her fingers reach for her intimate parts. 

    In a white summer dress, Lucie glides outdoors through the forest. Sitting on a bench, her fingers tease at her beautiful young body before she spins away down the path. Raising her dress, she slowly pulls down her knickers, the transparent lace of her dress offering glimpses of her perfect ass. Slowly she pulls off her clothing, revealing deep tan lines across white, full breasts.

  • Thu 15th May 2014 Lesbian sex: Dannah & Thais (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gripping her pert round bum, Dannah wraps her mouth around Thais' open wet vagina and thick full bush as she starts to make her partner writhe with  pleasure.
    Undressing each other they explore their bodies. Sucking on her fingers, Thais wets her hand as she starts to push her fingers into Dannah one by one until her whole fist is nearly inside! Dannah's face tenses and her mouth opens with pleasure.

  • Wed 14th May 2014 Nude girl: Lucie L (Stills) | Solo

    Squeezing together her large, pert breasts Lucie holds your gaze! The tan lines from her bra channel your vision down towards her slender body and smooth shaven vulva

    Undressing outdoors Lucie lays back, her breasts standing pert she runs her hands over them and down towards her wet, open vagina! Pushing her fingers in she tenses as the pleasure radiates through her body.

  • Tue 13th May 2014 Video masturbation: Justyna & Roxanne M | Intimate Moments

    "I've always wanted to do that..." Justyna presses her whole head between Roxanne's large breasts, feeling the warmth of her soft flesh closing around her face as she snuggles between them.
    Roxanne's natural L cup breasts are barely contained in her top as she leans forwards giggling. Pulling out their breasts to compare the color of their nipples, Justyna and Roxanne stimulate each other, their bodies creeping forwards till they are kissing. Before having her own small breasts licked, Justyna teases at Roxannes hard nipple with her bare foot, while she stimulates herself to orgasm.

  • Mon 12th May 2014 Backstage 422 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    "A little bit of boxing, a little bit of play fighting and forced nakedness from cheeky girls. This is a super cute shoot to show how girls can pretty much turn anything into a naked game," says Jacki, referring to Elsbeth & Nayomi's scene - one of twelve in this backstage collection. Check out the hot lesbian sex between Dahlia & Hayden, Dahlia & Gretchen, Hayden & Masie but also some naughty shots from a few intimate moments shoots.

  • Mon 12th May 2014 Nude girl: Demi (Video) | Solo

    "It was just this sweet high school kiss...very innocent". Pushing her incredible bottom high in the air, Demi wiggles around in doggy position. Her fingers tease at her underwear, pulling her thong so it starts to stimulate her vulva. Wiggling her bottom to find optimum pleasure, Demi pulls her underwear along her hairy crotch as she lies on the bed.
    "I have the biggest butt in the Netherlands!" Pulling up her tight shorts, Demi's round firm bottom barely snuggles its way into the fabric. Her hand runs across the tight material, which is stretched across her buttocks. Her hand slips into the back pocket to squeeze into the delicious flesh. Changing into a bright sun dress to show off her beautiful dark skin, Demi relaxes on the soft bed. Squirming around as she talks, Demi's warm thighs rub over one another, her panties visible upskirt as she teases at the pink bows on her bra.

  • Sun 11th May 2014 Nude girl: Demi (Stills) | Solo

    Pulling her panties up tight between her pert round bum, Demi shows off her perfect ass as she stretches on the bed.
    Undressing, she exposes her soft dark skin, firm breasts and dark pubic hair. Walking her fingers down her slender body, she spreads open her labia to show her pink wetness! Taking hold of her toy, she pushes it deep inside herself.

  • Sat 10th May 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Uma J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "You're so wet!" Mila exclaims, rubbing her excited vulva against Uma's. Resting her thigh against her partner's soft skin, she grasps her hand for some deep tribbing on the sofa!
    Two round bottoms wiggle together as Mila and Uma peep out the window, observing the world. Mila turns and stares at Uma's perfect ass, her dark thong visible through the light fabric of her skirt - where the slip has risen dangerously high. Careful not to smash their glasses together, they kiss. "Keep doing that," Mila murmurs into Uma's open pussy, lapping at her moist labia with her tongue as she begins to orgasm in 69 position. Her fingers grasp at Uma's pale skin as she climaxes, her fingers leaving temporary red prints on her warm thighs.

  • Fri 09th May 2014 Video masturbation: Irmina | Intimate Moments

    Irmina's perfect ass cheeks peep from the bottom of her shirt. Sucking gooey chocolate cake from her fingers takes her mind to other areas that are moist! 

    Bending forward to pick up her sock, Irmina's tight bottom stretches her underwear. With sweet, sticky fingers she slowly strips to reveal her small breasts, rubbing chocolate around her hard nipple. Getting turned on, her fingers fall to the hair between her legs, rubbing into her full bush. She stands in the kitchen and basks in the glow of her orgasm.

  • Fri 09th May 2014 Nude girl: Amabella (Video) | Solo

    Amabella talks in detail about her sexual growth into womanhood, sticky girl cum visible between her neat curling labia lips, as she sits naked on a bench.
    "I'm not elastic," bending down Amabella reaches for her toes, her breasts visible downblouse as she strains forwards. Next Amabella tries to kiss her pert small breasts, her delicate lips unable to reach the soft flesh bellow and her feminine fingers hiding her delicate bosom from view. Sliding her hands down, Amabella reveals her breasts with fading tan lines, she shows where she has protected the delicate skin from the harsh heat of the sun.

  • Thu 08th May 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Uma J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sucking on Uma's large breasts, Mila tastes the pale skin of her partner as she pushes her fingers deeper inside Uma's wet open vagina.
    Looking through their glasses both girls edge towards each other, Uma grabs Mila's hand an places it on the inside of her soft warm thigh, suggesting at what she wants. Locking their legs, they rub their vulvas together!

  • Thu 08th May 2014 Classy, elegant: Cleo (Video) | After Dark

    Brunette Cleo lets her red high heels come off as she slowly leaves the club.

    Her soft skin showing through her ripped fishnet stockings, she pulls her short dress off, touching her wet hairy vulva. She parts her labia and softly slides her fingers around the wet opening of her vagina as she lays on the ground.

  • Wed 07th May 2014 Nude girl: Amabella (Stills) | Solo

    Tanned, French Amabella undresses her slim body and exposes her pert breasts as she gazes seductively.
    Exploring her body, Amabella opens up her long legs to reveal her perfectly shaved vulva and the smooth contours of her bum and hips. While Amabella is having fun and enjoying herself, Misha even makes a surprise entrance to join in!

  • Tue 06th May 2014 Video masturbation: Kami & Zoey | Intimate Moments

    "We're reasonably clean for two dirty girls!" Kami runs an ice cube around her vulva before, as instructed, slowly inserting it inside her pink vagina! She wiggles around in happiness for several seconds before popping the ice cube back out into her hand.
    Kami and Zoey decide to get to know each other by playing a game of 'Truth or Dare'. Giggling Zoey wriggles her way free from her clothing, getting tangled up as she exposes her small breasts for the first time. Wearing only her hat and glasses, Zoey dares Kami to warm up her cold body with the heat of her own, snuggling happily together on the sofa. "Strip me naked using your teeth only!" Zoey pulls at Kami's clothing as ordered, her teeth pulling on Kami's knickers till the dark curls of her pubic hair are revealed.

  • Tue 06th May 2014 Classy, elegant: Cleo (Stills) | After Dark

    Follow Cleo in her tight, short silver dress as she seductively walks away in her heels.

    She leans backwards against the walls, in the dim light she draws closer and starts to undress. Her fishnet tights revealing her long legs, and a small thong underneath. Grabbing at her breasts she pushes them together, pinching at her erect nipples. Slipping off her tights and thong she runs her fingers through her long full bush, opening her legs wide on the steps and showing off her pink, wet vulva!

  • Mon 05th May 2014 Backstage 421 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Beautiful girls in their underwear giggling and having fun are always fun to see! In this collection of backstage check out Rose D,Scarlet, Fae C, Sahara, Chervana and Gina J.

  • Mon 05th May 2014 Nude girl: Lina (Video) | Solo

    Lina peeps down blouse at her own breasts as they are gently held in her bra; she traces the outline of her soft breasts in her sketch book.
    Lina lifts her arm and inhales the sweet scent of her armpit hair. Lifting her leg off the ground, Lina demonstrates some of the Yoga poses she knows by carefully balancing on one leg. Lina then squats down on the floor to show us her 'Art Nouveau' labia by turning her meaty lips into a variety of shapes and brushing her dark pubic hair gently between her fingers.
    With smiling eyes Lina tells us about her "Sexual Debut," describing the first time she penetrated herself with a dildo!

  • Sun 04th May 2014 Nude girl: Lina (Stills) | Solo

    Running her fingers through her thick black pubic hair, Lina spreads her labia wide, as she suggestively moves her fingers around her open vagina.
    Undressing her natural and hairy body, Lina exposes her full, pert breasts and tufts of dark underarm hair. Showing off her fun and open personality, Lina shares her talent for art and her favorite silver dildo!

  • Sat 03rd May 2014 Lesbian sex: Gloria & Sicilia (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Wrapping her long legs around Sicilia's slim, naked body, Gloria reaches around to grab her pert breasts. Pulling her tight against her skin, Gloria squeezes Sicilia's nipple as she moves her other hand down towards her perfectly shaved vulva.

    Rubbing the tips of her fingers over Sicilia's clitoris, Gloria starts to raise her to orgasm. Slipping her fingers inside Sicilia's wetness, Gloria brings her to orgasm as she nearly slips with the uncontrollable excitement. In the bath, on the window ledge, and down on the bathroom floor, they explore each other's svelte and toned bodies.

  • Fri 02nd May 2014 Video masturbation: Belen | Intimate Moments

    Listening to the natural sound of water running, Belen slips her hand into her tight shorts and starts to breathe heavily. 

    She touches her pert breasts and pulls her soaking wet panties off. Inserting her fingers inside herself, she moans and quivers from pleasure as she cums.

  • Fri 02nd May 2014 Nude girl: Alyssa R (Video) | Solo

    Alyssa R pulls down her pink, tight shorts to show off her perfect ass.

    Massaging her clitoris, she gets wet sliding her fingers between her labia. Wearing only her socks and woolen hat she parts her warm thighs and masturbates on the wooden floor.

  • Thu 01st May 2014 Lesbian sex: Gloria & Sicilia (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Exploring each other's toned, svelte, naked bodies, Gloria and Sicilia flirt - not being shy about what they want!
    Thin, wet fabric is all that hides Sicilia's pert breasts from Gloria's touch, and it doesn't take long for her to remove it! Grabbing Gloria's perfect ass Sicilia squeezes tightly. Licking and fingering her perfectly shaved vulva, Gloria pushes deep inside Sicilia as her vagina drips with her sweet, white wetness!

  • Wed 30th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Alyssa R (Stills) | Solo

    Undressing her slender, athletic body Alyssa effortlessly seduces as she moves around in the soft light from the roof top windows. 

    Slipping her pink denim hot pants over her perfectly formed bum she fully exposes her toned legs and trimmed patch of dark pubic hair. Running her hands over and down her body Alyssa explores her pink vulva as she pushes her fingers into her wetness.

  • Tue 29th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Adelle & Sileny | Intimate Moments

    Sexy Brunette Adelle masturbates on the kitchen table together with short hair blond Sileny. Adelle's pale skin turns Sileny on; feeling each others bodies, they talk about Sileny's immaculately shaved vulva and bring themselves towards stunning orgasms!

  • Mon 28th Apr 2014 Backstage 420 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Another hot backstage collection from 14 different scenes; from lesbian sex between Laura P & Masie, Gretchen & Laura P, Kandice & Marina M, to intimate moments with Rose D & Sahara and Lana M & Una.

    Walking around nude is natural for these babes, and the abbywinters.com backstage camera is always there picking up the peek-a-boos!

  • Mon 28th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Lila (Video) | Solo

    Lila's necklace slips from her neck, the chain dropping between her exposed breasts. Picking up the chain she runs the cool metal over her nipple, stimulating herself outside in the garden.
    Lila's white cotton knickers are visible upskirt as she settles herself on the wooden bench, her hands reaching to untie her light summer blouse. Coming up onto her knees in doggy position, Lila teases us with her perfect ass, her unique birthmark is visible as she wiggles her bottom up and down. Freeing herself of her "restrictive clothing", Lila slowly pulls on her meaty lips and opens up her pink vagina.

  • Sun 27th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Lila (Stills) | Solo

    Lila exposes her naked, pale body and small breasts as she undresses and moves around the outside garden patio.

    Pushing out her pert, round bum she runs her fingers over her long labia and blonde pubic hair. Spreading her vulva wide she looks back with her soft, seductive blue eyes and starts to slowly push her fingers deep inside herself.

  • Sat 26th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Janee & Maylin (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Maylin's dream was to have sex with another Asian woman, and we made that dream come true! Hot clear liquid gushes from between Maylin's legs as she has a second squirting orgasm, her body twitching as she gasps for breath on the orgasm soaked rug.
    Janee's panties are visible upskirt as she leans forwards, peeping at what Maylin is doing. Hesitantly they draw closer until they are brave enough to share their first kiss. Maylin carefully frees Janee's dark nipples from her bra, gently kissing them before laying Janee over the arm of the sofa arm to spank her firm buttocks.
    Laying Janee gently on her lap, Maylin drops kisses onto her small breasts, reaching up to feed her fingers into Janee's open mouth before rubbing them into her hairy crotch.

  • Fri 25th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Elva | Intimate Moments

    Elva's slender body twists on the sofa. Her face and chest grow flushed with the heat of her building orgasm, her smooth labia lips a hot pink, as the feeling rushes to her intimate parts. 

    Laid on the sofa, Elva teases at her flimsy pink t-shirt. Her nipples are visible through the light fabric as her hands tease up her top to stroke her toned stomach. Lifting her top even higher, Elva reveals her small breasts – which she massages between her hands. Her lace clad hips wriggle with her movements as she raises her legs straight above her to slip off her knickers.

  • Fri 25th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Maika (Video) | Solo

    The naked figure of Maika is visible over the rocks, as she washes her orgasm from between her legs in the river. Unseen by the passing cars Maika puts on her white shirt, her nipples still visibly hard under the fabric.
    "It feels so right being naked outside!" Slipping into the refreshing water Maika wades out till the water laps up between her legs, slowly wetting and then engulfing her full bush. Climbing back up onto the rocks Maika pees freely, enjoying the sexy shape the liquid makes as it trickles down the rock. Seeking the shade of a nearby tree she finally indulges in her toy, the white tan lines on her breasts, bouncing to the rhythm of her pleasure.

  • Thu 24th Apr 2014 Real life couple: Lila & Rafa (Video) | Girl-Boy

    "Do you wanna enter me?" Lila rubs her perfect ass invitingly onto her fiance's erection. Her milky skin looks even lighter as his dark penis pushes through the pale cheeks of her peachy bottom and into the warm pink of her vagina.
    Giggling on the bed, Lila and her fiance Rafa steal kisses from one another in the early morning sunlight. Slowly Rafa's steady fingers tease across Lila's pale skin, stroking her warm thighs and gently brushing over her pale pubic hair. Dropping kisses onto her breasts his finger slides down over her meaty lips, parting the beautiful curling labia, to rub circles into her exposed clitoris. Rafa's hands massage Lila's bottom while he penetrates her, the delicious sound of her dripping pussy filling the room and her natural wetness so loud that it's as if they are making love on a water bed.

  • Thu 24th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Janee & Maylin (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Maylin runs her fingers over Janee's stockings, up her long legs and around her pert naked bum. Peering over she licks her fingers and spreads Janee's wet, pink labia.

    Maylin openly said she's been fantasizing about having sex with another Asian woman, something she's wanted to do for a long time, and this is her chance! Fervidly undressing they explore each others bodies; Janee can't take her hands of Maylin's pert breasts and puffy nipples as they start to grind their bodies against each other.

  • Wed 23rd Apr 2014 Nude girl: Maika (Stills) | Solo

    Framed by the vivid greens of the outdoors, Maika undresses her tanned body and exposes her full breasts and thick pubic hair!
    Exploring her body by the river she spreads her labia to expose her pink wetness. Pushing her fingers deep inside, her body tenses as she pleasures herself in her favorite outdoor spot. Taking a drink directly from the clean river waters she then has to stop for a pee before she leaves.
    "I am so glad that I brought you here today, it makes my little river spot that much more special."

  • Tue 22nd Apr 2014 Real life couple: Lila & Rafa (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Pushing her pert bum into the air, her partner slides Lila's underwear to the side and spreads her wet, pink vagina with his fingers. Pushing back towards him, he slowly penetrates her as she grips the bedding.
    Showing their passion and affection for each other, this real-life couple share their sex life with us as they flirt, tease and pleasure each other. Lila sits on top of her partner, her slim, pale body inviting him to touch. Giving each other oral, 69 and multiple sex positions they both raise each other to orgasm!

  • Tue 22nd Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Gisela & Roxanne M | Intimate Moments

    Gisela hungrily eats into Roxanne's large breasts, her head disappearing between the soft fleshy mounds of her bosom. Roxanne lets her fingers slip between her legs, rubbing her dampening knickers into her crotch, while her breasts are stimulated.
    "Your nipples already get hard!" Tomato juice spills down Roxanne's front onto the top of her cleavage while the ladies eat, Gisela's hand instinctively reaching forwards to mop up the spill from the pale flesh. Smiling, the ladies expose their breasts, Gisela placing a slice of cucumber on her small breasts and balancing it on her hard nipples. As their conversation becomes more revealing, so do the ladies, until they are both fully exposing themselves - intimately kissing and moaning into one another mouths while touching their vaginas.

  • Mon 21st Apr 2014 Backstage 419 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Cheeky and sexy girls love having fun. Along with images from 9 scenes in, check out the making of Movie Night Girls.

    Take a peep at Twyla's full black, Asian pubic hair popping through her red tights while she prepares for her shoot. Some of the other babes in this backstage collection are Zoey, Alexis V, Nichole and Laura P.

  • Mon 21st Apr 2014 Nude girl: Landra (Video) | Solo

    Landra pulls upwards on her thong, the fabric burrowing between her moist labia lips, her perfect shave job becomes increasingly visible as the material sinks in deeper.  Landra then uses the fabric of her underwear to stimulate her crotch.
    "I like to feel hands on my body when I am having sex!" Landra's perfect ass jiggles up and down as she dances around the living room, her firm buttocks visible up the leg of her tight shorts. Her breasts are visible downblouse as she moves, her music player nestled between her soft breasts. Laid on the sofa, Landra looks up wide eyed through her glasses and tells us about herself.

  • Sun 20th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Landra (Stills) | Solo

    Looking over her thick rimmed glasses, Landra runs her hands down the inside of her soft thighs and opens her legs wide to reveal her perfectly smooth shaved vulva!
    Pulling the front of her underwear tight, her smooth labia press out the sides of the thin material. The curves of her pert bum drawing attention down towards her tight anus. Undressing her petite, pale body Landra explores her flexibility as she moves around the sofa and onto the floor.

  • Sat 19th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Noa (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "Wow, you're so wet!". Mila squirms on the bed as Noa rubs rapid circles into her swollen clit, her face flushing behind her glasses, as pleasure erupts from between her legs.
    "I'm not done yet", with a smile Noa presses Mila back down onto the bed, pulling her underwear aside, revealing her dark full bush. Using her fingers Noa delicately opens up Mila's labia lips, gaining easy access to Mila's most intimate area. "Kiss my clit!" says Mila. Ripping off their clothing, Noa and Mila lock legs, Noa's face flushes pink as they grind their sodden crotches together - tribbing on the bed.

  • Fri 18th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Uma J | Intimate Moments

    "I am going to be imagining one of my favorite things..." says Pale skinned Uma J while she spits in her hand. 

    She talks about how she likes to masturbate and goes on to say, "I will masturbate to that and i want you to masturbate watching me." Turning around, she sticks her perfect ass out kneeling on her chair. As she reaches orgasm, her muscles contract.

  • Fri 18th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Claudia S (Video) | Solo

    "They're small but they are pretty!" Claudia's fingers rub over her bra, her nipples visible through the thin fabric. Slowly she reveals her small breasts, pushing them together between her fingers. 

    "I like that I am a random person," wiggling around the table, Claudia's knickers are visible upskirt. Her peachy bottom is emphasized by her form hugging knickers, which stick to her crotch as she moves. Slowly, she reveals more of her pale skin, her soft legs rubbing together as she teases out each moment. Bent forwards in doggy position, she describes her orgasm, her bare feet shaking as she shows us what will happen - "I tremble!"

  • Thu 17th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Noa (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pulling Mila's underwear to the side, Noa then presses her mouth against Mila's wet vagina and thick full bush.

    Holding onto each other's slender pale bodies, they begin to explore, Mila grabs and sucks on Noa's pert breasts as they undress. Fingering and licking, they raise each other to orgasm!

  • Wed 16th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Claudia S (Stills) | Solo

    Claudia S brushes her long hair in her short tight skirt, flashing her bum as she pulls her skirt up. As Claudia is touches her small breasts, she playfully reveals a surprise: her immaculate vulva, bare from hair. 

    Wet and warm, she slides her fingers inside. 

  • Tue 15th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Gretchen & Lotte | Intimate Moments

    Lotte looks up at Gretchen's open legs, watching her stimulate her vagina, as she stands naked above her. Gretchen's whole body shudders with her orgasm and as she shakes, Lotte gently plants a soft kiss on her thigh.
    Gretchen bends forward to straighten the mat on the kitchen floor, her tight skirt stretching across her perfect ass as she moves. "Help yourself, all is yours!" says Gretchen as she invites Lotte to reach out and cup her full breasts, feeling the weight and shape through her clothing. As Gretchen's skirt slides down her legs, it becomes clear she has not been wearing any knickers as the soft tufts of her pubic hair peep out from bellow her long t-shirt. Sinking to her knees, Gretchen strokes Lotte's pale skin, inviting her to touch her pink nipples and soft breasts before they both stimulate themselves to orgasm.

  • Mon 14th Apr 2014 Backstage 418 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Another great opportunity to see how the abbywinters.com girls enjoy themselves behind the cameras. 

    This backstage collection features 19 models across 25 shoots. "Legs for days, movie star smile, and a coy flirtatiousness that will be sure to win you over," says Jacki after Adelle's shoot.

  • Mon 14th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Yara (Video) | Solo

    Yara's round bottom sways as she dances on top of the table, with bare feet. Next, leaning forwards in doggy position, Yara jiggles her perfect ass from side to side - demonstrating how she likes to be taken from behind!
    Smiling shyly behind her glasses, Yara shows us her musical talents. Slowly, she unbuttons the top of her dress, her ripe breasts visible underneath. Her hands tease over her pert boobs, and slowly, Yara reveals more of herself till she is fully naked. Picking up her accordion, the folds of the instrument brush against her bare nipples. Yara opens up her meaty lips, exposing her neat pink clit, while explaining how she likes it to be touched.

  • Sun 13th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Yara (Stills) | Solo

    Bending over the table Yara spreads her meaty labia with her fingers, exposing the soft pink wetness between.
    Flirting and teasing as she undresses her petite body, Yara glances seductively whilst she removes her clothing. She isn't getting naked fast enough, as Mila unexpectedly runs in and pulls down her dress and underwear!
    Musical and unique Yara shows off her full bush and underarm hair as she stretches out her taut body.

  • Sat 12th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Sasha M & Twyla (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Sasha pushes the warm thighs of her partner aside, submerging her whole face into Twyla's dark full bush. Inserting her fingers she stimulates Twyla to an intense squirting orgasm!
    Twyla takes her partner from behind, sliding her hands over Sasha's small breasts. Pushing her hands further down, she reaches her partner's crotch and slaps her pussy several times. In a passionate embrace Twyla's glasses are pressed into her face, as she continues to reaches for Sasha's crotch. Finally Twyla's fingers slip from Sasha's pussy and into her mouth, where she sucks off her natural wetness

  • Fri 11th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Zaira (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Sitting at her computer desk, long legged Zaira feels her soft dark skin as she parts her knees slowly.

    She rubs her hairy vulva and moans from pleasure as she orgasms in front of her computer screen. 

  • Fri 11th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Tahlia J (Video) | Solo

    Tahlia's lace thong parts her hairy labia lips, sinking into the moist pinkness of her excited vagina. Her young breasts vibrate with the rhythm of her hand as it rubs pleasure between her legs. 

    "I would describe myself as a sexual... shy but also extremely confident...Australian!" Unbuttoning the top button of her waistcoat, Tahlia's breasts are visible down blouse. Smiling. she tells us about her life, her breasts tantalizingly covered by the swinging fabric of her open top. "I feel like I'm on a talk show!" Sitting backwards on a chair, Tahlia lets her breasts drop into view, her boobs jiggling up and down as she giggles.

  • Thu 10th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Sasha M & Twyla (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Asian Twyla pinches and pulls Sasha's small breasts and puffy nipples as she leans her naked body in between her legs.

    Sasha, on all fours, guides her partner’s fingers into her open, wet vagina. Twyla pushes her fingers deep inside her, making her body arch with the pleasure. Twyla takes advantage of being behind Sasha's pert, round bum by spanking her hard! Then slipping between each other’s legs, they press their vulvas together and lock eyes - tribbing -  they push and pull each other closer to orgasm!

  • Thu 10th Apr 2014 Classy, elegant: Navah (Video) | After Dark

    Stroking the feathers of the fan around the curves of her naked body, Navah stares intensely at the camera. Her gaze is effortlessly seductive!

    Peeking out through the dark shadows, she lays undressed on the armchair. She spreads her legs wide, resting them on the arms. Fully exposed, she explores the long thick hairs of her full bush.

  • Wed 09th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Tahlia J (Stills) | Solo

    Pale skinned Tahlia J rubs her vulva with her headphones cable while listening to music. 

    She takes off her jeans, showing off her sexy bum, and opens her leg to slide her fingers inside her hairy pussy.

  • Tue 08th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Marietta & Rosa M | Intimate Moments

    "I've always wanted to do yoga naked..." bending forward Marietta pulls her leg open, her dark full bush visible between her legs as she stretches. Rosa watches Marietta's toned body in awe, preparing to copy the movement.
    Illuminated by the sun from the window, Marietta teaches Rosa some yoga. Bending her flexible body, she demonstrates each move before guiding Rosa through the complicated stretches. Bending forwards their heads almost touch, Rosa smiling at Marietta when she catches her eye. Growing hot Marietta pulls off her t-shirt, revealing her flat muscular tummy. Rosa bends forwards into the 'downward dog', her pink panties visible as she bends. Dropping down into the 'high plank', the curves of her buttocks are revealed as her dress rides even higher up her back.

  • Tue 08th Apr 2014 Classy, elegant: Navah (Stills) | After Dark

    Sultry Navah peeks out from behind the black feather fan that covers all but her seductive, smokey eyes

    Hinting and teasing she slowly explores and undresses her petite body. Peeling off her clothing, she exposes her small breasts and erect nipples. Running her finger around the edge of her underwear she pulls it to one side. Her full bush revealed, she plays and twists the long dark strands that surround her pink wet vulva!

  • Mon 07th Apr 2014 Backstage 417 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    20 healthy, vibrant, young girls prepare to for a fitball workout. Tight tank tops and shorts reveal thigh muscles contracting, boobs jiggling and bums wiggling. 

    Also in this collection are snaps from 14 other scenes, including Elisabeta , Gretchen, Madison Y, Masie, Satine, and more.

  • Mon 07th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Caity (Video) | Solo

    Caity's hands pull at the threadbare ends of her tight jean shorts while she leans against the kitchen counter, her hands resting on her warm young thighs.
    Teasing up her t shirt, Caity's hands massage into her bra. Freeing her pert breasts to show the pink areola, she leans forwards and gently licks her hardening nipple. Wiggling from her shorts, the outline of her labia is visible in a perfect camel toe. Naked, she climbs onto the counter top and spreads open her labia to pee in the sink.

  • Sun 06th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Caity (Stills) | Solo

    Spreading her pink labia with her fingers Caity exposes the beautiful wet interior of her open vagina.
    Kneeling on her kitchen worktop she grabs her bum and pulls at her pert round cheeks, peering back over her shoulder Caity gives a suggestive grin! Naked and obviously feeling horny and intrigued by her own body she bends and twist, pulls her foot to her mouth to bite her toe, and grabs her pert breasts, pulling her nipple towards her tongue for a lick!

  • Sat 05th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Maylin & Uma J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Maylin grips Uma's willing hand, driving it between her own legs, as clear liquid squirts from her dripping vagina. Uma rubs her wet fingers over Maylin's face, kissing deeply into her open mouth.
    Uma's fingers gently hold Maylin's tiny foot, massaging it between her hands. Slowly she peels Maylin's long sock down, her eyes taking in each new inch of soft flesh as it is uncovered. In a brave flash, Uma reaches up to kiss Maylin's lips, sending them deep into each others arms. Holding hands, the ladies lock legs, drawing their warm crotches together, tribbing naked on the bed.

  • Fri 04th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Amber L | Intimate Moments

    A torrent of vaginal liquid squirts from between Amber's legs, echoing around the shower as it spills onto the tiles. 

    Amber pulls her dress over her sexy curves, revealing her hour glass figure. Her hands stretch up as she washes her hair, making her breasts bounce and jiggle with her movements. Using more shampoo she rubs into her dark full bush, till it it is frothy and white. Only when her body is clean does she put her flexible leg on the side of the cubicle and start to sexually explore her body.

  • Fri 04th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Immie (Video) | Solo

    Immies crotch is slightly damp from the heat of the day; a small wet patch visible on her knickers, revealing the curls of her full bush beneath the fabric. 

    Immie lets the tall grass tickle her skin as she walks outdoors through the field. She takes in the nature around her before selecting a blade of grass and putting it to her lips. She blows. Her natural armpit hair is visible as her finger reaches for the zip of her dress to unwrap her soft skin.

  • Thu 03rd Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Maylin & Uma J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Lifting Uma's legs up Maylin spreads her pink vulva with her fingers and pushes her tongue into her open wetness, flicking the tip over her sensitive clitoris.
    Looking over her glasses, red-headed Uma pulls back Maylin's hair; Maylin pushes her bum out, asking Uma to penetrate her. Keeping eye contact, Uma licks her fingers and slides them deep into Maylin, making her mouth gape open with the pleasure.

  • Wed 02nd Apr 2014 Nude girl: Immie (Stills) | Solo

    Undressing her tall slim body, Immie stands nestled between the lush green of the trees. 

    Slipping off her beautifully summer dress, she exposes her small breasts and pert round bum. Running her hands over her flat stomach and pulling her white panties to the side, she slowly pushes her fingers through her full bush and towards her wet vulva!

  • Tue 01st Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Gia & Lucie L | Intimate Moments

    Their hands squeeze at their partners’ breasts, as orgasmic waves rip through their naked bodies. Each young woman rubs into her exposed vulva with her spare hand; whilst standing against a tree, they intimately touch.

    Lucie's white dress swings as she leans against the tree talking with Gia. The bottom half of the dress is transparent, offering tantalizing flashes of her soft thighs. Gia's fingers tease Lucie's dress lower, revealing startling white tan lines. With a second tug, a smiling Lucie bares her large breasts and quickly encourages Gia to strip off as well, exposing a dark full bush between her legs!

  • Mon 31st Mar 2014 Backstage 416 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    13 models across 13 shoots are featured in this week's backstage set. Beautiful nude models under a colorful sky feature in sunset girls; MichaelaJanie, Laura P, Renata, and Antonella all get wet. 

    Also behind the scenes, Blossom & Elizabeth S masturbate together for their masturbation shoot. 'Totally hot. At the bar, sensual all over', says Jacki, referring to Willow's After Dark scene!

  • Mon 31st Mar 2014 Nude girl: Maylin (Video) | Solo

    Moaning gently, Maylin lets the waves of her orgasm pass through her small body before her fingers slip to her vagina again, her insatiable needs still un-quenched. Pressing on her G-spot she is rewarded with two large squirting eruptions!
    Cute Asian Maylin shows off her flexible small body, her bare breasts visible down blouse as she reaches forwards. Slipping from her t-shirt she pulls the straps of her shorts over her breasts, like braces, teasing her nipples with the strips of material before massaging them between her tiny fingers. Slipping free of her shorts Maylin pulls her full bottom briefs high into her body to form a revealing camel toe, her neat black pubic hair visible at the edges of her panties.

  • Sun 30th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Maylin (Stills) | Solo

    Asian Maylin's pert young breasts push past the straps of her cute denim dungarees as she starts to undress her petite body.
    On her back she slips her fingers inside her underwear and surprises by pulling out her little toy that has been in there whole time! Reaching her her other favorite toy she presses it against her open vagina, slowly pushing it inside herself until only the string is left sticking out.

  • Sat 29th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Sasha M (Video) | Girl-Girl

    'Can I take your underwear off?' Sasha gently pulls down Mila's knickers, exposing her dark full bush. Smiling shyly behind her glasses Mila opens her legs for another woman, for the very first time.
    'I'm usually a lot smoother than this!' nervously hiding behind some beautiful puns, Sasha massages Mila's bare feet and seeks a means of getting closer to her new friend. Mila reveals she has never had sex with another lady, her lips tantalizingly close to Sasha's as she confesses. Kissing for the first time they begin to explore each others very different sexual needs, learning a great deal from each other as they each learn how to pleasure in a new way.

  • Fri 28th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Mina | Intimate Moments

    Mina's large breasts spill from her dress, their round tops firm and high as she sinks a pen into the flesh, testing the sensation on her skin. 

    With the light from the window illuminating her feminine body, Mina explores her senses. Using a pen, she teases at her nipple through the fabric of her dress, slowly warming her body up for more. With her bare foot resting on the window ledge, she slips from her dress, running her hands over her soft thighs and sinking them inside her underwear.

  • Fri 28th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Janee (Video) | Solo

    Janee crawls up the outside steps of the cabin, her perfect ass wiggling with her movements. Her panties are visible upskirt, a small damp spot on the crotch revealing her growing excitement.
    Teasing up her skirt Janee mounts the bicycle, letting her naked bottom rub against the padded seat. Slipping lower she rubs her exposed vulva on the cross bar of the bike, her labia lips parting to curl around the cold metal as she slides along it. Inside she demonstrates how she keeps her bottom in such perfect shape, gently raising up and down doing naked squats.

  • Thu 27th Mar 2014 Real life couple: Alida & Brian (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Alida's breasts spin as she is penetrated in doggy position by her husband. Alida collapses forwards onto her pillow, moaning in pleasure, as her husbands thrusts jiggle her peachy ass in rhythm with their movements.
    Alida kisses into her husbands neck, her nipples visibly excited through her tight dress. Reaching forwards to place her glasses on the side, Alida's panties are visible upskirt, her thong buried between the two round cheeks of her bottom. Her bullet hard nipple brushes Brian's thigh as she kisses his hardening penis, before she moans onto his erection while they both enjoy 69.

  • Thu 27th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Sasha M (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Laying underneath Sahsa, Mila pulls her pert bum onto her face, her tongue running around Sasha's labia. Pulling and sucking at them as she tries to make her squirm on top of her.
    Looking over her tick rimmed glasses Mila hints at what she wants from Sasha. Undressing Sasha exposes Mila's beautiful pert breasts and full bush. Kissing her naked skin Sasha starts to explore further!

  • Wed 26th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Janee (Stills) | Solo

    Asian Janee undresses her slender body amongst the lush greens of the garden, hiding amongst the washing she exposes her full bush and small pert breasts.
    Pulling her pink labia apart she pushes her fingers inside herself. Laying on her back she rests her legs above her head and spreads her bum as she starts to press her fingers deeper.

  • Tue 25th Mar 2014 Real life couple: Alida & Brian (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Pushing her lips against the tip of her partners penis, Alida looks up at him as she pulls off his underwear and slips her mouth around his erection.
    This real life couple shows us their passion for each other and how they love to have sex, flirt and pleasure! Undressing each other they move from position to position. Laying on her back Alida lifts her leg onto Brian's shoulder as he pushes deeper inside her. Her mouth open wide and arms up high Alida's body tenses as she reaches orgasm!

  • Tue 25th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Saskia & Tahlia J | Intimate Moments

    'Maybe you can show me how you come?' Saskia and Tahlia's knees gently bump together as their naked bodies splash around in the bath tub. Running her fingers along her perfect shave job, Saskia demonstrates how she stimulates herself in private, giggling as her long legs slip from beneath her, sending her sliding back into the water.
    'What do you do in a bath?' Saskia reaches for a towel to wipe the water splashes from her glasses. In a sea of rubber ducks Tahlia and Saskia share intimate stories, questioning one another about how they like to masturbate. Despite the warm water, Saskia's nipples grow hard on her small breasts, as she shares an intimate story with Tahlia. Rising from the water they masturbate, Tahlia looking up at Saskia while rubbing into her full bush.

  • Mon 24th Mar 2014 Backstage 415 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    In this weeks backstage set boobies jiggling around while Lynley, Hayley, Angie, Leiko and Hayden are absorbed in the action shooting video game girls

    Also we have some fun images behind the scenes from Angie's AfterDark shoot and Ravenna's solo.

  • Mon 24th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Caisa (Video) | Solo

    Blonde Caisa parts her warm thighs and slowly slides her fingers inside her hairy vulva, as she talks about her sexual personality. With her legs wide open she teases herself and giggles until her breathing becomes faster and squeezing her beautiful breasts she orgasms again. Wait! again? so how many times do we see her masturbate..?

  • Sun 23rd Mar 2014 Nude girl: Caisa (Stills) | Solo

    Pulling her skirt up slowly Caisa shows off her perfect bum as she crawls on the bed. What is she hiding in her Bra? 

    Undoing the little bows on her knickers she reveals her warm bum cheeks but, pinching and stretching her meaty labia Caisa gets turned on and slides her fingers inside herself which makes her squirm.

  • Sat 22nd Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Janee & Lulu (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Janee inhales Lulu's sweet personal scent off her panties, pressing the warmth of the crotch to her nose while she looks down at the exposed full bush bellow her.
    'You don't think I'm that naughty do you?' Lulu grabs Janee's bottom, spanking it playfully over her nylons as they make out on the sofa. Lulu spanks Janees round bottom in 69 position, rubbing her wet vagina onto her face, as she moans with orgasmic satisfaction under Janee's delicate touch.

  • Fri 21st Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Gia (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Gia's fingers tease at her shirt, massaging her firm breast through the fabric. Her hand reaches inside, teasing at her nipples as her excitement builds. 

    With the sun reflecting off the water beside her, Gia finds shelter in the shade of a tree. She quenches her thirst, her sticky knickers just visible upskirt as she rests. Her fingers trace across her top, letting in the warm breeze as she exposes her breasts. Her fingers drop lower and soon she is exploring her full bush outdoors, in nature.

  • Fri 21st Mar 2014 Nude girl: Kami (Video) | Solo

    Kami's breath peaks in excited gasps, nearly blowing out the candle which she is dripping over her chest. Red wax dribbles over her large nipples, encasing then in warm heat, while her fingers flex deep inside her vulva.
    Wiggling her shoulder blades to get comfortable in her flexible stretch, Kami reaches back up, her small breasts visible downblouse as she moves. Stretching out her toned body Kami bends forwards, pushing her wonderfully round ass backwards in many spank able poses! Reaching around she exposes her neat anus and reveals her love of anal pleasure.

  • Thu 20th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Janee & Lulu (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    With her hands spreading Asian Janee's bum cheeks wide, Lulu pushes her tongue deeper into hairy vulva.
    Flirting and exploring each others bodies they passionately kiss. Undressing and pulling away clothes they lick, kiss, suck and finger each other until they both reach orgasm!

  • Wed 19th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Kami (Stills) | Solo

    Kami's naked body tenses as she drips the hot wax around her open pink vulva! The heat heightening her senses and making her squirm on the table.
    Showing her enviable flexibility Kami lays backwards over the sofa, her legs spread wide either side of her, and her labia pushing against the tight material of her underwear.
    Moving positions in the room she demonstrates how limber she really is, and with every suggestively sultry look she draws in closer.

  • Tue 18th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Adelle & Twyla | Intimate Moments

    'Hold me!' Twyla's legs buckle beneath her as she orgasms, her body collapsing down onto Adelle. She looks up to her partner, kissing her deeply on the lips. 

    'I'm going to make you take off your clothing very soon'. Twyla pulls Adelle towards her by her belt, their glasses almost touching as she slowly pulls Adelle's crotch onto her well placed knee, stimulating her through her clothing. 

    Twyla pops one of Adelle's long delicate fingers into her mouth, sucking on it as Adelle's other fingers rub into her own pubic hair. With reluctance Twyla lets the finger slip from her mouth so she can take off her own knickers, revealing her dark full bush

    'How wet are you now? ..... can I suck your fingers again

  • Mon 17th Mar 2014 Backstage 414 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    In this backstage beautiful models as always enjoying themselves behind the scenes shooting for abbywinters.com 

    This weeks backstage includes Roxy's, Nadja's, Klaudia's After Dark shoots but also Iveta & Lynley's wet and sexy moments in their lesbian sex shoot.

  • Mon 17th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Gloria (Video) | Solo

    Gloria's tight anus pulses as she bends forwards, her knickers pulled down from her perfect ass to rest at the top of her thighs. Pulling back her knickers she drops to her hands to do push ups. 'I'm going to make my ass 'pompa!' 

    Gloria glows with happiness as she slowly unwraps her slender body. The sun from the window highlights the toned lines on her flat stomach, her small breasts first visible from under her bra as she lifts up her arms. Her fingers brush at her underwear, which clings tight to her warm crotch. Rubbing into the fabric her fingers star to tease at something inside. 

  • Sun 16th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Gloria (Stills) | Solo

    Pulling down her panties Gloria has a surprise hidden inside her immaculate shaved vulva bare of hair. 

    Moving around in different positions she shows off her perfect ass and long legs but does not miss the chance to insert a toy into her clean and lick-able anus. This dark haired and fair skin girl is so playful she uses her knitted top to tease her nipples letting them poke out of the wholes as they get hard.

  • Sat 15th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Lulu & Noa (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Noa humps Lulu's warm thigh, a damp spot visible on the crotch of her knickers. Lulu opens her legs, her dark full bush rubbing against the cotton of Noa's knickers, while they are tribbing on the floor.
    Lulu breathes into the back of Noa's neck as she wraps the tape measure across her waist, letting her face press into the warm of her neck. Slipping away, she pulls the tape around Noa's breasts, want sparkling in her eyes. On her knees Lulu pulls down Noa's panty hose, kissing the stray pubic hairs on the side. Sucking on Noa's knickers, Lulu delights in teasing gasping breaths from her quivering body, Noa's pale skin flushing pink as she orgasms.

  • Fri 14th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Lona | Intimate Moments

    Lona's fingers rub into her pubic hair sending ripples across her full breasts. The sound of her natural wetness echos around the room, as her fingers disappear into her opening. 

    Laying on the sofa, Lona's fingers tease through her long hair. Her breasts push together slightly as she brushes her hair, her knickers visible upskirt as she works. Slowly she removes her clothing to reveal her pale skin, her nipples already hard and excited under her bra as she removes it. Nude, she lays back and spreads her labia apart, sliding the handle of her hair brush deep inside herself building to foot twitching orgasm.

  • Fri 14th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Ren (Video) | Solo

    Walking through the lush green outdoors, Ren stops to take some photos and appreciate the quiet. 

    Realizing that she's all alone in nature she takes the opportunity to indulge herself in some outdoor play! Slipping her hands inside her short denim hot pants she leans against a tree, rubbing her clitoris. Unbuttoning her top she grabs her breasts as she starts to masturbate

    After her first intense orgasm Ren moves into a more private area where she fully undresses and starts to go for round 2!

  • Thu 13th Mar 2014 Classy, elegant: Irena (Video) | After Dark

    Irena's bra pushes out through a gap in her skirt, hinting at the breasts that lay beneath. Her breasts are pale with pink nipples, her hands will tease over them, feeling their shape. 

    Dressed in a long skirt and panty hose, Irena teases at her legs. Her fingers ripple across the fabric of her nylons the intoxicating sound filling the empty room. Laying on her back she pulls at her tights, letting the fabric slip down to reveal the bare skin of her legs. Her bare feet rub across the tops of her warm thighs as she plays with her nylons across her pale breasts.

  • Thu 13th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Lulu & Noa (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pushing her long tongue deeper into Noa's pink, wet vagina Lulu keeps her hands firmly gripped around Noa's pert bum, as she starts to bring her to orgasm.
    Starting off together they innocently flirt and faint kisses at one another. Lulu then seductively runs her mouth, lips and tongue around Noa's pale skin. Breezing over her shoulders and neck, hinting at what she wants. Undressing each other they fervidly explore one another!

  • Wed 12th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Ren (Stills) | Solo

    Pale skin Ren undresses to masturbate while taking a walk in the park. Groping her large breasts she gets really turned on, revealing her natural full bush while she slides her hands into her panties

    Ren pulls her bra to the side and squeezes her breasts getting nude outdoor and opens her legs flashing her meaty lips pulling them and stretching them.

  • Tue 11th Mar 2014 Classy, elegant: Irena (Stills) | After Dark

    Running her fingers up her tights Irena pulls at the thin nylon, hinting at exposing the smooth pale skin beneath.

    Looking up through her brunette hair she starts to undress... slowly revealing her breasts she moves towards the camera. Moving her attention towards herself once more Irena pulls of her tights fully, and opening her legs legs shows off her smooth shaved vulva!

  • Tue 11th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Latisha & Lucie L | Intimate Moments

    Latisha watches as Lucie exposes her large pert breasts from under her white dress.
    Talking about their sexual fantasies and fascinations with other women's bodies they watch each other as they start to masturbate. Describing the feeling and differences between their two contrasting bodies they both reach orgasm!

  • Mon 10th Mar 2014 Backstage 413 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Another super sexy image set with the beautiful models joking and teasing each other behind the cameras, but the Abbywinters.com backstage lens picks up all the deliciously sexy and natural moments. Some of the models that appear in this set is Rosanna, Dolly, Catrinia, Allison, Everette, Meagan K, Jenni, Joannie and Leiko. Some Indoor and some outdoor shoots where the girls love to walk around half nude, so here we get a peak behind the lights and equipment.

  • Mon 10th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Alida (Video) | Solo

    Alida's smooth long legs slide over each other as she lays on the sofa. Her firm bottom moves from side to side as her thighs work up and down, the crotch of her pink underwear just visible between her legs.
    Alida adds the finishing touches to her drawing, her pen teasing across her bottom lip, slipping inside her mouth, as she studies her work. Standing up she wiggles out of her panty hose, her perfect ass fully visible as she bends forwards over the sofa. Her hands grasp her firm bottom, pulling open the cheeks to expose her neat anus and the delicate pink inside her vulva.

  • Sun 09th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Alida (Stills) | Solo

    Lifting up her long slender legs, Alida pushes out her round bum as she slips off her tights.
    Laying arched over the sofa she shows off her svelte figure and pert breasts. Running her hands over her smooth body, she feels around the soft labia with her fingers, moving them inside her labia she pulls them out to expose her open wet vulva and pink, open vagina.

  • Sat 08th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Amaya M & Bisera (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Amaya's thighs press into Bisera's head as she straddles her face sitting onto her tongue. 'I wanna see your face', flicking her red hair, Amaya turns around to look deep into Bisera's excited eyes while she tastes her exposed vulva. 

    Bisera kisses into Amaya's warm thigh while she receives a tender massage on her kissable neck and shoulders. Their bodies tangling together as they press ever closer on the sofa, pushing into one another s soft young flesh. Bisera's fingers slip inside Amaya's top, teasing at her breasts. Freeing a pink nipple she pops it into her mouth, suckling on it till she draws gasps from Amaya! Bisera rubs her own breasts into the pale skin of Amaya's face, till she opens up her small mouth and takes her nipple inside

  • Fri 07th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Renae D | Intimate Moments

    Red pubes frame Renae's vulva, the sticky clicks of her natural wetness filling the air, as she inserts her fingers. 

    The light from the window drops a gentle pool of light onto the tops of her breasts and her fingers tease at the neck line of her dress. Agonizing seconds pass, as she undoes each button slowly, and slips a hand inside to her inverted nipple. Reaching into her bag she pulls out her toy and not only stimulates her red full bush but also her anus

  • Fri 07th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Lotte (Video) | Solo

    Lotte's ripe young breasts are visible down blouse as she teases at the fabric of her top, looking up into the camera with innocent eyes.
    Lotte's breast are barley contained in her tight t shirt as she wriggles from the bed to floor. Crawling back up to the bed, she explores her body, her hands teasing across her pale skin. Spreading open her bottom, Lotte inserts one finger into her anus and a second inside her vagina before bring herself to an anal orgasm.

  • Thu 06th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Amaya M & Bisera (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Slim brunette Bisera bites on Amaya m'a nipples running her fingers on her pale thighs. Amaya sits on Bisera's face in a sixty nine position and gently slides one finger inside her immaculate shaved vulva. pulling her leggings tight up against her pussy Bisera's lovely thigh gap is accentuated after a playful "hair curling" session.

  • Wed 05th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Lotte (Stills) | Solo

    Lotte's breasts hang over the side of the bed as she leans over to search her bag for her her vibrating toothbrush. Grabbing hold of it she returns to the soft bed to lay back suggestively,rubbing the sides of her vulva she pushes the handle of the brush inside...
    Peeking through her glasses Lotte explores her breasts as she releases them from her purple bra. Her fingers moving gently around her pale pink nipples she begins to play to her urges. Laying on her back she lifts her legs into the air and slips off her underwear to expose her trimmed bush of dark pubes around her pink vulva.

  • Tue 04th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Bisera & Juliette M | Intimate Moments

    'You like that?' Juliette pops Bisera's small nipple into her mouth, suckling on it till Bisera moans her answer. The whites of Julette's eyes sparkle behind her glasses as she witnesses Bisera orgasm. 

    Juliette's soft tummy is visible between her form fitting trousers and her cropped top. The suggestive text she is reading stirs her feelings and she instantly starts to flirt with Bisera. Leaning in she breaths in her scent, kissing first her lips and then her neck, 'I can't keep my hands off you!' Juliette's fingers slip insider her own transparent knickers, her dark pubic hair visible between her legs as she touches herself.

  • Mon 03rd Mar 2014 Backstage 412 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Sexy models half nude enjoying the shooting day and we get a peak behind the scenes. 

    'two new models, Iveta's first ever time with a lady! Much to see in this one.' describes Jacki after Iveta & Tamra' s shoot. this backstage set features also Rachel S, Ela, Navah, Dana B, Gypsy and some After dark shoots. 


  • Mon 03rd Mar 2014 Nude girl: Emilie S (Video) | Solo

    Creamy girl cum oozes from the dark labia lips of Emilie, as she pulls out her fingers. Her Asian skin is tanned in contrast to the hot pink of her vagina, as she searches for her orgasm.
    Emilie moves her legs, a hint of her cotton panties visible up-skirt as she rests on the edge of the bath. Flicking her long hair over her shoulders, Emilie teases up the hem of her dress, revealing the toned lines of her flat tummy and the two small mounds that make up the bottom of her boobs. Smiling she reveals her small breasts, her fingers stimulating her hardening nipples as she applies lotion to her body.

  • Sun 02nd Mar 2014 Nude girl: Emilie S (Stills) | Solo

    After her beautifully introvert orgasm, Asian Emilie slides her pink dildo out of her smooth vulva, letting her wet, white girl-cum flow out from inside her vagina. Feeling her wetness Emilie rests satisfied back against the wall.
    Looking out from beneath her brunette fringe Emilie lifts her tight t-shirt to reveal her small breasts and brown nipples, pushing her breasts together with her arms she glances back seductively, and moves her hands down towards her shorts...

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