• Wed 22nd Mar 2017 Nude girl: Felicia (Stills) | Solo

    Taking off her wet top, Felicia rolls over her exercise ball, pressing her breasts against it as her round bum moves up and down inside her tight yoga pants.

    Laying down on the floor, Felicia continues to undress and spreading her legs wide apart, displays her extreme flexibility as her dark full bush becomes visible through the sides of her lace pantiesCompletely naked, Felicia continues her stretching routine, opening her legs wide, as her hands aim towards her vulva, spreading her labia apart and pulling it aside exposing herself in numerous ways as she smiles seductively.

  • Tue 21st Mar 2017 Video masturbation: Alexandra & Victoria J (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Aussie Alexandra and slender Victoria sit on the couch and sharing explicit stories with each other. Getting turned on, the girls starts touching their pussies underneath their knickers. 

    Getting topless, the girls compares breasts. "We have very similar nipples.” Taking their panties off, the girls play with their hairy pussies before Victoria grabs her sex toy to please her clit as they masturbate to orgasm.

  • Mon 20th Mar 2017 Nude girl: Lexi B (Video) | Solo

    Aussie Lexi takes her shirt off and plays with her pert breasts under her white bra. Turning around, she takes her shorts off and plays with her pussy under the white knickers. "I get turned on because I keep touching myself.”

    "I can get very funny camel toe when I wear my pants.” Lifting her pants, she shows off her camel toe. Takes her clothes off, she opens her meaty lips and touches her clit before getting her sex toy and inserts it into her shaved pussy. 

  • Sun 19th Mar 2017 Nude girl: Lexi B (Stills) | Solo

    Bending over the counter in her tight short shorts, Lexi's firm bum moves as she swivels the weight from one side to another. Turning around, her short top, let's the smooth skin of her belly uncovered, and slowly taking it off, Lexi reveals her lace bra covering her pert breasts. 

    Turning around, Lexi slowly slides down her panties down her long legs, exposing her round bum and her perfectly shaved vulva. Wearing nothing but her white girly socks, Lexi moves to the couch and raising her legs up the air her hands reach out for her vulva, using her fingers she spreads her labia apart, playing with herself in numerous ways. 

  • Sat 18th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Emilia & Hania (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Hania fixes Emilia's hair and as she moves her hands move down her body. Emilia spanks Hania's round ass before the girls kiss each other gently. Hania blindfolds Emilia and then goes down of her by licking Emlia's hairy pussy as she playing with her pink nipple 

    Returning the favor, Hania sits on top of Emilia as she gets her hairy pussy fingered. “I would like you to play with my anus.” Hania gets lube on her hairy anus, and Emila inserts her fingers. 

  • Fri 17th Mar 2017 Nude girl: Victoria J (Video) | Solo

    Victoria pulls her top down and moves her hands over shirt, wearing no bra, she squeezes her small breasts. Taking her jeans down, she plays with her pubic hair from the side of her white knickers. 

    Takes the top off, she pinches her perky pink nipples. Turning around, she spanks her own round bum. “The craziest place I have had sex is bench at the park.” Turning on her side, she and teases her anus before turning on her yellow sex toy and masturbating on the couch.

  • Thu 16th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Emilia & Hania (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    As they clean the window together, Hania squeezes her sponge on Emilia's breasts. Teasing each other playfully, the girls get closer and closer, until their lips touch and they passionately begin to undress each other. Kneeling before her, Hania pulls aside Emilia's panties uncovering her full bush as she plays with her tongue around her vulva. 

    Blindfolding Emilia, Hania caresses her clit with one hand as the other slides down slowly and gently pushes her index finger inside her anus as Emilia gasps for air. Bending over, Hania pushes her bum out as Emilia, sitting behind her, licks her vulva passionately while she fingers her making Hania moan in pleasure. 

  • Thu 16th Mar 2017 Real life couple: Cornelia & Liam (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Redheaded Cornelia tidies up her couch as her boyfriend enters the room and they start kissing each other. Taking off her shirt, he squeezes her pert breasts. 

    Cornelia grabs Liam's penis and starts sucking on it. Lying her back on the sofa, Liam gives Cornelia deep oral sex by licking into her hairy pussy before her inserts a sex toy into her anus as he begins to penetrate her pussy at the same time. 

  • Wed 15th Mar 2017 Nude girl: Victoria J (Stills) | Solo

    Moving around in her jean onesie, Victoria bends over, letting her ponytail fall on her pale skin while sliding one hand between her legs and the other squeezes her pert breasts. As Victoria continues to undress, her playful eyes move behind her nerdy glasses before taking off her panties, exposing her long pubic hair

    Laying completely naked except for her colorful stockings, Victoria uses her hands to spread her labia apart as her fingers slowly move closer to her damp vulva, inserting them vigorously as she moans in pleasure. Still needing some more action, Victoria grabs her favorite dildo and rubs it against her vulva before inserting it until she reaches a powerful climax. 

  • Tue 14th Mar 2017 Real life couple: Cornelia & Liam (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    As Cornelia is tidying up the living room, she finds one of Liam's t-shirts. It's scent, turns her on, as she squeezes her round breasts and caresses herself over her tight shorts. Slowly approaching from behind, Liam kisses her neck, and unzipping her shorts, slides her hand inside her panties

    Kneeling before Cornelia, Liam carefully undresses her, uncovering her hairy vulva as he plays with her clit using her tongue and vigorously fingers her. Turning around on all fours, Cornelia pushes her round bum out and gets penetrated doggy style before turning around and enjoying a passionate 69.

  • Mon 13th Mar 2017 Nude girl: Dion D (Video) | Solo

    Aussie Dion wears colorful shorts that show off her camel toe. "I have lots of toys, especially butt plugs, love them a lot!” Dion rubs her pink sex toy against her blue knickers before she licks a zucchini and inserts it slowly in her hairy pussy.

    “The first time I masturbated I put things in my ass.” Getting in the doggy style position, she fingers herself from behind. "My breasts can handle a lot, you can suck them and pinch them.” Dion gets her pussy wet and starts masturbating with her sex toy. "Anything with my legs up is good because I can get very deep.” Dion lifts her legs up and plays with her full bush as she masturbates. 

  • Sun 12th Mar 2017 Nude girl: Dion D (Stills) | Solo

    Laying on her bed, Dion begins to undress, first taking off her girly onesie and later her cotton panties, uncovering her dark-haired full bush. Moving her hands towards her already wet vulva, Dion spreads her labia apart as she reaches for a thick, long cucumber, inserting it firmly inside her as she gasps and her body squirms.  

    Turning around, laying on her belly, Dion reaches this time for a carrot, and with a smile on her face she pushes it firmly inside her tight anus as she spreads her bum cheeks apart. Not having enough with that, Dion makes use of her favorite sex toys, inserting her dildos until she reaches a powerful climax. 

  • Sat 11th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Paulina & Thais (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Paulina and Thais hula hoop together and as they get closer, Thais grabs Paulina's round ass to tease her. Getting the hula hoop between their legs, the girls grind it against their crotches. 

    Paulina takes Thais' shirt off and licks her small tits. Thais then goes down on Paulina, licking into her hairy pussy. Thais moves on top of Paulina's face as her anus and pussy are fingered at the same time.

  • Fri 10th Mar 2017 Nude girl: Alexandra (Video) | Solo

    Aussie Alexandra wears grey tights that hug her slim body and show off her perfect round ass. Stretching her body in the living room, she displays her flexibility. 

    Unbuttoning her shirt, she plays with her pert breasts. Takes her tights off, she plays with her pubic hair from the side of blue knickers. Taking her knickers off, she gets into the doggy style position and fingers herself from behind before grabbing a hair brush and inserting that into her pussy. 

  • Thu 09th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Paulina & Thais (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pressing her body against Paulina's bum as they try to swing the hula-hoop, the girl's body rub against each other. Turning around, Paulina caresses Thais' pert breasts as she slides the hula in between her bum cheeks, rubbing it against her vulva. 

    Opening wide her legs displaying her extreme flexibility, Paulina's hairy vulva is exposed as Thais passionately tours her tongue around it and fingers her vigorously. Down on the floor, the girls move their vulvas towards each other, rubbing them firmly until they reach a powerful orgasm. 

  • Wed 08th Mar 2017 Nude girl: Alexandra (Stills) | Solo

    Spreading her legs apart, Alexandra's tight yoga pants stretch all the way to her crotch. Smiling with her sensual lips, Alexandra begins to undress slowly, uncovering her dark, full bush and her round, small breasts

    Laying on the floor completely naked, except for her colorful socks, Alexandra caresses herself, guiding her hand in between her legs, she begins to masturbate, inserting her fingers in her dripping wet vulva. As she begins to heat up, Alexandra grabs her hairbrush, and slowly pushes it into herself, moaning and squirming in pleasure before reaching a powerful orgasm. 

  • Tue 07th Mar 2017 Video masturbation: Layla K & Yasmeena (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Curvy Layla and slender Yasmeena sit in bed wearing only knickers and shirts. Yasmeena touches Layla's long legs and asks “what's your favorite part of your body?" Layla takes her shirt off and answers by showing her large breasts. 

    Both girls touch each other’s breasts and Layla says “we both have really big breasts.” The girls get aroused and start teasing themselves. Yasmeena squeezes her pert breasts while rubbing her hairy pussy as Layla gets her sex toy and inserts it into her pussy.

  • Mon 06th Mar 2017 Nude girl: Clarisa (Video) | Solo

    Redheaded Clarisa moves her hands into her short skirt and grabs her knickers as she lifts her long socks up. Slowly taking her shirt off, she squeezes her small breasts

    She uses her necklace to tease her perky nipples. Lying on the floor, Clarisa takes her skirt off and grabs her round ass. Taking her knickers off, Claria teases her perfectly shaved vulva.

  • Sun 05th Mar 2017 Nude girl: Clarisa (Stills) | Solo

    Bending over as she waters the plants, we are able to catch a glimpse of Clarisa's bra and undies up her short skirt. Turning around, Clarisa slides her girly panties down her legs, uncovering her round bum while looking over her shoulder. 

    Down on the floor, with her redheaded ponytail falling over her breast, Clarisa raises her hips, letting her immaculate shaved vulva in plain sight. Standing completely naked, Clarisa caresses her nipples with her lip balm while she contours her slender body around.

  • Sat 04th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Juliana & Lana S (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Curvy Juliana and slender Lana practice yoga in the living room, Juliana's perfect ass pushing out from her blue leggings. Sitting on the floor, Lana spreads her legs wide apart and her camel toe is visible from her tight shorts. 

    Taking Lana's shirt off, Juliana grabs her pert breasts and starts kissing them. Lana pulls Juliana's bra down and licks her large breasts. Lana pulls Juliana's yellow knickers aside and plays with her meaty lips before fingering her hairy pussy till she squirts.

  • Fri 03rd Mar 2017 Nude girl: Emilia (Video) | Solo

    Wearing glasses, Emilia moves her hands over her pert breasts and pulls up her vintage shorts to show off her cameltoe. "My boobs are super delicate and sensitive.” 

    Emilia teases her armpit hair and her natural wetness is visible from her panties. Playing with her full bush, she moves into the doggy style position and fingers herself from behind. Licks her finger, she her hairy anus wet and masturbates to orgasm. 

  • Thu 02nd Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Juliana & Lana S (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Lana and Juliana lay on the floor stretching as they display their amazing flexibility during their yoga routine. As Juliana does the leg split, her tight yoga pants stretch, contouring her figure, while Lana sits behind her and leaning forward Kisses Juliana as her hand aims towards her bum. The girls get heated up quickly, and suddenly they are undressing, while they can't keep their hands off each other. 

    Leaning down on the floor, Lana closes her eyes and moans as Juliana licks her vulva and her tongue moves playfully in between her legs. Turning around, Juliana is on all fours, sticking her bum out as Lana gently introduces her fingers in her wetness with one hands, and grabs her big breasts with the other. 

  • Wed 01st Mar 2017 Nude girl: Emilia (Stills) | Solo

    Looking over her shoulder with her dark eyes behind her round, nerdy glasses, Emilia lowers her hand and firmly grabs her round bum. Lifting her arms, we are able to admire her dark armpit hair while her other hands slides inside her panties. 

    Down on the floor and lifting her legs up, Emilia takes off her panties and begins to caress her already dripping wet vulva, rubbing her fingers before sliding them in. Licking a lollipop while she continues to finger herself, Emilia slowly moves it towards her vulva, inserting it as she moans in pleasure. 

  • Tue 28th Feb 2017 Video masturbation: Alina L & Victoria J (Video) | Intimate Moments

    "I've heard your hairy, you have a full bush... Want to compare?" Victoria suggests playfully as she caresses her own on top of her tight, shiny leggings. Slowly taking their clothes off, the girls uncover their breasts and hairy vulvas as they look at each other behind their colorful glasses. 

    Laying back on their seats, Alina caresses herself using her fingers, rubbing vigorously her clitoris while Victoria uses her favorite toy, a small vibrator to stimulate her clit. As Alina gets closer and closer to orgasm, Victoria notices it, and being turned on by it reaches her climax simultaneously. 

  • Mon 27th Feb 2017 Nude girl: Kaitlyn (Video) | Solo

    Leaning forward, Kaitlyn's big breasts flash from her underneath her blouse as she pulls her purple shorts up and they rub in between her vulva. Takes her clothes off, she lifts her pink knickers between her meaty lips

    "I love when people suck my tits.” Siting on a chair, she pulls her labia apart and teases her clit. Moving into the doggy style position, she plays with her perfectly shaved pussy. "My favorite place to masturbate is the bathtub.”

  • Sun 26th Feb 2017 Nude girl: Kaitlyn (Stills) | Solo

    Getting ready for her stretching routine, Kaitlyn pulls her shoulders together, making her pert breasts stand out in her short dress. Down on her yoga mat, Kaitlyn begins to undress, uncovering her lace, pink panties and her bra through which her nipples peek out. 

    Pulling her panties firmly upwards, the fabric rubs against Kaitlyn's meaty lips while she caresses her nipples and closes her eyes in pleasure. Lifting her legs up in the air, completely naked, Kaitlyn uses her hands to spread her labia apart, showing us her immaculate shaved vulva in numerous positions. 

  • Sat 25th Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Chloe V & Victoria J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Curvy Chloe and slender Victoria practice yoga in their living room, showing off their flexibility. Chloe leans forward and her breasts spill out from her top. Sitting on floor, the girls get close to each other and Victoria starts kissing Chloe. 

    Pulls Victoria’s blue bra down, Chloe licks her pert breasts and pinches her perky nipples. Chloe then goes down on Vicky and plays with her hairy pussy. Chloe gets in the doggy style position and Vicky fingers her from behind. Vicky gets on top and sits on Chloe's face and rubs her pussy into her mouth. 

  • Fri 24th Feb 2017 Nude girl: Janee (Video) | Solo

    "I like doing things in different ways which make me feel sexy.” Janee wears green shorts and pink shirt while lying in bed before turning on her back and moving her perfect ass from side to side. "I love going to gym, I am good at it!”

    Takes off her blue bra, Janee grabs her small breasts. Taking her red knickers off, Janee slowly touches her clit. "One of my big fantasies is doing threesome, I have not done it yet.” Grabbing her hair brush, she inserts it into her meaty lips. Sitting on her pillow, she starts rubbing her clit humping it before grabbing her sex toy and masturbating till she has a squirting orgasm. 

  • Thu 23rd Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Chloe V & Victoria J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Practicing their stretching routine, Victoria and Chloe bend over and spread their legs wide apart. Slowly getting closer to each other, their hands briefly touch and in a matter of seconds they begin to passionately kiss each other. Victoria passionately kissing Chloe's neck as she squeezes her breasts. Kneeling in front of Victoria, Chloe takes off her panties uncovering her full grown pubic hair and licking her vulva with dedication as Victoria squirms in pleasure.  

    Down on all fours, Chloe looks back over her shoulder as Victoria undresses her, and using her hands, spreads her meaty lips uncovering the pinkness of her vagina just before introducing her fingers in her while Chloe moans enjoying herself. Still on the floor, the girls get into passionate tribbing action and give each other some oral pleasure before falling asleep in each other's arms. 

  • Thu 23rd Feb 2017 Real life couple: Emma B & Carlos (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Redhead Emma paints her house and her boyfriend Carlos joins her. Getting paint on each other, Carlos grabs Emma's round ass and squeezes it firmly. Takes her red dress off, Emma plays with her clit underneath the blue knickers

    Carlos down on Emma and then slides a wet finger into her hairy pussy. Emma takes Carlos' jeans off and starts sucking his penis before climbing on top of him and riding his dick. Getting into the spooning position, Carlos penetrates Emma before taking her in the doggy style position and cumming inside her. 

  • Wed 22nd Feb 2017 Nude girl: Janee (Stills) | Solo

    Laying on the bed wearing her girly pajamas, Janee takes off her top, uncovering her pert breasts and big nipples. Slowly sliding her panties down her legs, her shaved vulva and meaty lips are revealed while Janee spreads her legs wide apart. 

    Grabbing a small toy, Janee inserts it in her already wet vulva pushing it all the way inside herself, while turning around in the bed, using her hands to spread her bum cheeks apart providing a detailed look at her tight anus

  • Tue 21st Feb 2017 Real life couple: Emma B & Carlos (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Working at her studio, Emma leans towards the canvas as she begins her new painting. Approaching her from behind, Carlos firmly grabs her round bum and caresses her lace panties from beneath her short summer dress. Slowly undressing, Emma uncovers her pale, slender body as Carlos passionately kisses her pert breasts. 

    Laying down on the floor, Emma takes off her panties, stained by her vaginal discharge, unveiling her red pubic hair as she gets ready to receive some passionate oral sex and intense fingering. Sitting on top, Emma unbuttons Carlos jeans, and slides her hand inside his underwear, firmly grabbing his erect penis before engaging in a lustful 69. Back on the couch, Emma gets vigorously penetrated doggy style until they both reach a powerful orgasm, with Carlos' jizz dripping out of Emma's delicate vulva. 

  • Mon 20th Feb 2017 Nude girl: Katerina G (Video) | Solo

    Slender Katerina exercises in her living room. She touches her pert breasts underneath her shirt and her perky nipples poke through fabric. 

    Pull her pink sport bra down, she squeezes her small tits. Taking her shorts down, Katerina goes into her pink knickers and teases her perfectly shaved pussy. Opening her legs wide apart, she inserts a finger into her wet pussy and teases her anus before masturbating to orgasm.

  • Sun 19th Feb 2017 Nude girl: Katerina G (Stills) | Solo

    Crawling down on the floor, Katerina's bum is emphasized by her tight short jeans. As she begins to undress, taking off her top and shorts, her matching pink underwear is revealed as she looks at the camera with her deep blue eyes. 

    Taking off her bra, Ekaterina squeezes her pert breasts, making her nipples erects as her other hand goes down in between her panties, caressing perfectly shaved vulva. Laying down on the floor Ekaterina begins to masturbate, inserting her fingers in her dripping wet vulva until she reaches a powerful orgasm. 

  • Sat 18th Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Ekaterina & Emma B (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Redhead Emma takes photos of curvy Ekaterina outdoors and as she bends over, her green knickers flash from under her skirt. Getting close to each other, Emma starts kissing Ekaterina as she pulls down of her shirt and licks her pink nipples. 

    Takes each other clothes off, Emma plays with Ekaterina's pubic hair as she pulls her meaty lips apart to tease her clit. Ekaterina goes down of Emma and lick into her full red bush. Putting a sheet on the floor, the girls start tribbing and Emma slaps Ekaterina's large breasts. Pulling  Ekaterina's flexible legs up, Emma fingers her to orgasm.

  • Fri 17th Feb 2017 Nude girl: Amanda B (Video) | Solo

    Curvy Amanda works on her computer and takes a break so she can squeeze her large breasts. Taking her tank top off, she starts teasing her nipples before her hand goes down to rubs into her pussy. "I think the most sexy part of my body is my legs.” 

    Taking her leggings off, she lifts her white knickers in between her meaty lips before she fingers her hairy pussy. Pulling her bum cheeks apart, she teases her big butt. "It feels harder than my finger and sharp,” says Amanda as she moves the frame of her glasses around her clit. Lying on the couch, Amanda fingers herself to orgasm. 

  • Thu 16th Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Ekaterina & Emma B (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Posing in front of Emma's camera, Ekaterina opens her legs showing her cotton panties. Slowly, they get closer and closer, until finally, Ekaterina poses her lips on Emma's and tenderly kisses her as Emma shyly slides her hand inside Ekaterina's top, caressing her big, round breasts. 

    Unbuttoning Emma's tight shorts, Ekaterina slides her panties down her legs, uncovering Emma's red pubic hair before placing herself on top for some 69 action. Down on all fours, Ekaterina moans as Emma fingers her from behind, using her hands to spread her labia apart before engaging in passionate tribbing. 

  • Wed 15th Feb 2017 Nude girl: Amanda B (Stills) | Solo

    Taking off her top, Amanda uncovers her big breasts and bra as she smiles. Slowly taking off her leggings, her long, blonde pubic hair leaks from the sides of her white cotton panties. Pulling the fabric firmly in between her labia, Amanda gasps as her panties rub her clitoris. 

    Using her hands, Amanda spreads her labia apart, exposing her vagina as she begins to caress herself. Closing her eyes and letting herself go, Amanda begins by inserting her fingers. Continuing by taking off her big glasses, she pinches her nipples with them, before sliding them down in between her legs, inserting them in her dripping wet vulva

  • Tue 14th Feb 2017 Video masturbation: Layla K (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Curvy Layla sits fully clothed on her dining table as she teases herself. Pulling her pink shirt down, she grabs her large breast with one hand and with the other, she rubs into her pussy. 

    Getting aroused, she takes her clothes off, licks her finger and starts fingering her perfectly shaved pussy. Turning on her pink sex toy, she moves it into her meaty lips and masturbates to orgasm. 

  • Mon 13th Feb 2017 Nude girl: Audrey (Video) | Solo

    Dark skinned Audrey practices yoga and as she moves her full breasts move around her blue tank top as perky nipples poke through the fabric. Pulling her small shirt aside, she plays with her pubic hair

    “That's my warrior sign,” says Audrey as she shows the menstrual blood on her underwear. Taking her knickers down, she squeezes her breasts. Lying on hammock, she plays with her meaty lips and teases her clit before takes her necklace off and moving it across her dark nipples. "My clit is more sensitive than my nipples.”

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