• Fri 20th Jul 2012 Merel & Samantha-Jane GGT3 | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeous dark skinned Merel undresses Samantha's slender pale body, large breasts and smooth shaved pussy as they fool around in the glassed room over looking the garden.

    Pushing each other around, on the floor, against the walls and in some pretty awesome position they really dive into each other! There's even some very cool play with a condom you'll be very impressed with!

  • Thu 19th Jul 2012 Backstage 327 | Behind the scenes

    There is A LOT going on in this new installment of backstage!

    Firstly we're up a look out tower with the gorgeous and very petite Kerina. The blue sky framing her beautifully! The we move a little more indoors with Intimate Moment shoots from Bettie & Carly T IM, Claire J & Trica L IM and the very loud Corelle & Immie IM! Be sure to check them all out and leave your comments on the discussion boards!

  • Wed 18th Jul 2012 Merel & Samantha-Jane | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeous dark skinned Merel undresses Samantha's slender pale body, large breasts and smooth shaved pussy as they fool around in the glassed room over looking the garden.

    Pushing each other around, on the floor, against the walls and in some pretty awesome position they really dive into each other! There's even some very cool play with a condom you'll be very impressed with!

  • Wed 18th Jul 2012 Sasha R Solo | Solo

    Introducing the cute, short Sasha R. We join her sitting quietly indoors brushing her dark long hair. With a cheeky look in her eye Sasha shows us her small breasts and announces that she is 'Proud to be 32 AA!'

    Her dark large nipples stand to attention as she tells us how she likes them to be touched. Despite the rain Sasha wants to play outside and wearing just a rain coat she heads out. With her leg resting on a tree Sasha starts to masturbate and shows us her extraordinary natural talent when she has her orgasm!

  • Tue 17th Jul 2012 Jade S Solo 3 | Solo

    We welcome back English, cute and petite Jade in another solo video in which she reveals even more of herself to us. Her flirting eyes and lovely face tease you from the beginning and her long and almost white hair frame her girly face. In the first few seconds she shows off her big and round breasts and tells us how she likes to touch them. After showing her boobs she takes off her undies and slowly uncovers her hairy pussy.

    The natural light from the window highlights her pales skin and her lovely curvy body.

    After a few moments of touching and squeezing her sexy boobs she starts pulling on the side of her round bum cheeks before beginning to masturbate. Holding herself open, she looks around for something to insert . . .

  • Mon 16th Jul 2012 Sasha R | Solo

    The stunning new Asian model Sasha debuts on abbwinters.com and treats us to her slender, petite body, small breasts, smooth shaved pussy and sweet innocent smile.

    Starting indoors on the couch she moves around as she undresses, but only when she's fully naked does she decide its a good idea to go outside and play in the Dutch rain!

  • |

  • Sun 15th Jul 2012 Mina IM | Intimate Moments

    Dutch Mina has got some time left, so why not watch a bit of porn?

    Soon she starts touching her perfect breasts and takes of her pants. And why do all the hard work yourself if there is your favorite toy available. Clicking trough some hot content she brings herself to a lovely orgasm.

  • Sat 14th Jul 2012 Klaudia AD | After Dark

    Sophistication and rock'n'roll personified in one very hot girl.

    Dark haired Klaudia debuted on the abbywinters.com site in 2009 since then we have seen a lot of her awesome slender physique. Petite, feisty, with curves in all the right places.

    Tonight she just came home after a glamorous night in town but decided to turn in early. Leaving the bright city lights for what they are, and unwind a little and contemplate on the busy week that has passed.

  • Sat 14th Jul 2012 Lewa & Yale IM | Intimate Moments

    It's dark skinned, Nigerian, Lewa and softly tanned, Dutch Yale. Both in the one bath they expose their sexy bodies. These two girls plan to have pleasurably time in the bubbly jacuzzi and talk about cute bums and round boobs.

    In the bubbly bath Lewa shaves the long legs of Yale and talks with her about her favorite parts of her body. This conversation with it's sexual content soon leads to a very passionate masturbation session in the warm and bubbly jacuzzi..

  • Fri 13th Jul 2012 Carmina & Kaylee | Girl-Girl

    Spanish Carmina and bilingual American Kalyee decide to teach each other some useful 'dirty' phrases in Italian and Spanish. This soon evolves into a practical lesson with the ladies selecting where on their slender frames they wish to be kissed.

    Carmina's Charlie Chaplin dance does the trick and the ladies are soon grinding on each other in the garden in just shorts and their bras.

    The sexual need builds and builds through out this encounter before Kaylee finally explodes into a lengthy and delicious looking orgasm.

    'Todos ustedes estan en un tratamiento' You are all in for a treat.

  • Thu 12th Jul 2012 Klaudia - After Dark | After Dark

    Sensual, refined and classy in all the right ways, Klaudia is all woman. An alluring mix of the exotic and the spicy, Klaudia's fine slender curves are explored by the camera tonight in what is sure to be an explosive set.

    Arriving home from a sophisticated evening of fine wine, good food, Klaudia finds herself alone in her stunning apartment. She unwinds from her glamorous evening, slipping out of her figure hugging black dress, and lets you devour the sight of her heart-breakingly beautiful nakedness, pert breasts and effortlessly seductive persona.

  • Thu 12th Jul 2012 Backstage 326 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 326 features a video from the archive with Sammie, Gabrielle and Beck as they venture out into the Australian outback for their shoots.

    Full of fun and cheeky action with the AW staffers, this is a fun installment of talking, sneaky flashing and even some passionate kissing!

    Sammie is not stop talking offering a range of riveting stories and non-stop action!

  • Wed 11th Jul 2012 Carmina & Kaylee | Girl-Girl

    The beautiful Spanish Carmina flirts and giggles with Kaylee as they sit sharing stories about language and seductive glimpses near the garden. Standing up to move outside Kaylee seductively brushes Carmina's thigh urging her to come outside and join her. Outside they can't keep their hands off each other and what started as flirting soon escalates into some very passionate kissing and removal of clothes! Exposing Carmina's petite body, small pert breasts and cute, innocent brace filled smile Kayle moves the action back inside.

    Full stripped naked and indulging in each others bodies they embrace on the floor, moving position and licking each others shaved pussies. Its a very natural feeling set with two very beautiful natural girls!

  • Wed 11th Jul 2012 Candice | Solo

    English red head Candice enters the bathroom ready to pamper herself. With teasing eyes she welcomes us to follow her as she first brushes her teeth and then slowly removed her clothing to reveal her large breasts.

    As she steps into the water we become aware of a hidden camera in the bath with her, allowing us to look up her legs to appreciate her nudity in full. Soaping up her pale skin Candice lays back and relaxes.

  • Tue 10th Jul 2012 Annabelle Lee | Solo

    Pocket size American Annabelle Lee comes back and we get to join her for a relaxed candle lit bath. She scoops handfuls of water and lets it run over her small breasts before laying back on the pillow to relax. She confesses her celebrity crushes before going into detail about her current sexual fantasy. Already turned on by her words she lets her hand slip between her legs to touch her hairy bush. Sat on the side of the bath Annabelle finds her clitoris and has a toe curling orgasm before sliding back into the warm water.

  • Mon 09th Jul 2012 Candice | Solo

    The stunningly beautiful red-headed, slender, large breasted and cute Candice makes an amazing entrance on to abbywinters.com with this nice and wet bathroom shoot.

    Undressing her petite hour-glass figure she will have you transfixed with her big green innocent eyes. Dropping the towel and dipping into the warm steamy water she grabs the soap and lathers up her large, pert breasts and gorgeous pale skin. Running her hands under the water she feels for her smooth shaved pussy...

  • Sun 08th Jul 2012 Annabelle Lee | Solo

    The sexual American Annabelle-Lee comes back for the fifth time for this great solo in the bath, showing off her petite body, small breasts and full bush.

    Undressing she holds her seductive eye contact with you and slips underneath the water. Squeezing the shower gel into her hands she foams it up in the water as she runs it through the long hair of her dark, full bush!

  • Sun 08th Jul 2012 Daisey | Intimate Moments

    Being hot on a sunny afternoon creates both it's own problems and opportunities. Voluptuous Daisey lays on the sofa fanning her large breasts with her hat wishing it was cooler.

    Soon she is pealing off her hot clothing to reveal the dark hair between her legs, which she opens so she can fan herself some more. Necessity opens itself up to opportunity as her naughty hands start to work their way between her legs to take advantage of her day time nudity. Laying on her tummy she masturbates to a leg twitching orgasm!

  • Sat 07th Jul 2012 Aletta & Harold | Girl-Boy

    This shoot should be a skate board advert as after watching this video everybody will want one! We join Aletta and her boyfriend Harold out in the park where he is showing off his tricks. After trying her hand at skate boarding cute Dutch Aletta leads her man under a bridge and frightens him by placing his hand on her pert breasts - in public!

    This is one of the most tender and energetic sex sessions I have ever seen, it is wonderful. You can really feel the love between them as they aid each other through all the sexual positions, including some you wont have seen before. With blow jobs, a little bit of anal licking not to mention all the sex, it's no wonder they were so exhausted at the end!

  • Sat 07th Jul 2012 Arianna & Merel | Intimate Moments

    Everybody should start the day like Merel, slowly, with some healthy fruit and a great big orgasm!

    Her dark skinlooks stunning when held next to a bright yellow banana and just when you think it can't get any better in walks a confused Arianna, who is very interested in learning more about Merels mornings!

    Pealing off her clothing to reveal her small breastsit's not long before she follows Merel's lead.

  • Fri 06th Jul 2012 Alyssa & Carian | Girl-Girl

    Alyssa and Carian could almost be twins, matching glasses, hair cut,pale skin and their slender, petite bodies. Facing each other its hard to tell which one is which!

    Those two sexy and tender girls slowly take off each others clothes. First the red top falls down to uncover Carian's small breasts. Next Alyssa also shows her round, pert boobs and all this leads to passionate and delicate sex with multiple orgasms!

  • Thu 05th Jul 2012 Aletta & Harold | Girl-Boy

    The gorgeous Dutch Aletta and her boyfriend Harold flirt outdoors in the park as Harold skateboards past her. Getting horny and frisky on the bench Aletta puts her hands on Harolds crotch and hints at going home for some more serious play!

    Inside Harold starts to undress Aletta's slim, petite body, unveiling her large, pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy. Climbing on top of him Aletta starts to slowly ride his cock as they both start to get into the first of may positions.

  • Thu 05th Jul 2012 Backstage 326 | Behind the scenes

    Inside and outside, in front and behind the cameras, enjoy the backstage footage from three excellent abbywinters.com shoots.

    First up, and on a pretty risky shoot day its the gorgeous Alisa's second solo. Then we move on to Oriel's second solo indoors, and finally we finish on the rooftops with an extremely cool shoot; Carly T's solo.

  • Wed 04th Jul 2012 Alyssa & Carian | Girl-Girl

    Two sexy brunettes, Carian and Alyssa stare seductively through their almost matching glasses, longing to get to each others slender bodies and smooth skin.

    Tearing off each others clothes they entwine on the bed, treating each other to a series of intense oral and fingering until they each manage to raise the other to a well worked for orgasm.

  • Wed 04th Jul 2012 Alva | Solo

    Energetic, positive and kooky, Alva first time for abbywinters.com a true delight! This funny and sexy chick came straight from Australia to have an adventure in Europe and what better way to start her adventures than to shoot for us!

    It's a sunny day, in the middle of a forest and young and cute Alva reveal her mature body. First she takes off her red undies and show her hairy pussy. Later she slowly drops down her white t-shirt and exposes her round boobs. Totally naked Alva starts dancing and running between the grass fields...

  • Tue 03rd Jul 2012 Edie | Solo

    Australian, cute and confident Edie is again with us, she exposes her beautiful, flexible body and teases you with her cheeky smile!

    This shoot is all about how flexible is this sexy lady. She slowly gets naked and shows her long legs, round bum and pale skin. Her confidence and direct way of being can blow you away, specially when she starts showing off her "pussy tricks"!

    She gets into the most crazy and wacky positions and starts to play with herself, she even burns a candle and insert in to her vagina, but if you think that it is amazing you should see her other tricks!

  • Mon 02nd Jul 2012 Alva | Solo

    Outdoors with the beautiful Australian Alva as she streaks around one of Amsterdam's forests showing off her stunning slim body, large pert breasts and all natural full bush.

    Alva is so fun to watch as she ducks in and out of the long grass to evade the prying eyes of others, we are excited to see a lot more of Alva soon.

  • Sun 01st Jul 2012 Edie | Solo

    Australian, cute and confident Edie is again with us, she exposes her beautiful, flexible body and teases you with her cheeky smile!

    This shoot is all about how flexible is this sexy lady. She slowly gets naked and shows her long legs, round bum and pale skin. Her confidence and direct way of being can blow you away, specially when she starts showing off her "pussy tricks"!

    She gets into the most crazy and wacky positions and starts to play with herself, she even burns a candle and insert in to her vagina, but if you think that it is amazing you should see her other tricks!

  • Sun 01st Jul 2012 SIM: Gretchen | Intimate Moments

    Under the dim illumination of the Amsterdam morning light Grethcen struggles to wake up in her bed and rolls in the covers restless and horny. Pokeing out her gorgeous, pert, round bum she rolls onto her front and starts to play with herself.

    Pulling the covers through her legs and letting her hands run down her body she brings herself to a beautiful early morning climax before covering back up and slipping into a few hours more sleep

  • Sat 30th Jun 2012 Lacie & Masie | Intimate Moments

    Can you imagine what would happen if we let friends Masie and Lacie do an IM together! Well if you imagined 'cake filled boobs', anal, teddy bear antics, breast exercises and lots of chatter you were pretty close.

    Red head Lacie is caught with her boobs out by Masie and the girls quickly start chatting about Masie's recent large breasts. After much personal chatter the girls settle down and decide to masturbate together. Lacie reveals her crush on Caramel S and her sex fantasy soon has both her and Masie moaning. After a quick seat switch they settle down to some serious self indulgence which comes with a bit of an after shock for Masie!

  • Fri 29th Jun 2012 GGT3 Video: Fenna & Klara | Girl-Girl

    We put Dutch girls Klara and Fenna in a room full of messy food and waited to see what would happen. Fenna shows off her artistic side using icing pens to decorate Klara, especially focusing on her pert breasts. After a small fight the girls pull each other together for some long kissing.

    This video has lots going on, cream, messy feet, anal and a surprise ending that saw the shooters chasing after the ladies to see what would happen next!

  • Thu 28th Jun 2012 AW Education: Mystery Shoot 10 | Mystery Shoot

    This month's Mystery Shoot features the launch of AW Education. A project designed to inform men more about women. Models responded to a series of questions from four topics: Potential Partners, Internet Dating, Sex and Relationships. This launch features models responses to one question from each topic.

    We will regularly release responses to additional questions as a bonus update. Let us know if you have any questions you would like to hear the models respond to.

  • Thu 28th Jun 2012 Backstage 325 | Behind the scenes

    The beautiful red head Noelle running around naked outdoors for her third abbywinters.com solo.

    The only difference is this time you get the unique perspective of being backstage with the shooters and model to see all the antics!

  • Wed 27th Jun 2012 GGT3 Stills: Fenna & Klara | Girl-Girl

    Its a messy one with the gorgeous Dutch Klara and Fenna as they flirt with each other and cover their naked, slender bodies, amazing bums and pert breasts with all kinds of sweet treats.

    Covered in cream and sprinkles they climb on top of the table, and on top of one another as they slip on the cream and food. Licking each others sweet, smooth shaved pussies in multiple positions they bring each other to a great and sticky orgasm!

  • Wed 27th Jun 2012 New Model Video: Evelina | Solo

    Take an artistic trip through Amsterdam with Evelina as she draws one of her erotic fantasies on the canal, with her cute, innocent demeanor and soft pale, slim body Evelina is really great person be be around and watch.

    Exposing her pert breasts and small bum she completes her drawing inside, and gives us some insight into what about he female body excites her so much. With the prospect of her boyfriend coming to see her the following day, she draws what she thinks their first encounter might play out...

  • Tue 26th Jun 2012 Nude girl: Zarina (Video) | Solo

    Sweet and shy Zarina once more comes to show us her hour glass shape and soft, olive skin. Her cute smile and big eyes teases you every time she looks into the camera.

    Zarina slides into her room to play with her self. First she pulls down her pants and directly starts stimulating her vagina. After a few minutes of playing with herself, Zarina tells us about her bisexuality and submissive character. After awhile she shows up her round boobs and inverted nipples. YES, ZARINA HAS INVERTED NIPPLES and she shares some interesting stories about them!

  • Mon 25th Jun 2012 New Model Stills: Evelina | Solo

    The very cute and very natural Evelina shows of both her beautiful, slim naked body and her unique and sexual works of art.

    Inside and outside Evelina looks gorgeous illuminated by the soft Amsterdam sunlight. Exposing her large breasts, pale, soft skin and full bush she sits and draws her latest piece. At the end she even treats us to a flick through some of her work.

  • Mon 25th Jun 2012 Editor's Choice - Red Head | Editor's Choice

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is red heads! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalog, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material containing these fiery-haired beauties.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).

    Also, we need your suggestions for the next month's Editor's Choice!

  • Sun 24th Jun 2012 Zarina | Solo

    The gorgeous Zarina invites you up to her room and onto the bed as she undresses her slim body and pert breasts in this intimate shoot.

    With her unique inverted nipples and seductively you won't be able to take your eyes off Zarina as she moves around the room and plays with her smooth shaved pussy

  • Sun 24th Jun 2012 Girls Talk Podcast Episode 2 | Podcast

    This is the second episode of Girl's Talk. A podcast brought to you by abbywinters.com as a free bonus update to the site.

    Models, Marleen and the never before seen Sasha, who makes her abbywinters.com debut with the podcast join host Masie to delve into the wonderful world of the female orgasm. This recording features both video and audio- and even includes a a surprise at the end...

    So enjoy and tube in to Episode three of the Podcast and look out for more shoots from Sasha, Marleen and Masie on abbywinters.com soon.

  • Sun 24th Jun 2012 Analyn | Intimate Moments

    Analyn is a gorgeous Asian with sexy body and soft olive skin. Her black hair falls on her smooth shoulders and emphasize her playful face.

    She is lying down on a black blanket and her head rests on a red pillow. She wants to read something but can not find anything what she likes and then she decided to play a bit with herself. These innocent frolic turns into an intense masturbation. Analyn begins by removing her t-shirt later skirt and finally her undies to reveal her hairy pussy.

    With this Intimate Moment video you should sit comfortable, put your headphones on your ears and listing to the sound what is making Analyn during her masturbation. This time you will find something for your eyes and ears.

  • Sat 23rd Jun 2012 Editor's Choice - Red Head | Editor's Choice

    Video material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is red heads! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalog, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material containing these fiery-haired beauties.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).

    Also, we need your suggestions for the next month's Editor's Choice!

  • Sat 23rd Jun 2012 Mina & Sidney | Intimate Moments

    Have you ever heard about girls taking their knickers off in restaurant and handing them to their partners? Well, cute Dutch girl Sidney has and over lunch persuades Mina to give the practice a trial run in the safety of the home.

    Ever alert for fictitious waiters the girls slowly try and undress with out being caught. Mina drops her fork so she can try and peep at Sidney's shaved pussy. Soon ecstasy over rides them and Mina pulls out her pert boobsand the girls get down to some serious pleasuring.

  • Fri 22nd Jun 2012 Kaylee & Samantha-Jane | Girl-Girl

    You never know what you might find in another woman's handbag or where that discovery might lead! American Kaylee didn't know what she was starting when she settled down to enjoy a racey picture of Samantha-Jane over the top of her glasses.

    Once English Samantha-Jane works out what is going on she slides herself on top for some long kissing. Kaylee considers herself sexual inexperienced in comparison to her friend and wants to learn more! She is put through her paces doing lots of oral, licking of Samantha-Jane's large breasts and even trying pee for the first time!

  • Thu 21st Jun 2012 Backstage 324 | Behind the scenes

    Come backstage for Ramona's first ever solo shoot for abbywinters.com

    The gorgeous, tall and very fun Aussie sits outside in the recently rain soaked garden. But its the off camera antics you'll get to see this time!

  • Wed 20th Jun 2012 Kaylee & Samantha-Jane | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeous dark haired, large breasted Samantha Jane spends the day in with the beautifully cute, American Kaylee. In the apartment Kaylee spots a photo booth print of Samantha in her back and cant resist to take a peek at the naughty image.

    Working each other up they can't help but get closer and closer until all they can do is rip each others clothes off and indulge in each others bodies.

    There's even a little surprise at the end as Samantha manages to convince Kaylee to do something she's never tried before..!

  • Wed 20th Jun 2012 Sadie | Solo

    Follow the gorgeous and very sexual Sadie around the suburbs of Amsterdam and into her apartment as she strips of, streaks, flashes and exposes all of her stunning body, inside and outdoors!

    With her piercing blue eyes, huge full bush and natural under arm hair she'll be one to stick in your memory for some time to come!

  • Tue 19th Jun 2012 Jia | Solo

    Cute Asian girl Jia exposes her pale, soft skin and petite body in her second solo shoot. She teases you with her shy personality, beautiful dark eyes and subtle smile.

    She searches for hidden envelopes and answers intimate questions inside. She slowly undresses as she offers tantalizing answers. First, she pulls down her colorful undies and shows her pussy. Next she takes off her lace bra and exposes her lovely small breasts. With every minute she gets more aroused and touches her body more confidently.

    All this leads to a soft and sensual masturbation session with ...a spoon!

  • Mon 18th Jun 2012 Sadie | Solo

    Keep up with the beautiful Sadie as she makes the most of summer, outside in the sun she flashes her awesome full bush of pubes and long legs. Care-free and so much fun to be around Sadie takes you back inside and on the balcony to show you more of her slim body.

    Natural and hairy Sadie shows off her under arm hair, smiling and staring with her stunning, piercing eyes.

  • Sun 17th Jun 2012 Jia | Solo

    The stunning, Asian Jia comes back for her second solo for abbywinters.com, to show you her beautiful slender and petite body.

    Stripping down to nothing but her cute little headband she slides from the sofa to the floor to play with her smooth shaved pussy. Holding her small, pert breast in one hand and running her fingers over her clit with the other she gives you a cute and effortlessly seductive smile.

  • Sun 17th Jun 2012 Maya C | Intimate Moments

    Maya is a beautiful dark haired Romanian girl with a slender body and dark olive skin. Her cute face and bold dark eyes are captivating.

    Maya looks for some clothing in her wardrobe but unluckily she can not find anything that suits her. She tries to change her outfit and slides down to the floor and slowly starts touching her soft skin. Her hands slide into her sexy underwear and she stimulates herself.

  • Sat 16th Jun 2012 Dani L & Latisha | Intimate Moments

    Dark skinned, English Dani L relaxes next to pale skinned, Dutch Latisha as they expose their beautiful bodies in the sun light.

    The sunbathing makes them really lazy, so lazy that Latisha doesn't want to go inside in order to pee!

    Crisis over, they slowly undress exposing their wonderfully different bodies. Dark skin vs pale skin, full bush vs shaved pussy! It is very exciting to see so many differences side by side. Add in the fact that they are sexy girls who start to kiss each other and you get a very sensual masturbation session!

  • Fri 15th Jun 2012 Alyssa & Marleen S | Girl-Girl

    In the before video, tall Dutch lady Marleen S explains to us how she goes pole dancing at a gym to keep fit. With Spanish Alyssa in town she may have found a even sexier way to get sweaty!

    With Alyssa stranded in town for an hour Marleen invites her in while she waits. Talk soon turns to kissing as Marleen tries to find out the best way to entertain her new friend. With lots of soft, slow oral these two ladies make the most of their afternoon. Look out for the unusual sideways tribbing during which you can hear the ladies excitement!

  • Thu 14th Jun 2012 Backstage 323 | Behind the scenes

    Lifting up the skirt of abbywinters.com and taking a peek underneath... that actually happens in most of these backstage sets!

    This time its Shaminee's awesome third solo outdoors, Tricia L's first ever! and not forgetting the stunning Rachel K debut.

  • Wed 13th Jun 2012 Alyssa & Marleen S | Girl-Girl

    A beautiful and seductive set as the tall, sexually charged Dutch Marleen invites the Spanish Alyssa into her home for some help navigating around Amsterdam...

    ...inside the house Alyssa drops her bag and Marleen gets her to relax on the sofa, pulling off her shoes and socks. Tossing Alyssa's map on the floor Marleen moves closer, desperate to take a peek at Alyssa's amazing pert breasts and sweet, shaved pussy.

  • Wed 13th Jun 2012 Lena D | Solo

    Tall and Dutch, Lena boldly exposes her olive skin and round bum in her debut solo experience. She immerses you in not only her sexy body but also her courageous and cute personality.

    What is better: a sexy girl or chocolate? The answer is: a sexy girl covered from head to toe in chocolate!!

    Lena organizes a "dirty" little picnic in her living-room. She starts by teasing you, getting naked slowly and touching her soft smooth skin and nipples with a strawberry. Next comes the chocolate! Watch what this sexy, Dutch girl can do with a big jug of chocolate and strawberries!

  • Tue 12th Jun 2012 Talita | Solo

    Cute, Dutch and innocent, Talita exposes her beautiful body in a lotion video. She does not talk a lot but instead teases you with every second.

    On a cold day, wearing a short blue dress, Talita walks in to her house where she slowly shows her round, beautiful boobs. Next she takes of her underwear and starts rubbing lotion on her soft, pale skin. She starts with her breasts and slide down to her long legs. Do you think that she knows that you are peeping on her?

    ...watch this video to find out!

  • Mon 11th Jun 2012 Lena D | Solo

    Its a beautiful shoot of first's for all involved, Lena's first ever abbywinters.com shoot and new shooter Masie's first ever time behind the camera, Throw some melted chocolate in there are you've got a new record!

    A fantasy for both involved, Lena plays with the chocoltae, pouring and dripping it all over her tanned body, small breasts, smooth shaved pussy, and of course licking off all she can get her tongue to!

  • Sun 10th Jun 2012 Talita | Solo

    A voyeuristic look at the beautiful, natural and effortlessly sexy Talita as she moves from outside to the warmth of her apartment.

    Under the golden glow of her bedroom lamps she checks out her svelte slender body and awesome large breastslarge+breasts}. Running her hands over her figure she lifts off her dress and continues through the house to apply some lotion to her smooth soft skin.

  • Sun 10th Jun 2012 Jessie T | Intimate Moments

    Irish girl Jessie takes a shower and washes her pale white skin and curly hair, but this shower also turns into a wonderful and thrilling voyeuristic masturbation session.

    Jessie slowly washes her round boobs and slender neck with a soapy sponge. After her shower she slides down to the floor where she starts pleasuring herself. With one hand holding her pert breast and the other on her hairy pussy, things build more and more and more...

  • Sat 09th Jun 2012 Leon & Saskia | Girl-Boy

    Here at AWHQ we think everyday should be like valentines day - full of love and chocolates (love optional).

    Polish Saskia and her English husband Leon were kind enough to share their valentines day with us. They were not so keen on getting up early so we joined them in bed to watch their morning routine. Naughty blonde Saskia woke up feeling suitably horny and decided to treat her man to a blow job.

    Real love making is what ensues with Leon taking her small boobs into his large hands as she sits on top of him. Her tan lines rise and fall to rhythm of their love.

  • Sat 09th Jun 2012 Masie & Samantha-Jane | Intimate Moments

    AW staff Masie bumps into English model Samantha-Jane as they walk down a corridor. Their eyes lock and without saying a word the ladies are drawn closer to each other.

    Masie's mouth is drawn to Samantha's pale skin and its not long before they are removing their clothing. Watching each other the ladies plunge their hands into the pants and start to touch themselves. Leaning against the walls of this small space the woman get naked and start to climax together their bodies struggling to remain up right as they do so.

  • Fri 08th Jun 2012 Carian & Lacie | Girl-Girl

    Can I please urge you to watch this with a note book and pen! Lovely bottom owner Carian does things with her tongue that I have never seen before! In fact both girls do! This is full mouth oral at its best. Their is pussy slurping, licking, tongue twisting action, topped off with loud orgasms!

    Red haired Lacie has to stuff her fist in her mouth at one point to stop herself screaming as Carian's tongue laps at her hairy pussy. Wet pussies, active tongues and wonderful kissing!

    Prepare yourself as you are about to see never before viewed positions like boob 69ing and sexual techniques in a league of their own!

  • Thu 07th Jun 2012 Leon & Saskia | Girl-Boy

    The gorgeous, slim, blonde Dutch Saskia introduces you to her husband Leon in this very cute and intimate girl-boy shoot.

    Waking up next to Leon, Saskia starts to nibble at his ear and run her hands over his boxers trying to encourage some morning fooling around. Sliding her taught slender body down his she starts to give him oral under the covers to further seduce him. Loen lifts up and holds Saskia's small pert breasts and small waist and laying her down penetrates her waiting wet pussy

  • Thu 07th Jun 2012 Backstage 322 | Behind the scenes

    WOW, there is some really amazing images in this backstage set which is split between 321 and 322 so we can share the goodness with you twice!

    The drop dead gorgeous Valentina's second solo shoot features heavily in both sets as she strips the clothes away from her amazing slender body and walks down an old abandoned road outdoors in the bush. Exposing her large pert breasts and fun, cheeky personality on and off camera! then we drop by Ren and Shaminee's phone sex double intimate moment for something a little different and very sexy!

  • Wed 06th Jun 2012 Carian & Lacie | Girl-Girl

    Vivacious red head Lacie and the gorgeously sexual Carian come together for a stunning and passionate girl-girl.

    Lacie's amazing slim, petite, pale body and pert large breasts run against Carian's toned figure as the get more and more intimate with each other on the sofa, illuminated by the light streaking through the net curtains behind.

  • Wed 06th Jun 2012 Yale | Solo

    Dutch, blonde, Yale bakes in the sun on the balcony before pealing off her bikini to reveal her naked body. Her boobs show fading white tan lines from her trip away and her nipples grow hard as she covers them in sun tan lotion.

    As she lies there kissed by the light she tells us about her beach themed sexual fantasy with another woman. She shows us where and how she would want to be touched by her mysterious female lover while showing her body to us in detail.

    If they promise everyone there will be like Yale we should all run off and join the circus!

  • Tue 05th Jun 2012 Jodhi | Solo

    Beautiful Aussie Jodhi is back for another solo.

    While she is rolling around the room she takes the time to have a good look at her flexible, toned body, watching herself in the mirror.

    She speaks about her Synesthesia, the things she sees and feels and the benefits it has on her sexlife. In this solo we really have the time to learn more about this wonderful, playful but oh so seductive creature.

  • Mon 04th Jun 2012 Yale | Solo

    Natural, cheeky with wonderful small breasts! I met Yale while she was out busking and couldn't not slip her an abbywinters card! This cheeky girl danced the whole way back to the apartment and even kicked up her long legs so that all the passers by could see up her skirt.

    Showing us her sunbathing routine Yale slips beneath a towel to change into her bikini. In the heat of the sun Yale soon starts to heat up, pealing off her costume to reveal faint tan lines. Armed with some sun lotion and two naughty hands the fun that follows is guaranteed to make you want to get out and play in the sun!

  • Sun 03rd Jun 2012 Jodhi | Solo

    Beautiful and natural Jodhi is back from Australia for a second solo! This time we meet her indoors where she plays around her room.

    While she is rolling from her bed onto the floor and up against the wall she slowly slips out of her clothes and starts with joyful pleasure to examine herself.

    In this shoot we see Jodhi from al her best sides while she is playing with her amazing breasts, cute bum as well as the camera. And who said make-up can't be fun!

  • Sun 03rd Jun 2012 Arianna | Intimate Moments

    We already knew that curly haired Arianna had a love for strange positions so we've made sure we could register this dark skinned beauty as good as possible for her first IM.

    Arianna twist and turns on the couch giving a perfect example of flexibility to end up side down in a very wet sounding orqasm.

  • Sat 02nd Jun 2012 Mystery Shoot 9 | Mystery Shoot

    Sexy, Secret, Unpredictable and Unique. abbywinters.com presents to you the ninth Mystery Shoot.

    Every month a new shoot will appear on the site hidden by a ? Just count down the days and look forward to the diversity of a new refreshing shoot not like anything else seen on abbywinters.com before.

  • Sat 02nd Jun 2012 Alyssa & Darcie | Intimate Moments

    What could be nicer than laying on a soft bed, with water flowing passed the window, while cute Alyssa gives you a full body massage. Darcie must have been on her best behavior as this is exactly how she got to spend her afternoon.

    Laying on her front to begin with, Darcie's back has cream gently rubbed in by the Spanish girl's small light fingers. All this rubbing gives Darcie an idea as she asks if Alyssa could help massage her large breasts as well. Soon Alyssa's small breasts are rubbing up against Darcie's and one thing leads to another.

    Both girls enjoy this relaxed afternoon pleasure and Darcie repays Alyssa for her massage by helping her to climax!

  • Fri 01st Jun 2012 Carmina & Evelina | Girl-Girl

    Cute, Spanish Carmina and shy, Finish Evelina present their pale skin and innocent personality in front of camera.

    In the backstage video Carmina promises to have soft sex with Evelina but all the promises turn into dust when the girls are naked and give each other a lot of orgasms.

    The innocent beginning finds Eveline drawing the sexy shapes of Carmina but this quickly turns in to very passionate sex! Both girls expose their petite bodies and beautiful round breasts with the front door wide open! This long but very exciting sexual act is crowned with unusual anal insertion...

  • Thu 31st May 2012 Backstage 321 | Behind the scenes

    WOW, there is some really amazing images in this backstage set which is split between 321 and 322 so we can share the goodness with you twice!

    The drop dead gorgeous Valentina's second solo shoot features heavily in both sets as she strips the clothes away from her amazing slender body and walks down an old abandoned road outdoors in the bush. Exposing her large pert breasts and fun, cheeky personality on and off camera! then we drop by Ren and Shaminee's phone sex double intimate moment for something a little different and very sexy!

  • Wed 30th May 2012 Carmina & Evelina | Girl-Girl

    Evelina puts her drawing skills to the test again on the beautiful Spanish Carmina's petite slender body, pert small breasts and sweet seductive smile.

    Starting outdoors the two quickly move indoors for some privacy as they strip each other down, lusting for the pale soft skin beneath. The sex is very hot between these two, lots of passionate kissing, contorted positions and even some anal play at the end!

  • Wed 30th May 2012 Kayla T | Solo

    Join quiet Finnish girl Kayla T in her very first abbywinters solo. We join her in a sunny room peeping out of the window at the world bellow. Shy Kayla T tells us a little about herself before her eyes are once more drawn to the outside world.

    Her hands rise up to find her boobs encased in her bra and she slowly then firmly massages them. Hiding bellow the window ledge her hands find her hairy pussy and watching the passers by she masturbates.

  • Tue 29th May 2012 Chervana | Solo

    Chervana is a lovely Dutch women with olive skin. She is tall, curvy and her cute face is framed by her short dark hair.

    This time Chervana tells us about her pregnancy. She explains how her life is changing now that she knows that she will have a baby. She exposes her bigger boobs and nice round belly. Half naked, she walks in the rain and tells us her story about having sex in the rain!

  • Mon 28th May 2012 Kayla T | Solo

    The all natural, and beautifully shy Kayla shows off her large breasts and full bush as she risks being spotted spying naked out of the window.

    Smiling and alluding to what she wants to happen Kayla's brown eyes pierce through her glasses as she runs her hands over her bra, down her pale skin and towards her underwear, which she is building up the want courage to remove.

  • Sun 27th May 2012 Chervana | Solo

    Outside under the warm dappled sunlight Chervana spends some time in the garden sunning her smooth tanned skin, painting her nails an d trying to coax down the local cat to join her.

    Taking off her bright pink dress and replacing it with her sarong she moves down onto the tool shed steps and into the shade where she can spend some more time focusing on herself and her body. Revealing her cute pink underwear she pulls them to one side and starts to play with and explore her smooth shaved pussy. Moving around she exposes her beautiful pert breasts and going from step to step she positions her self into some gorgeously flattering poses, showing us her curves and letting the natural outdoor light spill over her olive skin.

  • Sun 27th May 2012 Gaby | Intimate Moments

    Gaby is a sexy tall, Dutch chick with very long legs. She has very curve body and tanned, soft skin. She teases with her big blue eyes and very cute smile.

    I this video she reads a book with horny stories on which she bases her sexual fantasies. While reads the book she reveals her round, big boobs and says why she likes to touch them. During her masturbation she moves to different positions like dogi stile and then you can see her gorgeous round bum. Her intense massage of her pussy leads to very sensual orgasm.

  • Sat 26th May 2012 Marigold | After Dark

    Beautiful long dark hair, slender body and boobs to die for, make Marigold one of abbywinters' finest. Of course, we can't fail to mention her down-to-earth, yet raw sexual nature either.

    One can never get bored of watching Marigold, and now you get to see her as you've never seen her before. Dressed in a sexy tight black dress she teases and tantalizes you until eventually giving herself two explicit orgasms. TWO!

  • Sat 26th May 2012 Kayla T & Rebekka | Intimate Moments

    Waking up simultaneously in the same room and finding themselves a little horny and restless the beautiful, slender Rebekka pulls down the sheets and runs her hands over her tanned, toned body towards her pussy. What later becomes apparent to her is that a few feet away Kayla is also feeling the need for a bit of morning self indulgence.

  • Fri 25th May 2012 Fenna & Misha | Girl-Girl

    These two long leggy, Dutch girls are back for round 2! Tall and slender Misha appears again next to teasing and tender Fenna!

    Things kick off with a food fight, in which Fenna puts pieces of cucumber on the pale skin of Misha. Playful fun soon turns to passion as they get more horny and rip off t-shirts and underwear!

  • Fri 25th May 2012 Marigold | After Dark

    The gorgeous and extremely provocative Marigold shows off her slender, tanned Australian body and beautiful large, pert breasts in this After Dark shoot where she gets to show off her deviant side!

    Flirting with her long black hair, cheeky smile and piercing eyes she slowly pulls away and removes her black lace underwear...

  • Thu 24th May 2012 Backstage 320 | Behind the scenes

    Lots and lots of beautiful abbywinters.com models doing what they do behind the scenes.

    This time we have the backstage images from the beautiful Annalisa, Violeta, Bettie, Karla and Sarah T! Make sure you check out their image sets and videos and find some more gems locked away in the huge 10 year archive!

  • Wed 23rd May 2012 Fenna & Misha | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeous, sexual, large breasted Dutch Misha and Fenna treat you to a record of this amazingly fun and refreshingly free mid day sex session!

    Misha disturbs Fenna knowing full well what the consequences will be... Pinning her down Fenna starts to undress Misha's slender, taught and pale body revealing her smooth shaved pussy and large pert breasts. Fighting for dominance and entangled in each other on the floor the sex and the passion really hots up.

  • Wed 23rd May 2012 Saskia | Solo

    A warm welcome to the very tall and sexy Saskia, from the beginning she will teases you with her big blue eyes and cute, cheeky smile and flicks of her straight blond hair.

    Saskia slowly starts teasing you by dipping her slender fingers in white cream and licking it off. Later she gets naked and moves her hands around her slim, toned body and pale skin. Specially for you Saskia will try to find out how long are her legs and will even teach you some snowboard tricks!

  • Tue 22nd May 2012 Jenna K | Solo

    Our brown haired Dutch beauty Jenna K is back for another solo. This time she has a fruity kitchen table conversation with Nichole. She tells about her experiences with other woman, how it's like to date girls beside her existing relationship and how horny she get from hormones.

    Of course she is flaunting her great body, pert breast and her oh so desirable pussy. How could we ever get enough of her?

  • Mon 21st May 2012 Saskia | Solo

    Saskia is a beautiful blonde who can not help but look stunning with her tall slender, toned body, smooth skin and small, pert breasts.

    Making herself a creamy hot chocolate and indulging her sweet tooth in the kitchen, she then moves to the seat to indulge your inquisitiveness about what she hides beneath her clothes! Stripping down to all but her sexy long socks she plays with her shaved pussy and little strip of pubes, inserting her fingers and teasing with her seductive gaze.

  • Sun 20th May 2012 Jenna K | Solo

    Nibbling her way through an afternoon in the kitchen, brunette Jenna K is back again, with her contagious cheeky smile. Dotted with dainty freckles, her wrinkled nose and sparkly eyes tell you the exact moments a stimulating thought passes through her mind.

    She teasingly traces the satin of her see through knickers, pulling them aside to reveal beautifully shaved lips. With gripping hands pulling her cheeks apart, the light falls tantalizingly across her bum to reveal her delectable anus.

  • Sun 20th May 2012 Kylie H | Intimate Moments

    Very hot intimate moment with Kylie H. Really sexy!! You will love how her long dark hair falls against her soft pale skin. Her glasses frame her face and add to her intensity.

    The video begins with Kylie's sensuous rounded bum dressed in sexy red underwear, slowly stripping down to the bare essentials where she lets you in to her intimate world of pleasure.

  • Sat 19th May 2012 Daisey & Dani L | Intimate Moments

    The large breasted and voluptuous Daisey equip with braces ventures into her first masturbation on camera with another girl. She explains to her dark skinned, beautiful partner Dani that she loves having her back kissed. Curious Dani wants to know exactly how and then she tries to demonstrate.

    These two big breasted girls have a strong connection and desire that builds to a thrilling conclusion in this rousing double masturbation video.

  • Fri 18th May 2012 Marleen S & Samantha-Jane | Girl-Girl

    The beautiful dark haired, big breasted and extremely distracting Samantha tried her best to divert Marleen's attention away from her readings and onto spending some quality time together naked in the bedroom...

    Getting her wish Samantha and Marleen strip down to their smooth naked bodies, passionately kissing and running their hands over each others breasts they, elevate themselves to the point where they can do nothing but indulge in each others sweet wet pussies, pushing together their long slender legs. Marleen's added height and athletic strength allow her to dominate Samantha pinning her down, lifting her and treating her to a flurry of orgasms.

  • Fri 18th May 2012 Editor's Choice - Hairy | Editor's Choice

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Hairy! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around full bushes and hairy armpits.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).

    Also, we need your suggestions for the next month's Editor's Choice!

  • Thu 17th May 2012 Editor's Choice - Hairy | Editor's Choice

    Video material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Hairy! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around full bushes and hairy armpits.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).

    Also, we need your suggestions for the next month's Editor's Choice!

  • Thu 17th May 2012 Backstage 319 | Behind the scenes

    Come backstage at abbywinters.com for two more sexy and fun packed shoots! This time were looking into the production of the gorgeous Shaminee's second solo shoot, she looks stunning outside as we literally peep through the blinds to get a glimpse of her amazing body.

    Then we're in the bath for a tiny snap shot of some of the more candid backstage images from Violeta's second solo.

  • Wed 16th May 2012 Marleen S & Samantha-Jane | Girl-Girl

    The very tall and very beautiful Dutch Marleen gets seduced by the large breasted and significantly shorter Samantha Jane as she tries to read in peace on the steps to the bedroom. But Samantha is persistent in her efforts and with a barrage of kisses to Marleen's slender neck and wandering touches of her small breasts Samantha quickly wins her over.

    Once in the bedroom though its a different story, Marleen uses her height to dominate Samantha as they make he best of a very small space. Pulling off each others clothes and revealing their smooth, wet pussies. Throwing each other from bed to floor and back again these two really push each other to some well earned afternoon orgasms!

  • Wed 16th May 2012 Carian | Solo

    Introducing the beautiful, dark haired, Dutch and sexual Carian in her first ever solo shoot!

    We start with her painting one of her favorite subjects - the naked female body. She uses herself as her own model, studying her slender, flexible frame in the mirror and tracing the contours of her smooth pussy and pert round bum. v

  • Tue 15th May 2012 Anouk | Solo

    Beautiful dark skinned Anouk warms herself outdoors in the rare dutch sun, then walking back through the park an playing on the swings she shows glimpses of her long legs, slim body and round pert bum.

    Inside its into the bath where she exposes her amazing large breasts and well groomed pussy, splashing water over her entire body, making her body glisten with the water.

  • Mon 14th May 2012 Carian | Solo

    Beautiful dark haired, cute Dutch Carian shows off her cute smile, geeky glasses, slim body and skills with a paint brush as she reveals her flexible body and starts to paint her picture.

    Laying and looking into a mirror to get inspiration she studies her body shape trying to replicate it with the brush, but watching her contort her body and twist and strain to get the best view she can is almost mesmerizing.

  • Sun 13th May 2012 Anouk | Solo

    Dark skinned Anouk is a divine specimen of a woman. Proportions to make you swoon, from her toned waist to her buxom breasts.

    From her lean legs to her pert bum, Anouk knows how to keep herself looking svelte. In this shoot she let's us peek into a few of her grooming secrets. Creamed legs that get smoothly shaved. Long dark hair that gets beautifully curled. You will feel the intimacy and fun that she embodies.

  • Sun 13th May 2012 Kandice | Intimate Moments

    Kandice finds all sorts of fun things in her handbag, such as lip balm and her favorite pink vibrator.

    She teases herself and doesn't want to give into it too early, drawing out her sexy orgasm.

  • Sat 12th May 2012 Roos & Sidney | Intimate Moments

    Sometimes you want to indulge right away and other times you want to savor the moment and take your time. We are proud to offer you the perfect solution in Roos and Sidneys IM.

    A bored red head Roos sits down next to Dutch girl Sidney and tells her all about her outside sexual adventures. Soon the girls are having a frank and open discussion and it turns out neither of them have ever masturbated in front of another woman. Helping each other out of their clothing, they shyly look at each other and find out what its like to orgasm with someone else watching.

  • Fri 11th May 2012 Lacie & Sidney | Girl-Girl

    Watch this oral feast as the stunning red headed Lacie tries for Sidney's attention with her flexible body amazing natural breasts and not to subtle seduction techniques!

    Falling on top of her she quickly works to get the clothes of Sidneys body so she can get down to her smooth skin, slim frame and shaved pussy. On the chair and moving onto the floor for a marathon run of 69, they bring each other to a gorgeous mid day climax!

  • Thu 10th May 2012 Backstage 318 | Behind the scenes

    Come backstage at abbywinters.com for two more sexy and fun packed shoots! This time were peeling back the curtain on the gorgeous Becky T and Shaminee girl-girl shoot, were things really go off as they lay with each other in the hot Australian sun.

    Then we move to the beautifully quirky and kinky Selena and Zora Intimate moment. enjoy!

  • Wed 09th May 2012 Lacie & Sidney | Girl-Girl

    Stunning redhead Lacie sits watching the natural and beautiful Sidney read her book. Craving attention and maybe a little more Lacie tries her best to distract her for a reading break!

    Moving her slender body in front of her in an effort to distract Lacie does her best to lure Sidney away from her reading. Leaning over for a cheeky kiss Lacie final gets her way as Sidney gives in. Undressing each other to reveal Lacie's amazing large, pert breasts and full bush of red pubes the two passionately entangle themselves together pushing each other towards a beautiful mid day orgasm!

  • Wed 09th May 2012 Latisha | Solo

    With her dark hairand red lips Latisha looks like a fairy tale princess, how fitting that when we first meet her she is fast asleep. Stretching and turning in her bed the camera offers lovely glimpses of her blue panties.

    When she finally stirs Latisha looks straight down the camera and in her soft Dutch voice tells us a little bit about herself - including a naughty story from her past!

  • Tue 08th May 2012 Carmina | Solo

    Spanish and cute Carmina is with us again. She exposes her petite body in a very special shoot. She is going to treat her pale and soft skin to a milk bath!

    From the beginning Carmina teases us with her up skirts, her flirting eyes flashing from behind her glasses. She slowly moves to the bathroom and gently exposes her soft, white-pale skin. First she puts her small feet in the milk bath and later lets the milk a flow over her sweet lips and small, pert boobs. With every second we can feel her enjoying her luxury bath more and more . . . and more AND MORE! Carmina gets more relax and slowly slides her hands down in to her pussy...

  • Mon 07th May 2012 Latisha | Solo

    Latisha's sultry yet effortlessly seductive mannerisms play out through her slim, natural body, the flicks of her dark hair and the piercing gaze of her green eyes.

    Holding back from exposing her small, pert breasts and her well trimmed pussy she slides underneath the covers to tease out the reveal from you for as long as possible!

  • Mon 07th May 2012 Real life couple: Broc & Edie (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Australian brunette the horny Edie arrives home from grocery shopping and feeling a bit naughty!

    She jumps on her man and gets what she wants! Some afternoon delight!

    She suduces her man with some seductive flirting, until the passion is to much for them both and they devour each other in hot passionate oral and anal play on both.

    Edie then rides Broc and you can tell she likes being in control, it all ends in orgasmic pleasure followed by some snowballing.

  • Sun 06th May 2012 Carmina | Solo

    The beautiful pale skinned and sexual Carmina pampers herself and her soft Spanish skin with a bath of milk! Dripping it over her pert breasts and puffy nipples she is effortlessly seductive with every move she makes.

    Stripping down to nothing but her glasses she exposes her amazing, svelte body, smooth shaved pussy and toned physique. Bathing and washing herself down with the shower head you'll be transfixed on every subtle twitch of her body.

  • Sun 06th May 2012 Hayden | Intimate Moments

    Hayden takes a shower and as she is rubbing soap over her boobs she begins to get aroused and this leads to a long and thrilling solo masturbation session. She even piques the curiosity of her friend Dewisandra who stops to check in on her.

    Meanwhile Hayden puts one leg up and works her clit with a fast and steady motion until deciding the orgasm will come easier without the water, but she stays in the shower and masturbates rhythmically and patiently for an elongated period until she has a pulsating explosive orgasm.

  • Sat 05th May 2012 Analyn & Fenna | Girl-Girl

    What came first the chicken or the orgasm? You will have to watch long legged Fenna and Filipino Analyn's sexual encounter to find out.

    "JUST FORGET ABOUT THE CHICKEN" say's Fenna and when faced with Analyn's dark nipples wouldn't you? These two friends share a soft, caring, sexual afternoon with us. I don't know if it was the neighbors constant drilling that put the idea into Fenna's head but she is determined to rip Analyn away from her book and into her arms.

    Slow soft kissing, deep long full mouth oral, the perfect afternoon with a friend.

  • Sat 05th May 2012 Alyssa & Merel | Intimate Moments

    Dark skinned Dutch Merel wants to learn some Spanish and who else to ask then beautiful pale skinned Alyssa. Soon the trending topic is body parts.

    They even get a little gender critical. But not for long, when they see each others perfect breaststhey can only speak about masturbating and orgasms. After this very active IM Merel apologized: 'I am sorry it took so long, but I could not stop sucking Alyssa's nipple, it was fantastic!'

  • Fri 04th May 2012 Mystery Shoot 8 | Mystery Shoot

    Sexy, Secret, Unpredictable and Unique. abbywinters.com presents to you the eighth Mystery Shoot.

    Every month a new shoot will appear on the site hidden by a ? Just count down the days and look forward to the diversity of a new refreshing shoot not like anything else seen on abbywinters.com before.

  • Thu 03rd May 2012 Real life couple: Broc & Edie (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Real life couple Broc and Edie share with you their intimate, passionate and kinky sex life as they open up for their abbywinters.com debut. Seducing Broc with her subtle and provocative touches Edie then strips down on top of him to reveal her slim body, smooth wet pussy and large breasts.The two start to turn things up. With amazingly passionate oral from each of them and some kinky anal play they manage to bring each other to powerful and intimate orgasms.

  • Thu 03rd May 2012 Backstage 317 | Behind the scenes

    Following on from backstage 316 and behind the scenes with the amazingly hot Valentina its backstage 317! Valentina's fun personality and beautiful olive skin, pert, large breasts and slim body make her almost impossible to take your eyes away from her. So enjoy the images and remember to check out the finished set here.

  • Wed 02nd May 2012 Analyn & Fenna | Girl-Girl

    The stunning, large breasted, Dutch and insatiably seductive Fenna flirts and tempts the gorgeous Asian Analyn as she tries to relax on the sofa and open up a book to read.

    Pushing her hands onto her breasts and pulling off one of her long socks to catch her attention she arouses Analyn to the point where she can no longer resist! Pouncing on top of one another they pleasure each other, as they roll from sofa to floor and back up again. Giving some intensive oral through Analyn's full bush Fenna gets her wetter and wetter!

  • Wed 02nd May 2012 Samantha-Jane | Solo

    Not your average commute to work, but it would make everyone look forward to Monday mornings! This is a guerrilla shoot like no other! Samantha-Jane invites us to follow her adventures, as she explores Holland for the first time, traveling on trains! Holland isn't all she explores, it's not long before she is reaching into her top to show off her ample breasts. This cheeky minx thrives on the risk of being caught, she pushes her levels higher and higher as she removes more and more clothing!

    Removing her tights to show off her pale skin Samantha-Jane's hands quickly climb up her thigh till she is sat pleasuring herself on public transport!

    This was a risky shoot in lots of ways but I hope you will agree it was worth it!

  • Tue 01st May 2012 Maya C | Solo

    Maya is a beautiful girl with long, dark hair and a super cute face. Her smile is able to warm up the coldest day and she seduces you with her dark, innocent eyes.

    Maya shares with us her secrets and tells us all about her passion for teasing. She seduces her boyfriend every day and today she's seducing you. She will tease you by licking fruits and by getting undressed. Slowly she reveals her olive skin, first you can see her round small boobs and later her shaved pussy. Also you will see her doing very ordinary things like brushing her teeth or... masturbating in very unusual way!

  • Mon 30th Apr 2012 Samantha-Jane | Solo

    A risky, provocative, seductive and naughty ride outdoors on the train with Samantha Jane as she drags you along the platform and towards some public transport displays of public nudity!

    Showing off her long legs, slender frame and large breasts at all opportunities the risk of been caught is ever present and that only heightens the tension and only elevates the sexual suspense.

  • Sun 29th Apr 2012 Maya C | Solo

    In the kitchen the beautiful dark haired Maya sits effortlessly flirting with you as she eats her fruit and runs her hands over her amazing, slender body, long legs and full pert breasts.

    Exposing her pussy and trimmed pubes she starts to slowly touch herself, moving from the chair top the kitchen counter, your eye's tracking her every movement!

  • Sun 29th Apr 2012 Jenna K | Intimate Moments

    Jenna K is back for another IM. This time she drawing when she dreams away. She decides to climb on the table, which gives us a good view of her beautiful bum.

    She takes a good long time to play with her then licks her fingers to wet herself. Why would you need pencils if you can color your day yourself!

  • Sat 28th Apr 2012 Marleen S & Rebekka | Intimate Moments

    The two dutchies Rebekka and Marleen are bored. Tall blond Marleen is trying to find something nice to watch on the television but short haired Rebekka has something better: Some sexy pictures of herself.

    Immediately interested Marleen proposes to masturbate together in a way they can look at each other. And why not? Cause indeed girls, it is not illegal to masturbate together!

  • Fri 27th Apr 2012 Merel & Mina | Girl-Girl

    Merel and Mina both decided to share their very first female sexual encounters with us on film and I'm so glad they did - as I think were they.

    Dark skinned Merel took the lead wasting little time in getting to Mina's breasts. Both girls have amazingly large nipples and seeing them erect next to each other looked incredible!. Lots of passionate kissing followed with Merel using her tongue to expert effect.

    These girls explored everything they could think of trying scissoring and 69. Merel looked like she was in heaven as she sucked on the lips of Mina's pussy.

    Be sure to watch the after video to hear how their first time went. Merel just couldn't keep her hands off Mina's breast while we talked and the girls even have a boob sword fight!

  • Thu 26th Apr 2012 Backstage 316 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 316 is as always packed full of beautiful abbywinters.com girls having fun behind the scenes of their shoots.

    This week we've got the very beautiful Zora, the fun perfect pair; Odette and Selena in their Intimate Moments shoot and the start of the extremely stunning Spanish Valentina in her quirky red leather sofa shoot.

  • Wed 25th Apr 2012 Merel & Mina | Girl-Girl

    This is first time either the beautiful dark skinned Merel or the stunning pale skinned Mina have ever slept with another woman! So this is really very special, and we are very glad they we're so curious!

    Starting very timid and flirtatiously they become more intrigued about each others bodies and the want to touch and discover what lays beneath each others clothes soon comes too much to hold back. Slipping off Mina's top Merel discovers her amazing, large pert breasts and can not help but indulge herself in them. Fervidly stripping each other down to expose their trimmed pubes, wet pussies slim bodies and erect nipples neither can help but get the most out of their fist time getting intimate with another woman!

  • Wed 25th Apr 2012 Sidney | Solo

    We would love you to join us in welcoming a very cute and shy Sidney!

    We first join this new Dutch lady as she is quietly reading but its not long before she starts to get a little bolder and shows us her lovely petite body and round, gorgeous boobs.

    Maybe shy Sidney isn't all she first seems as before the end of the video we find her naked outside being watched by the Swans!

  • Tue 24th Apr 2012 Viona | Solo

    Sometimes you wake up beside a girl and you don't really know what to expect. Is she going to kick you out, will she remember your name, or you going to have more sex. You don't have to ask yourself that when you are waking up beside Viona.

    This tall blonde girl knows what she wants and how to get it. And the first thing she wants is getting you out of her bed. But don't worry. She wants you to have a good look at her body know that the sun is up! She gets out first and teases you by crawling around the room draped in the white bed linen. Showing you her nice breast and tanned bum. But only to make sure you will follow her into the kitchen where she makes you cup of tea. And who said waiting for a water cooker would be boring? Waiting means more time to set you in the right mood for an active afternoon. That's what we call a good morning!

  • Mon 23rd Apr 2012 Sidney | Solo

    Beautiful new Brunette model Sidney debuts in this very natural and great looking shoot. Showing off her slim, pale body, cute smile and pert breasts she undresses next to the large open window leading out onto the canal.

    Her smooth skin goose-bumping up with the cold from outside she dares open the door to the water, stepping outside into the cold Amsterdam day and throwing out some bread for the more than inquisitive swans. With nothing more than an open jacket on as she bares her naked body and smooth shaved pussy to the cold, she soon needs to run in to warm up.

  • Sun 22nd Apr 2012 Viona | Solo

    The stunning blonde, tanned and effortlessly seductive Viona shows off her slender body and pert breasts in her second solo shoot.

    Starting in the bedroom to streams of broken light she seduces and plays with you as she moves. Dragging the pure white sheet off the bed she stands up and moves to the bathroom for a shower, behind the wet beaded and steamed up glass she runs her hands over her body and starts to play with her wet smooth shaved pussy...

  • Sun 22nd Apr 2012 Lawan | Intimate Moments

    Asian beauty Lawan is back, this time for a breathtaking Intimate Moments.

    It's a sunny day in Amsterdam and Lawan is reading a magazine in the windowsill. The warm sunlight touches her skin and soon it is too hot to keep her clothes on. Slowly she starts touching herself, she wets her fingers and takes some good time to twist her nipples, caress her legs to come to beautiful wet orgasm.

  • Sat 21st Apr 2012 Carly T | After Dark

    To begin with Carly takes off her purple stockings from her long legs, she put down her colorful undies and she show her hairy pussy. She has smooth pale skin and round small boobs. She is simply beautiful.

    We have seen Carly on many videos but still she has a lot to show and tell us, and still she can astound us.

    In this video she reveals her innermost secrets about her personal life. In a dark room on an old fashion sofa she stretches out her slim body while she shares with us her secret thoughts.

    Her pale skin is in gorgeous contrast with the black background and her cute face and sexy smile enchants us with every moment. You just want see more of her body and you want hear more about her secret life!

  • Sat 21st Apr 2012 Alyssa & Kaylee | Intimate Moments

    The cute Spanish Alyssa and the slender American Kaylee meet with each other to talk about their erotic fantasies. Some of the stories are making them giggle, their beautiful faces smiling and lifting their glasses up with their cheeks.

    The two girls start talking about fantasies with threesome's and sex in strange places. After a while they expose their bodies. Alyssa takes off her top and shows her round pert breasts to Kaylee, who in return gets naked and reveals her pale skin. They go even further and talk about their masturbation habits while their hands stimulate their clits. After a few intense minutes they are fully indulged in the pleasures of masturbation.

  • Fri 20th Apr 2012 Aletta & Misha | Girl-Girl

    Tall, blonde and with lovely long legs, the beautiful Misha is paired with the pert breasted and sweet Aletta in this all hot all Dutch passionate girl on girl session.

    Aletta tries to seduce Misha, the tension is high and these girls passion and desire palpable as they cant resist each other any longer. Grabbing at each others pert and full boobs and tight bums.

    They are so into these girls only notice each other. Unaffected by the loud builders in the street, they continue their pleasure fest. Their sex is both soft and passionate, with lots of kissing, boobs grabbing and a special anal insertions surprise.

  • Fri 20th Apr 2012 Carly T | After Dark

    The beautiful, quiet and reserved Carly as you've never seen her before! Showing off her stunning toned body, long legs and small, pert breasts she moves along the sofa flirting and undressing.

    Keeping effortlessly seductive eye contact with you as she slowly removes her dress and runs her hands along her stocking covered legs, she'll have you willing her on for more as she gets close to her wet pussy and full bush!

  • Thu 19th Apr 2012 Backstage 315 | Behind the scenes

    Following the beautiful, Italian and athletic Violeta in her second solo. Stretching out her beautiful toned, slender body against the soft white of the background she looks absolutely gorgeous. And this view from behind the scenes show even more of her cute, natural and fun personality!

    Don't forget to view her shoot here, and whilst you there take a look at some of the other stunning shoots she and others have done!

  • Wed 18th Apr 2012 Aletta & Misha | Girl-Girl

    Watching the beautiful blonde, tall, slender Misha from the kitchen Aletta can't resist going over for a closer more intimate look at what she's up to. Coming closer and catching eye contact the two seduce each other, illuminated by the bright sun illuminating the stark white room.

    Pressing her newly washed t-shirt against Aletta's large, pert breasts and exposing her bra Misha hints at what she wants next! Pressing each other up against the wall, moving onto the chair and down to the floor they entwine thier naked bodies, licking, kissing squeezing and inserting into each others wet pussies and as the passion ramps up they even experiment in some anal together.

  • Wed 18th Apr 2012 Marleen S | Solo

    Stunning, Dutch and new model Merleen today uncovers her funny personality and flexible body. She is a very tall young girl with pale skin and a sporty figure. Her long blonde hair falls softly over her slim shoulders. Her big blue eyes and cute smile adorn her beautiful face.

    We start our journey with Merleen as she straggles with her dark and transparent tights. She tries really hard to pull them over her long legs and naked round bum. However the tights are too small or rather her legs are too long. After a short conversation about her flexibility, she slowly takes off her blue top and uncovers her small boobs.

    She also talks about her gymnastic team and shows us some very flexible positions that will let your imagination run wild...

  • Tue 17th Apr 2012 Crystal S | Solo

    Welcome back to the very cute, English Crystal. She is an adorable girl with a very sweet smile and freckles all over her pretty, natural face.

    This time she shares with us her little secrets about her relationship with a woman and a man and talks about how she lost her anal virginity. All this with a lot of innocent teasing and unexpected shyness. First she slowly takes of her pink undies and exposed her trimmed pubes. Later she slides her delicate hands under her tight t-shirt and grabbing her round, large breasts to play with them and teases you.

    After a while Crystal slowly climbs on the table where starts playing with a candle. First she puts the warm wax on her pink, pert nipples and later...

  • Mon 16th Apr 2012 Editor's Choice - Upskirt | Behind the scenes

    Material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Upskirt! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around sexy, unplanned, incidental and just out right awesome Upskirt shots.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update and any we may have missed!

    We need your suggestions for the next months Editor's Choice!

  • Mon 16th Apr 2012 Marleen S | Solo

    The very beautiful, very flexible, tall Dutch Marleen makes a stunning debut on abbywinters.com in this very provocative and sexual shoot.

    Stretching her long legs and toned body she undresses to reveal her smooth shaved pussy and small, pert breasts. Her seductive smile and fun personality highlight her great personality. Moving from the bed to the floor she tears cuts and rips her way out of her tights!

  • Sun 15th Apr 2012 Crystal S | Solo

    The very sexual, pale skinned and beautifully big breasted Crystal undresses and pleasures herself with her toy. Teasing you with her short skirt and poker dot pink underwear she moves from chair to table and down top the floor.

    Exposing her pert breasts she starts to pour hot candle wax onto her erect nipples, stimulating herself for some self indulgence!

  • Sun 15th Apr 2012 Kiana | Intimate Moments

    Kiana is a hot English chick, with a very sexy body. Her lovely curly blonde hair softly falls down over her shoulders and her voice is amazingly sexy!

    While she masturbates on the kitchen's table we can hear her voice over the video, it is like hearing her thoughts. She talks about her round bouncy boobs about this what she thinks while she masturbates. And you will be surprised with some of her thoughts. Pay close attention to this video because she tells you a lot with her sexy British voice!

  • Sat 14th Apr 2012 Dani L & Rebekka | Intimate Moments

    Three 'really really naughty' ladies collapse into bed and it's way past their bed time. One girl masturbates twice a week, another four times a day, where as the last is happy to do it on the stairs during a party - but which is which?

    Rebekka's slim shaved body and hard nipples looks beautiful next to Danil's black curly hair and 'forest' like full bush . Be sure to listen out for Dani L's wet pussy as the two girls race to orgasm satisfaction on the bed. What happens to the third lady, see if you can hear her breathy moans from the next room. . . .

  • Fri 13th Apr 2012 Analyn & Merel | Girl-Girl

    The beautiful and passionate dark-skinned Merel waits longingly for the return of the gorgeous Asian Analyn, and as soon as the door opens a torrent of pent up sexual energy is released the instant they make eye contact!

    Grabbing, pushing and kissing they rip each others clothes off in a split second, rushing to reveal each others naked bodies! Against the walls cabinet and onto the floor they indulge in long awaited oral, tribbing, 69 and many more positions in this blur of breasts, full bush and electrically charged sex!

  • Thu 12th Apr 2012 Editor's Choice - Upskirt | Behind the scenes

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Upskirt! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around sexy, unplanned, incidental and just out right awesome Upskirt shots.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update and any we may have missed!

    We need your suggestions for the next months Editor's Choice!

  • |

  • Wed 11th Apr 2012 Analyn & Merel | Girl-Girl

    Returning to the apartment the beautiful Asian Analyn barley has time to take her coat off before the vivacious and sexually charged Merel sweeps her off her feet, pushed her against the wall and starts to passionately over power her with her built up lust towards her.

    Revealing each other pert breasts and beautiful hour-glass figures they fervidly strip each other down to their naked bodies. Analyn grinds full bush of pubes and wet pussy against Merel's soft dark skin and smooth shaved pussy, bringing each other to an explosive orgasm.

  • Wed 11th Apr 2012 Alyssa | Solo

    Spanish Alyssa is a bit shy when she speaks English so she seems not much of a talker, but we forgive her that straight away: She is a pleasure to look at!

    This long haired beauty sits on the table when she slowly undresses and starts caressing her perfect body. But she doesn't get naked all the way. With her glasses still on and her knee high socks too she brings herself to breathtaking orgasm.

  • Tue 10th Apr 2012 Nandine | Solo

    The gorgeous blonde, Dutch Nandine naked outside amongst nature. What more could you ask for? Walking in the rain and undressing her beautiful slim, toned body, large pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy.

    Playing and flirting shyly with the camera Nandine's fun and playful personality as she shows us just how naturally stunning she is.

  • Mon 09th Apr 2012 Alyssa | Solo

    The beautiful Spanish Alyssa undresses her slender, pale body on top of the kitchen table, and treats herself to some intimate play with her smooth shaved pussy.

    Her dark hair, glasses and timid personality all add to her effortless seductiveness, and as she undresses on the table and slips off her underwear from her round bum and pert, small breasts you'll find yourself wanting to see more and more of this gorgeous Spanish girl!

  • Sun 08th Apr 2012 Nandine | Solo

    The gorgeous blonde, Dutch Nandine naked outside amongst nature. What more could you ask for? Walking in the rain and undressing her beautiful slim, toned body, large pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy.

    Playing and flirting shyly with the camera Nandine's fun and playful personality as she shows us just how naturally stunning she is.

  • Sun 08th Apr 2012 Caramel S | Intimate Moments

    The beautiful and svelte Russian goddess is back to invite us into the thrilling voyeuristic look at watching her first ever masturbation on camera.

    She is such an adorable girl and looks simply beautiful as she undresses and watches something on her computer to get herself turned on and to help her have a thrilling first time on camera orgasm. The mystery though is tantalising, what is it that gets Caramel off?

  • Sat 07th Apr 2012 Kylie H & Marcus F | Girl-Boy

    The long wait is over, Kylie H's girl-boy shoot with her boyfriend Marcus is finally upon us! Those of you who were asking for oral in their adorable DIM will not be disappointed in this orally fixated extravaganza. Marcus licks Kylie H's pussy through her wet panties and Kylie takes Marcus into her mouth for lots of soft sensual blow job action.

    Slender Kylie looks so innocent in her glasses as she tries all the positions! Sit back and enjoy this second window into their love making.

  • Sat 07th Apr 2012 Mina & Roos | Intimate Moments

    What's better then catching your beautiful roommate masturbating? Catching your beautiful roommate masturbating using your chocolate! At least that's what long brown haired Mina thought when she saw red haired Roos lying on their kitchen top.

    Acting a bit angry (but secretly already turned on) she demands Roos to show her exactly what she did with her sweets. Impressed by each other perfect breasts and nice bodies, this ends up in up in two girls masturbating while looking at each other. And even though Mina is trying to wait for Roos to come she can't help herself but orgasm.

  • Fri 06th Apr 2012 Aletta & Leah K | Girl-Girl

    English model Leah K is back and this time she is with local Dutch model Aletta.

    Waking up next to Aletta is many peoples dreams and Leah K does what any of us would do and starts trying to wake her up for some sexy fun between the sheets.

    See blonde hair mix with brown hairas the two ladies spread each other across the sheets and explore each others bodies with their mouths and fingers.

  • Thu 05th Apr 2012 Kylie H & Marcus F | Girl-Boy

    Kylie, the slim, beautiful, dark haired, Australian brings her partner Marcus to abbywinters.com for this very intimate and passionate girl-boy. Flirting in the kitchen Kylie stares at Marcus through her black, thick rimmed glasses. Picking her up off the kitchen counter and taking Kylie to the front room where they waste no time undressing each other!

    Kissing Kylie's small, pert breasts and holding on to her slim waist Marcus penetrates and licks her smooth shaved pussy until Kylie reaches a shaking orgasm.

  • Thu 05th Apr 2012 Arianna | Solo

    Welcome dark skinned Arianne to our website, this girl with roots from all over the world is a performing artist and loves to be the center of attention.

    First she dances on her own song and then has an open conversation about her art, her background and her sex life. She slowly undresses and we get to see her playing with full bush and how she masturbates up side down on a chair. And so well spoken as she is at the beginning of this shoot so far away she seems when we speak to her in her afterglow.

  • Thu 05th Apr 2012 Backstage 313 | Behind the scenes

    Another stunning abbywinters.com backstage set for you to enjoy! There's everything in this one: from beautiful first time solos from Jessica C, Lauren R and Oriel to the amazingly sexy and fun Pillow Fight Girls.

    Don't forget to check out the shoots on the site and of course, look for more you might not have seen in the archive.

  • Wed 04th Apr 2012 Aletta & Leah K | Girl-Girl

    Waking up the beautiful brunette Aletta, brushed the blonde hair of Leah, stirring her to wake up and satisfy her morning desires. Running their hands along each others body over and under the duvet they get each other horny to the point of being unable to turn back. Playing and teasing with each others panties, both girls slip in and out of their underwear, using it as a tool to heighten their sex! Licking the outside of the pants and slipping into each others whilst still wearing them is an amazing, fun and very sexy thing to watch!

    Unwrapping Aletta's large, pert breasts and slim body Leah starts to play with and lick over her underwear. Doing the same to Leah the girls can't resist any longer and with underwear still on grind against, lick and bring each other to a gorgeous morning climax!

  • Tue 03rd Apr 2012 Fleur D | Solo

    Fleur D is back for another solo. This time she tells us about her fantasies and her lived experiences. Getting turned on by the idea of having sex outside she takes us to the rooftop where she is, literary, singing in the rain!

    While she undresses we get an amazing view at her perfect bum. In detail she shows us how she likes her hairy vagina to be touched and caressed. And as the icing on the cake we get to see her beautifully smiling after a very good orgasm!

  • Mon 02nd Apr 2012 Arianna | Solo

    The stunning, slender dark haired Arianna makes her vibrant and fun filled debut on abbywinters.com. In the kitchen and on the table she reveals her tanned skin, toned body and small breasts.

    Playing with her thick, dark full bush of pubes and wet pussy she effortlessly flirts with her piercing dark eyes and cute innocent smile. We hope that this is the first shoot of many from the beautiful Arianna!

  • Sun 01st Apr 2012 Fleur D | Solo

    Fleur is a very earthy, hippy and natural chick with long dreads, hairy bush and a very playful spirit. She teases the camera with cute looks as the jumps around on her bed. She slowly undresses and reveals her full breasts, but this free spirit stops things there and takes us on a surprise journey up to the rooftop of her apartment where she continues the undressing, this time though a bit more risque.

    The cold weather though sends her back to the warmth of her bedroom where she gets cosy and comfortable with some erotic touching and exploration that is very rousing.

  • Sun 01st Apr 2012 SIM 1: Roos | Intimate Moments

    Beautiful red curly haired Roos is back. To steel some chocolate this this time. When she is home alone she sneaks trough the kitchen to find some chocolate from a housemate.

    You know what they say about woman and chocolate. Well Roos likes hers very very much. Before you know it she takes off her clothes and plays with it over her perfect body, licking her fingers and her own nipples. Satisfied she put the stolen goods away. Crime does pay! And maybe in more then one way...

  • Sat 31st Mar 2012 Martha & Merel | Intimate Moments

    Martha is a Ukrainian beauty with a slender body and soft olive skin. Merel is a playful chick with a cute smile and with smooth dark skin.

    Martha dries her hair after a shower while Merel helps her to rub lotion into her olive skin. First Martha takes of her top and reveals her petite boobs. Merel is next and she takes off her white t-shirt and displays her tan lines around her small breasts.

    Both of them slowly move into a very intense masturbation session with a lot of sensual kissing and soft touching.

  • Fri 30th Mar 2012 Lacie & Merel | Girl-Girl

    I will start by telling you what Merel wrote in her after bio, 'Can't ask for more today, Lacie raped me in a sweet, loving, tender and rough way!'

    How a normal after shower routine, where one friend helps the other by putting cream on her back turned into this I have no idea, but if we work it out we would have the formula for 'super sex!' (quote by Lacie).

    There were long fingers V small hands, Big boobs V little boobs but which is better, there was only one way to find out FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These girls tour into each other, chucking one another all over the bed! Pussies were slurped, bottoms were spanked and orgasms were had by everybody!

    You will be exhausted when you have finished watching this, there was peach fuzz, tribbing, soft kissing, hard kissing, more tribbing, 69, spanking, hard fingering, hair pulling, sweat and giggles!

    As a word of warning you may wish to turn your volume down as these girls had each other screaming and begging through out - 'You'll make me crazy doing that , go ahead do it again!" Merel

    Be sure to check out Izzy crying in the after video!

  • Thu 29th Mar 2012 Backstage 312 | Behind the scenes

    Another varied and beautiful backstage set for your viewing pleasure! With appearances from the beautiful Nicole P, the stunning, blonde Alisa and the gorgeous Anastasia & Carly T in their double intimate moments.

    All of these shoots are more than worthy of attention and the beautiful Alisa's is most definitely a must see, so dive back into the vast abbywinters.com archive and enjoy!

  • Wed 28th Mar 2012 Lacie & Merel | Girl-Girl

    The vivacious dark skinned Merel and the stunning, slender, pale skinned Lacie make for one extremely sexually charged pair. Passionate from start to finish these girls waste no time tearing into one another's bodies.

    Diving through the clothes and getting to the smooth skin, large breasts and smooth pussies beneath they writhe around together as an unstoppable force. With some really intense sex and positions. With Merel pulling at Lacies beautiful red hair you can almost hear them screaming in orgasm even from the photo's!.

  • Wed 28th Mar 2012 Jessie T | Solo

    The deep blue eyes of Jessie lock onto you with a cute, shy and mesmerizing look. Her pale white skin and long slender body are beautiful. She cutely tells us about herself and shows of her collection of nylons and stockings.

    Running her hands delicately across her long legs and stockings is very sensual and in this debut solo video, Jessie is captivating.

  • Tue 27th Mar 2012 Lawan | Solo

    I am delighted to welcome back the cute and very petite Lawan! Her Philippine looks and stunning smile will tease you from beginning to end. Her long dark hair softly falls down over her dark skin shoulders framing the delicate features of her face.

    Lawan is a very shy and funny chick. With a cute smile on her face she tells us why she prefer older guys and how they out do their younger competitors. Slowly she gets undressed exposing her dark, olive skin and her petite body.

    First we see her small boobs and later she exposed her round bum. All this leads to soft masturbation session...what more could you need!

  • Mon 26th Mar 2012 Jessie T | Solo

    Beautiful new model Jessie and her vibrant red hair burst onto your screen for her first ever photo shoot! Her cute little smile, seductive personality and tall slender body really set her apart, and as you watch her slowly undress her smooth, pale skin and full bush of pubes her wholesome and innocent nature really shines through.

    Moving around the room she picks up, plays with and slides on and off a variety of tights and stockings, accentuating her gorgeous long legs!

  • Sun 25th Mar 2012 Lawan | Solo

    The bubbly, natural and Asian Lawan stands beautifully against the white of the full length window as she undresses, revealing her tanned skin, clean shaved pussy and small breasts.

    Lawan is great fun to watch on screen as she smiles and moves, keeping eye contact as she strips away the layers of clothes hiding her body.

  • Sun 25th Mar 2012 Gretchen | Intimate Moments

    retchen comes from the bedroom to relax in the kitchen and show us a little part of a song she's been working on, her stunning voice and struming of the guitar only compliment her gorgeous natural looks and great personality.

    Tired of practice she sits the guitar down and turns the attention to herself; undressing and moving her fingers down to her full bush and extended long legs.

  • Sat 24th Mar 2012 Hayley F | After Dark

    Hayley F is hot, there are no two ways of putting it, she has the most perfect bum. She makes you melt as she stares at you with her deep blue eyes.

    If you had a date with Hayley F, where would you take her?

  • Sat 24th Mar 2012 Aletta & Klara | Intimate Moments

    In the prelude to Aletta's and Klara's Girl/Girl we asked them if they would like to do a double intimate moment first. The two Dutch hotties thought that would be a good idea.

    So you are invited to watch these girls have their first sexual experience together. First they chat about boys, going out and driving tickets. This while start massaging each other and we get a beautiful view on their cute bums and nice breasts. Asking each other how it feels and what their thinking they have a nice orgasm. Klara a bit sooner then Aletta: "Just so you know, I am not gonna wait for you!"

  • Fri 23rd Mar 2012 Alyssa & Carmina | Girl-Girl

    Sexy and energetic Spanish babe Carmina brought a friendwith her from Spain, Alyssa. She has a very shy but alluring smile with long hair and something special, that x factor. Petite Carmina teases her with her big cute smile and big bold blue eyes.

    Step by step they reveal their beautiful bodies in Carmina's quirky photo session. She wants to immortalize her friends body and face. The tension between these two is so strong that Alyssa can not stand any longer and she invites Carmina to bed.

    This photo session is really special for both of these girls, they will always have the photos and their intense orgasms and passionate sex to remember this wonderful experience by.

  • Fri 23rd Mar 2012 Hayley F | After Dark

    Gorgeous full lips surround Hayley's cute suggestive smile, her large, deep eyes staring at you willing you to stay and watch her undress. And if you do stay you'll be more than happy you did; peeling off her clothing Hayley reveals her perfect tight body and pert arse, barely covered by the most sensual of underwear sets.

    Arching her back, pushing back that perfect bum and pulling tight the purple bed throw, Hayley sexually flirts with you and herself in the mirror opposed the bed. Her slim body, small pert boobs and infinitely long legs all lead to her almost bald pussy.

    This is one frolic in the dark you wont want to ever forget!

  • Thu 22nd Mar 2012 Backstage 311 | Behind the scenes

    Another great backstage, half indoors with the beautiful blonde Anastasia and her Intimate Moments shoots, and half outdoors in the glorious Australian sunshine with Opaline.

    Surrounded by light the stunning brunette Opaline records her first ever solo, and her slim, tanned body looks absolutely amazing against the lush green of the grass!

  • Wed 21st Mar 2012 Alyssa & Carmina | Girl-Girl

    Two gorgeous and genuine Spanish best friends unveiling their slender, toned bodies, pert breasts and sexually deviant sides on each other, and all instigated by the Carmina's want for some sexy photos for her personal album!

    The petite and insatiable Carmina directs her brunette best friend around the room as she takes some very cheeky (and quite reveling) home photos! Feeling the tension increase between the two, they drop the camera for some very intimate, passionate and first time sex between the two of them!

  • Wed 21st Mar 2012 Merel | Solo

    Welcome our new model Merel. This dark skinned beauty is getting ready for her day and chats out freely while she is taking care of herself.

    We witness her morning ritual, how she brushes her teeth, washing her face and moisturizes her skin. Merel is a very sexual being and describes confidently what she likes. In the meanwhile she does her stretches and takes some extra time to get her nice breast and lovely round bum into perfect condition!

  • Tue 20th Mar 2012 Gretchen | Solo

    Almost eligible to fit in our After Dark category, Gretchen gladly joins us again for an intimate video where she describes in great detail her ultimate girl girl fantasy. It's sexy, sensual and seductive.

    You wont be able to stop yourself from being sucked right into her personal world of lust and eroticism. At times it's like she is whispering right into your ear...and just when she has you wrapped around her little finger, she pulls out a remote controlled vibrator and uses it anally, then urges you to join her over the edge.

  • Mon 19th Mar 2012 Merel | Solo

    Beautiful dark skinned new model Merel comes to abbywinters.com for the first time, and we are very pleased to have her! With a great smile, personality and body to go with it, she's a great and stunning girl.

    In the bathroom she explores her naked body in all manners of positions, showing off her perfectly groomed pussy, pert breasts and large nipples. We hope this is the first of many from Merel!

  • Sun 18th Mar 2012 Gretchen | Solo

    In this dark and grungy attic space Gretchen lights the place up with her amazing suppleness and sexual flexibility. She moves and elongates her gorgeous, slim body and long legs into a variety of sexually seductive poses as she slips her fingers through her thick bush of pubes and starts to masturbate.

    Soon her desires intensify and in a moment of self submission she ties up her ankles and slips a small silver vibrator up inside of her anus; and as we watch it work its magic on her, she literally climbs the walls with pleasure! Its an awesomely intimate shoot to behold and Gretchen as ever is a salacious delight!

  • Sun 18th Mar 2012 Crystal S | Intimate Moments

    We all know technology can be a hassle. But our pert breasted Crystal has a solution for that: Masturbate! Sitting on a chair beside the window she has a good look at what is going on in the streets and that seems to turn her on. Regularly checking how wet her inserted fingers are she is not bothered with a broken phone anymore.

  • Sat 17th Mar 2012 Editor's Choice - Flexible | Editor's Choice

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Flexible! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around gorgeously seductive and suggestive, flexible, stretching and contorted bodies!

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update and any we may have missed!

    We need your suggestions for the next months Editor's Choice!

  • Sat 17th Mar 2012 Kaylee & Leah K | Intimate Moments

    New British blonde Leah K rocks up to Amsterdam, nervous about how her first abbywinters experience will go. Luckily for her sexy, bubbly, American, Kaylee is on hand to show her the way. Kaylee begins by slipping out of her robe and starts to smolder beneath her glasses as she tells Leah K the joy of having an orgasm on camera. Stroking her short black pubic hair, Kaylee runs her hand over her soft breasts and waits for her roommate to join in.

    Leah K is not used to using her hands but soon starts to put her own to good use, under the guidance of her new found teacher.

    If you have ever wondered what our models get up to in the privacy of their hotel rooms then this IM is a must. These new friends tell all, as they giggle about Kaylee's naughty home videos she makes for her boyfriend, sexy nuns and the orgasmic power of chocolate.

  • Fri 16th Mar 2012 Lacie & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    If you like redheads, this is a must see! You cannot miss out on the chemistry between these two beautiful big breasted girls. This is the one everybody will be talking about. One of them is our very own beloved staff member Nichole.

    The other is the lovely, slender Lacie from the UK. Playful, firm, tender and rough, these girls take each other to new heights and orgasms follow one another in a mindblowing pace. This wonderful girl-girl is a most welcome edition to the site!

  • Thu 15th Mar 2012 Backstage 310 | Behind the scenes

    Go behind the scenes on one of the most fun filled shoots in abbywinters.com history! The Kitchen Girls shoot. Watching these beautiful girls having fun, getting we, naked, enjoying themselves and doing things in a professional restaurant kitchen that would most definitely get then fired!

    With Mandy M, Cleo, Annalisa and Chanel thrown in together things were always going to get pretty out of hand and crazy.... which of course they did!

  • Thu 15th Mar 2012 Editor's Choice - Flexible | Editor's Choice

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Flexible! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around gorgeously seductive and suggestive, flexible, stretching and contorted bodies!

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update and any we may have missed!

    We need your suggestions for the next months Editor's Choice!

  • Wed 14th Mar 2012 Lacie & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    The two gorgeous read-heads, Lacie and Nichole get together in this stunning and highly charged girl girl. Lacie's small but perfectly sculpted slender body moves and writhes as the tall Dutch, large breasted Nichole slowly undresses her.

    Under the bright light streaming through the window they indulge themselves in each other, playing with their wet pussies, and full bush they bring each other to screaming orgasms!

  • Wed 14th Mar 2012 Leah K | Solo

    I present to you the curvy and voluptuous Leah. This British babe will seduce you with her cute look and round shape.

    It is her first time out of England so she is very excited about her time in Amsterdam. While she gets naked she talks about her adventures in Amsterdam. Slowly, she takes down her pink cardigan and exposes her large boobs. Then she slides down her tight blue jeans and shows us her lovely round bum.

    When she is completely naked she decides to unpack her horse riding equipment and shows to us her uniform and exactly how she does her horse ridding.

  • Tue 13th Mar 2012 Nude girl: Analyn (Video) | Solo

    The stunning Asian Analyn takes you into her fantasy world and demonstrates her mature demeanor and sexy eyes and body.
    While she talks about her erotic fantasies and affection for nerdy guys, she undresses and exposed her olive, soft skin. She shows off her small round boobs and says how much she like to touch them. Later, she slowly slides down her "snoopy nerd" underwear and exposes her hairy pussy.
    If you would like to hear more about the sexual fantasies of Analyn and her passion for sexual play, then MUST watch this redux video

  • Tue 13th Mar 2012 Analyn Solo 3 | Solo

    Beautiful dark skinned Analyn is a back for a third solo. This time she tries another thing she has never done before. She takes us on a little discovery trip where we get to see her flexible body in all sorts of positions. Joyful as she is she chats all the way trough and tells you exactly what she thinks! So... are you curious yet?!

  • Mon 12th Mar 2012 Leah K | Solo

    Appearing for her debut solo is the beautiful, blonde, natural and fun Leah! Bringing her gorgeous vivacious body and seductive personality, as well as her horse riding gear (sounds like an odd mix) she shows you every aspect of her body as she undresses.

    Slipping out of her clothes to reveal her large breasts, smooth shaved pussy and beautiful round bum she keeps you fixed on her every move.

  • Sun 11th Mar 2012 Analyn | Solo

    The beautiful Asian Analyn appears again on abbywinters.com for her stunning third solo, and this time she wants to share something really special with you.... her first time using a dildo ever in her life.

    Her slender, tanned body, small pert breasts and wonderful full bush of pubes looks gorgeous against the stark white of the bedroom. Reaching to unwrap her new toy and totally new experience, you know your seeing something very rare and very beautiful.

  • Sun 11th Mar 2012 Dahlia | Intimate Moments

    Masturbating in the lush green trees is a great way to spend the day.

    Dahlia's red hair is so vibrant and her gorgeous eyes pop! She lifts her dress, rubs herself over her pink panties, then finally touching her clit and inserting her fingers to bring herself to orgasm. Tops!

  • Sat 10th Mar 2012 Aletta & Fenna | Intimate Moments

    Aletta is a cute Dutch chick with a very timid glance and a very gorgeous body. Fenna is also Dutch and super hot, with a very seductive look and smooth, olive skin all over her body.

    These two chicks are almost ready to fall asleep but before they step into dream world they decide to pleasure themselves. They start with very innocent conversation which slowly turns into a soft and sensual masturbation session in the bed... the perfect nightcap.

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