• Thu 06th Apr 2017 Lesbian sex: Alexandra & Hania (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Hania paints her toenails while Alexandra reads a book. Playfully surrounding Hania with her long legs, Alexandra caresses her shoulders, and delicately moving her hair apart from her face, kisses her lips as her hands aim towards Hania's pert breasts, squeezing them firmly. 

    Bending over on all fours, Alexandra pushes her bum out while Hania pulls aside her panties and tours her tongue up and down her hairy vulva, dampening her dark pubic hair with her saliva. Turning around, Hania lifts her legs up and holding Alexandra's ponytail with one hands, guides her in between her legs, receiving a passionate oral as she squirms in pleasure. 

  • Sat 01st Apr 2017 Lesbian sex: Tiffany & Victoria J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Victoria pairs socks on the floor as Tiffany watches her. Wearing a short dress, Tiffany’s panties flash from underneath her dress. "I love how your dress fits to your perfectly body” says Victoria as she touches Tiffany's crotch. 

    Kissing each other passionately, Tiffany's panties come off and Victoria fingers her hairy pussy from behind. Taking Victoria's shirt off, Tiffany licks into her armpit and puffy nipples. Going down on Victoria, Tiffany plays with her full bush. Sitting on Tiffany's face, Victoria rubs her hairy pussy on her face and teases her anus before Tiffany takes her bra off and plays with her inverted nipples as she gets spanked and fingered on from behind.

  • Thu 30th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Tiffany & Victoria J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Laying in the floor pairing socks, Victoria and Tiffany playfully wrestle each other until their lips end up next to each other's and they delicately kiss. Lifting her top up, Victoria uncovers her pert breasts as Tiffany tours her tongue around her puffy nipples.

    Turning around, Victoria lifts Tiffany's dress, and pulling her panties aside, caresses her hairy vulva, pulling aside her meaty lips and fingering her vigorously. Moving on top of Tiffany, Victoria positions her vulva on top of her face, ready to receive a passionate oral before leaning back to finger Tiffany again. As the excitement grows, the girls position themselves in front of each other, ready to heartily rub their vulvas against each other before resting in each other's arms. 

  • Sat 25th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Alexandra & Juliana (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Aussie Alexandra and curvy Juliana clean up at home and they get naughty as they throw water on each other. Alexandra takes Juliana's top off and starts kissing her big boobs, pinching her pink nipples.

    Juliana pushes Alexandra on sofa, and getting her on all fours, she spanks her round ass and fingers her hairy pussy. Getting on floor, the girls grind into each other in the scissoring position before Alexandra sits on top of Juliana and gets fingered as she is plays with her pink, perky nipples.

  • Thu 23rd Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Alexandra & Juliana (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    While cleaning the living room, Alexandra squeezes the sponge on Juliana's big breasts, wetting her top and her tight leggings. The girls playfully wrestle each other until their lips touch and the passionately begin to kiss and undress each other. 

    Hugging Juliana from behind, Alexandra takes off her leggings and pulling her panties aside, begins to caress Juliana's wet vulva and clitoris. Leaning in between Alexandra's long legs, Juliana slowly slides down Alexandra's panties, uncovering her dark full bush as she poses her lips against her vulva, touring her tongue all around. 

  • Sat 18th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Emilia & Hania (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Hania fixes Emilia's hair and as she moves her hands move down her body. Emilia spanks Hania's round ass before the girls kiss each other gently. Hania blindfolds Emilia and then goes down of her by licking Emlia's hairy pussy as she playing with her pink nipple 

    Returning the favor, Hania sits on top of Emilia as she gets her hairy pussy fingered. “I would like you to play with my anus.” Hania gets lube on her hairy anus, and Emila inserts her fingers. 

  • Thu 16th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Emilia & Hania (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    As they clean the window together, Hania squeezes her sponge on Emilia's breasts. Teasing each other playfully, the girls get closer and closer, until their lips touch and they passionately begin to undress each other. Kneeling before her, Hania pulls aside Emilia's panties uncovering her full bush as she plays with her tongue around her vulva. 

    Blindfolding Emilia, Hania caresses her clit with one hand as the other slides down slowly and gently pushes her index finger inside her anus as Emilia gasps for air. Bending over, Hania pushes her bum out as Emilia, sitting behind her, licks her vulva passionately while she fingers her making Hania moan in pleasure. 

  • Sat 11th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Paulina & Thais (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Paulina and Thais hula hoop together and as they get closer, Thais grabs Paulina's round ass to tease her. Getting the hula hoop between their legs, the girls grind it against their crotches. 

    Paulina takes Thais' shirt off and licks her small tits. Thais then goes down on Paulina, licking into her hairy pussy. Thais moves on top of Paulina's face as her anus and pussy are fingered at the same time.

  • Thu 09th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Paulina & Thais (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pressing her body against Paulina's bum as they try to swing the hula-hoop, the girl's body rub against each other. Turning around, Paulina caresses Thais' pert breasts as she slides the hula in between her bum cheeks, rubbing it against her vulva. 

    Opening wide her legs displaying her extreme flexibility, Paulina's hairy vulva is exposed as Thais passionately tours her tongue around it and fingers her vigorously. Down on the floor, the girls move their vulvas towards each other, rubbing them firmly until they reach a powerful orgasm. 

  • Sat 04th Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Juliana & Lana S (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Curvy Juliana and slender Lana practice yoga in the living room, Juliana's perfect ass pushing out from her blue leggings. Sitting on the floor, Lana spreads her legs wide apart and her camel toe is visible from her tight shorts. 

    Taking Lana's shirt off, Juliana grabs her pert breasts and starts kissing them. Lana pulls Juliana's bra down and licks her large breasts. Lana pulls Juliana's yellow knickers aside and plays with her meaty lips before fingering her hairy pussy till she squirts.

  • Thu 02nd Mar 2017 Lesbian sex: Juliana & Lana S (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Lana and Juliana lay on the floor stretching as they display their amazing flexibility during their yoga routine. As Juliana does the leg split, her tight yoga pants stretch, contouring her figure, while Lana sits behind her and leaning forward Kisses Juliana as her hand aims towards her bum. The girls get heated up quickly, and suddenly they are undressing, while they can't keep their hands off each other. 

    Leaning down on the floor, Lana closes her eyes and moans as Juliana licks her vulva and her tongue moves playfully in between her legs. Turning around, Juliana is on all fours, sticking her bum out as Lana gently introduces her fingers in her wetness with one hands, and grabs her big breasts with the other. 

  • Sat 25th Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Chloe V & Victoria J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Curvy Chloe and slender Victoria practice yoga in their living room, showing off their flexibility. Chloe leans forward and her breasts spill out from her top. Sitting on floor, the girls get close to each other and Victoria starts kissing Chloe. 

    Pulls Victoria’s blue bra down, Chloe licks her pert breasts and pinches her perky nipples. Chloe then goes down on Vicky and plays with her hairy pussy. Chloe gets in the doggy style position and Vicky fingers her from behind. Vicky gets on top and sits on Chloe's face and rubs her pussy into her mouth. 

  • Thu 23rd Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Chloe V & Victoria J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Practicing their stretching routine, Victoria and Chloe bend over and spread their legs wide apart. Slowly getting closer to each other, their hands briefly touch and in a matter of seconds they begin to passionately kiss each other. Victoria passionately kissing Chloe's neck as she squeezes her breasts. Kneeling in front of Victoria, Chloe takes off her panties uncovering her full grown pubic hair and licking her vulva with dedication as Victoria squirms in pleasure.  

    Down on all fours, Chloe looks back over her shoulder as Victoria undresses her, and using her hands, spreads her meaty lips uncovering the pinkness of her vagina just before introducing her fingers in her while Chloe moans enjoying herself. Still on the floor, the girls get into passionate tribbing action and give each other some oral pleasure before falling asleep in each other's arms. 

  • Sat 18th Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Ekaterina & Emma B (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Redhead Emma takes photos of curvy Ekaterina outdoors and as she bends over, her green knickers flash from under her skirt. Getting close to each other, Emma starts kissing Ekaterina as she pulls down of her shirt and licks her pink nipples. 

    Takes each other clothes off, Emma plays with Ekaterina's pubic hair as she pulls her meaty lips apart to tease her clit. Ekaterina goes down of Emma and lick into her full red bush. Putting a sheet on the floor, the girls start tribbing and Emma slaps Ekaterina's large breasts. Pulling  Ekaterina's flexible legs up, Emma fingers her to orgasm.

  • Thu 16th Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Ekaterina & Emma B (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Posing in front of Emma's camera, Ekaterina opens her legs showing her cotton panties. Slowly, they get closer and closer, until finally, Ekaterina poses her lips on Emma's and tenderly kisses her as Emma shyly slides her hand inside Ekaterina's top, caressing her big, round breasts. 

    Unbuttoning Emma's tight shorts, Ekaterina slides her panties down her legs, uncovering Emma's red pubic hair before placing herself on top for some 69 action. Down on all fours, Ekaterina moans as Emma fingers her from behind, using her hands to spread her labia apart before engaging in passionate tribbing. 

  • Sat 11th Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Irina & Mariana (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Redhead Irina gives Mariana a head massage to Mariana and kisses her neck as her hands move down to her small breasts. Mariana starts caressing Irina's long legs, turning to her, she pulls her shirt up. 

    Mariana kisses Irina's pert breasts and licks her pink nipples. Mariana goes down on Irina's shaved pussy before Irina takes Mariana's clothes off and fingers her hairy pussy. Mariana sits on Irina's leg and rubs her pussy against it before getting into the doggy style position and fingering Irina from behind.

  • Thu 09th Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Irina & Mariana (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sitting behind Mariana, Irina gently kisses her neck and bites her earlobe, caressing each other as their breathing accelerates. Turning around, Mariana sits on top of Irina, showing her round bum inside her tight shorts while she undresses Irina, exposing her pale body and perfectly shaved pussy. 

    Firmly squeezing Irina's breasts as she kisses her way down her body, Mariana passionately licks her vulva while fingering Irina, making her squirm in pleasure. Down on the floor, Irina positions herself below Mariana, grabbing her bum while giving her oral before moving to some passionate tribbing action. 

  • Sat 04th Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Gala & Victoria J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Gala and Victoria play sexy games in the bed and the questions get more explicit as the answers get them closer. "Tell me 3 things that get sticky?” Victoria answers "cum" as the girls start kissing each other. 

    Gala lifts up Victoria's shirt and kisses her pert breasts. Victoria takes grabs Gala’s perfect round ass and slaps it before licking into her hairy pussy and teases her anus. Victoria then sits on Gala's face and rubs her hairy pussy into her mouth. Gala’s pussy gets wet and she gets fingered hard as the girls move into the 69 position and they lick into each other.

  • Thu 02nd Feb 2017 Lesbian sex: Gala & Victoria J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gently kissing each other as they lay on the bed, Gala caresses Victoria's panties, dampening them in Victoria's fluids while she kisses her pert breasts

    Lifting Gala's legs up in the air, Victoria poses her lips in her dark, full bush, moving them up and down before fingering her vigorously. Turning around the girls move their body towards each other, rubbing their vulvas against each other before doing a passionate 69 that will take them to orgasm. 

  • Sat 28th Jan 2017 Lesbian sex: Juliana & Paulina (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Paulina fixes up her garden outdoors wearing shorts that show her perfect ass as curvy Juliana joins in to help. Juliana moves her hand over Paulina's shorts and starts kissing her, slowly grabbing her bum before Paulina takes down of Juliana's dress and kisses her large breasts. 

    Juliana takes off Paulina’s knickers and licks her hairy pussy as she plays her clit. Paulina moves into the doggy style position and Juliana licks her anus from behind. Paulina sits on Juliana's face and move her pussy against her mouth before the girls water each other down with a hose. 

  • Thu 26th Jan 2017 Lesbian sex: Juliana & Paulina (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Paulina's muscular body and round bum contour as she bends over while watering the plants in the greenhouse. Juliana approaches her from behind, unbuttoning her tight short shorts as she slides her hand in between her lace panties. Turning around, Paulina passionately kisses Juliana as she unclips her bra and squeezes her big breasts. 

    Laying completely naked on the floor, Juliana pours down water over Paulina's athletic, tanned body. The flow of water falling in between her legs, dampening her dark pubic hair as the girls laugh. Down on all fours, with her head on the ground and her bum up, Juliana moans as Paulina fingers her perfectly shaved pussy. 

  • Sat 21st Jan 2017 Lesbian sex: Ekaterina & Leslie (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Curvy Ekaterina and slender Leslie practice yoga at home before Ekaterina grabs Leslie’s round bum and teases her slowly. They get close to each other and start kissing passionately as they get undressed and grind their crotches together. 

    Ekaterina goes down on Leslie and licks into her hairy pussy as Leslie takes off Ekaterina's bra and squeezes her large breasts. Getting into the 69 position the girls lick and rim each other before Leslie sits on Ekaterina's face and grinds her wet pussy against her tongue.

  • Thu 19th Jan 2017 Lesbian sex: Ekaterina & Leslie (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Laying on her living room floor, Leslie stretches and gets ready for her yoga routine. Extending her long legs while pushing her round bum out, Leslie stretches as Ekaterina slowly approaches her from behind. Gently kissing each other, Leslie slides her hand up Ekaterina's shirt, uncovering her bra, through which her big aureolas are visible. 

    Opening her legs wide apart, Ekaterina guides Leslie's head towards her vulva as she smiles while Leslie plays with her tongue around her labia. As the girls get heated up, Ekaterina lies on the floor while Leslie sits on her, placing her delicate vulva on Ekaterina's face as she squeezes her own pert breasts, before fingering each other to orgasm. 

  • Sat 14th Jan 2017 Lesbian sex: Alexandra & Gala (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Alexandra gives Gala a foot massage, staring as her panties flash from underneath of her white skirt. Her hands then move up Gala’s legs and inside her skirt. Gala starts kissing Alexandra before lifting her shirt up and teasing her pink perky nipples by slapping them until they get red. 

    Gala ties up Alexandra with her shirt and spanks her round ass before she goes down on her and licking her hairy pussy. Alexandra licks Gala's armpit hair and turns her into the doggy style position so she can rim her anus. Gala sits on Alexandra's face and rubs her hairy pussy against her tongue before the girls move into the 69 position and finger themselves to orgasm. 

  • Thu 12th Jan 2017 Lesbian sex: Alexandra & Gala (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gently kissing each other, Gala caresses Alexandra's pert breasts over her girly top before taking it off and squeezing them firmly. Leaning down on the floor, Alexandra relaxes while Gala kisses her panties. Taking them off she drools over her hairy vulva before giving a passionate oral. 

    Down on all fours, with her head down, Gala sticks her bum out while Alexandra sits on her and fingers her from behind. Turning around, Gala lies face up as Alexandra places her vulva on top of her, continuing with oral before turning around into a passionate 69. 

  • Sat 07th Jan 2017 Lesbian sex: Leslie & Mariana (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Blonde Leslie and brunette Mariana try on clothes in a changing room. Mariana gets close to Leslie and starts kissing her, pulling up her colorful dress so she can grab her rounds ass. The girls then grind their crotches together.  

    Leslie then takes off Mariana’s shorts and green panties so she can open up her ass cheeks and stuff her panties into her labia before she gives her anus slow kisses. Leslie stands up and Mariana starts licking her hairy pussy from below as Leslie rubs her feet on her perfectly shaved pussy. The girls begin tribbing before switching into the 69 position to finger and lick into each other to orgasm. 

  • Thu 05th Jan 2017 Lesbian sex: Leslie & Mariana (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    While trying out different clothes in their dressing room, Mariana and Leslie gently begin to caress each other, moving their hands all around their slender bodies. Facing away from Leslie, Mariana moans as her pert breasts are squeezed firmly from behind while she lowers her hands and pulls firmly Leslie's round bum

    Kneeling behind Leslie, Mariana takes off her partner's panties and slowly slides them through Leslie's legs. As Leslie raises her feet from the ground, Mariana grabs her panties and pulls her foot towards her delicate vulva, rubbing it against her while squirming in pleasure. Still standing in front of Mariana, Leslie pulls Mariana's head in between her legs, offering her hairy vulva for a committed oral. 

  • Sat 31st Dec 2016 Lesbian sex: Laney & Lucy A (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Aussie Lucy and Laney lie in the bed and look at their photos. They start taking selfies and as they get close, they kiss and Laney moves her hands all over Lucy's small breasts. Lucy pulls Laney's shirt up and takes her large breasts out of green bra so she can lick her pink nipples. 

    "You have the tiniest boobs ever but they are so soft.” Going down of Lucy, Laney licks her hairy pussy and teases her clit with her finger. Laney moves into the doggy style position and Lucy fingers her from behind. Lucy sits on Laney's face and rubs her pussy against her tongue before the girls move into the 69 position and lick and finger each other to orgasm. 

  • Thu 29th Dec 2016 Lesbian sex: Laney & Lucy A (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Laying next to each other, Laney and Lucy pose as they take some sexy selfies. Slowly moving her hand down Lucy's skirt, Laney slides her hand in her panties, covering her full bush, as they passionately kiss. Reaching out to Laney's back, Lucy unclips her bra revealing her big breasts licking her erect nipples softly. 

    Standing completely naked against each other, Laney and Lucy masturbate each other, fingering themselves vigorously before pushing their hips together, rubbing each other's vulva against their thighs. Turning around, Lucy places her vulva on top of Laney's face, engaging in a committed 69 that will bring both girls to orgasm. 

  • Sat 24th Dec 2016 Lesbian sex: Livia V & Remie (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Livia walks next to Remie and she leans in to start kissing her. Livia's hands grab Remie's pert breasts, teasing her with her fingers. 

    Turning her on her back, Livia see a hole in Remie’s panties and rips it some more to give to Remie oral sex by licking her hairy pussy. Remix pulls her breasts out of her bra and teases her brown nipples as Livia fingers her. Livia then sits on Remie's mouth to get oral sex before the girls start tribbing each other by rubbing their clits together. 

  • Thu 22nd Dec 2016 Lesbian sex: Livia V & Remie (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Slowly approaching Remie, Livia flirts her way close to her as we observe from a distance. As they begin to caress themselves, they can't help but tour their bodies with their hands, lifting their summer dresses as they passionately kiss. 

    Positioning herself on top of Remie, Livia unveils her full bush and offers it to Remie as she moves her tongue all around her hairy vulva. Taking off Remie's panties, Livia kisses her foot as her hand squeezes Remie's breasts and the other gently spreads Remie's vulva apart, getting ready to finger her vigorously as she moans in pleasure. 

  • Sat 17th Dec 2016 Lesbian sex: Ekaterina & Juliana (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Ekaterina and Juliana practice yoga in the bed, using their flexibility. Ekaterina stares at Juliana's round ass and gives it a light touch. Both girls stretch and Ekaterina's large breasts flash down-blouse. 

    Juliana opens her leg wide apart and Ekaterina touches her curvy body and gets close to her crotch, sliding her hands into her knickers. Ekarterina licks Juliana's pert breasts and hairy pussy, moving her fingers deep inside and as she gives her oral sex. Ekaterina lies on her back and puts her legs behind her head as Juliana licks her hairy pussy and inserts her fingers slowly until her fist is all the way in. 

  • Thu 15th Dec 2016 Lesbian sex: Ekaterina & Juliana (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Lying in their comfy bed, Juliana and Ekaterina innocently practice their gymnastic exercises displaying their extreme flexibility. Gently bending over Juliana's body, Ekaterina presses her big breasts against Juliana's white cotton panties as she slowly moves up, squeezing firmly Juliana's breasts as she kisses them. 

    As they continue to undress each other, Ekaterina lays back and Juliana beings fingering her. First, with a single finger, and as her vagina begins to lubricate, increasing the number of fingers, stretching her pussy more and more as Ekaterina smiles. 

  • Sat 10th Dec 2016 Lesbian sex: Mariana & Mona (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Slender Mariana teaches curvy Mona how to dance, both girls moving their hips. Mariana gets behind Mona and grabs her from behind kisses her as she grabs her pert breasts before her hand goes underneath her skirt. 

    Taking their panties off, Mariana licks Mona's perfectly shaved vulva. Getting Mariana on all fours, Mona licks her anus and opens her pussy lips as she fingers her from behind while teasing her clit. Mona then sits on Mariana's face and rubs her pussy against her face before Mona lies on her back and Mariana begins to fist her. 

  • Thu 08th Dec 2016 Lesbian sex: Mariana & Mona (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Approaching Mona from behind, Mariana gently kisses her neck and slides her hand up her skirt, softly rubbing her hand against her girly panties. Pushing her to the bed, Mariana undresses Mona, revealing her immaculate, shaved vulva as she approaches her wet tongue and licks her passionately. 

    Turning around, Mariana lays on all fours as Mona takes off her panties, uncovering her tan lines as she beings to finger her from behind. Down on the floor, the girls move their bodies towards each other and rubbing their vulvas they engage in passionate tribbing as they look into each others' eyes. Taking Mona again to the bed, Mariana gently rubs her hand against her dripping wet vulva as she slowly begins to fist Mariana as she screams in pleasure before falling asleep in each others' arms. 

  • Sat 03rd Dec 2016 Lesbian sex: Emilia & Tiffany (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Emilia and Tiffany play games, asking each other explicit questions. Tiffany opens her legs and her knickers flash from underneath. Emilia gets closer to Tiffany and they start kissing each other.

    Tiffany takes Emilia's shirt off and pulls her skirt up before spanking her ass. Taking Tiffanys bra off, Emilia licks her inverted nipples. The girls sits on each other and start scissoring before they finger each other. Turning to 69 position, lick each others hairy pussies to climax.

  • Thu 01st Dec 2016 Lesbian sex: Emilia & Tiffany (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gently kissing Tiffany's lips, Emilia slowly takes off Tiffany's bra, uncovering her inverted nipples. As Tiffany becomes more dominant, Emilia leans back on the floor as she is undressed, revealing her pale body and her dark, full bush

    Laying down on all fours, Tiffany gets fingered vigorously from behind by Emilia, before she turns around and sits on top of Tiffany while receiving a passionate oral. Raising her legs up in the air Emilia caresses her clit as Tiffany tours her finger around her anus, slowly pushing it in as Emilia masturbates intensely. 

  • Sat 26th Nov 2016 Lesbian sex: Emilia & Sophie (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Slender Emilia and curvy Sophie sit in bed and compare their lingerie. Sophie takes her shorts off and only wears her vintage bra that shows off her pert breasts. 

    Sophie takes off her green skirt and knickers, so Emilia can lick her hairy pussy. Moving Sophie into the doggy style position, Emilia plays with her meaty lips from behind before she licks her anus. Emilia takes her glasses off and the girls start tribbing before Sophie sits on Emilia's face and grinds her pussy onto her tongue.

  • Thu 24th Nov 2016 Lesbian sex: Emilia & Sophie (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Messing around in the bed, Emilia and Sophie tease each other as they try out different outfits. Slowly getting closer to Sophie, Emilia gently kisses her lips as Sophie's hand moves down to her lace panties through which her dark full bush leaks through the sides. 

    Taking them off, Sophie tours her tongue all around Emilia's vulva, playing with her tongue with Emilia's lips and clit as she moans in pleasure. Positioning herself on top of Emilia, Sophie gently moves her hips, rubbing her vulva against Emilia's tongue as she firmly squeezes her pert breasts. Turning around, down on all fours, Emilia closes her eyes behind her big, round glasses as Sophie delicately pushes her finger in her tight anus and licks it before falling asleep in each others arms. 

  • Sat 19th Nov 2016 Lesbian sex: Amanda B & Tallulah (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Amanda and Tallulah get home and start kissing each other. Tallulah pulls Amanda's dress up, grabbing her crotch underneath her red knickers. Amanda goes down on Tallulah’s and licks her hairy pussy. 

    Tallulah takes Amanda's bra off and kisses her large breasts. Takes their glasses off, the girls move into the 69 position and licks into each other before the kiss, lick and rim each other orgasm. 

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