• Fri 07th Dec 2012 Lesbian sex: Claudia S & Fenna (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Fenna and Claudia start their girl girl hardcore session off very tenderly, lots of light gentle caressing and teasing touching builds their desires slowly and strongly until they softly kiss and release their emotions.

    This titillating build up turns into unbridled sex as Claudia licks Fenna with palpable enthusiasm. The favours are returned by Fenna and the two indulge themselves in tribbing, 69ing and a host of different positions and ways to get their passionate partner off.

  • Fri 07th Dec 2012 What should I not get my girlfriend? | AW Education

    In this bonus no-nude update of AW Education, we ask a bunch of models what gifts they did not like. AW Ed is a series of videos where we ask models questions on what it's like to be a young woman in today's society. If you have some burning questions to be answered, post on the questions suggestions thread.

  • Thu 06th Dec 2012 Best of Anal Play (Video) | Editor's Choice

    Video material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is anal play! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the best rimming in our collection.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!)

  • Thu 06th Dec 2012 Backstage 347 | Behind the scenes

    WOW! This is a great backstage set with some classic abbywinters.com shoots! Starting down in windy Victoria, South Australia the beautiful dark-haired Keilyn shows off her natural side in her second solo shoot, as she runs through the hills throwing her clothes off. Its simply stunning.

    Then we match the beauty of the solo with the passion of Blaire and Fae's full paced and action packed girl-girl.

  • Wed 05th Dec 2012 Lesbian sex: Claudia S & Fenna (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Seductive dark haired, slender, Spanish Claudia spends some very intimate time with the beautiful Dutch Fenna and her large, pert breasts.

    Some light touching and flirting soon turns into some more passionate and intense undressing, kissing and sex! Claudia's deep piercing eyes look longingly at Fenna as they pleasure each others smooth shaved pussies.

  • Wed 05th Dec 2012 Nude girl Amy L (Video) | Solo

    Amy slides her hands up inside herself, pulling her pink labia open examining her vagina and G-spot.

    Her tops straps slip from her shoulders exposing ripe, bouncing breasts. Fingers pinch at puffy nipples "If I am turned on you can see they are perky". Amys fingers slide back inside herself exposing her wet urethra. Searching around she pushes her digit into her anus, "...it's a bit tight!"

  • Tue 04th Dec 2012 Nude girl Karlijn (Video) | Solo

    Arriving home from a run, toned, tanned Karlijn decides that she isn't tired yet and begins to workout her toned stomach and pert bottom on her exercise machine.

    Stripping off as she works up a sweat, she reveals her slender body and smoothly shaved pussy. Moving on to some floor work she bends and twists her body in a variety of very sexy ways!

  • Mon 03rd Dec 2012 Nude girl Amy L (Stills) | Solo

    Amy's lace underwear barely covers her smooth shaven vulva as she studies it with her fingers and the reflections from her make-up mirror.

    Her hands running down over her petite body, and under her top, expose her pert breasts. Her fingers slide deeper inside of herself as she feels the urge to experiment further with her body. The tip of her fingers now penetrating deeper into her anus her lips tense with pleasure.

  • Nude girl Karlijn (Stills)

    Sun 02nd Dec 2012 Nude girl Karlijn (Stills) | News

    The very beautiful Dutch Karlijn returns to abbywinters.com to once again let us admire her slender, athletic, tanned body, small pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy.

    Following her through her daily work out she finishes up her jog and avoids the rain as she jumps inside to use her exercise machine. Moving her hips and round pert bum from side to side is mesmerizing.

    After the workout she goes to the kitchen to have a glass of water and even relive herself with a little pee.

  • Sun 02nd Dec 2012 Video Masturbation: Sofia M | Intimate Moments

    Standing in the kitchen we join slender, Mature, English Sofia M as she waits for her lunch to cook. In these busy times it is increasingly difficult to find time for ones self but being a modern woman of the world, Sofia shows us how we can have it all!

    Her dinner is not the only thing heating up in the kitchen, as she makes the most of the other wise wasted time. Her hands soon work their way into her top and find her small breasts, her fingers seeking out her hard nipples. Sitting on the side she starts to rub her hairy pussy through her trousers, letting her body warm up slowly. Needing more room she slowly peels off her trousers and slides her pants to the side, so she has room to pleasure her clitoris properly.

    Naked on the kitchen top, her breath starts to quicken, as she nears her orgasm...

  • Sat 01st Dec 2012 Video masturbation: Latisha & Lulu | Intimate Moments

    Latisha and Lulu are having a quiet afternoon relaxing. In her new glasses Latisha looks very sweet, as she lays on the footstool wanting to know more about her friends petite body.

    Lulu's pale skin looks especially white next to Latisha's tanned body and the ladies start to compare the two. Both woman have small breasts but Latisha has the larger nipples. Latisha is smooth and hairless where as Lulu is hairy. They talk about how they like their bodies to be touched and squeezed as they are stimulated and begin to talk about how they like to prepare their body for masturbation.

    Preparation done the ladies let their fingers do the rest...

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