• Wed 05th Sep 2012 Carmina & Marleen S | Girl-Girl

    The beautifully tall, Dutch Marleen comes in to disturb the small, cute and petite Carmina; something she does not take to kindly and retaliates with a bit of infamous Spanish passion!

    Getting very flirty and handsy with each other they kiss. Furiously trying to get one over on the other they strip down to their smooth naked bodies. Inserting and licking each others shaved pussies and moving around the room they raise one another to orgasm.

  • Wed 05th Sep 2012 Alyssa R Solo | Solo

    Sexy Canadian Alyssa R shows off her amazing flexibility and stamina in this steamy yoga shoot.

    Starting her morning with a hot cup of tea, Alyssa changes into her yoga gear and begins her very revealing workout. Working up a sweat, she removes her clothing piece by piece until her toned, tanned body is totally naked. She twists and bends her bare body in a mix of poses which will have you working up a sweat along with her!

  • Tue 04th Sep 2012 Theresia Solo 2 | Solo

    Pregnant Theresia came back to us ready to burst with a big round tummy. Guest director Izzy decides to join her for a warm bath and a catch up.

    Theresia begins by telling us how her breasts have changed and even shows us some milk coming out of her dark nipples!

    In the swirl of the water Izzy helps her wash her dark skin while she tells us all about the changes to her body and sex drive including her new ultra speedy orgasms.

  • Mon 03rd Sep 2012 Alyssa R | Solo

    Welcome the the gorgeous Alyssa for her first ever abbywinters.com shoot, and she looks incredible stretching and undressing her toned, slender and tanned body, her small pert breasts and her amazing long legs.

    Following her natural morning routine she sits in the window with her drink before laying out the mat and running through her yoga moves, all with a seductive and stunningly sexually twist!

  • Sun 02nd Sep 2012 Theresia | Solo

    The stunning and glowing Theresia comes back to show us her beautiful pregnant body, and how she has changed and grown since her last shoot.

    Her large full breasts stand pert and her smooth, dark skin looks radient as she can hardly contain her joy. Smiling contagiously in every shot she undresses and slips into the bath and under the bubbles.

  • Sun 02nd Sep 2012 Yale IM | Intimate Moments

    Dutch lady Yale is laid on the sofa, her blonde hair draped over the arm. In the light from the window Yale starts to feel the warmth inside her and her hands begin to wonder over her body.

    Finding her nipples through her shirt Yale starts to pull and play, her other hand resting over her pants, making small circles on top. Slowly she pulls off her clothing to reveal her soft skin. With her pussy finally bare her hands start to move faster and faster as she builds to her orgasm.

  • Sat 01st Sep 2012 Claudia S & Latisha IM | Intimate Moments

    Spanish cutie Claudia S and cheeky Dutch Latisha have a very naughty time together as they hide from a persistent door knocker. As they undress each other, Latisha's tanned skin contrasts beautifully with Claudia's milky white pale skin. They giggle as they touch their perky small breasts fantasize that someone may be watching them as they build up to an intense climax.

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