• Sat 05th May 2012 Alyssa & Merel | Intimate Moments

    Dark skinned Dutch Merel wants to learn some Spanish and who else to ask then beautiful pale skinned Alyssa. Soon the trending topic is body parts.

    They even get a little gender critical. But not for long, when they see each others perfect breaststhey can only speak about masturbating and orgasms. After this very active IM Merel apologized: 'I am sorry it took so long, but I could not stop sucking Alyssa's nipple, it was fantastic!'

  • Fri 04th May 2012 Mystery Shoot 8 | Mystery Shoot

    Sexy, Secret, Unpredictable and Unique. abbywinters.com presents to you the eighth Mystery Shoot.

    Every month a new shoot will appear on the site hidden by a ? Just count down the days and look forward to the diversity of a new refreshing shoot not like anything else seen on abbywinters.com before.

  • Thu 03rd May 2012 Real life couple: Broc & Edie (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Real life couple Broc and Edie share with you their intimate, passionate and kinky sex life as they open up for their abbywinters.com debut. Seducing Broc with her subtle and provocative touches Edie then strips down on top of him to reveal her slim body, smooth wet pussy and large breasts.The two start to turn things up. With amazingly passionate oral from each of them and some kinky anal play they manage to bring each other to powerful and intimate orgasms.

  • Thu 03rd May 2012 Backstage 317 | Behind the scenes

    Following on from backstage 316 and behind the scenes with the amazingly hot Valentina its backstage 317! Valentina's fun personality and beautiful olive skin, pert, large breasts and slim body make her almost impossible to take your eyes away from her. So enjoy the images and remember to check out the finished set here.

  • Wed 02nd May 2012 Analyn & Fenna | Girl-Girl

    The stunning, large breasted, Dutch and insatiably seductive Fenna flirts and tempts the gorgeous Asian Analyn as she tries to relax on the sofa and open up a book to read.

    Pushing her hands onto her breasts and pulling off one of her long socks to catch her attention she arouses Analyn to the point where she can no longer resist! Pouncing on top of one another they pleasure each other, as they roll from sofa to floor and back up again. Giving some intensive oral through Analyn's full bush Fenna gets her wetter and wetter!

  • Wed 02nd May 2012 Samantha-Jane | Solo

    Not your average commute to work, but it would make everyone look forward to Monday mornings! This is a guerrilla shoot like no other! Samantha-Jane invites us to follow her adventures, as she explores Holland for the first time, traveling on trains! Holland isn't all she explores, it's not long before she is reaching into her top to show off her ample breasts. This cheeky minx thrives on the risk of being caught, she pushes her levels higher and higher as she removes more and more clothing!

    Removing her tights to show off her pale skin Samantha-Jane's hands quickly climb up her thigh till she is sat pleasuring herself on public transport!

    This was a risky shoot in lots of ways but I hope you will agree it was worth it!

  • Tue 01st May 2012 Maya C | Solo

    Maya is a beautiful girl with long, dark hair and a super cute face. Her smile is able to warm up the coldest day and she seduces you with her dark, innocent eyes.

    Maya shares with us her secrets and tells us all about her passion for teasing. She seduces her boyfriend every day and today she's seducing you. She will tease you by licking fruits and by getting undressed. Slowly she reveals her olive skin, first you can see her round small boobs and later her shaved pussy. Also you will see her doing very ordinary things like brushing her teeth or... masturbating in very unusual way!

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