• Wed 11th May 2011 Dahlia & Hayden | Girl-Girl

    Outdoors, nestles between the lush greens of the grass the sun warms the pale skin of Dahlia and Hayden as the passionatly kiss and embrace each others slim bodies and long slender legs, undressing one another they lick and play with each others breasts and treat themselves to an erotic romp in nature.

    Dahlias gorgeous bright red hair is illuminated by the sun as she slips between Haydens legs, licking and kissing her clean shaved pussy until climax.

    Reaching down the front of Dahlias body Hayden lets her fingers brush through Dahlas full bush of pubes and slowly penetrate her until her body writhes with plaesure.

  • Wed 11th May 2011 Angie | Solo

    Sit back and enjoy your own private show with Angie. This slow motion shoot shows those huge breasts in intimate detail slowed right all set to some funky music. The fixed camera makes you feel like your right there in the room, sitting on a chair as Angie teases you and slowly removes her clothes, piece by piece.

    Angie, the queen of voluptuous. Big blue eyes, pale skin and those legendary breasts make this prime time viewing indeed.

  • Wed 11th May 2011 Lynley | Solo

    Lynleys big seductive eyes and boisterous curles of hair start off framed by her little red hooded jumper; her long thin wrap around legs half covered by a naughty pair of striped knee high socks.

    This girls got a lot of energy to waste and she soon starts expending it just the way you want her to... taking her clothes off! Eventually Lynley and her tanned and exposed body go from evokative display to playful action as she jumps and bounces around on her bed in a show of sexual aerobatics.

  • Tue 10th May 2011 Angie | Solo

    Angie's flash of pink hair pokes out from beneath her hood and falls sensually over one of her huge, deep and captivating eyes. Unzipping her hooded jacket she reveals her blue stripped bra, bursting with the enormous, natural breasts they contain. As Angie flirts with you she slowly starts to reveal more and more sexually intimate parts of her body, underneath her playful little net skirt she bares her gorgeous peachy bum and high waist knickers.

    When all the layers of clothing are gone Angie sits naked and open legged on the cabinet exposing her amazing breasts, hour glass figure and her landing strip of pubic hair. Angie's definitely got a wild side to explore!

  • Mon 09th May 2011 Claire T | Solo

    Claire is so cute. She is a pale skinned brunette sporting a lovely loose summer dress. She runs her hands sensually over the dress. "Now I want to show you something I learn't yesterday." She tells the camera smiling from ear to ear.

    She then rolls around and performs crazy break dancing moves, demonstrating her flexibility and agility. We then suddenly loose the sound and just appreciate, in slow motion, the moves of Claire in her matching red undies.

    As this dynamic return solo progresses Claire reveals her splendid athletic and strong pert body with a wonderful round bum and beautiful eyes.

  • Mon 09th May 2011 Twyla | Intimate Moments

    Get up close and personal with hairy Asian Twyla. Watch as she gets naked and masturbates on a bed.

    Her nipples are long and erect, and she masturbates with her eyes closes in a world of her own, thinking about god knows what, but whatever it is, it must be hot, because before long Twyla erupts into a very satisfying orgasm.

  • Sun 08th May 2011 Claire T | Solo

    Evocatively underssing in the shards of broken sunlight, pentrating through the appartment blinds, Claire makes easy work of suduction with her pert boobs, pale skin, cute smile and natural brunette hair. Taking off her little white flowery dress Claire exposes her sexy little red underwear.

    Her cute little bum doesnt stay in the pants for long though and Claire shows us a little bit of flexibility!

  • Sun 08th May 2011 Jenna K | Intimate Moments

    Pert boobs, pale skin and a sexy Dutch accent, Jenna K is the perfect 'Abby' girl. Although she masturbates in full bush, make sure you check out her shaved pussy too, as she inserts two fingers to make herself come.

    Jenna is an orgasm warrior. After finishing her double with Nayomi, she sneaks off to masturbate AGAIN!

  • Sat 07th May 2011 Melissa R | Solo

    Melissa returns to abbywinters.com for another sexy solo video. This Kiwi lass is a natural and genuine chick. I love her sexy accent, big blue eyes, cheeky smile and round bum.

    There are some tantalising up-skirt shots as we get a look at her sexy purple underwear underneath her tight fitting short denim dress. Now that's a combination!

  • Sat 07th May 2011 Jenna K & Nayomi | Intimate Moments

    Dark skinned and curvaceous Nayomi, and fair skinned Jenna K not only explore the forest, but they explore themselves and divulge in a sexy intimate moment.

    The contrast in skin is always a win as they masturbate head to toe and speak to each other in their native tongue. DUTCH!

  • Fri 06th May 2011 Melissa R | Solo

    Melissa is probably all you could ever ask from a girlfriend, sexy, fun, energetic and always up for a laugh.

    In this shoot she shows off all these traits with a bouncy and fun filled bed-top strip. Her big cute eyes hold your gaze and her pert boobs and sensual curves grasp your imagination. Melissa really is an amazingly hot all-round girl and you'll definitely want to see her again.

  • Fri 06th May 2011 Backstage 266 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 266 is up today!

  • Thu 05th May 2011 Elsbeth & Nayomi | Girl-Girl

    The contrast is sexy as hell, with Elsbeth's pale skin and bright blue eyes and Nayomi's dark curvy figure. Warming things up with some playful sparring, the heat rises quickly and it soon turns into nipple sucking and then that turns into intense orgasms. What's not to love?

    Having some alone time with her book, blonde haired Elsbeth starts to get turned on. Before she can get too into it properly, she is interrupted by bubbly and boisterous Nayomi.

  • Thu 05th May 2011 Dewisandra | Intimate Moments

    Naughty Indonesian girl Dewisandra gets inspired by the possible vibrations of the washing machine, jumps on and straps in for a provocative masturbation session ending in licking the cum from her fingers.

    Too horny to remove all of her clothes and looking cute in her tight denim shorts, she tweeks her nipples and fondles her perfect breasts while perched on the tumbling machine. After stroking her clit, she unexpectedly gets her vibrator out to make sure she is pushed over the edge.

  • Thu 05th May 2011 Jette | Solo

    Have you seen Mad Men? Well if not it is a cool 1960's TV series that features a very hot red head whose characters name is Joan Halloway. She wears all kinds of sexy old fashioned, yet tight fitting attire and is one of the most voluptuous women kicking around.

    And in this particular solo on abbywinters.com Jette looks a dead ringer for Joan. Jette has milky white smooth skin, recently cut red hair draping tenderly across her cheeks, brown eyes and a bum that you cant take your eyes off.

    She is also dressed in a classy skirt, conservative green top and is quite reserved in this quiet but very inviting solo video. And the best bit underneath this long floral skirt Jette is not wearing any undies...

  • Wed 04th May 2011 Elsbeth & Nayomi | Girl-Girl

    Elsbeth's pale body stands in beautiful contrast to Nayomi's dark skin as the they embrace each other, running thier hands over each others breasts and pulling their partners naked figures closer.

    Elsbeth sits in the window of the apartment watching Nayomi practice some boxing moves until she gets dragged in for a playful little one on one sparring lesson. Slipping on the glove the two play around for a few missed hits until things between the two take a more sexual turn. Stripping off they embrace each other infront of the bright blue skies and passionatly kiss and let their wandering hands run all over themselves.

  • Wed 04th May 2011 Nikki S | Solo

    Nikki is a free and open spirit. In this dreamy slow motion shoot she talks about all things lucid. Ribbons in her hair and a patchwork dress she moves so dreamily as she whispers in your ear. Find out what crazy adventures Nikki gets up to in her sleep and watch her reveal her curvy body too.

  • Wed 04th May 2011 Jette | Solo

    Stunning Jette with her red hair, sensually undressing in contrast to a cool green private room; one of the most pleasing sights you'll see all week.

    Her gorgeous pale skin, pert boobs and vibrant hair really make her a girl you'll never forget. And as she slowly undersses for the you, teasingly reavealing all her best features you'll be wishing you were in that room with her. Definatly a serious case of the green eyed monster.

  • Tue 03rd May 2011 Nikki S | Solo

    Nikki is another really interesting and fun girl, not just to be around, but also to watch her keep herself entertained. She's got a sexy, quirky style about her, and in this shoot with her long black pig tails and red bows you can certainly see that side come out to play.

    Starting out Nikki comes across a little bit shy, hiding herself amongst the cushions of the sofa, but as the time passes and she becomes more playful the shyness falls away (along with her clothes!). Eventually she sensually moves and stretches from sofa to floor and from one erotic position to the next in a climactic display of sexiness and confidence.

  • Mon 02nd May 2011 Manuela | Solo

    The mysterious Manuela, Skin of Gods Abyssinian Breasts that heave of weight Magic draws you, too late!

    Beware! Beware! Her flashing eyes, her floating hair! For she on honeydew hath fed, And drunk the milk of Paradise!

    Manuela truly stirs something deep and ancient. Those eyes you could be lost in for eternity. Not moving from the bed she seduces you and teases you until you wont be able to take it anymore. Good luck!

  • Mon 02nd May 2011 Chervana & Dewisandra | Intimate Moments

    Tanned glasses wearing asian Dewisandra gets down and dirty rubbing her shaved pussy with the brunette Chervana on a sunny Amsterdam afternoon.

    Dewisandra is quietly reading a book, but is soon interrupted by the beautiful Chervana. The two have a chat and talk about partying on Queens day, boobs, lotion, traveling, threesomes, and having sex in the back of a moving car. After such talk the girls get horny and decide an afternoon masturbation session is in order.

    Great work girls!

  • Sun 01st May 2011 Manuela | Solo

    Dark Skinned Manuela is more than full of energy and more than willing to expend it undressing for us.

    Her beautiful pert breasts and gorgeous hour glass figure are features needing to be seen. Starting off wearing a short little jumper that barely covers, Manuela lays invitingly on her purple bed sheets slowly peeling away items of clothing until we're left with silky smooth dark lusting skin. Definatly a shoot not to miss out on.

  • Sun 01st May 2011 Chervana | Intimate Moments

    With her dark eyes and tanned skin, she opens her legs to reveal her shaved pussy, then later taking off her top to expose her edible breasts. Yep, Ladies and gents I give to you, Chervana.

    Half Italian, half Dutch beauty Chervana is surrounded by leaves as she gives herself an intimate and sexy orgasm.

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