• Tue 12th Apr 2011 Gina J | Solo

    Brunette, athletic and gorgeously slim new model Gina gives us a vividly erotic display of her sexual personality and seductive flexibility in this her first shoot. Laying on the metress illuminated by the bright Amsterdam sunshine Gina slowly undresses her smooth toned body and starts to let her hands wander around herself and down to her shaved pussy. Reaching underneath her knickers she pulls them to one side and slips a finger inside herself. Writhing in pleasure she moves from one stunning position to the next.

    Feeling horny and adventerous Gina moves on to her front and tentatively inserts her finger into her anus to evemtually get her to a beautiful and intensly anticipated climax!

  • Mon 11th Apr 2011 Sandy H | Solo

    It has been three years since Sandy shoot with abbywinters.com. And she gives us a quick update of her latest creative pursuits as she is now studying writing and scriptwriting.

    Then things get more sensual as Sandy starts writhing around on her beanbag showcasing her smooth pale skin, full bush and deep blue eyes.

  • Mon 11th Apr 2011 Fae C & Rose D | Intimate Moments

    Opening with Rose D's comment "tight around the ass, that's what I'm after" and Fae C's response, "I like boobies" make this shoot abbywinters.com gold. Rose's full bush and Fae's taught body are in full view as the enjoy every minute in their double intimate moment.

    Make sure you watch the whole video from start to finish, as these ladies have a really cute and candid chat after they come the first time...Yep, there are a total of four orgasms in this shoot!

  • Sun 10th Apr 2011 Sandy H | Solo

    Sandy H... wow. sexy, sensual, seductive, spicy, Sandys got all the bases covered. This perfectly formed brunette very succesfully manages to stop us from leaving with a jaw droppingly sexy strip tease and provocativly explicit nude display. Her pert breast and a perfectly formed bum are bound to tantalize your imagination.

  • Sun 10th Apr 2011 Lana M | Intimate Moments

    Dark haired Hungarian beauty Lana M(who's sexy solo just went live) strokes her brown nipples and fondles her large breasts to lead herself into an intense orgasm. She has a svelte tanned body which she caresses with ease.

    Her tight denim shorts soon hit the floor as she reveals her shaved pussy in this sun-kissed intimate moment.

  • Sat 09th Apr 2011 Chervana | Solo

    Chervana is blessed with smooth olive skin, a curvaceous body featuring full boobs and a fantastic round bum that is only just covered by her little sisters short denim skirt. Chervana is also very intelligent, as her glasses may elude, but its her wonderful smile and bubbly personality that first draws you into her world. As she describes herself "as an open book with no secrets", getting to know her is a real pleasure indeed.

    And half way through the video there is an intruder, who comes in to see whats going on and is seeking some help. While this exciting and revealing interlude threatens to derail the attention, luckily we are soon drawn back into the world of Chervana as she reveals more intimate details of herself.

    She says she masturbates daily and likes to do it twice a day if the alone time is possible, but she also likes to use masturbation as a foreplay too, doing it in front of her partner. And she gives us a visceral example of exactly what that looks like, welcome Chervana- it sure is a real pleasure to meet you!

  • Sat 09th Apr 2011 Fae C & Scarlet | Intimate Moments

    English lass Fae C and Cute Aussie girl Scarlet talk about how sensitive their nipples are before ripping into a sexy mutual masturbation session! Fae's body tenses up as she prepares to for climax, and Scarlet, using her bullet vibrator follows very close behind, for a loud orgasm.

    Now because we know you like variety, and we understand that there are "different strokes for different" folks (no pun intended), we have given you the choice of two camera angles for the ultimate viewing pleasure. So, enjoy.

  • Fri 08th Apr 2011 Chervana | Solo

    Curvaceous Italian Dutch beauty Chervana left me a little bit smitten today. Gorgeous dark framed glasses to match her dark eyes and brunette locks, I had such giggly and flirty fun during this shoot.

    Some fun upskirts and delicious booty shaking to some motown tunes meant we all get to see the bump and grind of Chervana's amazing round bum. And watch in the twist of her hips, as you see her beautifully shaved pussy almost give you a welcoming smile.

  • Fri 08th Apr 2011 Backstage 262 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 262 is up today!

  • Thu 07th Apr 2011 Marietta & Sahara | Girl-Girl

    Captivating Busty American fox Sahara, Teams up with hairy dutch brunette in this hot, natural shag feast, featuring a lot of sensual girl kissing, oral sex, fingering and tribbing.

    The Girls, start off taking a few innocent snaps of each other, but things soon turn dirty, getting naughty on the floor. Good times indeed!.

  • Thu 07th Apr 2011 Masie | Intimate Moments

    'Splish splash, Masie was taking a bath Long about a Saturday night A rub dub, just relaxing in the tub Thinking everything was alright!'

    You guys know Bobby Darin and his hit Splish Splash? Well if those lyrics don't ring a bell let Masie ring your bell with a rhythmic sensation of her own...

    Watch her relax in a hot bath at first, then see this British beauty play with herself, experimenting with different techniques and really enjoying every minute of her sensual bath time.

  • Thu 07th Apr 2011 Laura P | Solo

    Welcome to a naked pilates session at abbywinters.com. Cute blonde Laura has a well rounded booty you will want to squeeze tightly in this special video.

    While she goes through the poses, we can see her blonde pubes and awesome inverted nipples, which makes Laura stand out from the crowd. She shows us exactly how to stretch the body (and even creates some new positions of her own).

    Did I mention also that she is Australian? Yep, it's true, and just so you don't miss out on hearing that accent, we have made a special backstage video just for you!

  • Wed 06th Apr 2011 Marietta & Sahara | Girl-Girl

    The sexual tension breaks between big breasted Sahara and slim, sexual Marietta in this playfully erotic and sensually charged meeting.

    Sitting close to each other taking photos, the tension builds and the two start succumb to their urges for one another. Tearing at clothes and ravishing each other with their lips they entwine on the floor where their passion for one another is expressed through vivacious and unrelenting sexual embraces.

    Stripped down to nothing but socks Marietta slips her fingers inside Sahara's wet pussy making her writhe with stimulation. From then onwards the two partake in montage of deeply intimate and sexual position until they raise each other to their long awaited climax.

  • Wed 06th Apr 2011 Scarlet | Solo

    Scarlet is a cheeky Aussie with gorgeous real breasts who tells us many sexy stories while playing with her pussy.

    She tells us about her first make-out session, secret fuck buddies, outdoor sex, an affair with two of her bosses and how she likes to be watched when having sex. Then she finishes with a long, many position masturbation session that ends in a fantastic intense orgasm. Wow, just WOW!

  • Wed 06th Apr 2011 Laura P | Solo

    Doing her pilates session in the bright light of the window Laura pushes her tight, small bum up, stretching the material on her tiny little shorts, and hinting at what is yet to be exposed beneath. Her flexible body offers some erotically imaginative positions and as she runs her hands over her body, around her slim waist and long legs the scene really starts to heat up!

    Removing her bra and remaining clothes Laura stands beautifully illuminated in the window reaching out her limbs to reveal her body in all kinds of exotic positions; and as she slips a finger inside her smooth shaved pussy you can see her writhing and folding up her legs in overwhelming sensual pleasure.

  • Tue 05th Apr 2011 Scarlet | Solo

    Stunning, red-headed, slim, big-breasted and un-unrelentingly playful Scarlet bounces around the equally vibrant and brightly colored bed room, stripping off her long lace panties and low cut white top.

    From start to finish Scarlet will have you captivated with her sexually boisterous personality and sensually deviant sense of flirting. Playing with everything from her clothing to a tennis ball she teases as she prolongs the much anticipated nude reveal!

    Full naked, she sits on the window sill cupping and squeezing her large breasts in one hand whilst slipping her fingers inside her wet pussy, through her unshaven full bush of pubes.

  • Mon 04th Apr 2011 Jorja | Solo

    Jorja is a petite beauty with very sharply defined features. I love her laugh and demeanor. She starts this return solo video by telling us all the things she does to look nice. She wears a tight fitting skirt and top and there are some very exciting upskirt shots that give us a glimpse of her red undies.

    I also love her short dark hair, really vivid deep dark eyes and small breasts.

  • Mon 04th Apr 2011 Rose D & Sahara | Intimate Moments

    Natural curvaceous hairy Sahara, masturbates with dark haired beauty Rose, who sports a nice full bush.

    This is Roses first time masturbating with a friend and she not shy to get down to it. The two girls masturbate and tease themselves on a couch while watching each other pleasure their bodies to a climatic orgasm check out Sahara previous shoots here.

  • Sun 03rd Apr 2011 Jorja | Solo

    Leaning up against the window sill Jorja shows off her perfect, toned, slim body and tanned skin, and with a few seductive up skirt peeks she'll have you melting in the palm of her hand.

    Massive eyes and and a cute suggestive smile are the first things that you'll notice about this stunner. But as the shoot progresses and the clothes fall away they'll be plenty more to grab your attention, least to say her perfectly smooth shaved pussy!

  • Sun 03rd Apr 2011 Madison Y | Intimate Moments

    Beautiful natural redhead Madison is back! Watch as she undresses and rubs her full bush and takes a hot relaxing bath.

    This sexy pregnant American rubs lube over big hard nipples and certainly knows how to push all the right buttons!! Rubbing and fingering herself into a intense and loud climax!

  • Sat 02nd Apr 2011 Rose D | Solo

    Rose is 19 years old and tells provocative stories of her sexual beginnings, her first kiss, play with girls and displays her natural figure, featuring smooth pale skin, a tight bum and a free flowing full bush.

    She also gives us a special surprise midway through the video as she goes into the bathroom...and luckily invites you inside for a privileged peek.

    This dark haired Aussie girl is also very flexible and displays this in many positions. But my favourite of all her qualities is her wonderfully warm, but also cheeky smile - that you cant help but want to see over and over.

  • Sat 02nd Apr 2011 Lana M & Una | Intimate Moments

    Does two hot sexy brunettes with natural boobs, tantalizing tanned skin, with erect nipples and dark eyes masturbating next too each other sound good?

    Yes folks thats what we have here... complete with two different camera angles for you to enjoy!

    These two gals know what they like and they don't mess around getting naked and down to it. It now up to you to decide on how you want to watch these two beauties masturbate to orgasm!

    Camera A or Camera B! Both arousing, both steamy, both naughty!

    Be sure to drop by the forum and let us know what you think of this shoot!

  • Fri 01st Apr 2011 Rose D | Solo

    Dark haired, quirky and seductive Rose undresses her slim, curvaceous body to reveal her stunning large, natural breasts and cute pert, round bum in this, her first solo shoot.

    Her sexy alternative style and quirky personality makes Rose almost impossible to take your eyes off, and why would you want to! With her almost perfect curves and sweet, sensual smile she's a delight to watch as she undresses and moves from the lounge to the bathroom where there's a kinky surprise.

    In fact this shoot is packed full of surprises and unexpected little moments from Rose that show off just how playfully sexy she can be!

  • Fri 01st Apr 2011 Backstage 261 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 261 is up today!

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