• Thu 13th Jan 2011 Riley | Intimate Moments

    Riley gets straight into it. She immediately takes off her top and wriggles her jeans off, then her see through undies depart and she is suddenly nude. Well apart from her sexy white headband holding in her dreads.

    Then she reaches for the KY lube and squeezes in onto her pussy smiling at the first touch of it to her skin. Then she rubs it into her full bush. Her athletic body looks hot as she leans her leg against her desk and sits back on her chair using quick circular strokes pressing against her clit interspersed with some insertions. Her boobs jiggle, the desk rocks and pretty soon Riley is taking you to orgasmic places.

  • Wed 12th Jan 2011 Shee-Ra | Solo

    In bright and natural outdoors surroundings gorgeous, She-ra expends some energy with her twirling ribbon, the smooth curves the ribbon makes as it moves through the air compares and compliments the soft sensual texture of her tanned skin and long dark hair.

    After wards she stands alone in the green open field pulling on and removing her clothing; the yellow top which conceals her pert breasts and vivid pattered skirt hiding her smooth shaved pussy soon fall away and She-ra's play in the park becomes something a little more intimate.

  • Wed 12th Jan 2011 Marina M & Zarina | Girl-Girl

    Its a pain when you forget your keys, but it does help to have a sexy flatmate to let you in, and especially when the favor can be paid back like this! Zarina gets woken by Marina knocking on the door after forgetting her keys, blurry eyed and half asleep Zarina shuffles to the door to let in her flatmate. But if she was at all annoyed by this Marina's got a way to bring her round. Slipping onto the bed she flirts and plays with Zarina, coaxing her out of her half woken state with wandering hands and suggestive kisses.

    Zarina pulls Marina on top of her, pulling off clothes revealing her gorgeous slim body and large breasts; passionately kissing they both roll around removing each other s clothes as they go. In a vision of tangled legs and smooth exposed skin the two pleasure each other with intense oral, bringing one another to climax. Maybe Zarina will be hoping Marina forgets her keys more often now!

  • Wed 12th Jan 2011 Maya C | Solo

    Maya has been shopping for a bra. Unfortunately, the one she bought doesn't fit. But that doesn't mean it isn't useful. This sexy Romanian finds many different and rousing uses for it as she rubs it all over her smooth skin and lovely big pussy lips. Can you take it back to a shop after that? Who cares!

    Maya has a compact, erotic body, raven hair and cute dimples. There is something inherently sexual and innocent about Maya, and we love it.

  • Tue 11th Jan 2011 Maya C | Solo

    Back from her shopping Maya does the usual trying on and admiring all that she has bought. Taking off the bra she has on she tries her new one, only to find its too big for her petite breasts. But rather than bin it there's another use that Maya can get out of it, a more sexual and imaginative use!

    Slipping off her remaining clothes Maya rolls up the bra and sensually runs its smooth fabric over her skin, from around her pertly erect nipples to her beautifully trimmed pussy. Stretching out herself and the bra she slides the material between her labia and over her clit. Finishing against the soft light of the glass brick walls she leans against its cold hard surface revealing her slim body in all of its stunning beauty.

  • Mon 10th Jan 2011 Iveta | Solo

    Iveta is single at the moment. She tells us exactly what kind of guys she likes. Preferring tall, good looking guys that are intelligent and funny. Adding "its very important for a man to have nice manly hands."

    She then goes on to seduce the camera with her sly sexy looks and her great boobs and busty body. She has a magnificent voluptuous body she sexily reveals as she slowly works off her short denim skirt and undies. Iveta is a real sex bomb with a smile that would melt the hardest of rock.

  • Mon 10th Jan 2011 Eden | Intimate Moments

    Eden is a knockout blonde bombshell! This is her second solo masturbation shoot and she gets turned on as she writes in her diary. Perhaps reminiscing about a past sexual encounter...

    She then takes off her denim shorts, licks her fingers and sticks her hands down her panties and moans with a recognition of pleasure. Her full bush, erect nipples and slender frame look amazing as does the look of sheer bliss coming from her beautiful face as she nears a powerful and thrilling climax.

  • Sun 09th Jan 2011 Iveta | Solo

    Bursting onto the screen today is the bubbly effervescence of Iveta. This tall buxom European has a cheeky thirst for life and it's pleasures. She is not scared to tease with your thoughts or stare you daringly in the eye. But with any lively personality, she will just as easily dag about climbing up and about a carpeted stair case, giving you the best of views the climbing provides. A delicately pleated pussy surrounded by the clear milky skin of her thighs, Iveta is generous in her recline to show us the best of what Germany has to offer.

  • Sun 09th Jan 2011 Kate D | Intimate Moments

    Hot Aussie babe Kate joins us for her second solo masturbation shoot. She has her legs resting on her desk which gives us a great upskirt view. She then moves her dress and bra underneath the bottom of her boobs as they sit exposed and firm. She has a very beautiful face and smooth skin that is drenched by the afternoon sun.

    She teases herself by gently rubbing her hands over her body and underwear as she eventually undresses and gets down to business. We have a fantastic close view of all the action as Kate treats herself into a hip convulsing good time.

  • Sat 08th Jan 2011 Kitty A | Solo

    Do you remember when you first started going out to bars? There was always one girl who seemed a little older than you and your mates. More experienced, not shy at all and just oozed sex. That's who Kitty reminds me of. Deeply sexual, confident and ready to eat a young boy alive. Blonde hair, a hot body, blue eyes and a knowing smile.

    She takes you home, it starts with a quick snack and a drink in the kitchen and then, now wearing nothing but a leather jacket, she invites you into her room. "Don't be shy, I don't like shy guys" she says. Your not shy but you hesitate. This woman has the potential to tear you apart, in a good way, and that's got you slightly nervous.

    Her petite, fit body lying on the bed she knows exactly what she wants. Sexy peach fuzz and a shaved pussy invite you, her confidence is completely intoxicating.

  • Sat 08th Jan 2011 Satine & Zarina | Intimate Moments

    These two beauties are awesome, sexy and naughty!

    Both are English lasses and are a delight to watch. Zarnina uses a pink vibrator to pleasure herself and Satine uses her hands. After Satine finishes her rhythmic session she watches Zarina. You can see how much she enjoys a perv too and its very hot watching Satine watch Zarina.

    Enough reading about it, its your turn to do the watching!

    Though an important disclaimer should be noted.

    This intimate moment was cut short on the recording side, apparently these girls got the room too hot for the camera to operate successfully and it shorted out before Zarina was done :(

    However we posted on the boards about whether the shoot should be released and unanimously the result was a YES.

    So here it is!

  • Fri 07th Jan 2011 Kitty A | Solo

    Kitty sits on the floor of the kitchen flirtatiously playing with the buttons on her shirt, luring you in to see her bra-less and tanned body. She smiles at the camera as she bursts open her top, showing her small but perfectly pert breasts.

    Moving into the bright yellows of the hallway, Kitty pauses as if contemplating her next seductive move. It doesn't take her long to think of one and from this point on its a visual feast of her playing with her gorgeous slim body, long flexible legs and amazingly smooth shaved pussy. The shoot culminates in the bedroom, where she will have you as worn out and satisfied as she is!

  • Fri 07th Jan 2011 Backstage 249 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 249 is up today!

  • Thu 06th Jan 2011 Brandi & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Satine trudges through the snow trying to find Brandi's house. Brandi is anxious to see her friend again and regularly checks her phone and tries to make the time pass quicker. She cant hold her desires back any longer and starts touching herself before Satine has arrived!

    Eventually Satine finds Brandi's place and first port of call is to get Satine warm. Brandi rushes off to get her a blanket. Then they excitedly embark on their session together, kissing and groping at first before graduating to rhythmic oral sex and fingering. First Brandi comes moaning with delight and then Satine announces her orgasm, "keep going, I'm going to come."

    Brandi's blonde hair and amazing bum, smooth shaved and tanned body look great against the contrasting but equally sexy pale skinned, supple body and full bush of Satine as both girls enjoy every second of their excitement filled hardcore girl girl experience together.

  • Thu 06th Jan 2011 Danielle Y | Solo

    Talking you through each step as she undresses, unbuttoning her shirt, peeling off her jeans, pulling her panties to the side for a sneak preview of her neat pussy before she's delightfully naked, Danielle is a lot of fun and the sultry adventures she has in her bedroom today are sure to set your heart racing.

  • Thu 06th Jan 2011 Lavender | Intimate Moments

    Lavender is a pale skinned red head with freckles coating a nice womanly frame in this her second solo masturbation video. She teases us with looks at the camera as she squeezes her nipples and slowly gets herself into the mood.

    She finds her favourite position on her side to masturbate using both hands. It works wonders as Lavender has an elongated thrusting orgasm that sends her into involuntary spasms and jolts for sometime after. It is an amazing orgasm and a thrilling finish to a very sexy masturbation video.

  • Wed 05th Jan 2011 Danielle Y | Solo

    Tight jeans hug her ass and her shirt clings to her waist, offering a small taste of the lusciousness that lies beneath. She unbuttons her shirt slowly, her silky hot-pink bra and toned stomach revealed. With a smile she begins to undo her jeans... A hand slides down the front... It's all fun and games from there on in!

    Danielle is a never fail beauty that you'll crave for more and more with every move she makes.

  • Wed 05th Jan 2011 Asdyna | Solo

    Tanned, toned and exotic. The beautiful Asdyna sits alone in her apartment on an overcast and dreary day. No bother though for this black haired sun-kissed girl.

    She finds the time to remove her clothes, slowly. Getting into the mood quietly but surely. She writhes around in many different positions showing off her near perfect arse, shaved pussy and wondrous green eyes. Eventually landing on the couch for a slow, sexy masturbation session.

  • Wed 05th Jan 2011 Brandi & Satine | Girl-Girl

    This really is a shoot of beautiful contrast's, Brandi's tanned dark skin pressing against Satine's pale body is just as magnificent as Brandi's sexual and vivacious personality meeting with the cute and shy timidness of Satine.

    Passionately kissing on the sofa, these two soon start ripping the clothes off one another in a desperate frenzy to reach the smooth, sensual skin beneath. and as the two move off the sofa and onto the coffee table top the scene really starts to hot up! With Brandi's gorgeous pert breasts already exposed Satine continues to strip away at the remaining items. From this point onwards the scene becomes one of intense sexual energy and a feast of raunchy girl on girl action at is best!

  • Tue 04th Jan 2011 Asdyna | Solo

    A gorgeous slim body, cute suggestive smile and raven black hair really makes Asdyna stand out, and that's before you discover just what a sexually charged girl she is! On the bed texting something stimulates her, perhaps something so intimate and provocative that she has to act on it there and then. Moving off the bed she goes across to the window chair and slipping off her clothes she lets her imagination build her up more and more.

    Stood up now and in full view she exposes her pert soft breasts and plump round ass, and as she leans over in front of the window she maybe doesn't realize what an awesome view she's giving the neighbour's! Moving from room to room Asdyna then gives a very comprehensive lesson in self indulgence with insertion after insertion.

  • Mon 03rd Jan 2011 AnnaBelle Lee | Solo

    Ah, AnnaBelle Lee, a show off, in the best way! We know and love her small frame, tight athletic body and small breasts. So sweet but so sultry.

    AnnaBelle starts by talking about her recent abby shoots and all the lovely abby girls she slept with. "The best sex-week of my life" she admits and finishes this vid with your own exclusive lesson on how to REALLY lick out a pussy. In fact, I think I'll be trying some of her moves tonight!

  • Mon 03rd Jan 2011 Marina M & Priya | Intimate Moments

    Talk about hot. Talk about horny and talk about raunchy. These two wild girls tease themselves at first, rubbing their nipples and caressing their smooth skin until they simply cannot handle it any longer.

    The contrast between these two bombshells is great to watch. Marina with tanned, light coloured skin and hair and Priya with dark skin and dark curly hair.

    Marina is keen to see how Priya does it, she watches her intensely and rubs her own clitoris to get off. When talking about hot, horny and raunchy, Marina and Priya wont ever be far away from your lips.

  • Sun 02nd Jan 2011 AnnaBelle Lee | Solo

    Dirty and hot, possibly the best combination! Everyone knew or went out with a girl like this at college or uni. Cute and seductive Annabelle performs a naughty little strip just for you. Rolling around on the leather couch slowly exposing her toned body, smooth skin and small pert boobs you cant help but remember an old memory or think about being there with her and making a new one!

  • Sun 02nd Jan 2011 Caitlyn Y | Intimate Moments

    Caitlyn is hot! A smooth skinned tanned figure with large boobs and round bum really is the complete package. I also love her sharply defined face and long hair. She is a real beauty I can't make that point enough.

    We have a high angle look at her fast and tantilising solo masturbation video as she uses her left hand on her clit and her right squeezing her boob as her breath quickens, her body shakes and moans become louder...

  • Sat 01st Jan 2011 Adelle | Solo

    Adelle is naturally delicious in every way. Her body is sculptured sharply and impeccably. She has long legs, a lovely finely cut bum, hips and then of course there are her spectacular large boobs sitting proud and pert behind her bra-less pink singlet.

    Her hard erect nipples are protruding from the outset and make it very hard to take your eyes of these incredible assets. However Adelle has many more, she is intelligent with a cute smile and a very beautiful face. She is also wearing sexy tights which she hikes up above her skirt and rips them in every direction to show off a simply svelte body. What a woman!

  • Sat 01st Jan 2011 Priya & Zarina | Intimate Moments

    Q. - What do you get when you have two sex bombs? A. - A thrilling double intimate moment. That is what you get!

    These two ladies pleasure themselves on a bed and we get to watch from an excellent vantage point poised right above.

    Zarina and Priya both have small pert boobs, dark hair, mesmerising eyes, beautiful tanned skin and use their favourite toys to full effect.

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