• Sun 14th Nov 2010 Gretchen | Intimate Moments

    The awesome German Gretchen is back! This time she is chilling, flicking through a magazine, giving us a sneaky peak of her white underwear and before we know it, her hands have slipped down the front of her undies and she is flicking something else!

    Love to know what Gretchen is reading and what is getting her hot under the collar, I am not complaining though, because the glasses clad Gretchen is soon totally starkers and using both hands on herself, licking her fingers and enjoying every second of it!

  • Sat 13th Nov 2010 Rosanna | Solo

    Rosanna is a busty blonde that has featured on abbywinters.com in 14 shoots since 2005. Amongst them, there is a bit of everything, girl on girl sex, limo shoots, masturbation videos, but what is common in them all is that they are hot!

    In between her last appearance on abbwinters.com, she has even had a child and reflects on that experience, describing how her boobs went out to 10 F during pregnancy and how she feels like her doctors, "fixed her body down there, tighter" and we also see some additional footage from her pregnant shoot to see the comparisons directly.

    In this shoot she wears a hot pink cozi, James Bond style and plays outside, getting wet in a sprinkler in her backyard. And its amazing she has had a child, there is almost no evidence, Rosanna, as always looks simply amazing.

  • Sat 13th Nov 2010 Kasey F | Intimate Moments

    Kasey is a beautiful blonde with a toned body and small firm breasts. Join her as she slowly plays with her boobs and gets in the mood for this intimate moment.

    This bronzed lass sits on a chair and peels off her pretty blue panties to reveal a succulent and tasty pussy. Watch her rub and caress her sexy body, slowly at first, then working herself up to a fast rhythm, ending in a rewarding orgasm.

  • Fri 12th Nov 2010 Rosanna | Solo

    Underneath the glorious mid day sun, the vivid clear blue skies and lush greens of the outdoors wrap around gorgeous pale skinned Rosanna. Out side in the garden she plays and baths in the suns warming rays. Starting off in a bright pink little bikini she provocatively squirts blobs of thick white cream all over her chest; rubbing it over her body, under her top and around her breasts you can see her getting more and more turned on and the scene becoming hotter and hotter.

    Then just as the heat of the day and her thoughts become too intense, the sprinkler system shoots on, showering her with an ice cold, refreshing mist of spray that beads on her freshly creamed figure. Her sun warmed skin tenses up and her nipples become taught as the cold water takes her body by surprise. Soon though Rosanna turns this wet surprise into a slippery, sexy and sensual sunbathing experience.

    Defiantly gets you in the mood for some fun in sun!

  • Thu 11th Nov 2010 Jaclyn & Viola | Girl-Girl

    Jaclyn is studying for her exam. Viola is pleased she has been a good girl and decides to reward her. And reward her she does! They begin with passionate kissing before Jacylyn can't wait any longer and goes down on Viola right away, before any clothes have come of.

    The action from there is relentless as they move from the bed to the desk and explore a range of hot and experimental positions. These two big breasted full bushed babes relish in each others powerful sex drives in this explosive girl girl video.

  • Thu 11th Nov 2010 Isadora | Solo

    Split Enz sang the song, "I see red". And if Isadora was your girl so would you! She has red hair and red pubes. She is outside in the bush getting naked and telling stories, one of her stories details 5 hour outdoor sex sessions going through all the stuff Isadora could think of.

    She has magnificent boobs and a full bush, pale skin and freckles. Basically just like the song was, Isadora is a hit

  • Thu 11th Nov 2010 Satine | Intimate Moments

    Join blonde beauty Satine as she lays down on a comfy bed and lets her fingers wonder down south. Laying on her stomach Satine closes her eyes, imagining all kinds of wonderful things that get her frisky.

    This British bombshell is a stunner, with a nice full bush and pert boobs. It is just amazing to see a young sexy girls body convulse and twitch as she rubs herself to orgasm!

  • Wed 10th Nov 2010 Isadora | Solo

    Hiding from the beaming heat of the Australian sun, Isadora plays in the dappled shade of a tall towering tree. Pulling at her top and small tartan skirt she starts to reveal her boisterous side and slowly and reservedly she undresses.

    Underneath lies her all natural body with no tattoos to spoil. Full bushes of bright, vibrant red hair wisp out from underneath her arms pits, matched by her full and equally bright bush of red pubic hair.

    Its a natural Red headed girl out in a secluded and gorgeous natural space just being, well... natural.

  • Wed 10th Nov 2010 Mei | Solo

    Mei is so cute. She tells all kinds of stories about "her secret sex life." Detailing exploits such as quickies inside the car during a car wash, sex out in the bush and all her favourite positions whilst giving detailed demonstrations.

    She also displays her flexibility with some challenging poses and seduces the camera with her big bold eyes and petite frame.

  • Wed 10th Nov 2010 Jaclyn & Viola | Girl-Girl

    Jaclyn & Viola were meant to be together. This pairing is perfect. These two big breasted babes ravish every sing inch of one another's busty bodies.

    These images pick up every detail and moment of palpable passion between these two crazed lovers. This video needs a DISCLAIMER: WARNING IMAGES MAY SERIOUSLY AROUSE. View only when appropriate!!!

  • Tue 09th Nov 2010 Mei | Solo

    Mei is a really gorgeous, playful and fun Asian girl, that really does enjoy expressing herself and her body by opening herself up to you. Always having fun Mei is this time rolling, stretching and teasing in a beautiful glass sided room overlooking the lush greens of the garden.

    Its a vibrant setting for an equally vibrant and exciting girl. Mei's slim body, sexual curves and pert breasts silhouette against the outdoor light flooding in around her. Her tight blue poker dot pants surround her tight little bum and dark black pubic hair.

    Its really is a stunning setting and one you'll want to come back to time and time again.

  • Tue 09th Nov 2010 Caitlin T | Solo

    Caitlin returns to abbywinters.com wearing tight fitting denim short shorts and a green top with no bra. Her blonde hair and blue eyes combination is deadly, although humble and shy, its as if Caitlin hasn't realised this power of her looks just yet.

    She is shy and reserved with her manner as she slowly and delicately undresses next to her windowsill. But as she spends more time naked Caitlin warms to the feeling and towards the end gets a hand mirror and uses it so she can check out her own pussy in detail.

  • Mon 08th Nov 2010 Christen | Solo

    The gorgeous and natural Christen, what a sight! She tells us of plans to move back to her birthplace, Berlin. Look out Europe!

    Christen is a porcelain doll with the most beautiful, pale pale skin . She gets naked for us and plats her long black hair.

  • Mon 08th Nov 2010 Nicole D & Satine | Intimate Moments

    Who wants to watch two natural hot girls masturbating on a bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

    Yes? Well look no further...

    The sexy British Satine with her beautiful milky white skin and natural bush looks great and is accompanied by her friend Nicole, the stunning blonde with sexy tan lines, a perfectly trimmed landing strip and pert boobs. They masturbate, play and tease themselves in this titillating and racy Intimate moment.

    Apparently this is what Sundays where invented for! Who knew?

  • Sun 07th Nov 2010 Edie | Intimate Moments

    Brunette Edie is getting ready fixing her long hair in front of the bathroom mirror, checking herself out, she decides a quick wank is in order...

    Before we know it, Edie's hands slip down the front of her pants and she starts playing with her pussy. Her jeans are next to go, then bra... Edie gets to work, bending over in front of the mirror to give herself a perfect view of her beautiful round bum and what follows is a wonderful orgasm.

    She quickly gets dressed and heads out.

    Such a hot intimate moment, Edie certainly knows how to pleasure herself and likes to watch... who doesn't?

  • Sun 07th Nov 2010 Christen | Solo

    We've got a lot of stunning girls here at abbywinters.com, but Christen has to up with the hottest of the hot. Brunette, stunning body, amazing smile, perfectly formed pert breasts.

    She really has got it all! In this her 5th solo she will once again have you wishing you could jump through the screen and join her in this evocative bedroom strip tease. You wont forget this girl quickly!

  • Sun 07th Nov 2010 Caitlin T | Solo

    Caitlin with her glowing blonde hair and bright playful smile once again makes a come back to abbywinters.com. In this sexy little shoot she can be seen rolling and stretching around on the floor in her tight denim hot pants, pushing her erect nipples against the inside of her blue cardigan.

    Unveiling her small pert boobs and seductive personality Caitlin slides on top of the window side book case and lets the natural light streaming in highlight the contours of her body. The scene ends with her little poker dot pants thrown on the floor and with her sitting on the window cabinets top, back arched and legs spread. Gorgeous.

  • Sat 06th Nov 2010 Rachel S | Solo

    Rachel is sublime. She just oozes sex. She has a lovely womanly figure with an incredible round bum and very pert boobs. She has been a blonde, but in this return solo video she appears as the stunning brunette.

    Her skin is just perfect and it is so hot watching her take a sensual bubble bath and tell all kinds of sex stories; always teasing and being playfully provocatively. Rachel is a master at this and many more of the best things;)

  • Sat 06th Nov 2010 Kylie H | Intimate Moments

    Kylie H is stunning... There is no other way to describe this stunning brunette!

    If you're already familiar with her first solo, redux or first intimate moment, then you know exactly what I mean!

    Another awesome masturbation by this glasses wearing beauty. She starts by laying braless and provocatively on the bed, then teasing herself and playing with her pert and perky nipples.

    Before we know it, her sexy pink panties are ripped off and thrown aside while the sensual Kylie turns around and lays on her stomach.

    The perfect view of her shapely bum is something to behold! Excited and horny, she rubs and fingers herself to a quiet orgasm... satisfying herself for all to see!

  • Fri 05th Nov 2010 Rachel S | Solo

    Innocent looks and big gorgeous eyes make Rachel an instant turn on, but what could be better than seeing this rare beauty in the bathroom getting ready to take a sexy little dip under the bubbles!?

    The scene is set as Rachel sits on the edge of the bath tub, twisting her gorgeous brown hair between her fingers, staring right at you, her evocative gaze will have you hooked all the way through this hot image set.

    Moving over to check herself out to the mirror she starts to undress down to her small black bra and sexy little thong; she turns around bending over the bath to run the water, her round tight arse will have you captivated and your mind rushing about what might be coming up!

    Preparing to enter the warmth of the bubble filled bath, she removes her bra, exposing her perfectly shaped and pert breasts; slipping under the water she follows by playfully sliding off her pants and showing us her smooth wet pussy.

    After a little play in the bubbles its time to rinse off and get out, and as the water cascades over her small taught nipples you'll be hoping every bath time could be just as raunchy as this one.

  • Thu 04th Nov 2010 Gretchen & Madison Young | Intimate Moments

    New friends Gretchen and Madison have an instant chemistry. Madison produces the lube and soon enough they're rubbing it into their nipples and vaginas.

    Madison's bright red pubes and pale skin are a perfect compliment to Gretchen's tanned skin and pert breasts.

  • Thu 04th Nov 2010 Col | Solo

    Col returns to abbywinters.com for her second solo video. She is blonde with lovely blue eyes and a very cute smile. But don't let the cuteness fool you, Col is also very cheeky, flashing us her boobs by lifting her light summer dress up briefly.

    She also uses her red scarf to tease and seduce as she delicately rubs it over her smooth skin and displays her naked body for us in all its splendor.

  • Thu 04th Nov 2010 Evette & Jaclyn | Girl-Girl

    Evette & Jaclyn are two ideally suited girls. They are both beautiful, smart brunettes with pale white skin and full sized boobs. Its clear from the outset they get along swimmingly. They start with some sensual massaging of each other and the tension builds with each delicate stroke and moan of pleasure. Jaclyn begins to massage Evette very close to her inner thigh, brushing up against the outside of her pussy.

    Evette then realises the time for holding off has come to an end and the two kiss, consummating a long and rousing build-up.

    Both girls have full bushes and explore every single inch of each others fantastic frames. This video features two of the hottest and most compatible girls, so down to earth and so into each other, they are incredible and even more incredible to watch getting it on.

  • Wed 03rd Nov 2010 Col | Solo

    Col returns to abbywinters.com in this beautiful image set. She is blonde with ocean blue eyes that look right through you and make you feel a sudden rush as you are locked into them. And as you click through this image set its hard to take your eyes of hers and then suddenly you notice, by the slightly cheeky grin on her face, that she has slipped out a boob.

    Col reveals an immaculately smooth skinned body, full bush and a really honest warm feel to her personality. This image set is well worth the time getting to know Col in great detail.

  • Wed 03rd Nov 2010 AnnaBelle Lee | Solo

    AnnaBelle Lee is so sexy. You might have seen her girl girl shoots, one in particular she recently claimed was her favourite shoot of all was with Katherine and it is a must see.

    In this return solo she wanders through the Aussie outback in matching green undies and a summer dress. Her bum looks amazing as she teases us with bouncing and jiggling as she slowly removes her G string. I loved watching her fit naked body with her runners on moving through the bush.

  • Wed 03rd Nov 2010 Evette & Jaclyn | Girl-Girl

    Seductive sips of tea swiftly escalates into a steamy and passionate midday embrace. Evette and Jaclyn's wandering hands and lips soon find there way to places usually reserved for the cover of privacy, but luckily for us the bright Australian sun illuminates the scene and allows us to see every naughty little detail.

    A beautifully rare and subtle moment is captured when two shyly erect nipples brush against each other. Lifting themselves onto the window ledge and pressing against each other, these two brunette beauties soon come spiraling down to the floor together in an eruption of pleasure.

  • Tue 02nd Nov 2010 Katherine F | Solo

    Imagine peering over your back yard fence and seeing Katherine frolicking around her garden slowly getting naked. This tall, thin, long haired beauty does exactly that in this video.

    Slowly come off her short shorts and pink tights to expose her radiant pale skin and toned fit body. A lovely day in the sunshine for all.

  • Tue 02nd Nov 2010 LeeLee | Solo

    LeeLee starts off in the lounge-room wearing a blue business shirt and her nickers. It is so easy to imagine that shirt as yours, remember waking up in the morning and seeing the girl you like wearing your shirt...Is there anything sexier?! Oh sweet memories.

    Well LeeLee tells us all kinds of stories about her personal life. New engagements, threesome plans and a whole lot more.

    She is a very sexy girl with ginger hair and freckles. I love her long bold fringe, supple skin and the cat like way she sexily maneuvers her body around.

  • Mon 01st Nov 2010 Juno | Solo

    Kewi lass Juno returns to abbywinters.com with her sexy accent. We get to hear plenty of it too in this return solo video as Juno recounts stories of her first kiss from a spin the bottle game!

    She tells all kinds of other intimate stories going into detail about kissing, her first time having sex at a big party with a jock guy and the first time she saw a pair of boobs.

    She has beautiful pale skin, big bold eyes, tan lines, pert boobs and a lovely smile.

  • Mon 01st Nov 2010 Anna L & Lailie | Intimate Moments

    There is no messing around in this double intimate moment. It starts and the girls barely take a breath before making out. Hands soon wander rubbing the outside of each others pussies, then move to the boobs. They look so hot with their contrasting skin colours and this video is an enthralling masturbation scene between two hotties that are totally into each other.

    Featuring finger sucking, boobs rubbing up against each other, sexy talk and a pulsating, body arching, mouth open joint orgasm.

    There isn't anything better!

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