• Mon 13th Sep 2010 Naida & Zahra | Intimate Moments

    Naida & Zahra are two peas in a pod. Their chemistry is obvious as they undress one another. They talk through their bodies and sex before getting down to the nitty gritty.

    They sneak glances at one another as they masturbate with intensity and have gripping finals.

  • Mon 13th Sep 2010 Erin M | Solo

    Erin was so nervous to begin with, a little worried she would say the wrong thing or move the wrong way but man oh man... She is a complete natural! Sexy, hot, well spoken and so many interesting things say!

    If you've seen her stills you know all these things are care packaged in a totally rockin' body... Enough talking, more watching peeps!

  • Sun 12th Sep 2010 Jasmine | Intimate Moments

    Up to no good, no good at all! You'll be please to know she's left her bedroom door ajar for the action though and I'm convinced by the smile on her face that she knows we're watching...

    Jasmine swiftly and eagerly undresses for her second Intimate Moments shoot whipping out her mini vibe, graciously donated by our lovely member Sabrina, and slides it inside. Her legs tense and her body jars, filling her with satisfaction.

  • Sun 12th Sep 2010 Anais | Solo

    She's exotic, exudes energy, has a beautiful smile and can't spend enough time naked. Surrounded by brightly coloured fabric slung about her room and garbed in matching yellow panties and camisole, her dark chocolate skin could not be a more pleasant vision.

    Welcome back Anais!

  • Sun 12th Sep 2010 Erin M | Solo

    Well, even Miss Jacki described Erin has 'an incredible looking woman" after shooting her and I can't think of a more fitting way to put it myself. You may have caught her Intimate Moments shoot but now you'll get to explore all the angles of her body you weren't able to explore before.

    She has the most delectable round butt, curvy and toned all over. Her untamed, mane like hair is something spectacular and her neat pussy is covered with a mass of trimmed pubic hair.

  • Sat 11th Sep 2010 Hannah C | Intimate Moments

    Hannah is as we know, a bit of a whole package. Great personality, stunning body and a gorgeous face... Not to mention this gal knows how to please herself!

    Soft blankets rub against her skin as she rolls about, her flame red bra and panties looking superb against her creamy tones. She skims an interesting toy across her skin and around her nipples before horny fingers go to work on her clit. Before too long she flips onto her front and grinds her hand until the juices flow freely.

  • Fri 10th Sep 2010 Tayla | Solo

    Tayla loves the outdoors so what better way to see her than in her element! Relaxing in a hammock and enjoying some quiet time, she's cute as a button and ready to get into the groove of things for her second solo shoot.

    Nerves get the better of her when a cheeky neighbor pops his head over the fence so she then invites you inside to watch as she gets down to business.

  • Thu 09th Sep 2010 Jasmine & Patty | Girl-Girl

    Patty is a an articulate sex craving red hed. Her partner is the beautiful brunette Jasmine who matches Patty's sex drive and more in this electric girl girl video. The sex is messy and feverish as these chicks cannot control their passion.

    Jasmine loves giving head to Patty and she devours her full bush whole. But Jasmine gets her turn too, and these girls go round after round in this orgasm filled sex fest.

  • Thu 09th Sep 2010 Alma | Intimate Moments

    Alma has such a beautiful womanly body, large breasts, delicious big areola, soft and curvy in all the right places and then there is the matter of her awesome full bush that is simply to die for!

    Lolling in an office chair she hitches a leg up and opens her lips wide so she can watch as she rubs her clit, her finger deftly making small gentle circles around her rosy pink clit. Alma's climax is both restrained and intense, as she quivers throughout her body.

  • Wed 08th Sep 2010 Tayla | Solo

    Since we last saw her, super stunning cutey-pie, Tayla, seems to have grown a little more... Especially in the confidence stakes. And why wouldn't she?! After seeing the shots from her first solo I'm sure you all agree that every aspect of her is bangin'.

    This time around Tayla is captured simply in a sunny room, lit up perfectly from every angle... Her blonde hair, creamy skin and braces speak for themselves so click on through and enjoy!

  • Wed 08th Sep 2010 Jasmine & Patty | Girl-Girl

    A tender and passionate lovemaking session between flame haired patty and brunette beauty Jasmine! These girls kiss and caress, not missing a single inch of each other's bodies, working each other into a state of ecstasy.

    The delicious girl cum that coats Jasmine's fingers as she slides them in and out of Patty's petal pink pussy is a highlight not to be missed!

  • Tue 07th Sep 2010 Navah | Solo

    Slinking about the sofa like a kitty cat, Navah stretches, curls and puts her paws all over herself for her latest abbywinters.com video.

    Her movements are slow and licentious...

    She peels off her torn up denim skirt, playing with it as it slides down her legs. Then her shirt comes off and then her t-shirt... With each layer she sheds, the tension builds, drawing you ever closer to her perfect naked body.

  • Mon 06th Sep 2010 Laria & Laura P | Intimate Moments

    Ok... This is officially one of the hottest ones I've seen in awhile!

    It's tax time here in Australia and Laria, busy getting some tax work done, finds herself pleasantly distracted by Laura's lustful goading to do something other than work. Divided by a screen and unable to gaze upon each other's writhing bodies it's a video guided by sounds...

    Whispered words, wet pussies and then the rising intense sounds escaping their lips

  • Mon 06th Sep 2010 Sarah B | Solo

    Sarah and her mesmerising deep blue eyes make their debut on abbywinters.com in this fit solo video. Initially Sarah is shy and innocent. However we are soon introduced to her dirtier side. And its very naughty and raunchy.

    She gives us a detail tour of her petit and firm body complete with a natural bush.

  • Sun 05th Sep 2010 Anna L | Intimate Moments

    Anna is one hot lady and has a unique style for bringing on the rush of an orgasm. Watch as she gently rubs creamy lotion onto her skin, the soft caress of her hands sending tingles to her clit as she tenses and straightens her legs.

    You can almost feel the pulsating sensations rushing through her body as she holds a hand against her pussy and looses herself totally in the moment... Her face filled with the anguish of such immense pleasure.

  • Sun 05th Sep 2010 Navah | Solo

    If we were all lucky enough to come home to a gal like Navah lounging on the couch, the world would be filled with happy people. Sexy and boyish in a loose t-shirt, the body beneath is smooth, curvaceous and luscious.

    Her hair is as dark as the night sky falls and about her face in sharp lines, shrouding her eyes as she undresses and casts a confident stare upon you.

  • Sun 05th Sep 2010 Sarah B | Solo

    Sarah was very nervous for her first abbywinters.com solo shoot but this doll like beauty takes it slow and shakes off that reservedness to deliver yet another delicious shoot of an all natural Aussie babe.

    Her skin is golden and velvety, her hair wild and her big blue eyes are pools you could fall into... and you will... As she holds her gaze to the camera, she pulls her lips and cheeks wide apart, offering some of the best close up shots of delicious pink bits I've seen for awhile. Even sneaking a glimpse of her tampon buried deep inside her!

  • Sat 04th Sep 2010 Janee | Intimate Moments

    There's just something about masturbating in water, at least for women... The gentle caress as it laps around your body, like soft hands stroking the contours of your skin. Sometimes for your special "alone time" it's nice to imagine you're not in fact alone...

    Janee as always is a sexual dynamo! Animated and feeling the pleasures run rampant through every part of her body!

  • Fri 03rd Sep 2010 Mykala | Solo

    Dressed in a plaid, cotton shirt with the kind of buttons that just pop open... Mykala runs her hands over her breasts, grabbing and squeezing them through soft fabric.

    As the shirt pops open her blue lace bra becomes visible, cupping her small shapely breast until she pulls it around her waist to expose her tasty pink nipples. Then kneeling in barely there, white panties she twists and sways...

    Sensual and alluring...

  • Thu 02nd Sep 2010 Iveta & Lynley | Girl-Girl

    There's a tiger on the prowl and she's hunted Iveta down for dinner! Within the first 15 minutes of this little ditty there are two rip roaring orgasms!

    Lynley and Iveta are plain and simple all over each other, horny and full of lust for the tastes of each other's juicy bodies.

    HOT! Did I mention HOT!?

  • Thu 02nd Sep 2010 Rebecca T | Intimate Moments

    You met sultry Rebecca first for her solo shoot and now can get more up close and personal than ever before with her Intimate Moments debut.

    Her tie-dyed leggings cover quite a lot of flesh, keeping her warm on a winter's day until, thankfully, after some clit stimulating fun beneath them; they're peeled off to reveal her curvy thighs and butt. Rubbing hard and her clit and lips she brings about an orgasm that seems to last minutes!

    Just the way we like them!

  • Wed 01st Sep 2010 Mykala | Solo

    Mykala's back and she's baring more than ever before!

    An angelic beauty, she's framed by morning sunlight streaming in her windows in her latest solo, making those big blue eyes sparkle in a more captivating way than we've ever seen! As she undresses it's her filmy white panties that will next capture your attention, pulling them taught against the lips of her pussy... My oh my is it sexy!

  • Wed 01st Sep 2010 Iveta & Lynley | Girl-Girl

    Raunchy, vibrant, sexy, hot, crazy... This one has it all!

    Iveta and Lynley are a tasty contrast of shape and size, but one way or another everything fits together perfectly and they're immediately lost in an intense show of passion and fiery lust.

    Tongues, fingers, lips, body hair... Need I say more?

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