• Wed 11th Aug 2010 Kasey F | Solo

    Hot as anything you might've seen!

    Kasey has a fever inducing svelte body, long blonde hair and a cheeky glint in her eyes. She slips out of her tight shorts and cotton t-shirt, her hard nipples visible beneath her red crop top before that too comes off and she's left in only her lacey pink panties.

    These are promptly pulled to the side to let her luscious lips peek out but oh, there's much more to see! Take a peek yourself!

  • Wed 11th Aug 2010 Mei & Patty | Girl-Girl

    Sexy minx Mei is back and this time she's getting all fired up with buxom redhead, Patty.

    Bathed in natural light that streams into the sunroom and deliciously illuminates every curve, every velvety inch of skin and every hair on their perfect bodies, Patty and Mei kiss each other gently, probingly and desire more with each touch.

  • Tue 10th Aug 2010 Chere | Solo

    Chere's beauty is magnetic and her alluring, cat like eyes are crystal clear, and blue as the sky. They grab you and they don't let go.

    The subtle twists and rolls of her body as she moves elegantly about in front of lens are captivating. Chere is captivating full stop. Just gorgeous!

  • Tue 10th Aug 2010 Leiko | Solo

    Leiko is so much fun and just an all 'round delight. Her body is long and lean and is put to many a good use in this video.

    Seated on a picnic rug on a green, grassy hill she plays the ukulele, then runs up the hill and rolls down the hill and even demonstrates some yoga poses. She's so comfortable in her skin and is blissfully easy going.

    I know you're going to enjoy this one as much as I did!

  • Mon 09th Aug 2010 Alice G & Alicia K | Intimate Moments

    Oooo... This is a hot one that kind of sneaks up on you!

    It's a truly awesome view of both ladies, with Alice stretched out on the couch and Alicia close by spread out on the floor. With some talk of sex and things that make them the hot and juicy they strip down and it's go time! Alicia even suffers a hardware malfunction in the form of a faulty vibrator but these ladies don't let that hold them back.

    It's multi-orgasmic heaven as they listen to the sounds of each other coming!

  • Mon 09th Aug 2010 Jacey | Solo

    Jacey is young and sweet, though ever so clever and candid in her first ever solo shoot. Noticeably nervous but also excited by the experience, she prances around in her garden, which is the perfect setting to capture her gorgeous pixie like features and honey coloured hair.

    She is soft, gentle and sensual.

  • Sun 08th Aug 2010 Kate D | Intimate Moments

    She's a beautiful model and is bathed in beautiful golden light as she rubs herself into heavenly pleasure for her first shoot with abbywinters.com.

    She runs her hands across her body, feeling her supple tanned skin glide beneath them and thinking of a person who might be touching her the way she's touching herself. Listen to her get wet as she rubs at her pussy and a quivering orgasm takes hold.

  • Sun 08th Aug 2010 Leiko | Solo

    Her raven dark hair, creamy skin and piercing blue eyes are framed perfectly by spring green grass, in Leiko's second solo shoot.

    Beneath her girly cotton frock, her body is as nature intended from top to delightful bottom. And being shot in the great outdoors seems to capture the essence of who she is. Carefree, fun and naturally delicious!

  • Sun 08th Aug 2010 Jacey | Solo

    And now for another dose of abbywinters.com perfection with super cute new model, Jacey, spending an afternoon getting naked and jumping about in the trees.

    The dappled sunlight falls on her milky, untouched skin and lights her up like an angel as she smiles playfully, undressing and genuinely enjoying the experience of baring all for our cameras.

  • Sat 07th Aug 2010 Melodie | Solo

    Melodie bursts onto the scene at abbywinters.com with this buxom and racy opening. She has a body equip with big boobs that are bursting out of her sexy lingerie.

    Melodie likes sex and openly discusses it in detail in this arousing arrival. She likes "doggie style and slapping". Watch as she makes her bed and sensually teases and touches herself.

  • Sat 07th Aug 2010 Lailie | Intimate Moments

    Masturbation is an incredibly sensual and sexy, full body experience for Lailie. She takes time to explore her curves through her clothes, caressing and rubbing herself tenderly and exposing her delicious cocoa skin layer by layer.

    Her long, wild hair falls over her face and shoulders as she loses herself in a hot, wet orgasm.

  • Fri 06th Aug 2010 Kylie H | Solo

    Stunning brunette Kylie is back to knock your socks off once again! And knock your socks off she will! She's wild and impassioned by nature and this shines on through as she jumps into the shower fully clothed.

    Her wet cotton top clings against her skin, subtly displaying the petite curves and shapes of her body beneath. As her clothes come off, water falls gently over her, bouncing off her breasts and running between her smooth pink lips.

  • Fri 06th Aug 2010 Melodie | Solo

    Melodie has a commanding look. You'll be forgiven for getting lost in her mesmerising eyes. This seductive buxom beauty teases us with control and confidence. And why wouldn't she? Possessing sensationally sized boobs, that burst out of her sexy underwear in the show stopping debut.

    Melodie sings the tune of a true bombshell in this flaming image set.

  • Thu 05th Aug 2010 Iveta & Tamra | Girl-Girl

    Curled up on the sofa, sexy German Iveta shares some stories with Tamra about her travels all over the world, but Tamra soon takes the lead and grabs Iveta with a lustful twinkle in her eye, getting started on what blossoms into a tribber's heaven!

    These girls are really into each other and show it by kissing, licking and rubbing each other to body rocking climax!

  • Thu 05th Aug 2010 Riley | Intimate Moments

    Such fun, such fun!

    Riley is natural and full of life with a smile that truly lights up a room. Her skin is deliciously kissed by the sun and it covers a sleek, slender, toned figure. I don't want to give too much away but Riley is under strict instructions which order to take her clothes off for this vid and once she's naked it's going to blow your mind!

  • Wed 04th Aug 2010 Amanda K | Solo

    Hanging out in her bedroom, clad in a delightfully sheer floral, mesh nightie, Amanda decides to spend the day in and let you get to know her.

    Her elfin features are sensual and alluring. Pouty pink lips ripe for kisses, velvet smooth skin longing for hands to caress it and let me just say, the black mesh panties she's wearing are hot, hot, hot!

  • Wed 04th Aug 2010 Kylie H | Solo

    Going about her morning beauty routine as she prepares for the day, Kylie's hot reflection staring back at her in the bathroom mirror gets a bit much even for her!

    She takes off her glasses and slips into the shower, skimming hands across her body and playing with herself beneath the falling water.

  • Wed 04th Aug 2010 Iveta & Tamra | Girl-Girl

    Join Iveta as she gets down and dirty with Tamra in her first experience with another girl! You'd never guess it's her first time as she eagerly discovers the tasty contours of Tamra's body and then gently tongues her clit before wrapping her mouth over every delicious pink bit Tamra has on offer.

    She's just as eager to lay back and let Tamra go to work on her too!

  • Tue 03rd Aug 2010 Amanda K | Solo

    Perched on her window sill with soft light falling gently onto her creamy skin and sheer white curtains draping around her, Amanda's ethereal beauty is a divine sight.

    You'll be wishing you could softly kiss her full pouty lips and will certainly fall right into her big doe eyes.

  • Tue 03rd Aug 2010 Klaudia | Solo

    Klaudia is a stunning, young beauty with an exotic allure about her. Her manner is soft and sensual and in her latest solo for abbywinters.com she moves seductively around her bed, holding her gaze to the camera as she ravishes herself.

    She is naturally sexy and her curves are adorned with body art that few could wear so gracefully. All around goodness!

  • Mon 02nd Aug 2010 Blossom & Elizabeth S | Intimate Moments

    This video opens and instantly sends an excited shiver down your spine. Both these busty brunette's are already naked in the shower when we first set eyes upon them. They wash, stroke and fondle each others bodies in the beginning. Before lifting the temperature with some more erotic touching and experimental use of the shower head.

    They caress the other to heighten their masturbation as this double masturbation video heats up the room to max temperature causing the walls to fogs up too and we get a hazy view of the final climax, much like a glimpse into their own personal experience of their triumphant orgasms.

  • Mon 02nd Aug 2010 Laurien | Solo

    It's Laurien's first time on abbywinters.com. She begins with this erotic and arousing solo video. She has a sexy South African accent that makes her nervous innocent exterior even more seductive.

    She tells intimate stories of her sexual preferences and writhes around on her kitchen table touching and caressing her fit and wonderful body. Nice to meet you Laurien! The pleasure is all ours...

  • Sun 01st Aug 2010 Lavender | Intimate Moments

    Sexy redhead Lavender is what one might call a dark horse. She may seem young, sweet and innocent but she knows her way around her body and is more than happy for you to get to know it just as well.

    She glances seductively at the camera, as if you are right there with her, watching her slip out of dress and caress herself. She's understated but the orgasm she gives herself most definitely is not, its body jolting in every sense of those words!

  • Sun 01st Aug 2010 Klaudia | Solo

    She's a copper skinned Goddess with hair the colour of polished onyx and piercing blue eyes that are effortlessly disarming.

    The soft bends and contours of her body are perfect n proportion and shape... Pert breasts, tiny toned waist, shapely hips and an absolutely delicious covering of dark pubic hair downstairs.

    Enjoy Klaudia!

  • Sun 01st Aug 2010 Laurien | Solo

    Laurien is a fun girl who likes to play. But in her debut solo image set things get hot very quickly as Laurien's sexual presence soon becomes undeniable.

    She has an amazingly fit figure. Her bottom is divine and her long legs and smooth skin radiate in every image. She is also very flexible so be sure to look out for the pics showcasing the many provocative positions Laurien enjoys.

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