• Wed 14th Jul 2010 Alice G | Solo

    Alice returns in this stylish and erotic solo journey. She writhes around on her bed, slowly undressing; removing her sexy lingerie with control.

    Alice knows just how to turn herself on and all of this expert foreplay gets her in the mood for some more dirty touching, masturbating and coming.

  • Wed 14th Jul 2010 Jasmine & Mei | Girl-Girl

    They're young and just learning the ropes but dive into this passionate girl-on-girl sessions with all the experience of seasoned professionals.

    Mei is petite in every way, especially as Jasmine's finger squeeze inside her tight pussy and then its Jasmine's turn as she throws her head back to enjoy Mei's attentive, lustful licking.

  • Tue 13th Jul 2010 Nell | Solo

    A stunning blonde with adorable curly hair and silky smooth skin, Nell decides it's time to catch up on her beauty routine...

    Join her in the bathroom as she paints her nails a lovely shade of red and shaves her long slim legs... Gorgeous!

  • Mon 12th Jul 2010 Jenni & Zippora | Intimate Moments

    Relaxed and chatty to get each other started, Zippora confidently takes the leads and pulls her top over her head, with Jenni not too far behind.

    Both ladies have luscious manes of long, dark hair and firm perky breasts and spreading their legs open, they also share a similar style when it comes to the art of self-love.

  • Mon 12th Jul 2010 Melissa T | Solo

    An awesome introduction to an awesome individual! Melissa is well travelled, intelligent and apparently, never gets nervous or feels awkward. Regaling us with wild tales of her first week at university and her first time with a man, you'll agree she is far from nervous or awkward.

    We're fortunate that her charming, guileless persona is wrapped inside a deliciously hot bod too!

  • Sun 11th Jul 2010 Daphne | Intimate Moments

    Dressed in a fun basketball uniform, Daphne is long, lean and athletic. She's keen to get at her hot body and slips out of her shorts to reveal tiny, almost sheer, cotton panties that cling tastily to the lips they hide.

    She digs a hand down them, immediately rubbing at her clit as she fingers herself, the rising tide of her climax rushing toward her.

  • Sun 11th Jul 2010 Hannah C | Solo

    There's so much we could say about Hannah! She's such a beautiful person, inside and out and her latest solo of course is no let down.

    In the delightful early stages of pregnancy she's a heavenly site. Creamy skin, full rosy lips, ebony hair and full natural bush, Hannah encompasses all that is to be a woman.

  • Sun 11th Jul 2010 Melissa T | Solo

    New model Melissa is a happy go lucky, all Australian blonde. Her gorgeous lean figure is lightly dappled with freckles, her skin is silky smooth and her pink bits are barely visible beneath a delicious layer of thick, blonde pubic hair.

    Crawling around her couch in a tight denim skirt, enjoy the show as she exposes her most sexual side.

  • Sat 10th Jul 2010 Rebecca T | Solo

    This is one of the sultriest and most sensual shoots I've seen for awhile. Rebecca's gorgeous toned figure, smooth curvaceous butt and natural, sexy pout are a very enticing package indeed.

    She knows how to move and relishes the chance to tease you a little.

  • Sat 10th Jul 2010 Patricia B | Intimate Moments

    Patricia has the right idea about relaxing in bed... Get naked and have some fun with yourself!

    Taking her top off to free her large, pert breasts for a once over, she rolls onto her side and digs her fingers between the hairy lips of her pussy and rubs, rubs, rubs until a blissful orgasm sweeps over her.

  • Fri 09th Jul 2010 Rebecca T | Solo

    Sexy cropped hair, creamy pale skin and delicious plump lips are just a small part of what makes Rebecca so gorgeous.

    As sunlight falls gently across her body, kissing her hair with golden rays, her red dress slips off her shoulders and allows her small pert breasts to peek out from the low neckline.

  • Fri 09th Jul 2010 Laila | Solo

    Release the voyeur in you! All Australian cream personified, Laila, relishes in the scope the mirror gives to view herself, and let you view her, from front to back and everything else in between!

    Watch from across the room as she glides her hands gently across her body, tickling and pulling her nipples then rubbing her vibrator all over her beautiful pink lips.

  • Thu 08th Jul 2010 Hayley F & Patty | Girl-Girl

    Giggles galore get this video going as Hayley & Patty prepare themselves from some body rocking orgasms. Slow and sensual as they feel each other out ever so attentively, taking turns to get each other hot and sticky.

    Finding her way keenly through Patty's delicious natural pubic hair, Hayley savours the taste of Patty's salty juices with every lick, before it's time for a rattling climax or two of her own.

  • Thu 08th Jul 2010 Hayden | Intimate Moments

    Wandering inside after catching some rays in the hot summer sun, Hayden seats herself in front of a rather large mirror to thoroughly inspect all the good bits hidden beneath her bikini.

    She splits her legs, lubes up and goes for gold bringing on subtle climaxes that shiver through her body.

  • Wed 07th Jul 2010 Laila | Solo

    She's cute, sassy, has a dappling of adorable freckles across her face and best of all is available from every angle in her latest abbywinters.com shoot!

    Spread out on her floorboards with a mirror to catch her reflection you'll be wishing you could taste the lips of her perfect, neat pussy as she slides her vibrator gently inside.

  • Wed 07th Jul 2010 Erna | Solo

    Watch as fun German Erna impersonates Pippi Longstockings on a dare. She moves around on the sofa in a very short skirt, so you might catch a glimpse.

    She moves slowly and sensually, chats about her life, and strokes her thighs. She has loose clothing and pert breasts, so you can guess what might happen next!

  • Wed 07th Jul 2010 Hayley F & Patty | Girl-Girl

    Brace yourself people, this one is hot! A bit of gentle kissing kicks off some impassioned girl-on-girl action as Hayley & Patty lick, flick, suck and touch every young inch of each other's sublime bodies. They bury tongues, lips and mouths deep into one another's juicy, moist pussies with voracious enthusiasm!

    It's not to be missed!

  • Tue 06th Jul 2010 Erna | Solo

    Fresh faced Erna plays around in her colorful home-made tights, with an extremely short skirt (also home-made) this dread-locked and freckled beauty is extremely flexible.

    She shows her cheeky grin, playful demeanor and pert bum in this shoot.

  • Tue 06th Jul 2010 Harper | Solo

    It's an afternoon of rolling around and entertainment in bed as Harper tells you about the fun things she's been up to since we last saw her.

    Working as a personal trainer keeps her trim, taught and terrific... and flexible! She wiggles and bends all over the bed, physically detailing many interesting facts about the body.

  • New Model: Erna

    Mon 05th Jul 2010 New Model: Erna | News

    Fresh faced Erna plays around in her colorful home-made tights, with an extremely short skirt (also home-made) this dread-locked and freckled beauty is extremely flexible. She shows her cheeky grin, playful demeanor and pert bum in this shoot.

  • Mon 05th Jul 2010 Carly T & Giselle | Intimate Moments

    I don't want just milk and sugar with my tea, I want creamy, custard flavoured kisses and table shaking orgasms!

    Fortunately cutie Carly enjoys a brew the same way I do. She's quick to forgive my impatient, wandering hands and soon joins in, fingertips slipping down the waistband of her teeny green shorts. This dining room dalliance soon leads to intense climax leaving our cuppas cold and the atmosphere hot.

  • Mon 05th Jul 2010 Renata | Solo

    It's all about pushing boundaries for raven haired beauty Renata and she likes the feelings of confidence and empowerment that come from peeling off her everyday garb, to show off and show us, the delectable goodies hidden beneath.

    Her creamy pussy opens like a hot pink flower as she spreads her cinnamon coloured lips in her first abbywinters.com solo shoot.

  • Sun 04th Jul 2010 Renee R | Intimate Moments

    Renee is a stunning Aussie blonde, with a petite toned body that is going to knock your socks off! She strips off and literally lets her hair down to get going on herself. Pressing a hand hard against her all natural, delicious pink bits, she rocks back and forth slowly.

    Tensing her body she moves faster and faster as the moment of bliss comes steamy on.

  • Sun 04th Jul 2010 Harper | Solo

    Harper is back to treat you to more of her all Abby perfection and I'm sure everyone out there is glad to see her back! Fun, natural and animated she is always a delight to watch.

    I don't know about you but I can't get over those trusses on long locks and they way she flicks them around. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

  • Sun 04th Jul 2010 Renata | Solo

    An exotic, full lipped delight, new model Renata is enticing from head to toe. To say the least! Stunning dark eyes that draw you in and seem to say "come to me". Her long dark hair falls gently over her shoulders to frame her beautiful face and rests softly on her smooth cocoa skin.

    She's a tasty treat you just have to try!

  • Sat 03rd Jul 2010 Adelaide | Solo

    Her body belongs to a Goddess. Seriously! Every inch of her petite figure is toned and deliciously womanly, and who knew that making beds could be as much fun as messing them up!

    Join Adelaide as she tells you a bit about herself and her travels within Australia while she tidies her room and rolls around seductively on her bed.

  • Sat 03rd Jul 2010 Leiko | Intimate Moments

    Leiko's girly summer dress is promptly pulled down to expose puffy dark nipples that she touches softly and sets herself off on an orgasmic journey of no return.

    Soon her dress is over the hips and bunched up around her waist as she plunges a hand down eye catching pink knickers and rubs at her wet pussy hidden beneath a thick covering of dark pubic hair.

  • Fri 02nd Jul 2010 Janie | Solo

    There's something gentle and meek about Janie and it's captured beautifully here in her second solo shoot. She quietly slips out of her clothes, leaving her dress on but taking her knickers off revealing an ever so pleasing pert round butt and smooth hairless lips.

  • Fri 02nd Jul 2010 Adelaide | Solo

    Prepare to have your socks completely knocked off folks!

    This totally adorable Brit has one of the most unbelievable bodies you're likely to come across! New model Adelaide is curvy in all the right places, has smooth skin plump with youth and a face like a nymph. You are going to fall hard for this one!

  • Thu 01st Jul 2010 Mia H & Navah | Girl-Girl

    Mia and Navah are really, really hot on each other for this latest abbywinters.com girl-girl spectacular. And mark my word, it is spectacular!

    Mia was sooo eager to get her lips onto Navah's hairy pink bits, she spends most of this one giving pleasure and happily getting herself wet doing so. Don't you worry though, Mia gets her own as Navah gives as good as she gets!

  • Thu 01st Jul 2010 Meagan K | Intimate Moments

    Meagan is a gorgeous young brunette and so very Australian! Reclining on a beach chair under a tree, her hands run up and down her body, feeling her smooth pale skin as it skims beneath her hands. It's a perfect, unhindered view as she makes moan inducing circles around her clit...

    Watch as it swells in glorious delight!

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