• Fri 14th May 2010 Gypsy | Solo

    A floating oasis of purity and simple seduction, new model Gypsy has a sweetness you'll want to bath in...

    She draws you in as she unties and unwraps her silk dress, allowing a glimpse of a nipple first then a silhouette of her beautiful pubic mound... Enjoy!

  • Thu 13th May 2010 Jette & Navah | Girl-Girl

    It's a slow start but as soon as Navah points out she's not wearing a top, Jette's hands are irresistibly drawn to Navah's bare skin.

    A massage starts the juices flowing and as Jette plants sweet kisses, she travels slowly over tanned skin, tickling and touching, until their urges bubble to the surface and they kiss...

  • Thu 13th May 2010 Kasey F | Intimate Moments

    If you like natural, petite blonde girls with just a tiny streak of naughtiness, then you'll go weak at the knees when you see newcomer Kasey slide her fingers under her shorts for some lip-biting satisfaction.

    Throwing a blanket down on the floor, Kasey indulges herself in a fantastic display of self-pleasure.

  • Wed 12th May 2010 Calypso | Solo

    A little more chatty today than her very first shoot for abbywinters.com - young Calypso is relaxing outdoors, shimmying out of her little knickers and sliding her tight top off over her her head...

    Sweet, sincere and totally unspoiled, she's a cutie you just have to get to know!

  • Wed 12th May 2010 Jacque | Solo

    Wickedly cheeky, Jacque returns today for another saucy solo shoot - this time featuring a rather filling toy lovingly donated to our Dildo Drive by Frans!

    Watch as she rolls around on the sofa, slipping out of her bright cotton sun dress, playful and ready to explore her urges and desires...

  • Wed 12th May 2010 Jette & Navah | Girl-Girl

    A lazy Sunday morning turns a little steamy when Jette gives Navah that "I want you right now" kinda stare...

    Some sly giggles and knowing looks exchanged before lips lock and hands dive under pyjama pants... lots of delicious licking as both girls give oral, hungrily lapping up salty, sticky pussy juice...

  • Tue 11th May 2010 Calypso | Solo

    Outdoors today, our little exotic friend Calypso teases and seduces as she slowly undresses, revealing herself to you...

    Soft cocoa skin and pert round breasts, dark areola and a brilliant smile - you'll be swooning in no time at all.

    An Open Leg shoot, Calypso shows you a little but not too much of her womanly pinkness...

  • Mon 10th May 2010 Hannah C & Klaudia | Intimate Moments

    We never know what might happen when we leave the camera running... every so often one of these double masturbation videos hits the perfect pairing of electric chemistry and the girls passionately pleasure each other...with orgasmic results.

    One of the hottest Intimate Moments we've ever caught on film!

  • Mon 10th May 2010 Laria | Solo

    Calm and confident, new model Laria is 18 and just starting her uni studies in Architecture... She chats to staffer Patience about an eye opening foursome she had during O week before stripping off her tight tank top and sheer mesh panties!

    She gives her tasty breasts lots of sensual caressing before she gets really wild and shows you even more...

  • Sun 09th May 2010 Satine | Intimate Moments

    Strawberry blonde hair and a pure, untouched sweetness about her, new model Satine takes all the time she needs to show her body the love it deserves...

    Soft sighs and building pressure cause her heart to beat faster and her thighs to quiver... a delicious orgasm washes over Satine and leaves her spent.

  • Sun 09th May 2010 Meagan F | Solo

    The smoky seductress Meagan has plenty of pink to show you - and we're not just talking about her hot pink stockings and headband either!

    With a knowing smile and rousing body hair, this earthy salacious Aussie babe can make your crotch stand to attention on command.

  • Sun 09th May 2010 Laria | Solo

    Wow! You're going to melt when you unzip your custom file of freckle smattered new abby girl Laria!

    Fresh faced with perfect curves and a firm young body, this racy Aussie babe gets a little naughty when her knickers come off and her arse cheeks spread wide...

  • Sat 08th May 2010 Cathrin | Solo

    Bright, perky and naturally delicious new model Cathrin is waking up to a whole new world of experimentation and sexuality on abbywinters.com!

    This is her very first time nude for anyone and while a little nervous, the thrill of revealing her sexy side (is truly sexy) is just too much to pass up! Enjoy!

  • Sat 08th May 2010 Edie | Intimate Moments

    Ever wonder why girls take so long in the bathroom? After watching Edie get up to no good in her bathroom, you'll wish you could join her.

    Pressed up against the wall, Edie slips her top from her shoulders to reveal her stunning, generously sized breasts, then pulls off her pink undies for some seriously hot, sexy fun.

  • Fri 07th May 2010 Milena | Solo

    It's Milena's second video and she's decided to ramp it up a notch. This time, it's all about masturbation.

    Milena takes off her singlet and undies, then whips out her sleek purple vibrator for some quietly intense moments of climax.

  • Fri 07th May 2010 Cathrin | Solo

    A balcony with a beach view is nice, but what's even better is staying inside with a sexy French girl like Cathrin who loves giving you cheeky peeks under her short skirt.

    It's a bit cold outside, so it's a perfect excuse to get naked in the bedroom and have some hot fun.

  • Thu 06th May 2010 Jilly & Lynley | Girl-Girl

    Making love on the living room floor with deep kisses and wandering hands, Jilly & Lynley will leave a lasting impression!

    Firm young bodies that long to be held, caressed, licked and squeezed, these two yummy Aussie babes get busy with some orgasmic results!

  • Thu 06th May 2010 Kylie H | Intimate Moments

    There's nothing like a dark-haired Aussie babe exploring her juiciest parts on a Saturday afternoon.

    With her sexy thick-rimmed glasses and lacy underwear, Kylie is sure to get your imagination flowing.

  • Wed 05th May 2010 Dee Dee | Solo

    A fun loving Aussie babe with a vibrant love of life invites you into her home and explains fascinating new trends "YouTube Parties" and "Spoon Trains"... She loves karaoke and doesn't even care if she can't sing!

    I'm sure you'll be as enamoured with Dee Dee as I am, she's got a heart of gold.

  • Wed 05th May 2010 Milena | Solo

    Smiling coyly, Milena slides her hand into her white undies for some mischevious fun, which is even more fun when she knows someone is watching.

    Sprawled on the couch, Milena parts her legs, playing with her and teasing herself with her favourite vibrator.

  • Wed 05th May 2010 Jilly & Lynley | Girl-Girl

    Jilly's soulful intensity complements Lynley's energetic enthusiasm wonderfully as they connect in this steamy girlgirl session...

    Lynley looks up and her gaze connects with Jilly's, before her tongue enjoys another long lick from Jilly's pink wetness...

  • Tue 04th May 2010 Dee Dee | Solo

    Retro hottie Dee Dee shows off her wild side with a cheeky smile and a toss of her knickers!

    Slim and sexy with pert little breasts and a rather squeezable arse, she's chosen to keep her thick bush of hair down there too!

  • Tue 04th May 2010 Klaudia | Solo

    Brilliant icy blue eyes and a lilting sing-song voice are the first thing you'll notice about Klaudia...that is if you're not like me and trying to peek down her blouse!

    Get to know Klaudia as she talks about her life, her loves, her passions and what turns her on...all while getting naked and showing off her tasty body!

  • Mon 03rd May 2010 Everette & Meagan K | Intimate Moments

    A delicious view of all things juicy today as Everette and Meagan loose themselves in a thrusting, panting, back arching and thigh shaking orgasmic experience! Enjoy!

  • Mon 03rd May 2010 Jaclyn | Solo

    Embracing this chance to express her naughty side, new model Jaclyn lets her hands roam over her body, squeezing and caressing her breasts, loosing herself in the moment... When the heavens open up and liberally sprinkle Jaclyn with sweet warm rain she lays down to experience a verry wet garden orgasm!

  • Sun 02nd May 2010 Jacey | Intimate Moments

    Slim Aussie cutie Jacey in enjoying some quality alone time, exploring her body and its urges as she becomes a woman...

    Smooth soft skin and long brown hair, petite breasts and quick fingers.. I hope you enjoy this little treat from Jacey!

  • Sun 02nd May 2010 Klaudia | Solo

    Delicious curves and a certain refined grace about her, returning model Klaudia gets racier than ever in her latest solo shoot!

    Dark smouldering eyes, glossy black hair and smooth caramel skin all waiting for you to devour... I just love the elegant line her body makes when she points her toes in picture 163...

  • Sun 02nd May 2010 Jaclyn | Solo

    Jaclyn is the quintessential abby girl - wholesome, fresh faced and happy to enjoy life to the fullest - including exploring her sexy side!

    Out in the garden she's breathing in fresh Spring air and getting nude, letting her desires guide her hands as they delve further south, finding their destination buried deep in her juicy pussy...

  • Sat 01st May 2010 Ela | Solo

    Songbird and all round artist Ela is chatting to Lotti today about her life and her loves, overcoming stage nerves and the real passions that drive her.

    Amongst all that she slips out of her clothes, revelling in the freedom of her nakedness and you'll notice her hands can't stop wandering over her soft skin... YUM!

  • Sat 01st May 2010 Constance | Intimate Moments

    Cute, slim little blondie Constance is alone and relaxing. She's concentrating on herself and the fantasies that get her in the mode to show her body the love it deserves...

    Just like all our girls, she's undirected and bringing herself to a natural orgasm just the way she likes it!

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