• Thu 12th Nov 2009 Annabelle Lee & Jette | Girl-Girl

    With Annabelle and Jette you just know this is going to be an awesomely sizzling pairing!

    Sure, it begins with chess, but it warms up with some kissing and nipple sucking and really gets going with some orgasms. That's right, I said body-shuddering!

  • Thu 12th Nov 2009 Tamra | Intimate Moments

    Tamra's in the mood for some back-arching, thigh-quivering personal intimacy...

    Her hands slide over her squeezable breasts and under her dress in search of some full-flavoured fun...

  • Wed 11th Nov 2009 Claire T | Solo

    The cheeky, girl-next-door Claire gives you a fantastic display of her dancing skills, gleefully shedding a garment of clothing after every dance.

    Claire pauses only to tell you some sexy stories before showing off some stretches she can do nude...of course!

  • Wed 11th Nov 2009 Melissa R | Solo

    Melissa is back from New Zealand to treat you to another tasty viewing of her creamy, smooth skin and sexy girlie bits hidden beneath those teasing blue tights and denim shorts. Mmm mmm!

  • Wed 11th Nov 2009 Annabelle Lee & Jette | Girl-Girl

    It's a risque game of "strip chess" and Annabelle is definitely the loser...

    ...Or winner, depending on how you look at it, since Jette is soon all over her, tearing off singlets and passionately kissing before this feisty pair take turns diving tongues between legs for some seriously intense sexual gratification.

  • Tue 10th Nov 2009 Claire T | Solo

    Claire is in a playful, teasing mood today. And this might be just the perfect time to get a peek at her round, perfect breasts and pink undies - and what might lie beneath!

  • Tue 10th Nov 2009 Caitlyn J | Solo

    Returning model Caitlyn invites you into her bathroom for a chat about her favourite past-time in the bath: masturbating!

    Shrugging off her bath robe, Caitlyn teases with hardening nipples and squeezes her cute bum before slipping out of her lacy underwear for a bit of show and tell! Enjoy!

  • Mon 09th Nov 2009 Mia H & Petria | Intimate Moments

    Mia is chilling out on the couch with Petria; topless of course!

    This is important when comparing breasts and discussing porn preferences, followed by getting straight into what they crave the most - delicious no-holds-barred masturbation!

  • Mon 09th Nov 2009 Emilie | Solo

    We caught this delicious Parisian babe out by the lake and with her bubbly personality she was eager to have a chat with us...

    ...of course, one thing led to another and soon she was teasing us with her lacy black bra and lifting up her skirt.... Then, when there was no one else around, Emilie shed her clothes to show us her gorgeous body. Yum!

  • Sun 08th Nov 2009 Alice Y | Intimate Moments

    Alice might look innocent and well-behaved, but underneath simmers a raw, empowered sexuality just waiting to titillate and take control.

    You're going to enjoy watching her squirm, quiver and gasp. This is one fire you won't want to extinguish!

  • Sun 08th Nov 2009 Caitlyn J | Solo

    The exquisitely elvin Caitlyn slip-slides out of her bath robe and into something more comfortable - her birthday suit!

    Exposing her perfectly shaped and appetising nipples, Caitlyn then pulls her panties to one side to give you a peek at her neat tuft of pubic hair and her pink portal to heaven...

  • Sun 08th Nov 2009 Emilie | Solo

    Emilie looks irresistibly tempting as she lies on the rocks by the picturesque lake. And the lake isn't the only thing that's picturesque either! Wait until you see this young lady's rousing, resplendent figure...

  • Sat 07th Nov 2009 Rebekah | Solo

    The angelic and amorous Rebekah takes a short break from sunning herself outside to tell us about how she enjoys jelly wrestling in bikinis to "Eye of the Tiger" (who doesn't, right?). Then she takes off her shorts to show off her cute undies ... and much, much more!

  • Sat 07th Nov 2009 Khristine | Intimate Moments

    Khristine is feeling more than a little bit frisky today, and with wandering fingers like hers, it isn't long before she peeks under her singlet and cheekily slips a nipple from her pink bra for a bit of a play...

    It isn't long before her underwear is on the floor and her fingers deep inside herself... Now that's what I call a happy ending!

  • Fri 06th Nov 2009 Silvie | Solo

    Covered in fairy lights and writhing around on wooden floorboards, Silvie looks absolutely yummy. She might be covered in lights but that doesn't stop her slipping out of her clothes to get a little bit naughty...

    If naughty is what floats your boat, be sure to check out Silvie's other shoots here, here and here.

  • Fri 06th Nov 2009 Rebekah | Solo

    With her aquamarine eyes and whimsical smile, there's no doubting Rebekah will melt hearts and harden loins.

    Lively and frolicsome, she sheds her summer clothes to give us an even better taste of her divine, natural hotness! Excuse me while I pick up my jaw...

  • Thu 05th Nov 2009 Kara D & Katherine F | Girl-Girl

    Kara and Katherine whisper in hushed giggles as they stroke and poke each other under the covers! An intense build up just has to be released, they simply cannot contain themselves!

    Meanwhile...Jette sleeps blissfully unaware through the lovers' romp while oral licking, deep fingering and multiple orgasms surround her...

  • Thu 05th Nov 2009 Chahna | Intimate Moments

    Seductive temptress Chahna spreads out on her couch, squeezing her bountiful fun-bags and sliding her fingers between parted thighs to stroke some truly lip-smackingly bushy folds. This intimate moment is both exciting and satisfying!

  • Wed 04th Nov 2009 Felicity C | Solo

    Flick loves abbywinters.com home town, Melbourne! She's a bright young spark with her life before her - she's full of optimism, potential and is fuelled by a zest for life...

    Her sense of her sexuality is just opening up and as she takes these first few steps you'll get to be a part of her experience...

  • Wed 04th Nov 2009 Silvie | Solo

    Silvie is feeling a little bit festive - and it seems a little bit cheeky too... You'll never think of fairy lights the same way again after watching the teasing, playful Silvie entangle her spicy body in a whole bunch of lights for your viewing pleasure!

  • Wed 04th Nov 2009 Kara D & Katherine F | Girl-Girl

    It's sneaky time today as Kara and Katherine enjoy some passionate spooning and sticky-fingered exploring while trying not to wake up Jette!

    With all three of them in the bed it's a challenge I'm not sure they won, but I'm not convinced they're unsatisfied either... A cheeky girl girl sex moment!

  • Tue 03rd Nov 2009 Felicity C | Solo

    A vibrant red head with more than a little to show you, new model Felicity is a red hot firecracker! Long creamy-skinned legs and oodles of cuteness, she's a great mix of sweet and saucy!

    Lots of thick pubic hair she shows off with pride in several revealing poses... My favourite is pic #73 - but I'm sure you'll find your on favourites!

  • Tue 03rd Nov 2009 Joannie | Solo

    Caught up in the drama of a good book, Joannie feels the need to get naked as she follows the passions of her favourite characters. But once naked, she gets some yummy ideas and pulls out her camera to take a few naked happy snaps.

    A cute little nude only video that follows Joannie around her room. (Squeaky Bed alert)

  • Mon 02nd Nov 2009 Alma & Hannah C | Intimate Moments

    Peek into their lives as the most intimate first-time stories are revealed. Hannah and Alma are totally natural and at ease around each other, their shared stories make their bond stronger and when their first kiss comes, it comes with passion and free of any awkward fumblings.

    A incredibly erotic girlgirl moment where these to share something special...

  • Mon 02nd Nov 2009 Mandy B | Solo

    Beach babe Mandy is taking her first step in the abbywinters.com pool... Her soft skin has a healthy outdoors glow and I must say, her breasts look mighty fine in a bikini top!

    A little shy, Mandy chooses to let her curves speak for her as she quietly undresses and rubs a little lotion into all the right places...

  • Sun 01st Nov 2009 Lauren B | Intimate Moments

    A wonderfully expressive masturbation video today from Lauren. She loses herself very quickly to the waves of pleasure coursing through her body...

    ...her back arches and her knees shake as her fingers work their magic on her erect nipples and juicy, needy young pussy. Spoil yourself!

  • Sun 01st Nov 2009 Joannie | Solo

    Black lace cupping her lickable white skin, Joannie is back today to take you on a wild ride! She tugs at the edges of her jumper, revealing her yummy bra and the creamy moons of her breasts before peeling down her denim jeans and bending over the edge of the bed. One incredibly hot position...and she knows she looks tasty!

    Also available in Extra Large image size!

  • Sun 01st Nov 2009 Mandy B | Solo

    Platinum blonde and super petite, tiny new model Mandy is someone you can take care of.

    Her soft skin is young and firm, she budding breasts waiting for a tender caress while her arse wiggles playfully, suggesting something more is on her mind. Enjoy!

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