• Mon 30th Nov 2009 Hannah C & Navah | Intimate Moments

    Two amazingly sexy abby girls come together in this mesmerizingly raunchy display of sizzling seduction, heated excitement and greedy satisfaction...

    Watch this and you'll be dreaming about these girls for days!

  • Mon 30th Nov 2009 Florence | Solo

    Florence is young, limber and very sporty. Starting with her sexy glasses, she casually removes her clothes to unveil a superbly tanned, curvaceous body and amazing natural boobs.

  • Sun 29th Nov 2009 Joanna M | Intimate Moments

    Sucking her fingers and rubbing sensually between spread legs, Joanna spoils you with a view of what builds into an explosively sexy crescendo of raw passion and ecstasy...

  • Sun 29th Nov 2009 Iveta & Katia | Girl-Girl

    Special update! This is an extra girlgirl shoot this week! Enjoy!

    Iveta & Katia are just smitten for each other, and it certainly shows as their escalating appetites give way into squeezing firm breasts, tongues exploring moist depths and a rare treat: an all-natural redhead, upstairs and downstairs!

  • Sun 29th Nov 2009 Catrinia | Solo

    Ocean blue eyes and silky, dark tresses of hair, Catrinia will enchant and seduce...

    Wriggling out of her denim shorts and polka-dotted corset, Catrinia shows off her exquisitely pink nipples and her equally exquisite long, shapely legs...

  • Sun 29th Nov 2009 Florence | Solo

    Newbie Florence is an absolute abbywinters.com indulgence, take it from me!

    You'll find her by the windowsill, reading a book and minding her own business -at least until she releases her abundant breasts, one by one, from her cotton singlet... Guilt free pleasure...ah!

  • Sat 28th Nov 2009 Iveta & Katia | Girl-Girl

    Bonus time! We thought you might like an additional girlgirl shoot this week so I've hand selected this tasty treat:

    The all-natural redhead Katia is wearing her favourite pink underwear and is just itching to get her lustful hands on Iveta's magnificently juicy breasts and her tongue on Iveta's rapidly hardening nipples. Hello ladies!

  • Sat 28th Nov 2009 Zita | Intimate Moments

    With flowing, golden locks and smooth, milky skin, Zita is passionate and stimulating - both for her and you! This is one natural, rousing orgasm that will get your loins stirring!

  • Fri 27th Nov 2009 Hayley F | Solo

    Hot little Hayley shares a few spicy stories before giving us a teasing, sensual strip that reveals every amazing inch of her ripe, natural young body.

    This will surely blow you away... Or make you blow... Let's say both! Enjoy!

  • Fri 27th Nov 2009 Stefanie | Solo

    If there's one word I could use to describe newcomer Stefanie, it would without a doubt be "cheeky". This mischievous, carefree lass is one I'll sure be keeping an eye on...

  • Thu 26th Nov 2009 Sleepover Girls | Solo

    The recipe for a sexy sleepover is as follows: champagne, yummy food, even more yummy girls, kissing, immersed passion, tongues over glistening hardened nipples, uninhibited touching, exploring...

    ... oh, and a surprise guest!

  • Thu 26th Nov 2009 Keilyn | Intimate Moments

    abbywinters.com favourite, Keilyn, returns for another sizzling orgasm that is just bursting of natural, abby goodness.... and they just keep getting better!

    If you haven't already, check out Keilyn's other intimate moments here and here.

  • Wed 25th Nov 2009 Hayley F | Solo

    ... ... Sorry guys, I know this is where I'm supposed to tell you all about Hayley, but I'm speechless!

    And you will be too once you feast your eyes on this exceptionally stunning Aussie babe. Words simply can't describe her sexiness! (Although her first Solo certainly could!)

  • Wed 25th Nov 2009 Sleepover Girls | Solo

    Pyjamas and champagne are a winning combo, especially here at abbywinters.com!

    The heat is on full blast as these Sleepover Girls start to get playful - and naughty!

  • Tue 24th Nov 2009 Allison | Solo

    A peaches and cream complexion and that wide-eyed crystal blue stare will have you mesmerised in no time!

    Allison has a shapely figure with creamy thighs and curves to lick and she treats you to almost 20 minutes of bliss as she slowly undresses, letting you peek up her skirt before taking it all off! Don't miss this gorgeous returning model...

  • Mon 23rd Nov 2009 Caitlyn J & Charlotte E | Intimate Moments

    Caitlyn shows Charlotte her shell collection, then Charlotte shows Caitlyn her lovely natural breasts - seems like a fair trade eh?

    Maybe it's the beach or maybe it's just the mood, but either way these young girls are horny and eager to satisfy themselves. Enjoy!

  • Mon 23rd Nov 2009 Nadja | Solo

    She comes across as shy but I think Nadja is actually quietly confident.

    She loves to draw, has a very strong sense of her style and a gentle grace that's incredibly endearing. Luminous skin and legs that need stroking, get to know her as she undresses just for you. Enjoy!

  • Sun 22nd Nov 2009 Manuela | Intimate Moments

    When no one is looking, Manuela sneaks into the garage to secretly pleasure herself...

    With one hand over her juicy, chocolate-drop breasts and another sinking deep between lickable thighs, Manuela is without a doubt what sexy tastes like!

  • Sun 22nd Nov 2009 Allison | Solo

    Rosy cheeks that bloom with her shy first blush and flaxen blonde hair that falls in sexy wisps around her face, yummy Allison is back again for a second shoot!

    Showing off more angles of her deliciously natural full figure, her round arse and glowing skin! Some cheeky poses that tease but always entertain!

  • Sun 22nd Nov 2009 Nadja | Solo

    A retro beauty with a taste for the bold, new model Nadja has a treat in store for those who love nylons and all things clingy!

    Her mustard tights get pulled this way and that as her fingers explore the warm, tight crevices on the other side of the waist band... A yummy, exotic solo from a model you will see a lot more of soon!

  • Sat 21st Nov 2009 Col | Solo

    You've drooled over her yummy pictures, now get to know her a little more intimately as Col undresses and lets you peek at her in the shower...

    Rubbing and squeezing, pressing and grabbing at her firm young skin, Col lets the clear warm water wash over her body, flowing into every curve and crevice... Yum!

  • Sat 21st Nov 2009 Mia H | Intimate Moments

    Mia's a stunning young woman who likes to be completely naked before indulging in some intimate self pleasure...

    She feels her pussy in a variety of positions, enjoying finger-licking stimulation on her tummy so you get a nice view of her wiggling arse...

  • Fri 20th Nov 2009 Felicity M | Solo

    A cutie with an empowered sexuality, Felicity loves to entertain, she loves the feeling of being wanted, desired and lusted after. She wiggles her body to her own tune and she's in charge the whole way!

    There's nothing she'd like more than have you stuck to a chair while she slowly danced away her clothes...

  • Fri 20th Nov 2009 Col | Solo

    Col's a rad Aussie chick with a sunny attitude and one heck of a gorgeous body!

    Wearing sky-blue cotton hot pants, her arse cheeks are shown off to perfection! Little moons of creamy firmness peeking out, just waiting for a light pat or a yummy squeeze... why don't you check them out right now?

  • Thu 19th Nov 2009 Caitlin K & Carly T | Girl-Girl

    Tender tentative kisses and awkward first gropes over and under their shirts before they relax into this sensual, sexy session of lust and love.

    Caitlin and Carly enjoy unwrapping, unclipping and unzipping each other as their hands know all the best places to touch and the best buttons to rub...

  • Thu 19th Nov 2009 Vanda | Intimate Moments

    Vanda's alone with her desires, her hands roam over her body, one quickly unbuttoning and releasing her breasts, the other urgently rubbing at her clit.

    The skirt comes off and the undies are pushed aside so she can longingly and luxuriously push her fingers deep inside herself... delicious...

  • Wed 18th Nov 2009 Lisa T | Solo

    Her large blue eyes light up and her smile brightens a room but that's nothing compared to the spotlights of her perky, perfectly shaped, utterly lickable and suggestively squeezable breasts!

    ...and just wait 'til she invites you under the covers with her! Yowzas!

  • Wed 18th Nov 2009 Felicity M | Solo

    A large, round, ripe arse to squeeze and the cheeky attitude to egg you on, returning model Felicity will drive you insane!

    She loves pushing her arse out to you, letting you see fine curves of her pussy lips and the way the crotch of her knickers gets slightly tucked in her folds - can you image what she must smell like...?

  • Wed 18th Nov 2009 Caitlin K & Carly T | Girl-Girl

    Sigh~ If you're like me, you've probably waited a long time to see Caitlin shed her inhibitions and lick up some juicy girl cum - ever since Book Shop Girls we've all lusted after her athletic frame and her brilliant white smile...

    Today's the lucky day everyone! And Carly T has the purrfect pussy for Caitlin's first girlgirl introduction!

  • Tue 17th Nov 2009 Lisa T | Solo

    Lisa is white hot today as she ramps up the raunch on everything you thought a girl-next-door should be!

    164 images of pure whipped naughtiness that feature lots of every kind of view you like, bum, legs, tummy, natural pussy and pert young breasts she just loves to show off! Tasty!

  • Tue 17th Nov 2009 Cate | Solo

    Cate's a cutie with loads to offer! Her delicate features and soft manner will stay with you long after you've enjoyed her video. Get to know her a bit better in more ways than one as she bounces around showing off her unique, fragile beauty...

  • A taste of Viola

    Tue 17th Nov 2009 A taste of Viola | News

    This was Viola's second solo for AW, but her first appearance on POTD! She is a nerd's delight and very individual (and is one of Giselle's many peeps) ! Enjoy.

  • Mon 16th Nov 2009 Klaudia & Susie | Intimate Moments

    Two horny inked up minx's reveal their love of flirting and fantasising as they talk each other through the first nervous stages of a Double Masturbation video.

    Klaudia needs some stimulation and Susie willingly obliges as she lets her partner drink in the sight of her incredibly erotic orgasm... A really wonderful video, not to be missed!

  • Sun 15th Nov 2009 Sylvanna | Intimate Moments

    Alone with just her thoughts, you'll get a birds'eye view of Sylvanna's wandering hands...

    She releases her large natural breasts from their cotton confines and enjoys the erotic build of pressure and suspense before allowing her fingers to delve into the sticky heat of her pussy...

  • Sun 15th Nov 2009 Cate | Solo

    Angelic and pure, Cate is a rare beauty. Her fine porcelain skin is powdery soft and her large green eyes hauntingly beautiful. Topped off with a graceful smile and you'll want to spend all of eternity in her warm embrace. Don't miss a stunner - spoil yourself with a little touch of Cate today!

    Also available in Extra Large image size!

  • Sun 15th Nov 2009 Aimee R | Solo

    Sultry, sexy, and super feisty with those bedroom eyes, new model Aimee teases mercilessly as she wiggles her hips and plays with the frill of her panties - hinting at so much more. Alas, she's a shy flirt and this set remains a classy nude only shoot.

    A photos only shoot of this cute young Aussie...enjoy!

  • Sat 14th Nov 2009 Kelly G | Solo

    Kelly likes nothing more than to get out of her comfort zone - and her dress!

    She tells you a little bit about herself, but as we here at abbywinters.com know, the only thing better than telling is showing! And show you she does. Most deliciously! Enjoy!

  • Sat 14th Nov 2009 LeeLee | Intimate Moments

    Gorgeous LeeLee is a sweet treat in today's sugary delight. Her tight young body is revealed as she unwraps herself and inches her hand down in between her legs...

    Soft and subtle, her breathy gasps and soft sighs get gradually louder and more urgent until she explodes with a little shudder that ripples through her... Enjoy!

  • Fri 13th Nov 2009 Melissa R | Solo

    With a coy smile, Melissa lifts her t-shirt to reveal her bare skin, then, in her sexy accent, talks you through her very first playful and rousing strip tease...

    If you're like me and can't get enough of Melissa, check out her solos here and here.

  • Fri 13th Nov 2009 Kelly G | Solo

    It's Kelly's very first shoot here at abbywinters.com and she is just dying to show off her cute yellow party dress.

    The buttons come undone nice and easily, revealing a seductively saucy red bra hidden beneath. Kelly's skin is soft and radiant as she slips from her dress to bear her sexiness just for you...

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