• Thu 15th Oct 2009 Jette & Mia H | Girl-Girl

    Feverish fingering is a great description for the wet coupling in today's girlgirl shoot.

    Mia and Jette enjoy many deep, passion-soaked kisses while their hands grapple with the lolly shop of yummy things to touch, feel and press... Raw. Natural. Unscripted. abbywinters.com

  • Thu 15th Oct 2009 Milena | Intimate Moments

    Girls know how to pleasure themselves, most likely she's been doing it since her early teens - now's your chance to peek in on her special, private time... the time she doesn't share with anyone but herself...

    There's no acting or pouting, no fake moans or over-the-top shaking. There's just Milena, enjoying the waves of pleasure coursing through her body...

  • Wed 14th Oct 2009 Kate C | Solo

    The cutest little lisp is incredibly endearing, and it fits new model Kate purrfectly!

    As this is her very first shoot she's understandably a little nervous but as videographer Patience relaxes her with car talk, she loosens up about all the naughty things she gets up to - before getting NAKED of course!

  • Wed 14th Oct 2009 Harper | Solo

    Heaven just unwrapped herself...Harper's lush springy tendrils of chestnut hair frame her smiling face and fall about her shoulders - perfect nipple tickling length!

    Funtastically cheeky and sensually sultry at the same time, she'll have you entertained for hours as you melt in her big blue gaze...

  • Wed 14th Oct 2009 Jette & Mia H | Girl-Girl

    Bath time like no other! Forum darling Jette is a sight too irresistible for Mia, who can barely contain her bubbling desire...

    She leans in for a sensual kiss and before long the girls' hands are feverishly roaming each other's soft mounds and firm assets... A very 'moist' girlgirl moment not to be missed...

  • Tue 13th Oct 2009 Kate C | Solo

    Some wonderfully textural close ups in today's richly coloured photo set...

    Platinum blonde Kate peels off her skin tight pants (btw: she's not wearing any undies!) and slowly removes her lemon lace bra to reveal a shapely, incredibly sexy, firm young body... A lovely nude-only treat, enjoy!

  • Tue 13th Oct 2009 Alena | Solo

    Thank God for Brazil! And all the cute tanga cut undies they've brought to the world...including the blue pair that clings tightly to Alena's incredible arse!

    A returning model, Alena is bright and chatty, letting you follow her around the kitchen doing very ordinary things, talking about her extraordinary first time experiences and getting naked to show off her fantabulous body! Enjoy!

  • Mon 12th Oct 2009 Joannie & Petria | Intimate Moments

    We've all waited a really long time to see Petria's lovely long fingers delve deeply somewhere sticky - today's the day folks!

    Joannie & Petria get naked together, spread their legs nice and wide before starting to rub... their soft gasps and delicate quivers are mesmerising, their orgasms boner-inducing!

  • Mon 12th Oct 2009 Klaudia | Solo

    Fine boned, super petite Klaudia is nervous for her first time nude in front of the abbywinters.com cameras, but as she unties her shorts and gradually massages her breasts out of their far too restrictive bra cups she relaxes, letting the feeling of empowered sexuality take her over. Reow!

  • Sun 11th Oct 2009 Roxy | Intimate Moments

    Curled up in her comfy armchair, Roxy lifts her dress to juice up her heavenly folds...

    What starts as a slow, steady rub soon escalates into a furiously wet body-shuddering climax that will leave you in awe of the elusive female orgasm...

  • Sun 11th Oct 2009 Alena | Solo

    A lazy Sunday afternoon spent with the eternally sunny Alena who incidentally isn't wearing very much under her grey sweater? Hell yes!

    Long, tanned legs disappearing under the warm fleece and her cheeky, flirting smile begging you to play with her, now I won't blame you if you can't resist... Spoil yourself with a little Alena today!

  • Sun 11th Oct 2009 Klaudia | Solo

    Available in clear, crisp, scintillatingly sexual Extra Large size, Klaudia's photo set is rousing in the extreme!

    She's an inked up minx with glossy raven hair, startling eyes and a way of moving her body that is distinctly 'pin-up'-esque. A total stunner with an inner power and a sexual hunger that need some satisfying...

  • Sat 10th Oct 2009 Caitlin T | Solo

    A typical Aussie girl who's discovered her raunchier side, Caitlin has lots to say about her life, loves and naughty weekend pleasures...

    Her tiny body is wonderfully shaped, her budding breasts sit high and firm while her arse cheeks look great with that pink cotton g-string (they look even better without it...)

  • Sat 10th Oct 2009 Courtney C | Intimate Moments

    Come-hither Courtney wastes no time getting naked and giving you the purrfect view of her yummy pussy...

    With one hand squeezing her ripe young breasts and the other furiously working her pink bits. Don't forget to stand clear ladies and gentlemen, this here lady is a 100% genuine squirter!

  • Fri 09th Oct 2009 Djion | Solo

    New model Djion undresses for you silently and seductively, sparing only the briefest of moments to shoot you a cheeky grin... Just to show she's up to no good!

    I can guarantee that your attention to this creamy-skinned minx will be riveted on her incredibly squeezable perky breasts and golden brown legs as she stretches out cat-like on her bed...

  • Fri 09th Oct 2009 Caitlin T | Solo

    A tasty treat today and icy blonde Caitlin gets a little rude and nude today! Her pale skin and subtle curves are captured purrfectly in a yummy photoset which features quite a few full standing nude shots!

    A pert arse and a willingness to wiggle said arse to the camera are all you need to ensure a fantastic afternoon with Caitlin!

  • Thu 08th Oct 2009 Annabelle Lee & Kara D | Girl-Girl

    What happens when you throw two feisty, super horny girls into the sack together?

    A finger-licking, juicy, explosive experience that will no doubt blow your mind ... and likely your pants too!

  • Thu 08th Oct 2009 Julia M | Intimate Moments

    Gorgeous, exotic and with all the right curves in all the right places, Julia is a sight to behold!

    Watch her massage her breasts, tummy, and thighs before focusing on her clit and slowly but surely bringing herself to a satisfyingly breathless orgasm...

  • Wed 07th Oct 2009 Irena | Solo

    Irena is deliciously mischievous, full of energy and has a rather tasty body that will make your jaw drop and cause your drool to puddle on the floor!

    She shares with you her girl-on-girl adventures in Australia before showing off her hot new nipple ring...

  • Wed 07th Oct 2009 Djion | Solo

    Djion, with her glittering eyes and adorable smile, is absolutely scrumptious! I don't know about you but I just want to eat her all up!

    Djion returns for her comeback solo and is right at home today, relaxed and rousing as she poses in her bedroom...

    Check out her debut solo here!

  • Wed 07th Oct 2009 Annabelle Lee & Kara D | Girl-Girl

    Kara braids Annabelle's hair, but her hands start to go south for the winter in search of some moist bushland...

    This pairing is smoking hot, with heaps of spread leg action and close-ups of ecstasy to keep you lying awake at night. Oh, and don't forget to breathe.

  • Tue 06th Oct 2009 Irena | Solo

    Playfully rolling around on the floor, Irena's gaze drifts to her legs, her panties peeking out from under her colourful dress.

    This is one new abbywinters.com model you simply can't miss!

  • Tue 06th Oct 2009 Shelley | Solo

    Cultured, smart, sexy Shelley - with her dazzling blue eyes and gorgeous long legs - reveals to us some of her more adventurous experiences in the land down under, then peels off her black bra and denim shorts for a bit of a play...

    And while you're at it, you'd be silly not to see Shelley's first solo!

  • Mon 05th Oct 2009 Hayley F & Katarina | Intimate Moments

    Hayley and Katarina catch up for some girlie gossip, then get right down to business... The business of nipple-sucking and digits in pussies of course!

    These girls are tender, focused - on themselves and each other - and above all, downright sexy...

  • Mon 05th Oct 2009 Meagan F | Solo

    Gorgeous new model Meagan is a naturally delicious girl-next-door. She looks cute as a button with rosy blushed cheeks and a room brightening smile, something she uses quite a lot as she describes all the naughty things she's gotten up to! Make sure you don't miss this yummy Aussie!

  • Sun 04th Oct 2009 Caitlin K | Intimate Moments

    Bronzed beauty Caitlin wakes from her afternoon nap and is feeling more than a little frisky... Which is of course, just the way she likes it!

    She builds her needs slowly from delicious, stimulating touches to some excited raw fingering... Real Aussie masturbation at its best!

  • Sun 04th Oct 2009 Shelley | Solo

    Bright eyed, blonde babe Shelley gives you a sneak peak of her yummy nipples today! Then it's all clothes off for this forbidden, desirous young lady!

    She cups her generously sized breasts and wriggles around on her bed with some rather suggestive gazes and bucket load of salacious yearnings ... just waiting for you to join her!

  • Sun 04th Oct 2009 Meagan F | Solo

    A girlie head band and lemon tank top that barely conceals two rapidly hardening nipples, delightful new model Meagan has juicy cuteness down to a tee.

    Her fine thatch of bushy pubic hair is natural and unclipped, creeping gently down the crease of her thigh and then up to curl around her rosebud anus...

  • Sat 03rd Oct 2009 Carly T & Rebekah | Solo

    It's a giggling, wiggling, jiggling feast for the eyes and loins today as Carly and Rebekah bounce around and have a laugh in this super different GirlGirl 'Fun' shoot!

    Moody lighting in AW photographer Jackie's home studio + no bras + creative camera angles = a lively, entertaining shoot you'll love!

  • Sat 03rd Oct 2009 Navah | Solo

    Taking a break from Uni, new model Navah talks about growing up as a young lesbian and losing her virginity to her first girlfriend before experimenting with guys.

    There's quite a bit of talking in this one until halfway into the vid but then her top comes off and the rest is history! Let's just say her breasts get all the attention they deserve...

  • Sat 03rd Oct 2009 Joanie | Intimate Moments

    'Delicate foraging' is how I'd describe Joanie's yummy little rubbings... Her special time alone today lets her enjoy some tasty pleasures in a completely private, unhurried location.

    Her fingers move in increasingly urgent circles over her clit until juicy waves of pleasure course through her quivering and sighing body...

  • Fri 02nd Oct 2009 Tamra | Solo

    Ever wondered about her first kiss? How she first experimented with her girlfriends? Tamra is 19, perky, full of life and happy giggles.

    In this video she stumbles through all the awkward experiences, explaining how it felt physically and emotionally, all the while getting more naked so you have something to admire as you listen to her stories...

  • Fri 02nd Oct 2009 Navah | Solo

    Navah has oodles of spunky attitude and boy does she show it in todays incredibly hot new photo set!

    Set against a basically white wall, her skin glows with sexy vitality and as she slowly peels down the zipper on her hoodie and lets you peek in at her budding breasts...you'll certainly know what I mean! Extra Large also available!

  • Thu 01st Oct 2009 Carly T & Rebekah | Solo

    A riveting new girlgirl 'Fun' shoot - Carly and Rebekah get together for a sultry and sophisticated fashion shoot with a twist - they're naked of course! Something a little different and I'm sure you'll like the added variety... Enjoy!

    Extra Large set also available!

  • Thu 01st Oct 2009 Kaitlin | Intimate Moments

    A slow and steady build up today as brunette goddess Kaitlin indulges in some guilt-free self pleasure...

    She shows her body the love it deserves with firm sweeping caresses and moist fingertips. Her hands slide down her body into the waistband of her knickers and then the toe-curling excitement begins!

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