• Mon 13th Jul 2009 Alice Y & Julia M | Intimate Moments

    We never know what's going to happen when we leave two girls alone to wank. There might be nervous giggles and shy glances, there might be downright sex! These two have a ball as they happily chat about almost anything before getting more and more horny. Their desires take over and soon they're both squirming in bliss and panting with pleasure...don't miss it!

  • Mon 13th Jul 2009 Kellie K | Solo

    Using a delicious dildo donated by Yusa, (thanks Yusa!) Kellie goes wild with a juicy afternoon! Her creamy legs parted and the tip of her beautiful glass toy just about to push inside her, her voice gets higher and her breathing quickens. She's great at giving direction and she shows you lots of different positions...yummy!

  • Sun 12th Jul 2009 Monika | Intimate Moments

    Monika's slender tanned body quivers the closer she gets to her climax, her hand nestled deep between her legs. Her eyes closed and her little moans of pleasure will fill your ears and light a fire in your loins. Check out her other amazing shoots including the multi-girl Life Drawing Girls!

  • Sun 12th Jul 2009 Joannie | Solo

    A blonde hottie shot with purrfect abby style quality! Joannie is going nuts on the forum so chat to her right now - you can tell he how much you admire her cute freckle-smattered button nose, or the way her breasts are almost falling out of her dress in this HOT new photo shoot! Go on! Let her know, make her blush...I dare you!

  • Sun 12th Jul 2009 Kellie K | Solo

    Long legs and a quirky, oh-so-cheeky smile, Kellie is a babe with a wickedly naughty side! Her tee shirt ends up on the floor and her knickers slide down over her yummy, creamy-skinned arse cheeks! With a beautiful dildo donated by Yusa, she has a fun with deep penetration. You too can donate by reading this page!

  • Sat 11th Jul 2009 Ann K | Solo

    Ann loves World of Warcraft - a massive multi-player game with warlocks, demons and good times. She a geek and she knows it, smart, slightly awkward but natural and unashamed of her wonderful body and how she likes to use it. She's frank and honest about her desires, and as she undresses, she reveals all of herself to you...

  • Sat 11th Jul 2009 Hayley F | Intimate Moments

    Twenty three minutes of pure, creamy pleasure as Hayley's fingers succumb to her pussy's desires. Her whole body undulates as her breathing quickens, her cheeks flush that first wonderful rosy blush and her eyes close in concentrated bliss. Her orgasm flows through her body, her back arches and her moans are incredibly erotic...Don't miss!

  • Fri 10th Jul 2009 Kacey | Solo

    An avid Twilight fan, Kacey's second solo here for abbywinters.com explores her desires for a lusty nibble or a romantic tryst. She chats about all the things she looks for in a man and gives juicy details on her private girl girl fantasies as well. She slowly undresses in this video and enjoys running her hands over her soft bare skin...Yum!

  • Fri 10th Jul 2009 Ann K | Solo

    A petite waist curving down into soft, rounded buttocks and the most creamy, pure white skin on earth, Ann's untouched raw beauty will melt your heart. Her long mane of dark blonde hair matches the fine curls covering her moist pussy and her large natural breasts would be divine to rest your head on...

  • Thu 09th Jul 2009 Blaire & Sylvanna | Girl-Girl

    Blaire and Sylvanna are in desperate need of some alone time! They can hardly keep their hands off each other so they don't even try! Launching into passionate, wet kisses and slow, spine-tingling caresses, they lick, suck and fuck their way into a blissful orgasmic release...Enjoy!

  • Thu 09th Jul 2009 Zasha | Intimate Moments

    Everyone's favourite chocolate beauty Zasha is back again today for a blistering example of the way she likes to masturbate! Showing you all the right moves, the right way to caress her and the right way to gently flick your fingertips across the tip of her clitoris. Make her moan. Let her show you...

  • Wed 08th Jul 2009 Blaire & Sylvanna | Girl-Girl

    Raunchy, empowered and looking to get sticky! Blaire is in for a tasty treat as new model Syvanna teases and caresses her body, pushing all the right buttons to cause a rosy blush across Blaire's gasping chest. A steamy, sexy, totally unrestrained girlgirl explosion from the team at abbywinters.com!

  • Wed 08th Jul 2009 Delia | Solo

    Delia's a babe with glossy brown hair and legs to die for. She's on her own and letting you get to know her better as the camera explores every inch of her delectable young body. Firm breasts and a smooth arse that looks good enough to squeeze, make sure you don't miss this tasty treat!

  • Wed 08th Jul 2009 Kacey | Solo

    Blonde, blue-eyed and an absolute stunner, Kacey has that cute abby girl-next-door look you've been looking for! Don't let her endearing off-centre smile and angelic face fool you- she's in touch with her sexuality and knows exactly how she likes to be pleasured! A wonderfully explicit shoot I know you're going to love!

  • Tue 07th Jul 2009 Delia | Solo

    Today's new model Delia is always smiling! Her adorably cute, heart-shaped face smiles up at you and will surely cause your heart to melt and form a puddle on the floor...her lithe young body twists and wriggles out of her clothes and her soft skin looks buttery to touch as she lays in the grass...

  • Tue 07th Jul 2009 Alena | Solo

    They're full, creamy globes that jut out with a perfect ski-jump slope from her sun-browned chest. Alena's breasts are naturally delicious and I'm going to keep raving about them because they're huge, and swing with a pleasant fullness that I can't help imagining cushioning either side of my head...mmm, titties!

  • Mon 06th Jul 2009 Aisling & Aleit | Intimate Moments

    What's a better way to enjoy an afternoon when you're home with great company and feeling a little randy? Get naked and have a double masturbation session of course! Aisling and Aleit are alone together, slowly undressing and indulging in some incredibly yummy, real, natural and totally legit orgasms! Don't miss it!

  • Mon 06th Jul 2009 Jodie S | Solo

    A talkative, lively model with loads to say about her life, her loves and the way she likes to be touched, Jodie is a typical Aussie babe. She's well adjusted, confident in herself and her body and today she's getting naked and revealing herself to you. Make sure you enjoy this tasty treat, Jodie!

  • Sun 05th Jul 2009 Emily K | Intimate Moments

    Sexy and subtle, every woman's orgasm is different. Some are a choo'choo train to bliss aka Chloe, and some, like the divine cutie Emily, are soft but incredibly powerful - a rosy blush growing rapidly and spreading through her body. Make sure you don't miss this sensual masturbation moment...

  • Sun 05th Jul 2009 Alena | Solo

    Sandy blonde hair you know would smell amazing and would send you into a spin if she were to tickle it down your naked body... Alena is your new favourite dream girl! Bright turquoise eyes and rosebud lips that curl into a cute smile, her solo today reveals her naturally delicious, firm young body...Don't miss!

  • Sun 05th Jul 2009 Jodie S | Solo

    Jodie's cheeky smile and boner-inducing breasts will keep you occupied for hours I'm sure but it's her eyes that really get me. Her eyes are a deep, watery blue and the way she lets you know every dirty thought and every naughty desire with just a twinkle of her eye is a truly creamy! Enjoy!

  • Sat 04th Jul 2009 Elizabeth H | Solo

    A cutie with tanned, firm young butt cheeks, Elizabeth is on her own today, ready to share herself and her magnificent body with you. She's expressive, flirty and just a little on the mischievous side. You're going to love this hot brunette and her perky, puffy nipples! Spoil yourself with a bite of Elizabeth today!

  • Sat 04th Jul 2009 Katarina | Intimate Moments

    Body shaking, totally satisfying and utterly exhausting self pleasure where your fingers get sticky and your hands cramp up from the pressure. This is the kind of deliciously real female masturbation abbywinters.com aims to capture. Katarina's fingers get really deep and gooey today as she collapses in a happy glow...

  • Fri 03rd Jul 2009 Kylie T | Solo

    Kylie's natural, bubbly personality comes through wonderfully in this solo video from abbywinters.com staffer and former model Patience. Get to know Kylie as she introduces herself, slowly undresses and chats about her life, her loves and her plans while getting deliciously naked with you!

  • Fri 03rd Jul 2009 Elizabeth H | Solo

    A cute little wood elf with shapely legs and a drool worthy arse! Elizabeth is out in the mossy green of Victoria's bushland and lucky for us she's getting naked to reveal her own full, dark curly bush! Her long limbs stretch out in graceful lines and her sexy little smile will put a spring in your step!

  • Thu 02nd Jul 2009 Katherine F & Susie | Girl-Girl

    Two randy girls with passion simmering hotly just below the surface... Katherine and Susie flirt like crazy before it all boils over and one pounces on the other! Passion-filled real kisses, desperate grasping and urgent fondling ensue before a spill of natural orgasms leaves them gasping... Enjoy!

  • Thu 02nd Jul 2009 Chloe B | Intimate Moments

    A wanking session that will have you falling out of your chair today as my friend, the ever lovable, big busted Chloe takes a cute spill in the name of afternoon fun! Her signature choo-choo orgasms abound, her sighs and slow but steady build up are riveting and her afterglow is pure, unadulterated bliss!

  • Wed 01st Jul 2009 Katherine F & Susie | Girl-Girl

    Alabaster skin and raven hair. These two sexually charged babes are getting down and dirty with some incredible lesbian sex that will surely steam up your screen! There's passionate, deep, wet kisses, lots of grinding and sticky pussies as they rub up against all the right places...Spoil yourself!

  • Wed 01st Jul 2009 Clara | Solo

    A fun little video that teases and taunts to the very end with loads of personality and entertaining stories from the life of this cute Aussie model! Clara has a fun time explaining her adventures and she'll keep you on the edge of your seat until you're almost begging her to get her tits out! Enjoy this tasty treat!

  • Wed 01st Jul 2009 Kylie T | Solo

    Kylie's second time nude in front of the abbywinters.com cameras and she's on fire today! This curvy young lady has a cheeky start to her photo set, with lots of quirky smiles and sexy, playful little hip wiggles. But as soon and she slips out of her knickers and spreads her legs wide, her sultry, smoky side is revealed...Yum!

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