• Wed 13th May 2009 Blaire & Chahna | Girl-Girl

    It's Chahna's first plunge into all-girl creamy passion today as Blaire slips her fingers smoothly down Chahna's pants. A delicious mix of standing sex with their large natural breasts pressed up firmly against each other and sex on the floor, their legs spread and each taking turns lapping pussy nectar...

  • Wed 13th May 2009 Pappy | Solo

    Pappy just loves her alone time. She loves it because when she's alone, all her toys come out to play! In her very first video for abbywinters.com, Pappy's got videographer Patience to play with, and entertain as she wiggles out of her shorties and runs off into the bush! Oh no! Runaway models...Go have some fun with Pappy today!

  • Wed 13th May 2009 Luanna | Solo

    Large, bee-stung lips and crystal blue eyes will knock your socks off as Luanna makes another splash into the abbywinters.com pool. This natural redhead has oodles of sass and smarts and as she wriggles out of her panties and shucks her loose grey top, she gives her breasts a tasty squeeze and plunges two fingers into moist pink pussy...

  • Tue 12th May 2009 Pappy | Solo

    Hauntingly beautiful with sexy freckles and a wispy fringe to hide her brown eyes behind, Pappy's very first leap into nude modelling is a whole lot of naturally whipped fun! Her pale, milky skin glows against the lush green background and the drawn out reveal will keep you on the edge of your seat!

  • Tue 12th May 2009 Silvie | Solo

    You've seen her in the throes of passion with Carly, Kiki and Kara, but now get to explore her body on your own as Silvie reveals herself to you! Smooth, tanned young skin and a thick mane of silky Asian hair, this Aussie babe is a cutie you'll not want to miss! Indulge in a little creamy whipped goodness today!

  • Mon 11th May 2009 Jette & Mia H | Intimate Moments

    Flame-haired Jette has made many a splash already into the abbywinters.com scene but today she's dabbling in the world of steamy duo masturbation! Skin touching skin, limbs rubbing, Jette and Mia rub and wriggle until their sighs and moans hit fever pitch -pushing each other over a bliss-filled edge! It's creamy fun!

  • Mon 11th May 2009 Mirial | Solo

    In a sunny backyard, on a lazy day, a classy young lady will reveal herself to you. Mirial's a sweetie with innocent wide eyes and a beautifully spoken manner, but as she slowly undresses she betrays her strong sense of wild sexuality and barely contained desires... Why don't you indulge in a little taste of Mirial today?

  • Sun 10th May 2009 Evette | Intimate Moments

    With a hand surreptitiously edging its way towards her throbbing pussy, naturally gorgeous, blue-eyed Evette can feel her desire mounting...she's completely alone and as her eyes close in dreamy bliss, her fingertips trace delicate little circles and she shows you exactly which button to push to make her cum!

  • Sun 10th May 2009 Silvie | Solo

    It's a bum lovers' feast for the eyes today as Silvie's newest solo photo shoot displays her best "asset"... She's alone, rolling amongst the crisp folds of her bed sheets and her pert round arse wavers teasingly in front of the lens. You'll have to pick your jaw up off the floor after viewing this tasty treat!

  • Sun 10th May 2009 Mirial | Solo

    Bright eyed, with a warm, welcoming smile, Mirial is the quintessential abby girl. Her athletic frame is toned and shapely, and the shy, almost awkward way she slowly undresses for you is incredibly erotic. Ski-jump breasts and soft brown nipples pointing to the sky are things I love best about today's new model Mirial!

  • Sat 09th May 2009 Catrinia | Solo

    Catrinia's a stunner with piercing green eyes and a goal of one day soon, getting her body flexible enough to stretch her legs behind her ears! Sounds like my kinda lady! She's bright, spunky, funny and has a great sense of her sexuality but still maintains the legendary Aussie down-to-earth nature! Indulge in some Catrinia today!

  • Sat 09th May 2009 Blaire | Intimate Moments

    Blaire is blonde, creamy skinned, and has her legs spread wide for an intimate display of the way she likes to do it best! Her curvy purple friend joins her for a really buzzing good time and her knickers don't stay on for too long after that! Her breasts enjoy much loving attention and her passion-filled moans are a delight to the ears!

  • Fri 08th May 2009 Kristal | Solo

    The pink pleasures of a girls bedroom are emphasised today as long legged blonde babe Kristal invites you into bed with her. Her slender fingers caress her body as she wiggles out of her clothes, revealing smooth young breasts and shapely hips. Don't miss this wonderfully creamy indulgence! Click here now!

  • Fri 08th May 2009 Catrinia | Solo

    Catrinia's green eyes sparkle with mischief and her hips wiggle with a sexy sway. Her long, thick dark hair falls in tendrils about her shoulders and her cheeky grin will melt you as she ever-so-slowly slides her hands down over her belly to sneak into her panties. Her very first time naked for you and she's a natural!

  • Thu 07th May 2009 Kara D & Zasha | Girl-Girl

    Alone on a Sunday afternoon, these two cuddle, spoon and rub up against each other until the warm feel of skin-on-skin drives them towards more suggestive positions... Kara straddles Zasha, her hands working in firm circles, massaging and rubbing our dark skinned beauty, bringing moans of pleasure only equalled by her naturally delicious orgasms!

  • Thu 07th May 2009 Chahna | Intimate Moments

    Chahna's been posting up a storm of the forums lately, she's smart, funny, super approachable and loves meeting new people! So head over to her thread today and chat to her about a delicious new intimate moment video featuring a stunning brunette with large almond eyes and large, natural breasts...Tasty!

  • Wed 06th May 2009 Kara D & Zasha | Girl-Girl

    In a beautiful room sit two beautiful girls and what lies between them is unspoken desire. The little details that let your lover know how keen you are are all present here - eye contact, lingering fingers, a caress that turns ever so seductively into a squeeze before you plunge head first into orgasmic sex!

  • Wed 06th May 2009 Julia M | Solo

    In today's video you'll follow behind Julia as she scampers to a secluded mossy hideout and shares with you her hopes, dreams, desires and most intimate pleasures! She's a fun loving girl with a wicked smile and she's so easily aroused by touch that by the end of the day she wanted to go much further than we'd let her!

  • Wed 06th May 2009 Kristal | Solo

    Kristal returns to abbywinters.com with a dreamy new 'do! Her slender, elegant neck is now revealed, sprinkled with fine blonde hairs and her soft skin is more touchable than ever! She's in a silk playsuit today and as she slowly slips out of it, and rolls down her nylon pantyhose, her thick bush of tamed pubic hair is finally released!

  • Tue 05th May 2009 Julia M | Solo

    This startling beauty with strong cheekbones and sparkly eyes makes her debut today at abbywinters.com! It's her first solo and she embraces nature in this stunning, moss covered landscape. Her arse looks incredibly tasty in her denim cut-off shorts - but not nearly as yummy as it looks out of them! Indulge in a little Julia today!

  • Tue 05th May 2009 Carla | Solo

    Carla's elfish chin juts out proudly and her girly grin shows off her fun loving personality! For her solo video today she's outside in her autumn coloured backyard- she's having the time of her life AND she's getting naked! She tells you what she's been up to since you last met, then settles back to treat you to some blistering sexuality!

  • Mon 04th May 2009 Anabela & Lauren B | Intimate Moments

    For a cute couple like Anabela and Lauren the opportunity to express their sexuality so openly online was not to be passed up! Their healthy attitudes to sex and their eagerness to show each other how they like to pleasure themselves makes this steamy masturbation video one you simply must not miss!

  • Mon 04th May 2009 Angela B | Solo

    Angela's reclining in the window seat of her bedroom today, it's a safe place she likes to hang out and relax...even have wank there! After introducing herself she tells you all about what's happening in her life, while at the same time she undresses with agonising slowness, finally spreading her thighs for a creamy display!

  • Sun 03rd May 2009 Courtney C | Intimate Moments

    Pouty-lipped brunette babe Courtney said she enjoyed her first solo shoot so much she decided to come back for more! Today she's all alone, her fingers itching to get down her pants, and her head rolling back in bliss as her fingertips reach their moist little goal. Why don't you indulge in a little bit of Courtney today?!

  • Sun 03rd May 2009 Carla | Solo

    Hazel eyes and a smattering of freckles across her nose, Carla's back to enjoy her fifth solo for abbywinters.com! On a warm autumn afternoon she bends and twists to shyly coax herself out of her yellow sundress. Her wild I-just-got-out-of-bed hair flops into her eyes but it can't hide her killer smile!

  • Sun 03rd May 2009 Angela B | Solo

    An exotic angel with a beautiful, round baby face, Angela's first time in front of the camera will surely win you over! Her rich dark hair and million dollar smile suit her curvaceous body and her large nipples spring to attention as she whips off her thin cotton tunic. Don't miss this naturally delicious Aussie babe!

  • Sat 02nd May 2009 Aisling | Solo

    With a flirty flick of her blonde hair and an oh-so-casual glance, Aisling will make you fall off your chair when she reveals her fit young body to you. Her long legs reach up to meet supple thighs and her tan lines are the kind you've always dreamt of - always wondered what's beneath her swim suit...

  • Sat 02nd May 2009 Jette | Intimate Moments

    This May, Jette's second nut-roasting orgasm session is coming your way! Her violet hair softly brushes her face as her body shakes with desire. Creamy skin is revealed when her dress disappears and her low soft moans get louder and faster until she blows with a shudder and a gasp! Real orgasms here at abbywinters.com!

  • Fri 01st May 2009 Aisling | Solo

    Available as an extra large set, Aisling's solo today has some deliciously vibrant photos of this blonde bombshell! She's outside, in the lush greenery and she's quick to reveal her firm young body. Her wicked smile is flashed whenever she's thinking something cheeky (which is pretty often it seems) and her eyes sparkle! Don't miss this smokin' babe!

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