• Sat 11th Apr 2009 Kaitlin | Intimate Moments

    If you haven't seen Kaitlin's incredibly erotic dalliance with Renee you're missing out! That encounter was a blistering moment of subtle breathing changes, slight body quivers and earthy yelps of pleasure released. This time Kaitlin's all alone to show us how she likes to masturbate - naturally!

  • Fri 10th Apr 2009 Leisl | Solo

    Rich, warm sunlight bathed new model Leisl's shoulders in an angel-like halo as she reclined amongst the tropical ferns. Her slender, shapely body showing off the very best of feminine curves. As she slowly undresses, peeling away her top, her shorts, her panties - she reveals herself completely to you...

  • Thu 09th Apr 2009 Kara D & Silvie | Girl-Girl

    Apart from the smokin' hot girlgirl main feature, the backstage videos are always a pleasure to watch. They let you get even closer to the girls so you can be right there with them as they try on different outfits, joke around and flirt before their big shoot. Check out Silvie and Kara right now!

  • Thu 09th Apr 2009 Daria | Solo

    Stella abby girl Daria is her usual bubbly self today in another yummy solo video! She's whipped to perfection with smooth, tanned young skin, breasts that are round and sit high up on her totally kissable body and a cheeky sense of humour that'll make you weak at the knees for sure! Talk to her here!

  • Thu 09th Apr 2009 Joanie | Intimate Moments

    Joanie's silky dark hair is tucked neatly behind her ears as she relaxes back into the comforting folds of her sofa. As she relaxes, releasing all her pent up desires, a heat starts to build in the soft, moist darkness between her legs. Her eyes close and she loses awareness as her quick fingers bring her to a body shaking orgasm! Enjoy!

  • Wed 08th Apr 2009 Kara D & Silvie | Girl-Girl

    Every flick of Kara's tongue sends Silvie's head rolling back, her mouth open in that impassioned "O" as she gently thrusts her moist pussy tighter onto Kara's face. This passionate girlgirl moment involves two horny young girls, licking, fingering, loads of deep kisses and a nice variety of positions for you to try at home!

  • Wed 08th Apr 2009 Mercedes | Solo

    Mercedes' long flowing hair and fine features are simply mesmerizing as she shyly undresses for you today. Her long slim legs and firm, young thighs are milky pale and totally kissable. If you really love this girl as much as I do - tell the world by posting a comment here on her model's thread...

  • Wed 08th Apr 2009 Daria | Solo

    Daria's been posting up a storm on the forums (so you should go talk to her stat!), now her shoot goes live today! Yippee! A super slick photo set- what's not to love about reading glasses and playsuits....especially a playsuit that's hiding firm, tanned, 100% Aussie breasts!?

  • Tue 07th Apr 2009 Mercedes | Solo

    High, arching eyebrows, clear blue, knowing eyes and a thick mane of chestnut hair is more than enough to make Mercedes your new favourite abby girl! Her very first time nude for someone else, she plays peek a boo with you from behind a lush green curtain of vine. But she eventually gives up her tender young body...revealing all!

  • Tue 07th Apr 2009 Carly T | Solo

    Sublimely slender Carly is all alone today, playing with her puppies in the backyard so why don't you get to know her a bit more and check out this super hot new video! Her top is off pretty quickly, braless breasts perky in the breeze, the shorts are next but she'll tease you with her panties sliding down ever so slowly...

  • Mon 06th Apr 2009 Courtney C & Vicky T | Intimate Moments

    We never really know what will happen when we leave two girls alone to masturbate, there might be giggling, there might be kissing and there be downright sex! Courtney and Vicky seem a little awkward at first, which is perfectly natural, but as their fingers get to work they end with blissful orgasms, their legs akimbo, hot, sweaty, and content! Enjoy!

  • Mon 06th Apr 2009 Maria S | Solo

    Maria is into all kinds of self expression art and today she's chatting to abbywinters.com videographer Patience. While she's chatting and being her gorgeous, bubbly self she gradually gets a little more naked, shows a little more skin. And what delicious skin it is! Soft, creamy, almost luminous and in need of a tender touch...

  • Sun 05th Apr 2009 Julia M | Intimate Moments

    You've seen this raven haired hottie getting naked and working up a sweat in Step Aerobics Girls - but not before she made a splash in Tyre Tube Girls! Now spend some intimate alone time together as she peels off her hot pink push up bra and dives her hands deep between her thighs for a truly orgasmic time!

  • Sun 05th Apr 2009 Carly T | Solo

    In this wonderfully explicit photo set, super slender Aussie babe Carly teases and entices by showing off her suggestively flexible body. Tendrils of fine brown hair occasionally flop over her eyes, her cheeky, beckoning smile lets you know she's probably thinking the same thing as you...Spoil yourself with a little piece of Carly!

  • Sun 05th Apr 2009 Maria S | Solo

    Deep violet-red curls, large round hazel eyes and a smattering of freckles all over her face - new model Maria will knock your socks off! Her freckles lead down her chest to two creamy globes and two very small, hard pink nipples that look like they'd enjoy a little squeeze... Talk to her right now!

  • Sat 04th Apr 2009 Joanna M | Solo

    There are some great shots of Joanna's nipples slowly hardening from their warm puffiness as she gently flicks a finger across the tip...sigh - divine! This is her first ever video and she's a confident, bubbly young girl. Open and frank, she tells me all about her life and the way she likes to do it - naturally!

  • Sat 04th Apr 2009 Larissa M | Intimate Moments

    Wearing nothing by tights, the nylon seam pressing deliciously into her clit, Larissa indulges her body in the blissful sensations of orgasm in the best way she knows how. She sits upright, uses two hands to gently but urgently get the juices flowing and spreads her legs wide so you've got the purrfect view!

  • Fri 03rd Apr 2009 Joanna M | Solo

    With a killer smile and perfect body, this fresh faced teen is just becoming a woman and she wanted to share this special, personal time with you! Pale blue and cream matching cotton bra and panties are playfully revealed as she slips daintily out of her tank top and slides her jeans down around her ankles...Enjoy!

  • Thu 02nd Apr 2009 Life Drawing Girls | Solo

    Light and airy but with a heavy sense of concentration, the Life Drawing Girls focus hard for their art. These videos follow the silky curves and warm hollows of six firm young bodies as take a Life Drawing class in charcoal. Check out some of the other naturally delicious girlgirl shoots here!

  • Thu 02nd Apr 2009 Zasha | Solo

    Gorgeous Zasha gets naked in a local shopfront today, and if passersby had looked in they'd have noticed her slowly slip her sun dress up over her head - revealing the fine hairs on her toned belly and full breasts. As she chats about her ultimate fantasies, her arousal gets the better of her and she slips a hand down to her creamy depths...

  • Thu 02nd Apr 2009 Shelia | Intimate Moments

    When you're home alone, there's no one around and you suddenly get that warm prickling urge between your legs - it's purrfectly natural that you spend the entire afternoon pleasuring that urge! Shelia does just that - at the dining room table! But just like Amy or Kara and Gemma, food wasn't the first thing on her mind...

  • Wed 01st Apr 2009 Life Drawing Girls | Solo

    Five gorgeous girls, concentrating hard, one even biting her lip as she tries to capture Anneke's perfect curves the way she sees them. The Life Drawing Girls are natural beauties with firm young bodies that are slowly revealed with every agonizing pop of a shirt button...these six babes will have you lusting in no time at all!

  • Wed 01st Apr 2009 Angelika | Solo

    Angelika's incredibly long legs, supple thighs and delicate little hip bones are teasingly revealed as this happy, healthy young babe slowly undresses. Her full round arse cheeks look good enough to eat as the two crescent moons peek out from under her boy-leg, cherry covered panties... Yummy!

  • Wed 01st Apr 2009 Zasha | Solo

    Displaying her typical sass and sensuality, Zasha returns for a third sexy solo today. Wriggling and twisting her lithe body as she teasingly undresses, this saucy young girl gets even racier as she bends over and spreads her arse cheeks for you! Chocolaty skin, glossy black hair and velvety lips that reveal raspberry juiciness...Bliss!

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