• Fri 13th Mar 2009 Kiki & Larissa M | Girl-Girl

    They've already experimented together with Chloe but this time Larissa just couldn't wait. She teases, caresses and sweet talks her way into Kiki's pants through careful placement of kisses and coy glances. The knickers are off, they're wrapped tightly around one another and the ensuing sex is phenomenal!

  • Fri 13th Mar 2009 Lea | Solo

    Lacy lingerie lovers will be sated with Lea's solo reveal today! Her matching lovelies show off pert breasts and hard brown nipples as they poke through the sheer fabric. She's a blonde bombshell with a heart of gold and in this photo set she'll reveal her most private parts to you! Spoil yourself with some Lea!

  • Thu 12th Mar 2009 Minnie | Solo

    Minnie's stolen my heart in a major way. She packs an explosive punch of sexuality and she knows it. This is an incredibly long video, nearly an hour(!) but it's time well spent because it feature some wonderful pubic hair stroking, nipple pinching, slow fingering and FOUR natural, gasping orgasms!

  • Thu 12th Mar 2009 Jennifer S | Intimate Moments

    Alone with herself, Jennifer reclines on the cool floor of her apartment and prepares herself for a soothing session of self love. Her full curves jiggle and bounce as she wiggles out of a summer dress and cotton panties. Her passion mounts and her face is flushed as one hand squeezes and caress' her breasts, the other making tight little circles on her clit...

  • Wed 11th Mar 2009 Kiki & Larissa M | Girl-Girl

    Like cookies and cream, or vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping, or mud cake with creamy sauce or...you get the picture: Larissa and Kiki are a yummy treat today in this delicious photo set of passion released! Their arms are intertwined, their lips locked in hot kisses and their legs are spread wide...

  • Wed 11th Mar 2009 Marcelle | Solo

    Marcelle's travelled the globe, had many a naughty dalliance and today she teaches me some handy bedroom tricks while getting naked! We're out in the forest so there's some truly divine scenic shots - but who cares(!) because the incredibly lust worthy Marcelle is sharing with us a very private, very personal side of herself...delicious!

  • Wed 11th Mar 2009 Minnie | Solo

    With softly pleading eyes and a hint of vulnerability, Minnie will have you wrapped around her little finger quicker than you can say Saucy! Her large almond eyes beckon and tease, her tight little dress hugs her hips, curves around her tiny waist and disappears quickly as she reveals herself to you...all of herself. Just for you.

  • Tue 10th Mar 2009 Marcelle | Solo

    Reminding me of peppermint dark chocolate Marcelle's a tasty sweet treat in this very lush green photo set. She bounces around, full of fresh exuberance until settling down to reveal herself piece by piece. Her smooth dark skin is flawless and firm, her sexy sassiness is infectious and you're sure to fall in love...

  • Tue 10th Mar 2009 Roxy | Solo

    Roxy's a country bumpkin at heart- her doting dad bought her a ute, she enjoys a beer at the pub with friends and finds nothing compares to the beauty of the Australian bushland. Fortunately for us she's just as gorgeous in sexy lingerie as in her ripped jeans and her flannelette shirts - yowzahs!

  • Mon 09th Mar 2009 Caitlin K & Shelia | Intimate Moments

    After a brief discussion pitting the merits of a girl's orgasm face against those of the opposite sex, Caitlin eyes off Sheila as the brunette beauty caresses, fondles, squeezes and thrusts her way to a loud, pleasure-soaked release. One of my favourite parts is the happy afterglow of two verry satisfied young ladies...

  • Mon 09th Mar 2009 Courtney C Solo | Solo

    Courtney's a cutie with loads of attitude! Her very first solo video goes live today but she's already done heaps of shoots with abbywinters.com. It's a special day for new videographer Lottie too because this was the first video she ever shot as a bona fide abby team member! It's a great vid and I think you're gonna like it!

  • Sun 08th Mar 2009 Chanise | Intimate Moments

    What better way to spend the sunlit afternoon bubbly natural Chanise found herself in other than with a little indulgent self-love? Totally alone with the camera, she knows she's being watched but that doesn't stop her having a good time - in fact it turns her on more! I hope you enjoy this explosive orgasm as much as Chanise did!

  • Sun 08th Mar 2009 Roxy | Solo

    Roxy's bright, bubbly personality really comes through in her flirtatious new solo today! Her large round doe eyes peek out from the folds of sheer curtain and her soft, wet, totally kissable lips are the kind that would put countries to war! But Roxy's a lover not a fighter so join her today for some tasty spoils!

  • Sun 08th Mar 2009 Courtney C | Solo

    I love biscuit nipples and new model Courtney has beautiful, puffy ones! Her cherubic face breaks into a huge grin as she slowly unbuttons her shirt and wriggles ever-so-deliciously out of her tight denim jean skirt. She rolls around on the couch being the naturally cheeky Aussie babe that she is. Enjoy!

  • Sat 07th Mar 2009 Evette | Solo

    Slinky and sexy, Aussie babe Evette is getting naked by the pool today and you're invited to watch! She's a bit shy at first but she quickly warms up to the camera with some incredibly juicy stories of all the naughty things she got up to while travelling the globe...Go CouchSurfing!! You might meet another wild Aussie cutie!

  • Sat 07th Mar 2009 Odette | Intimate Moments

    With the sweetest sheer pale pink bra(which she swiftly removes), flushed pink cheeks and an urgent desire for an orgasmic release, Odette enjoys some blissful self-love. Her fingers itch down between her legs, fingering little circles on her clitoris- her creamy arse bucking with every thrust...

  • Fri 06th Mar 2009 Marika & Silvie | Girl-Girl

    Barely concealing their lusty intentions, Marika and Silvie engage in some very flirty banter before someone declares "I know you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking..." and then it's on! Soft, wet kisses become deeper and more intense, caresses are endured as they tease each other- holding back ...but not for long! Enjoy!

  • Fri 06th Mar 2009 Evette | Solo

    Evette's rich brown tendrils of hair frame her face wonderfully in her second solo picture set today. Her sea-green eyes are cheeky and full of promise and as she shakes and twists her way out of her gypsy skirt and tight green tank top her arousal mounts and she thoroughly enjoys the attention!

  • Thu 05th Mar 2009 Alisa | Solo

    Natural Aussie babes is what abbywinters.com is all about and when cutie Alisa wants to do another shoot with us I'm all for it! Out comes a glistening bottle of baby oil and soon she's rubbing the soothing lotion all over her long, limbs, slim waist, pert little breasts and delicious derriere! Spoil yourself!

  • Thu 05th Mar 2009 Bettie | Intimate Moments

    With a birds-eye-view and signature bold abbywinters.com colours, this intimate look at the way Bettie likes to masturbate is sure to leave you with a wet spot on your knickers...or is that just me? I love the way she releases her breasts from her bra cups and gives them a slow squeeze too...spoil yourself with a little bit of Bettie!

  • Wed 04th Mar 2009 Ema | Solo

    Salt Lake City...not quite! Ema's first shoot saw her trekking about an hour out of Melbourne to some white hot salt pans - why? - To get naked of course! She jumps and twists, twirls in circles and soaks up the sun's rays as she casually gets undressed and reveals a tanned, fit young body...

  • Wed 04th Mar 2009 Alisa | Solo

    Looking slicked and smoothed Alisa slides onto your screen today with oil dribbling into all kinds of yummy dark places... She twists and shimmies out of her saucy red g-string before manoeuvring her rather flexible body into all kinds of revealing positions! Don't forget to check out her pillow fight with two other cute Aussie babes!

  • Tue 03rd Mar 2009 Ema | Solo

    The eighties enjoys a brief revival as Ema dances, soaking up the rays, carefree and with sackloads of energy! She's never been nude in front of the camera before and she starts off with a few little nerves but warms up as she feels freed and liberated by her nakedness...Some simply stunning photos in this set.

  • Tue 03rd Mar 2009 Julia B | Solo

    Woohoo! More nude fitness! We love all things energetic and Julia is happy to oblige! Showing off how suggestively bendy she is, she jogs, stretches and twists out in the local park - with people walking by! Watch out for Jacki's cameo appearance! This is one home fitness video that won't ever collect dust on your shelves!

  • Mon 02nd Mar 2009 Anabela & Billie | Intimate Moments

    In this double Intimate moments, Anabela & Billie are left totally alone and undirected, their arms and legs rubbing up against each other and their bras and undies urgently tossed aside... fingers start exploring moist little honeypots and as the two girls get closer to climax they announce their body shuddering orgasms...bliss!

  • Mon 02nd Mar 2009 Nicole K | Solo

    When she's not studying and being all "proper" Nicole just LOVES to get her kit off! A total exhibitionist, she chats about some of the reactions from her friends and family to her nude modeling, how modeling has affected her and why she'd recommend all people show off to the world their most intimate side...

  • Sun 01st Mar 2009 Keilyn | Intimate Moments

    You've seen lots of Keilyn in her scorchingly hot girlgirl encounters, and you've gotten to know her a bit more in her solos - but you've never really seen how she likes to pleasure herself alone, when there's no one else around. Her sighs and gasps fill the room and her creamy white breast jiggle as her fingers thrust in deeper...

  • Sun 01st Mar 2009 Julia B | Solo

    A bit of a sneaky shoot today from stellar model Julia and the abbywinters.com team! They're all out in the park today and the deliciously flexible Julia is working up a sweat! Some down the top peeks and some deep forward lunges with - oops! - no knickers, means this titillating shoot is today's favourite!

  • Sun 01st Mar 2009 Nicole K | Solo

    Just feast your eyes on the tasty treat that is Nicole! With skin as soft, as creamy and as milky as this you'll be hard pressed to resist the urge to eat her up! Dark features and soul searching eyes show off her smarts and a white shirt so tight it's on the verge of bursting shows off her sizable assets!

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