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  • Video capture of Nude Girls curvy Clare D

    Wed 11th Feb 2009Clare D | Solo

    Naked Aussie men..even some naked Aussie women really gets Clare hot under the collar! She loves to skinny dip in the great blue oceans of the world and says the feeling of nothing between her skin and the water is very liberating. Luckily for us she's giving a little preview where you can admire her rather fit body right now!

    In other news, if you haven't noticed yet I'd really like to win that pretty glass trophy for this year's Australian Adult Industry Award's "Best Website 2008" - Help us win by voting today!

  • Image of Nude Girls big areolae Carys

    Wed 11th Feb 2009Carys | Solo

    Ever feel like you're just...stuck in a box? Carys does! Literally! Her healthy, tanned body is curled up inside the deep mahogany of a tea chest and as she unfurls her shapely legs and seductively peels off her stockings she throws sultry glances your way and bites her plump, kissable lips...delectable!

  • Image of Nude Girls curvy Clare D

    Tue 10th Feb 2009Clare D | Solo

    23yr old Clare has a scorching hot body with hair to match! Her motto is Carpe Diem and I'm glad it is because she's here in front of the camera today to show off her delectable bod! Breasts with little ski-jump nipples and soft, smooth skin only add to this gorgeous girl - spoil yourself with a little taste of Clare!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls redhead Patty

    Tue 10th Feb 2009Patty | Solo

    Patty's back! And lucky me, I get to interview her for her very naughty return! We're out in the countryside and her natural, bright red hair really stands out amongst the lush green - and bonus, as Patty would say "my curtains match my carpet!" You can chat to Patty about her thick ginger pubic hair here in the model's forum!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation ginger with freckles Helen J and curvy Jakkie

    Mon 09th Feb 2009Helen J & Jakkie | Intimate Moments

    We never know what's going to happen when we leave two girls alone to masturbate. There might be nervous giggles. There may be outright sex! Helen and Jakkie are alone together, getting to know each other intimately before Helen pops the question "Can I touch them?" -It's a sexy as hell session that really goes off!

  • Image of Girl Girl demure and wholesome Carla and pale skin Carly T tribbing

    Mon 09th Feb 2009Carla & Carly T | Girl-Girl

    Soft, romantic, but soon passion soaked and fervid - Carla and Carly are two entwined beauties releasing their sexual tension in waves of orgasmic bliss! Their soft kisses intensify, their hands feverishly roam each other's body, neck, breasts, nipples, thighs and arse before giving in to temptation and indulging in the ultimate pleasure...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls pale and petite Kylie V large areola

    Mon 09th Feb 2009Kylie V | Solo

    Kylie is a yummy mummy with a bright smile and some of the firmest arse cheeks in Australia! I should know because I got to grab them...jealous much? Anyway, in this cute little video we get to chat all about her life, and the things she likes most about her body, showing off some very juicy, very kissable lips as well...

    It's that time of the year again - Fancy shoes, big hair and acceptance speeches - But only if we win! That's right the Australian Adult Industry Awards are now taking votes and we need your help to win "Best Website 2008"! Please vote for your favourite Aussie site here

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation milky white skin Jette

    Sun 08th Feb 2009Jette | Intimate Moments

    Don't cha just love that little "click" when a girl reaches around her back and unclips her bra? Jette does this particularly sweetly with one hand while the other dips deliciously down her pants... But the shorty shorts don't stay on for too long and as she spreads her legs and inserts two fingers in deeply, you've got the purrfect view to wonderfully long and completely satisfying session!

  • Image of Nude Girls redhead Patty

    Sun 08th Feb 2009Patty | Solo

    With pale, milky skin that's so intensely pure it's almost luminous coupled with rich, silky red locks of hair (even between her thighs!) Patty is an angel sent from heaven...well almost - her deliciously naughty mind and highly suggestive smile are hinting that maybe she's just a little devil under all that halo...

  • Image of Nude Girls pale and petite Kylie V large areola

    Sun 08th Feb 2009Kylie V | Solo

    An incredibly fit body lays waiting for discovery underneath Kylie's clothes...Her quick smile and sparkling sea-green eyes are not her only assets though because as she shyly lifts up her skirt the full, soft-skinned crescent moons of her arse cheeks are revealed in all their squeezable, deliciously lickable, splendor!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation big nipples Roxy

    Sat 07th Feb 2009Roxy | Intimate Moments

    With a longing sigh and a desire-filled moan, little Roxy is having a very eventful afternoon! She's completely alone with herself - her hands roaming her body, caressing her thighs and pert little arse before dipping down between her legs to flick and finger her aroused, pink-flushed clitoris... go have a peek!

    A lovely glass statue would look great on our mantelpiece but we need your help to bring it home! Votes are now being taken for The Australian Adult Industry's "Best Website of 2008" - so if you love your daily fix of fresh abby girl fun please vote for us!

  • Image of Behind the scenes pert tanned bum Violet and freckles Jacki and redhead Chloe B and thigh gap Marigold and buxom Anneke nude camera play

    Fri 06th Feb 2009Backstage 238 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage at the mammoth working holiday to Tropical Northern Australia (like going from Siberia to California I swear!) is full of laughter, pee, sun, sand and good times. This set features some of the big group shots and out takes that didn't make the grade but are still full of hot Aussie babes and naked boobies!

  • Image of Nude Girls svelte Kristal natural bush

    Fri 06th Feb 2009Kristal | Solo

    Breathtakingly beautiful, Kristal looks both out of place and at one with this bleak Australian landscape. Her deep honey coloured skin and cascading mane of thick natural blonde curls seem to make her one of those untouchable goddess', but her cartwheels and cheeky grins show that she's just being herself!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls indian Kiki and malay Shee-ra and tanned puffy nipples Caitlin K and eurasian Julia M and petite asian Silvie nubile girls in bikinis

    Thu 05th Feb 2009Tyre Tube Girls | Solo

    Peals of laughter and squeals of delight will have you grinning from ear to ear as eight healthy, happy, natural babes dive into the crisp, cool water of a secret Aussie rock pool. They're out to have a good time so splashing, races and the untying of bikini strings are on the agenda! Don't miss this super fun video!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls freckles Kylee

    Thu 05th Feb 2009Kylee | Solo

    Sweetie pie Kylee is a red-headed Australian babe with a tender young body and the brightest smile I've ever seen! She's alone today, quietly unbuttoning her top and sliding her jeans down over her bum before caressing her pale, milky breasts and letting you peek at her sweet spot -but only when she decides! Spoil yourself!

    Hey everyone! It's awards time again and needs your help! The Australian Adult Industry Awards are now taking votes- we're nominated for the "Best Website of 2008" Hell yeah! But voting closes soon so if you love the girls of and appreciate all the hard work that happens behind the scenes, please vote for us here!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation petite asian Silvie

    Thu 05th Feb 2009Silvie | Intimate Moments

    A beautifully intimate peek at Silvie's masturbation technique today because she's home alone with only a camera and her desires. This video is a little darker and much more moody than the usual standard, but don't let that put you off sharing an incredibly sexy moment with the scorching Silvie!

  • Image of Nude Girls indian Kiki and malay Shee-ra and tanned puffy nipples Caitlin K and eurasian Julia M and petite asian Silvie nubile girls in bikinis

    Wed 04th Feb 2009Tyre Tube Girls | Solo

    Kiki, Shee-ra, Silvie, Caitlin, Joanna, Julia, Tinneale and Delia are eight friends on their way to a fun-filled afternoon where they'll all get verry wet! There are some great sneaky peeks up skirts and down blouses as they help each other down the steep path to the swimming hole- but the real fun starts when these sexy Aussie babes get their gear off!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls busty Brighid large breasts outdoors

    Wed 04th Feb 2009Brighid | Solo

    A trained Life Guard, Brighid will be watching out for anyone in trouble on the beach this summer - I think I might have to fake a shark attack or something so she can rescue me. Not that it wouldn't be hard to drown in her big green eyes anyway, nuzzle up to her ample bosom....and then some mouth-to-mouth! Aussie girls have all the fun!

  • Image of Nude Girls freckles Kylee

    Wed 04th Feb 2009Kylee | Solo

    With a thick mane of coppery red hair, large doe eyes and a pale smattering of freckles across her nose- Kylee is one of my favourite models! Her new shoot today shows both her young vulnerability and her cheeky, beckoning sexuality. Check out her sizzling girlgirl session with raven haired babe Kiki!

  • Image of Nude Girls busty Brighid large breasts outdoors

    Tue 03rd Feb 2009Brighid | Solo

    Wearing a buttery yellow dress that hugs and wraps her young body in pure sunshine, Brighid is a delight on the eye! Out in the woodlands of Australia, you're alone with her as she slowly undresses, revealing her curves, her full breasts and her creamy thighs before she parts her knees and lets you see everything...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls kiwi amateur Melissa R

    Tue 03rd Feb 2009Melissa R | Solo

    Bright, bubbly and quickly losing her inhibitions, Melissa gives you an update on her life, her loves and her desires. She drops hints about her naughty exploits before slipping her top off and letting you peek at her pert, budding little breasts...incredibly cute, she gets all shy as she takes her pants off. Enjoy!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation petite Melita and dark hair pale skin Keilyn

    Mon 02nd Feb 2009Keilyn & Melita | Intimate Moments

    A few nervous giggles before a stolen, passionate, breathless kiss that releases a tidal wave of lusty desire and finger-licking, face-reddening goodness...Melita's first time in front of the camera in many months, her stunningly beautiful orgasms both raw and delicate, explosive and subtle. A must watch video!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls meaty labia Renee P

    Mon 02nd Feb 2009Renee P | Solo

    A floaty halter neck top and gorgeous boobs to fill it are a real distraction in Renee's first video. She's out in the lush Australian flora and the birds are singing! One with nature, this little wood nymph can't keep her clothes on and soon she's lifted up her skirt and dipping her fingers into some natural Aussie nectar!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann

    Sun 01st Feb 2009Sue-Ann | Intimate Moments

    That's me! I remember it was just myself and Patience on a warm, sunny day- I was left cosy and alone to think some very naughty thoughts(unfortunately I'm pretty good at that!) and as this is my third revealing intimate moments session, I thought it'd be nice to talk you through it...a blushing way to spend an afternoon- I highly recommend it!

  • Image of Nude Girls kiwi amateur Melissa R

    Sun 01st Feb 2009Melissa R | Solo

    Melissa's got attitude! She's an uber cool chick and she oozes sass and sexuality but underneath she's still a tender, unspoiled, blossoming young girl. Sitting amongst the vinyl records, her lilac top tight across her budding breasts, she stares out at you with large, slightly cheeky, beckoning blue eyes.

  • Image of Nude Girls meaty labia Renee P

    Sun 01st Feb 2009Renee P | Solo

    Renee is naturally delicious! Her long, thick chestnut hair falls about her slender shoulders in loose tendrils as she teasing undresses under the shade of a large tree. Her sun-dappled body has soft smooth skin with a dewy glow that looks just so lickable- why don't you have a taste of the gorgeous Renee?

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