• Wed 12th Nov 2008 Dana B | Solo

    Outdoors in a field of long grass, Dana B removes her thin cotton dress to reveal some beautifully shaped and sized breasts. Excellent images of her creamy white neck and shoulders are a real bonus. When Dana takes off her fancy red undies, you'll find out that she's almost 100 percent shaved.

  • Tue 11th Nov 2008 Angie | Solo

    Angie's sweater can barely contain her large orb-like breasts with their wonderful big nipples. Then she turns around she shows her fine booty in jeans. But here's what you came to see - her legs spread on the bed with her fingers in her pussy. Nice!

  • Tue 11th Nov 2008 Keilyn & Larissa M | Girl-Girl

    Keilyn & Larissa M know about passion and show a lot of it in this Hardcore video set. Kissing, hands on boobs, hands down pants, and tongues everywhere are how they show it. Keilyn's hairy and Larissa M's not, but they both have beautiful pink bits.

  • Tue 11th Nov 2008 Kiona | Intimate Moments

    Need a better way to spend the time while waiting for the washing machine?! An afternoon wank of course! Pressed hard against the cool enamel Kiona releases an earthy sigh of pleasure when her moistened fingers contact her aroused pussy...with panties down around her ankles she comes hard and deliciously fast!

  • Mon 10th Nov 2008 Juliette K & Katy | Intimate Moments

    These two are like peas in a pod! Juliette K & Katy enjoy lots of girly chat about sex, dildos verses fingers and why they like lacy panties! They're soon naked and as they slowly build up their urges to explosive, all consuming orgasms they touch and steal desire-filled glances at one another...enjoy!

  • Mon 10th Nov 2008 Jamie-Lee | Solo

    Pretty blonde Jamie-Lee returns, and I'm sure you're all glad. Not only is she so cute, but she has some of the hairiest pink bits around. Jamie-Lee is using her dildo again that she received from Matt Adams in the Dildo Drive. Jamie-Lee is sure to receive a bunch of marriage proposals after this shoot! :-)

  • Mon 10th Nov 2008 Rebecca D | Solo

    All abbywinters.com girls are hot but Rebecca D is on fire! Her pert, perky boobs point straight up to heaven (an indication of where she fell from?) and she knows exactly what excites them- some ice! She rolls an ice block over her quickly hardening nipples before rolling around on the bed to show off her divine body!

  • Sun 09th Nov 2008 Irene | Intimate Moments

    The very sensual and sexually expressive Irene is back again today with a deliciously creamy masturbation video. She can't keep her hands off herself! She pulls her knickers aside, quickly licks some fingers and plunges them into her sweet spot for TWO incredible orgasms!

  • Sun 09th Nov 2008 Violet | Solo

    Violet comes back for another Redux stills shoot today. You can watch her take off her dress and see that she's wearing see-through undies. Her dark and hairy pussy looks great, and she's got one more surprise - a pink vibrator from the Dildo Drive. Thank you Baza for your kind contribution.

  • Sun 09th Nov 2008 Rebecca D | Solo

    Vivacious blonde bombshell Rebecca D slips her boots off her long legs then gets out of her cute shorts, top, and bra. Once she's down to her undies you can see how tanned and toned she is. Rebecca invites you to roll on down her landing strip and take an up close look at her pussy lips.

  • Sat 08th Nov 2008 Jennifer S | Intimate Moments

    Totally unaware of the camera, Jennifer S is a brown-eyed beauty having a blissful, gasp inducing orgasm all for herself. Her hand pressed down between her legs and her arse jiggling in a feverish rhythm, she flushes a brilliant ruby red when she silently, deliciously cums...

  • Sat 08th Nov 2008 Raft Building Girls | Solo

    The master Raft Building Girls have arrived. They tie the logs together, put on a canvas floor and put flotation devices underneath - enough to hold all six girls at once. All this happens among laughter, shrieking, and general hilarity. In addition of course, as this raft gets built the models take their clothes off and paddle their new transportation across the water.

  • Sat 08th Nov 2008 Mandy M | Solo

    The colours are almost as beautiful as Mandy M in this summery outdoor shoot! Today she chats to Patience and me about shooting with abbywinters.com and reveals some of her girly fantasies. Shiver with her as she sprinkles cold spring water in delicate droplets all over her milky white breasts...

  • Fri 07th Nov 2008 Raft Building Girls | Solo

    It's a beautiful day in Australia with six beautiful and hot Australian babes in their bikinis. The Raft Building Girls work all morning to build the floating structure. While they're doing it they undress each other down to the bare skin and have a blast!

    A new Video Newsletter has been posted on the News page of the abbywinters site. Sue-Ann is putting on a pair of sexy fishnet stockings as she tells you all about our website and why you should subscribe.

  • Fri 07th Nov 2008 Mandy M | Solo

    Up against a cool and wet rock cliff, Mandy M hangs out and gets undressed. Her clothes and her bikini have to come off first and out of the top of her swimwear come two fairly large breasts with crinkly nipples. It looks like a nice day, if a bit cold. Under her bikini bottoms lies a lovely pussy filled with girlcum. It's plainly visible after Mandy spreads her lips. Wouldn't you like to go for a walk on the beach with Mandy, with or without her clothes?

  • Thu 06th Nov 2008 Carys | Solo

    Carys is in the bath today! Yay! She strips off and pours herself a soothing bubble-filled bath and soaps up her perky breasts before using a rather unique vibrator for some wet fun! If you haven't already- check out the other hot shoots she's done: a steamy girl girl with Fotina and an intense masturbation session with super spunk Shee-ra !

  • Thu 06th Nov 2008 Skye T | Intimate Moments

    A thick, dark thatch of bush down-there was the first thing I noticed but Skye T has really blown my socks off with this super quick masturbation video! There's nothing quite like a quickie! Her horny little hands rub her clit and push some fingers in deeply for a very sexy, not to mention powerful orgasm with some explosive results!

  • Wed 05th Nov 2008 Cleo & Keilyn | Girl-Girl

    Anyone for a midnight snack?! How about eating some pussy! Cleo chases Keilyn onto the kitchen countertop- laying her gently on her back before spreading her legs and pushing her tongue in deeply for some intense pleasure. There's 69, loads of fingering, passionate deep kissing and a zillion real orgasms!

  • Wed 05th Nov 2008 Augustine | Solo

    New model Augustine is excited about her first shoot- she unbuttons her pretty green dress and pulls down one cup of her lacy bra to proudly show you a nipple. As she gradually gets undressed, tracing feather light circles on her skin she draws you closer and closer to falling head over heels in love with her! My Favourite part: her beautiful large areola are a gorgeous shade of pinky brown.

  • Wed 05th Nov 2008 Carys | Solo

    Carys is in the bathroom getting ready to hop in the bathtub. She's one sexy lady with a fantastic body, cute face, and great hair. Carys likes to play in the tub and she has a unique vibrating rubber ducky and knows just how to use it! The toy was a donation to the Dildo Drive from Lawrence.

  • Tue 04th Nov 2008 Shee-ra | Intimate Moments

    Get up-close and personal with Shee-ra this afternoon as she touches herself while bent over a chair... See her slender fingers work their magical circles on her soft wet mound, her toes curl and her legs shake. Listen to her moans and hums, her cries and Ohh's and get so close as to almost touch her quivering calves and supple thighs...

  • Tue 04th Nov 2008 Cleo & Keilyn | Girl-Girl

    Raiding the refrigerator at night, Cleo & Keilyn meet up in the kitchen. Got milk? Why not drink it right from the bottle? Eating the frosting off of cupcakes leads to kissing, then pulling each other's clothes off in wild abandon. They suck on tits and lick each other's pussy, only stopping to eat a strawberry that's been flavoured with girlcum.

    This is a unique set with great lighting and two super-sexy models at their finest. It raises the bar for Tier 3 photography!

  • Tue 04th Nov 2008 Augustine | Solo

    Augustine's a smiley blonde with great breasts and blue eyes. Her hairy pussy is first-rate too. Augustine likes to use a slim pink vibrator to get off. It must be wonderful because she has loads of girlcum.

    Our subscriber, Sabrina, donated the vibrator that Augustine used today. For more information about the Dildo Drive...

  • Mon 03rd Nov 2008 Katia & Patty | Intimate Moments

    We never know what's going to happen when we leave two girls alone to masturbate. There might be nervous giggles. There may be outright sex!

    Katia & Patty talk about their past videos and girls on the site they'd like to get more "intimately" acquainted with before relaxing and settling into the mood. Their bras off and their hands rubbing their clits, Patty's view of Katia is enough to push her over the edge! The girls orgasm in red-faced, gasps and body shaking quivers. Don't miss it!

  • Mon 03rd Nov 2008 Kirsty | Solo

    Kirsty comes back again for her second solo video today after a huge 6 year break! She's grown as a woman but still has that wonderful unspoiled girl next door sensuality. In this update she talks about her love of all things yoga...and of course she has to bend over to show you some exciting relaxing moves!

    Her slender body is taut and lean. Her high, perky arse looks soo inviting and squeezable that when she peels off her tight knickers you'll wonder where such a gorgeous bum has been hiding for so long!

  • Mon 03rd Nov 2008 Juliette K | Solo

    Super confident and in possession of a smokin' hot body- Juliette K really enjoyed her first shoot for abbywinters.com! She chats casually about wanting to find a handsome Romeo while slowly undressing and revealing her juicy pink bits...

    She pulls out her purple sparkly vibrator and lets you have a sneaky peek as she pushes it slowly and wetly inside herself...

  • Sun 02nd Nov 2008 Dennie | Intimate Moments

    With the camera high above her, Dennie looks into the lens knowing full well you're enjoying her incredibly sexy body. She holds her breath as one hand roams over and under her shirt the other reaches deliciously into her pants... This is her special alone time- the time she has to feel herself and have a blissful, pleasure filled release...so why don't you join her?

  • Sun 02nd Nov 2008 Kirsty | Solo

    One of our earliest models, with a shoot back in 2002, Kirsty now looks older, classier, and very chic. She slides her nice bra off, then her undies, but leaves her sparkly socks on for a while. Kirsty's nipples are small but protrude in a very sexy way. She still has a hairy pussy and it's very attractive. We welcome all of our models from the past to come back for a reshoot just as Kirsty did.

  • Sun 02nd Nov 2008 Juliette K | Solo

    Wearing a thin and sexy white top, open deeply at the chest for easy access, the pretty blonde Juliette K lets you see her breasts. She pulls aside the crotch of her g-string and has a little surprise, a clit piercing. That clit's going to get a lot of stimulation today when she uses her Dildo Drive vibrator and pushes it in and out. Thanks Allen for your dildo donation.

  • Sat 01st Nov 2008 Shaminee | Intimate Moments

    If you haven't already you must see Shaminee & Zora's super hot double masturbation video! But here she's all alone, pleasing herself just the way she likes it!

    Shaminee's hand traces light little circles around her rapidly hardening nipple before slipping lower and lower to her inner thighs... she clearly enjoys the sensation of her fingertips tickling her skin and soon she's rubbing herself through the fabric of her knickers... She comes hard and fast in a blissful release...you should definitely join her!

  • Sat 01st Nov 2008 Anneke | Solo

    It's Anneke's 6th solo video today and she's going to give you a little lesson on her masturbation techniques. Her slow, sensual movements show just how in tune with her body she is. Videographer Patience asks her questions at each stage of her self-pleasure, and Anneke whispers her answers whenever she can between waves of pleasure. Look out for some incredibly crisp close-ups of her breasts!

  • Sat 01st Nov 2008 Ball Pit Girls | Solo

    Lots of colourful plastic balls + five hot young girls = A super fun abbywinters.com shoot!

    Cassie, Zasha, Keilyn, Christen and Romana, Ball Pit Girls are having LOADS of fun playing in the Ball Pit! In two parts, this video shows off both their noisy laughter and their great bodies as they jump around and wrestle. Hope you have as much fun as these girls did!

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