• Fri 03rd Oct 2008 Narita | Intimate Moments

    Narita is an angel!

    She positively glows in the warm afternoon sunlight of this sneaky masturbation break. She nervously looks around a few times(since she's in the front yard- only partially shielded by trees) before indulging in some sticky self-pleasure...

  • Fri 03rd Oct 2008 Corelle | Solo

    Darling Corelle (seen Jelly Wrestling Girls yet?) is chilling out in her boyfriend's room- raiding his CD collection and getting naked just for the fun of it!

    She sits down and swings her legs wide open, a cheeky look playing in her eyes. Her fingers are moist and as they gently explore the pink folds of her neatly shaved pussy some wonderful squelching of girl-juice can be heard.

    My favourite part: As she bends over to pick out a CD, her bum wobbles and gets pushed right up close to the camera!

  • Fri 03rd Oct 2008 Kiki & Ren | Girl-Girl

    Kiki & Ren are sitting by the fire doing some deep kissing and caressing each others body. They have breasts about the same size, but what a contrast - Ren's are very white with pink nipples and Kiki's are brown with very dark nipples. As soon as their undies are off they immediately go down on one another.

    What a nice way to spend a cold day in Australia.

  • Thu 02nd Oct 2008 Backstage 220 | Behind the scenes

    Some people we haven't seen in awhile can be found in Backstage 220, like staffers Fallon, and Penelope (Penny), and the model Paula. Kiki even gets a close-up mobile phone cam photo of a friendly horse.

    Check out all of the backstage pics for this week without delay - they're really good.

  • Thu 02nd Oct 2008 Rana | Solo

    You're barking up the wrong tree if you think Rana is not a real cutie. Her whole stills set centres around a tree in her backyard.

    She takes her bra and undies off while holding on to a tree branch, then spreads her pink bits for the camera with a leg thrown over that same branch. And nice juicy bits they are too!

  • Thu 02nd Oct 2008 Brittany | Intimate Moments

    Blonde, glasses, a great body and some super sexy moves to get herself in the mood, Brittany's all set for an afternoon of delicious self-love! After sashaying her pert round arse as she peels down her green lacy panties she takes her place on a throne-like chair and slowly, carefully spreads her legs wide open. Her fervent fingers rub and caress her exposed pink pussy, a hard pressure and fervent speed are all she needs to come to a hip bucking and back arching blissful orgasm!

    My favourite part: She announces her orgasm "Oh I'm gonna come!" and I nearly wet myself!

  • Wed 01st Oct 2008 Elizabeth C | Solo

    Get naked with new model Elizabeth C!

    She's just hanging out today..getting naked..you know, everyday stuff. Her glasses are the only thing she keeps on- she unzips her top, unwraps her little skirt, unclips her bra and shimmies down her pink frilly panties. Spend some time admiring her gloriously nude body as she lounges on a chair, inviting you to look!

  • Wed 01st Oct 2008 Corelle | Solo

    Corelle's form-fitting red shirt really shows off her curves. And with her shirt and bra off, her luscious large areolae are amazingly hot. Corelle sits on top of the old record player and spreads her lips apart for you to see, and the close-ups of her beautiful face near the end of the set are especially nice.

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