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  • Image of Nude Girls long legs pert breasts Maddy

    Sun 17th Aug 2008Maddy | Solo

    For downright beauty and sex-appeal you can't beat Maddy! Her snug yellow pants on her slim legs, and contrasting with her nice tan make Maddy a very hot girl. Maddy takes of her sexy bra and matching g-string and lets us see her nice boobs and her stupendous arse. What a profile she has from the back!

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasts Rachel K

    Sun 17th Aug 2008Rachel K | Solo

    Rachel K looks like a petite young lady with a sexy body, small lacy white bra, and bright orange undies. Soon, off come the undies and she spreads her pussy lips so that you can see all of her intricacies. At last it's time to go doggy-style so that you can get a good close up look from the rear.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation big juicy pussy Sahara

    Sat 16th Aug 2008Sahara | Intimate Moments

    Intensely arousing, Sahara uses a variety of techniques to relax herself and get in the mood. Fondling her breasts with their large areola before slipping her hand quickly down her pants. Although we can't see anything at first the squishy wet sounds her pussy makes will send you crazy with lust!

    See some of the incredible shoots Sahara has been in: her recent redux solo where she describes teaching another girl to ejaculate, her sex scene with Phoenix and masturbation vid with Courtney K plus the awesome Bellydancing Girls!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls red hair and freckles Sarah T

    Sat 16th Aug 2008Sarah T | Solo

    Her first time using a vibrator, redhead Sarah T takes it slow. She steals cute looks at you every now and then, her face getting more and more flushed. Her pink friend is perfectly curved to fit snugly inside her.

    My favourite part: right at the end as she's bent over, pulling the head of the vibe out, the close-up of the "pop" and the way her pussy lips don't want to let it go...

  • Video capture of Girl Girl round bum Fotina and big areolae Carys enthusiastic lesbian sex

    Sat 16th Aug 2008Carys & Fotina | Girl-Girl

    Carys & Fotina? Check

    Short shirts with bum cheeks peeking out? Check!

    Steamy windows and passionate kissing? Check check!!

    These two go off! This is Carys' first time with another girl, but her kisses are well placed and full of eagerness. Fotina guides her into a session of erotic lesbian sex by pulling her panties to one side and licking out her wet, pulsing pussy then getting up to kiss Carys so she can taste her own juices...

    In two parts, this sensual girl girl moment has two great bums, two sets of amazing boobs, lots of gasping, rubbing, "Oh God!"s, fingering, oral sex and real, passionate orgasms!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation blonde and fair Rosanna

    Fri 15th Aug 2008Rosanna | Intimate Moments

    Pint sized blondie Rosanna takes some well deserved time out from her busy day to show her body the love it deserves...and you get to peek over her shoulder! Drink in her flowing waves of blonde hair, her milky DD breasts, her fingers lingering and exploring the womanly wonders down her pants. Her orgasm comes quickly. She rolls onto her tummy, her gorgeous arse is bouncing and echoed by scintillating open-mouthed moans, a frown then a sigh of surprised relief before she relaxes and starts again....

    ...enjoy these two hot, real, natural orgasms and then see her steamy girl girl moments with hot bodied Diana and boobalicious Chloe B!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls freckles and small breasts Kobe

    Fri 15th Aug 2008Kobe | Solo

    Sweetie pie Kobe is back! In her second video for she flits around the room, relaying a blow-by-teasing-blow of a sexy encounter in the surf with a handsome man. She plays with soft white globes of her breasts, encircling her nipples and reaching down to give them a kiss and a lick.

    This exciting, high energy 17 minute video has incredible close ups of Kobe's pussy lips as she explains and explores her clitoral hood, her inner and outer lips and the way light stroking over her hairy bush feels. She's a happy, confident young girl, inviting you to explore her sexuality with her...don't let her down!

  • Image of Girl Girl round bum Fotina and big areolae Carys enthusiastic lesbian sex

    Fri 15th Aug 2008Carys & Fotina | Girl-Girl

    The girls have a birds-eye view of the city as they writhe around on the carpet and make love. I enjoy the way one of Carys' boobs sticks out the corner of her dress. Super sexy! Carys & Fotina give each other a good licking of their pink bits and their fingers explore deeply into private places to please each other to the max.

  • Image of Behind the scenes big boobs Ainslee and tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann and slim and shapely Giselle and tiny petite Nyree and freckles and small breasts Phoebie young ladies behind the camera

    Thu 14th Aug 2008Backstage 213 | Behind the scenes

    This week's Backstage 213 features a wide variety of staff members and models. They do quite a variety of interesting and sexy things too - setting up lights, undressing, eating lunch, showing off their underwear, and photography. Join them for a day on their shoot.

  • Image of Nude Girls red hair and freckles Sarah T

    Thu 14th Aug 2008Sarah T | Solo

    Red-haired Sarah T is all in white, including her sexy underwear that's quite see-through. She has an adorable face spotted with heaps of freckles. Sarah has a "C" shaped vibrator that she slips into her very pink bits and has a party with it. The vibrator was generously donated by dirtysickal.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation big areolae Carys

    Thu 14th Aug 2008Carys | Intimate Moments

    Soft, caramel skin and an fresh face, betraying every emotion, Carys does some serious pillow biting in this very intimate moment... Although it's short and her orgasm is surprisingly subtle, her body shakes and quivers no less than Immie's. With her arse pushed tensely forward and her hips rotating and gyrating her completely silent orgasm is heralded by her suddenly wonderfully frozen, orgasmic body.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl slender elegant amateur Petria and large breasts Blaire and redhead Katia girlfriends kissing naked

    Wed 13th Aug 2008Florist Girls | Girl-Girl

    What do you get when a blonde, a brunette and a redhead all walk into a florist shop?? They all get naked! Yay!

    Like orchids in a hot house their lesbian attractions bloom in a delightful bouquet of young passion...Slow, lingering kisses and tender caressing touches are a highlight of this three girl almost-all-the-way video...

    See all the shoots Petria has done, the shoots Blaire has been in and wait patiently to see more of Katia!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls slim and leggy Ramona

    Wed 13th Aug 2008Ramona | Solo

    Striking, bold and 6 ft tall Ramona is daring in her first nude-on-the-internet shoot. She loves girls, loves breasts in every size, especially nipples and has recently discovered her attraction is becoming much more serious than mere 'experimentation'. Her long, flowing blonde hair grazes her arse and her wonderfully see-through panties. She also spends a moment flicking and fingering her dark, curly pubic hair...

  • Image of Nude Girls freckles and small breasts Kobe

    Wed 13th Aug 2008Kobe | Solo

    Kobe gets a bit silly on the floor in front of her closet, bending her legs this way and that, while letting you peek at her undies. How about some nice looks at Kobe's breasts and arse, they're next to be seen. And finally comes her dark and hairy bush and some explicit photos of her pink bits, which look very moist today.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation buxom Anneke

    Tue 12th Aug 2008Anneke | Intimate Moments

    I'd cross the earth for Anneke if she needed me- perhaps even if she didn't need me! This sensual masturbation video shows off her special, private technique that not very many people get to see in the flesh.

    Love Anneke as much as I do? See her release even more passion in her girl girl moments with moi(hot memories), Violet, Chloe_b, Irene and Jilly!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Judi

    Tue 12th Aug 2008Judi | Solo

    Judi LOVES getting naked and swanning around her house totally nude - good news for her neighbours and great news for us here at!

    Judi's an easy going, sexy young lady with long natural curls - this time pinned up into girlish pigtails! In her third solo for us, she rubs her creamy skinned thighs and wiggles her shapely arse(very drool inducing). She loves having a full, hairy bush and adores her small, pointy boobs: "and they go from having big really little ones when it's cold. It's nice!"

    Don't miss this sexy nude video! And check out some of Judi's other shoots here under Profile.

  • Image of Nude Girls slim and leggy Ramona

    Tue 12th Aug 2008Ramona | Solo

    Wahoo! Ramona's wearing a net top that's mostly see-through, and tights. That makes for a very hot look. Her tights and undies come off before her top in a switch-around from the usual. Ramona does have especially nice boobs, so maybe that's why she teases us in this way. One of my favourite images is number 74, of Ramona's very kissable neck.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation petite Leah and small breasts Immie

    Mon 11th Aug 2008Immie & Leah | Intimate Moments

    Laying on a sofa with their legs intertwined and roaming hands caressing smooth thighs, Immie & Leah undress each other with saucy looks...they both know what they want.

    Leah's technique is quieter- with moistened fingers circling her clitoris and steadily increasing her arousal, she gasps and simply cannot stop herself from bucking, losing control and arching her back. Extremely vocal Immie on the other end of the sofa lets the whole world know how amazing she feels as her fingers explore her sweet little honeypot. Pelvis rising and head thrown back, Immie's orgasmic body shudders and devastating to watch!

  • Image of Girl Girl slender elegant amateur Petria and large breasts Blaire and redhead Katia girlfriends kissing naked

    Mon 11th Aug 2008Florist Girls | Girl-Girl

    The Florist Girls take time to smell the roses and appreciate each other's beauty and specialness too. They undress each other among the flora, kiss, and lick nipples. Just for fun, the girls decorate each other with florist ribbons just like a big sexy bouquet.

    The Video Newsletter for this week is hosted by Amber, one of our newer videographers. As you ride the train with her, she tells you about this week's sexy upcoming stills and videos. Def looks like a great week!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls girl next door Alice P tanlines

    Mon 11th Aug 2008Alice P | Solo

    Stunning, tanned blonde with bum length flowing hair and the most incredible cornflower blue eyes I've seen, Alice P plays a silly little game as she undresses. Patience follows her around the room, getting great angles of her lean surfer chick body and wonderful, crisp close-ups of her puffy nipples.

    Watch right to the end to see Alice take a pee through her pink boy-leg knickers!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation full breasts Sienna

    Sun 10th Aug 2008Sienna | Intimate Moments

    A stolen, tender, moment in a young girls life when she relishes the task of self pleasure is what we aim to capture here at Sienna is by herself, her hands rubbing and roaming her body and she appreciates the sensation. Her bedroom is her sanctuary, her special 'alone time'. Both hands moving to a steady rhythm, she encircles her nipples and her clitoris, bucking her pelvis forward and her breath quickens to match. A long silent sigh is just one of the various body movements that signal her orgasm.

    My favourite part: the light sheen of sweat on her cheeks afterwards...

    If you haven't seen it already, spoil yourself with Nadine & Sienna's double masturbation moment!

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasts Judi

    Sun 10th Aug 2008Judi | Solo

    Judi has a lot of curly hair on top, and a lot of curly hair down below. In between are two perky tits with slightly puffy nipples. But watch them go all crinkly when they're cold. Judi offers a few open-leg close-ups of her pink bits which are really sexy images.

  • Image of Nude Girls girl next door Alice P tanlines

    Sun 10th Aug 2008Alice P | Solo

    Alice P's a well-tanned blonde bombshell with great cleavage that she enjoys showing off. She unpeels her lacy pink bra from her nicely-shaped breasts and you can see those fine little bleached out hairs between her two boobs. Jeans and g-string are removed next so that you can see the great tanlines on her magnificent arse. Alice then goes outside to go wee on the driveway. What more could you want?

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation busty Tash

    Sat 09th Aug 2008Tash | Intimate Moments

    Ooh doesn't everyone just love those snap-lock shirts that you can just tear open in the heat of the moment?? Tash takes a little more time than that but ditches her blue shirt quickly nonetheless. Next she does the Chloe_B move - pulls her voluminous breasts up out of the cups of her bra - all the better to play and tweak two very pretty pink nipples.

    This video is well over 20 minutes long and Tash enjoys TWO face-reddening, body quivering, soft orgasms that are full of flavour!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls petite Anastasia

    Sat 09th Aug 2008Anastasia | Solo

    A rocky ledge in a beautiful Melbourne park is not the place you'd expect to find saucy Anastasia if you were out walking your dog one day. But it'd surely be a pleasant and welcomed surprise! She's a slim, delectable young seductress and in this wonderfully explicit solo video she shares the view only her lucky lovers get to see- all the juicy folds of her private parts...and gives some good advice on silk sheets too!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl redhead Chloe B and extra large breasts Angie anal insertions

    Sat 09th Aug 2008Angie & Chloe B | Girl-Girl

    Pulsating orgasms. Pussies clenching around thrusting fingers. Head thrown back in sheer, undeniable bliss.

    Raven haired Angie and feisty redhead Chloe have flirted and teased each other nonstop for months. We all knew it was going to be hot but I don't think anyone expected this level of unrestrained passion. Chloe clearly relishes the opportunity to be a lot more rough and much more kinky- exploring her dirtier side with a willing participant. She enjoys a hard grab to her breasts and a sharp bite to the nipple (doesn't everyone?). While they take it in turns to enjoy body quaking, face reddening orgasms they talk to each other, guiding and reassuring, teasing and begging...

    ...One girl girl afternoon of pure sex not to be missed!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation petite Skye T

    Fri 08th Aug 2008Skye T | Intimate Moments

    Pixyish Skye T is having some afternoon fun...and we all know what that means!! A sleek black cap of hair cranes forward to see her hands work her lusciously hairy pussy and her arousal intensifies. Moving in super fast circles, her fingers bring her almost to the edge before she slide a wet finger in too...

    Every orgasm is different, some loud and some almost imperceptible. Skye's is somewhere in between.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls fit and flexible Jemima

    Fri 08th Aug 2008Jemima | Solo

    Jemima's incredibly erotic video goes up this Friday, she rubs and smooths small amounts of moisturiser into every part of her slim, athletic body. Every part of her firm thighs is caressed, loved and made supple by her concentrating hands and lots of attention is paid to all the bits that count! Small, milky breasts with little brown nipples get a good squeeze and lots of time spent on them before she edges her hands a bit lower and lower...she steals a quick, cheeky glance at you before spreading her long graceful legs wide apart and letting you peek at her yummy pussy lips.

  • Image of Behind the scenes redhead Chloe B and thigh gap Marigold and large juicy labia Em and meaty lips Drew R and petite Lil all female photo fun

    Thu 07th Aug 2008Backstage 212 | Behind the scenes

    The biggest share of today's Backstage 212 pics go to Chloe B & Marigold's girl-girl shoot. They include preparing for the shoot, having sex in their bed, and post-shoot getting ready to pack it up. There are also a few photos of the super-hot Lil, and Drew R & Em in the shower. Staffers Toby, Prue, and Sky, among a couple of others can be seen. Prue and Sky cuddling with each other is a highlight for me.

  • Image of Nude Girls petite Anastasia

    Thu 07th Aug 2008Anastasia | Solo

    Is she really wearing a see-through shirt with a blue-bra underneath? Yes, Anastasia. You can see her undies while looking up her short jeans skirt too. Anastasia spreads a colourful blanket on the rocks and lies down so she's able to stick her fingers up inside herself and spread her lips. And very nice lips she's got, indeed.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation juicy lips Dom

    Thu 07th Aug 2008Dom | Intimate Moments

    Dom toys with the camera the whole time in this slow burning masturbation vid. Even though she's left completely alone she stares down camera lens with those electric sapphire eyes and her intensity is heart stopping. I've definitely been bitten by the lust bug with this delightful creature- I'd love to have a girl-girl with her...

    ...I think it's something about the way she teases and entices with her eyes, flirting and making sure you're glued to her fingers as they unbutton her shirt and slip bra straps off her slim shoulders and full, perfect breasts...

  • Image of Nude Girls fit and flexible Jemima

    Wed 06th Aug 2008Jemima | Solo

    Compared to previous Jemima dancing sets, this stills set is all about relaxing. Jemima luxuriates on her bed and looks through old LP records in her very sexy underwear. Once she sheds her undies, have a good look at her perky breasts and pretty pussy. It's hard to stop once you've begun.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation pale skin Beck

    Tue 05th Aug 2008Beck | Intimate Moments

    Beck's hands can't keep out of her pants, she's horny and her facial expressions are priceless. Barely containing a smile she puts us out of our misery and takes her jeans off so we can see properly what she was doing that was so fun. Her fingers adjust the crotch of her knickers and lovingly she builds up her arousal with quick, urgent circular movements on her clit and constant back-arching finger insertions. And then finally her whole body flutters and shakes with the pleasure of the real engaging you'll come too!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls slim and leggy Julietta

    Tue 05th Aug 2008Julietta | Solo

    Julietta's pale skin, shiny blonde curls and mega-watt smile in this video remind me just how amazing she really is. She's decided to relax in a big red arm chair and use the relaxing effect of moisturising her skin to pass the time. Stroking her arms, moving slowly towards her perfect breasts, squeezing and smoothing, making sure her soft, supple skin has absorbed every drop. Her tummy is massaged, even her cute little bellybutton is caressed! She stands up and her thighs and bum get some loving caresses too.

    Don't forget some of the other sexy shoots Julietta has been in, like moody Bellydancing Girls and playful Pillow Fight Girls!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation redhead Tricia L

    Mon 04th Aug 2008Tricia L | Intimate Moments

    A stolen moment, this video looks like Tricia L just locked her office door and had a wank when she was supposed to be working... her panties pushed down around her ankles and hands reaching up under her skirt, soft sharp moans and pleasure-filled cries will put you on the edge of your seat.

    I'll never look at desk chairs the same way...

  • Image of Girl Girl round bum Fotina and radiant and wholesome Cleo lesbian oral sex

    Mon 04th Aug 2008Cleo & Fotina | Girl-Girl

    Cleo & Fotina make love in this very girlie bedroom. They undress each other and then Fotina pulls aside the crotch of Cleo's undies and gives the girl a good licking. Cleo gives Fotina the same lovely treatment, then they trib each other in an upright position. Finishing off with a nice kissing session they both look very satisfied with themselves and each other.

    Sue-Ann is the host for this week's Video Newsletter, and doesn't she look pretty? She walks around the office a bit, showing upcoming photos and video clips of the new week as she goes. Follow her, feast upon her with your eyes, and take her advice to sign up for

  • Video capture of Nude Girls sri lankan Zasha

    Mon 04th Aug 2008Zasha | Solo

    Cocoa skin and come-hither eyes will surely make you melt! Zasha is a dream come true, this video entices, invites and takes you on a tour of her finely cut body. Full, heavy and perfectly shaped, her breasts are supple and she squeezes and massages them. The summer dress is dismissed and with a knowing glance she slowly spreads her legs. Thick, creamy girl-cum trickles down her bum cheeks as she rubs her fingers up and down her pussy...delectable!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation busty Indiana

    Sun 03rd Aug 2008Indiana | Intimate Moments

    Indiana's second masturbation video, shot just minutes apart- she's already had a mind blowing orgasm and she enters the frame glowing but still too horny to relax. Settling into an easy chair, hooking one long leg over the arm, the wonderfully naked Indiana squeezes her boobs with one hand and inserts her fingers deeply to get at that magical G spot with the other...

  • Image of Nude Girls slim and leggy Julietta

    Sun 03rd Aug 2008Julietta | Solo

    Julietta is one of the smiliest girls around and that's nice to see. This time, instead of an industrial-looking set, Julietta's in the lounge and gets naked in soft, plush, comfort. Her long blonde hair trails down in curls to her beautiful rack. Julietta lets you see her pussy in all its glory - from the front, legs spread, and from the rear where you can imagine some doggy-style action happening.

  • Image of Nude Girls sri lankan Zasha

    Sun 03rd Aug 2008Zasha | Solo

    If all Sri Lankan women are as beautiful as Zasha, I'm booking a flight there ASAP. Her pretty black hair almost reaches her pert and pointy breasts which are tipped with delicious-looking chocolate nipples. Zasha's extra-fleshy pussy lips are a treat too, and they're filled with copious amounts of girlcum.

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