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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation shapely Brandy

    Thu 17th Jul 2008Brandy | Intimate Moments

    Sexy as hell, Brandy has a toned and tanned killer body and she knows how to use it. She was part of our Jelly Wrestling Girls, using her gorgeous boobs to distract opponents while she undid their bikinis! Cheeky!

    Today she's lying down on a sofa, wriggling out of tight jeans and slipping off a sweater to reveal matching pink bra and As her legs come up and her knickers peel away we've got the perfect view of her delicious pink finger pie as she rubs her clit in fast little circles. Soon she's gasping and writhing as she get closer and closer to a happy release...don't miss this yummy masturbation video!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl juicy labia Mandy M and large labia Annalisa tasting each others labia

    Wed 16th Jul 2008Annalisa & Mandy M | Girl-Girl

    A lifetime of passionate kissing with a tonne of tongue is sure to make you wet your pants! Annalisa & Mandy M enjoy some alone time where they steam up the lens with their oral sex addiction.

    Get to know Mandy M a little more, she's a sweetie who shares a lot with us in her solo and shares a whole lot more in her Double masturbation vids with Kiki and Shasta.

    Want to know what it's like for the girls? Want to know what she tasted like, what her favourite moment was? Most hardcore girlgirl scenes have before and after interviews where our videographers ask all the nitty gritty juicy questions.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls pert supple boobs Bettie Spreading pussy

    Wed 16th Jul 2008Bettie | Solo

    Bettie's a little nervous, she's never done anything like this before, so to get herself in the mood she starts with some yummy nipple stimulation...running her fingertip in tight little circles over the most sensitive part of her nipple. It seems to do the trick because her shorts comes off and her knickers are pulled tightly to the side, showing you a great view of her pink hairy pussy.

    Did you know you can comment on this video? Bettie's video has its own cute little thread here - you can sing your praises to Bettie, comment on the angle of the camera and rave about the style of chair she's wanking on or whatever you like, we're all ears!

  • Image of Nude Girls tanned with freckles Jody

    Wed 16th Jul 2008Jody | Solo

    In the kitchen this time in a bright blue-green dress, Jody shows off her great cleavage as she crawls around on the countertop. Her pussy is totally stubble free and looks very sexy! If you would like to see Jody's first shoot, take a look.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation small breasts Lou-Ellyn

    Tue 15th Jul 2008Lou-Ellyn | Intimate Moments

    Lovely Lou-Ellyn possesses a dark sensuality only Kiki has managed to tap into so far. Here, safe and private she's able to release some of her pent up urges and luckily aw has a camera rolling...

    She's unzipping her tight blue jeans and slipping a moistened hand under the waistband, you can just make out the circular motion of her fingers on her clit before she gets too horny and decides the jeans have to come off...

    My favourite bit: apart from her loud, knuckle whitening orgasm, the way she simply pulls her yellow panties to one side, plunges her fingers in and licks the sticky pussy flavour of her fingertips....melts in your mouth!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls freckles and pink nipples Anessa

    Tue 15th Jul 2008Anessa | Solo

    Beautiful, blonde and busty Anessa dropped by the Sydney office and said "I'm going to get undressed and rub rich creamy moisturiser all over my body. Wanna film me doing it?" Bela said "Hell yes!"

    And so this delicious video captured the very lickable Anessa taking her undies off and bending riight over to massage the creamy lotion into the soft skin on her arse....she spends a lot of time rubbing and grabbing her bum- maybe she's trying to tell you something..?

  • Image of Nude Girls pert supple boobs Bettie Spreading pussy

    Tue 15th Jul 2008Bettie | Solo

    Pretty Bettie with the soft brown eyes, and the soft brown hair between her legs makes you want to dive right in. I like the way it slips out past the crotch of her sexy undies. The pinkness of her private lips stands out beautifully in contrast to her milky white skin.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls pert pale boobs Lauren R

    Mon 14th Jul 2008Lauren R | Solo

    Housework is never a task a lady enjoys, but since Lauren's got to do it she figures she might as well do it in the nude! Who hasn't vacuumed or done the ironing naked?

    Well, today, Lauren R has invited team abby to film her at home doing some window just happens that she starts to get undressed as she cleans- lucky for us! Her teeny tiny body is perfectly proportioned, just a handful, so nothing going to waste.

    You're sure to fall in love with this pint sized domestic goddess!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation puffy nipples Sue

    Sun 13th Jul 2008Sue | Intimate Moments

    Slim, small breasted Sue is taking time out to show herself some love. She administers soft cuddles and kisses and like me, I suspect she relishes the feel and sound of skin on skin. My favourite bits: the sound of cars going by, and the sense that you never know what could be happening in a suburban Melbourne street ...

  • Image of Nude Girls freckles and pink nipples Anessa

    Sun 13th Jul 2008Anessa | Solo

    Blue dress and pink undies, what a sexy combination for Anessa. She's outdoors in the fresh air getting her gear off under the trees. Doesn't her long blonde hair just look so soft and caress-able? Anessa has a nice handful breast size and she's not shy about spreading her legs so you can see inside and admire her clit.

    Yum...Taylor is the Classic Model of the week. She looks terrific doesn't she? Wish we could have gotten more sets of her. Taylor is one hot girl.

  • Image of Nude Girls pert pale boobs Lauren R

    Sun 13th Jul 2008Lauren R | Solo

    Lauren R's a spunky girl who loves stripes in her wardrobe. She gives a winning smile as she lies on the floor on her blanket - makes you want to get down on the blanket and cuddle with her. Lauren has nice-sized squeezable boobs and a cute little naked bum for you to fantasize about.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls amateur Chanelle Naked outdoors

    Sat 12th Jul 2008Chanelle | Solo

    Venus's honeypot, such a beautiful name for such a beautiful thing...and Chanelle's honeypot is oozing with nectar... It's also perfectly framed by CROTCHLESS pink panties!! Oh be still my beating heart!!

    Chanelle's long legs are supple and strong, perfect for the stamina she needs as a professional ballerina. She's incredibly flexible, able to arch her back, pushing her bum riiight out to catch the sunlight and let us see all her juice as she spreads her gorgeously tanned arse cheeks wide open...

  • Video capture of Girl Girl toned and athletic Greta and petite Melita licking labia

    Sat 12th Jul 2008Greta & Melita | Girl-Girl

    Watching this video, you'd easily assume Greta & Melita were a bona-fied lesbian couple, you'd be forgiven for thinking they've been together for years because they're just so comfortable and relaxed with each other. Sex comes naturally and they obviously enjoy this activity faaar more than the alternative- a boring cookery book... because of course, tastier things lay waiting for Melita, just up Greta's skirt.

    Things quickly heat up after the skirt comes off. They both get much more serious, Melita pants as Greta rubs her pussy from the front and squeezes her round little arse from the that's multitasking for you! Don't miss this wonderful girlgirl- it's delicious!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation round bum Fotina and extra large breasts Angie

    Fri 11th Jul 2008Angie & Fotina | Intimate Moments

    A backyard picnic starts innocently enough but Fotina can't be trusted around a gorgeous girl like Angie. Being fed grapes isn't enough for this feisty brunette, she needs Angie's touch to make her afternoon complete- but both girls seem to be thinking the same thing because the rug is cleared before they practically pounce on each other! The released passion is breathtaking.

    Raw, natural orgasms and heated passion ensue.

    Why don't you ask the girls what it was like? Both Angie & Fotina are always chatting away to each other on our super active forums!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls dark nipples Leah V

    Fri 11th Jul 2008Leah V | Solo

    Heavily pregnant Leah V takes us on a tour of her changing body in this beautiful, classy video from the team at

    Leah slips out of her wholesome white dress and into her much more comfy birthday suit. She lets us know about how her breasts have gained some stretchmarks and her nipples have swelled to twice their size, they look like they're at least a DD cup! Lucky baby when he gets to suck on those!

    This is Leah's third solo, make sure you see some of the other video she's done- including this yummy double masturbation vid with my favourite girl Fotina!

  • Image of Girl Girl toned and athletic Greta and petite Melita licking labia

    Fri 11th Jul 2008Greta & Melita | Girl-Girl

    Young, sweet but very enthusiastic, Melita had never kissed a girl before Greta turned her world upside down.

    A simple kiss turns into a heart fluttering, body shuddering session of pure sex. Stripped bare, their need is all encompassing. Fingers are moistened and assurances sought as Greta pushes Mel high onto the back of the couch for a better angle as she inserts two wet fingers into Melita's impatient's finger licking goodness!

  • Image of Behind the scenes red hair and freckles Alex T and shapely breasts Ariel and puffy nipples Ava and tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann and cheeky tomboy Patience young ladies taking photos together nude

    Thu 10th Jul 2008Backstage 208 | Behind the scenes

    Today's a good day for backstage lovers the world over! Backstage 208 follows six different shoots, some solos, and a steamy girl-girl, and I'm always amazed that during a four legged frolic the models are so caught up in each other they don't notice a) Toby snapping away OR b) me snapping Toby snapping the two as they explore each other's trianglular map of Tazzie...

  • Image of Nude Girls amateur Chanelle Naked outdoors

    Thu 10th Jul 2008Chanelle | Solo

    Reminds me a bit of Sigourney Weaver, Chanelle does. Strong jaw, squared up hips, tall and slender with a fresh face and lusciously long lashes. This Sydney native has been a professional dancer her whole life, studying hard to hone her skills- lucky for us stripping nude was just the fun break she was looking for!

    Chanelle is also the Calendar Girl for July! Set her as your desktop background and have her super sexy smile brighten your day

  • Video capture of Nude Girls Sachi

    Wed 09th Jul 2008Sachi | Solo

    Sachi sends me nuts! She's young, perky and she doesn't even know how sexy she is. Whoever decided to make those green hot pants deserves a big thankyou... I also vote to make nude windsurfing an Olympic sport! This video is great for fans of the reveal -with multiple shots of Sachi shimmying out of her tight shorts and slowly peeeeeling down her undies....utter bliss!

  • Image of Nude Girls dark nipples Leah V

    Wed 09th Jul 2008Leah V | Solo

    Long legged lovely Leah V is having a baby! Her belly is starting to swell and she's looking calmly radiant and tranquil. Her hair is thick and lustrous, her green eyes are alive and sparkling, she's totally ready and prepared to start her new life as a yummy mum. Thanks Leah for choosing to show us this beautiful time in your life.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation red hair Agnes

    Tue 08th Jul 2008Agnes | Intimate Moments

    A cute red head with tonnes of freckles secretly enjoying some alone time? Hell yeah! Agnes lays down on a comfy looking sofa, plugs in her ipod, strips down and starts her fingers working their magic. Her lips twitch and her jaw clenches, her hips start to buck in steady rhythm and the blood rushes to her face as she rides the wave to a happy release...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls Sally P

    Tue 08th Jul 2008Sally P | Solo

    A bright bubbly Aussie babe who enjoys being naked-AND she let the abby camera women film her? what more could we ask for?! A bright, bubbly babe doing a dildo shoot, that's what! Sally P tells us all about what she's been up to the past 18 months since her first solo and then has some fun with the perfectly shaped purple fun provider!

  • Image of Nude Girls Sachi

    Tue 08th Jul 2008Sachi | Solo

    Get ready boys and girls for zipper ripping Sachi! This super spunky traveller has a killer bod and cheeky attitude- you can see it in her eyes as she stares up at you grinning from flat on her back. Extra large images available with this legs open picture set! Yaoweee! I can't wait for the video!

  • Image of Nude Girls redhead Chloe B and round bum Fotina and large labia Annalisa and pale skin Carly T and small breasts Immie nude sports

    Mon 07th Jul 2008Wrestling Girls | Solo

    Such concentration, such focus! Three pairs battle it out collegiate wrestling style. Leotards pulled tight, intense energy, heat and hurt pride are features of this group nude Wrestling Girls shoot. Chloe B vs. Annalisa, Fotina vs. Carly T and Immie wins over the Italian beauty Violeta!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation voluptuous Ilona and girl next door Maiara

    Mon 07th Jul 2008Ilona & Maiara | Intimate Moments

    If two sweet girl-next-door types exploring their first girlgirl encounter is something you've always dreamed about today's your lucky day! Country girls Ilona & Maiara gently touch each other's thighs- curious and increasingly aroused, they share nervous smiles but jump straight into a sexy session that seems to come very naturally to them...just as nature intended.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls shapely bum and breasts Karla natural blonde bush

    Mon 07th Jul 2008Karla | Solo

    Karla is joined in her videos by a special guest - Sue-Ann! She's just full of questions and is able to bring out the best in Karla. Karla's a classical violinist - at least in the past, and now she teaches others her skill and talent. She has a nearly perfect body, but like everyone, she sees mostly the flaws. Her sexy bum is beautiful, but it's not one of her favourite parts, believe it or not. Karla has a nice thick bush and fantastic breasts which you're sure to find exciting.

    Join Fotina out on the soccer field for her run through of this week's sets in the Video Newsletter. It's fun to watch and it doesn't skimp on the good parts.

  • Image of Nude Girls Sally P

    Sun 06th Jul 2008Sally P | Solo

    Such an expressive young lass! Both a cheeky smile and a shocked gasp of pleasure are equally displayed. Thanks go to Yusa for sending in the cute purple dildo Sally P evidently had so much fun with. Some wonderful close-ups so you can see exactly how creamy she gets.

    Send in a dildo, a model chooses it out of a selection, uses it in a shoot and keeps it close to her bedside table forever and ever! Easy peasy!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation full breasted Daria

    Sat 05th Jul 2008Daria | Intimate Moments

    Take some big deep breaths with Daria as she relaxes and gets herself in the mood for some afternoon delight. She's got my favourite kind of undies on- where you can see her short dark hair through the fabric...they don't stay on for long however; Daria enjoys using her middle fingers, alternately penetrating herself and encircling her clitoris. Notice how every time she loses it she brushes her nipple to instantly bring herself back on track? One of the most enjoyable orgasms, for the both of us! Bliss.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl small breasts Lou-Ellyn and indian Kiki GG hardcore

    Sat 05th Jul 2008Lesbian sex: Kiki & Lou-Ellyn (Video) | Girl-Girl

    A super sexy girl-girl, these two simply cannot contain their passion for each other. Kiki's in control, pushing Lou-Ellyn to the edge, licking, sucking and teasing. But Kiki didn't sneak away from her boyfriend for nothing- today she NEEDS some girl lovin'. The sex is steamy, lustful, authentic. Their before and after interviews show how palpable their desire for each other is- Kiki & Lou-Ellyn is just another example of how captures the best girl-girl scenes on the planet!
  • Video capture of Video Masturbation italian amateur Luca

    Fri 04th Jul 2008Luca | Intimate Moments

    This raven haired Italian has a coy little smile on her face the whole time she pleasures herself. Slowly massaging her milky little breasts she gets herself more and more worked up- until her hips are bucking and her slender hands are working feverishly. I often wonder what girls think about when they masturbate- Luca looks like she's having such a great time- Why don't you join in!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls petite Lil

    Fri 04th Jul 2008Lil | Solo

    Aww poor Lil has a cold! She needs a cuddle to make her feel better- will you be the one to give it to her?? In this sweet little video Lil strips down and has a nice little chat to Sky about dancing, boys and her favourite sports.

  • Image of Girl Girl small breasts Lou-Ellyn and indian Kiki GG hardcore

    Fri 04th Jul 2008Kiki & Lou-Ellyn | Girl-Girl

    You might remember a few months ago Kiki & Lou-Ellyn did a double masturbation video? Well they hit it off so well that day, but were slightly annoyed about the no touchy down below rule that they REQUESTED a girlgirl together!

    When they were reunited for this shoot Toby could barely keep up with them. Kiki's signature licking features as does her breathtakingly passionate stare.

  • Image of Behind the scenes curly hair Jeanette and filipina Toni B and goth chick Shelly B and Sally P and curly hair Tammy B young ladies playing with cameras

    Thu 03rd Jul 2008Backstage 207 | Behind the scenes

    Yay! It's time for another backstage photo set! See the abby girls behind the scenes, follow them through the day of shooting; arriving at AWHQ, driving out to the bush or to their house, filling in forms, having their picture taken, lunch and then a video session. Phew! It's certainly a long day!

  • Image of Nude Girls freckles Jelena

    Thu 03rd Jul 2008Jelena | Solo

    Love freckles?! presents the very freckly Jelena! Surrounded by lush green ferns, Jelena's head of silky brown hair perfectly matches her soft furry mound of pubic hair. This is a great open-leg shoot with extra large images- don't miss out on the chance to enjoy the natural beauty that is Jelena.

    Click here to see what the girls of team abby were up to today.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation big areolae Carys white cotton panties

    Thu 03rd Jul 2008Carys | Intimate Moments

    One of the hottest starts to a masturbation video ever to have crossed my desk, Carys is by herself, naked, restless ...and you've got the perfect view. She slides both her hands down her impatient body, ditches her shorty shorts and lifts her legs up to slip out of her white cotton panties. There's breast licking, pillow biting, silent cries and whole lot of girl juice. All this culminating in a surprisingly subtle orgasm. One video you simply Must. Not. Miss.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation shapely breasts Liz

    Wed 02nd Jul 2008Liz | Intimate Moments

    With a massive THREE orgasms in this 15 minute video clip how can you keep up with Liz?? Watching her leg quiver and her milky white little titties jiggle as she rubs her clitoris in feverish desire is more than enough to tip me over the edge... Liz is such a cutie, long blonde hair and legs that never end, don't miss Liz's other masturbation moments.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls full breasts Chanel inverted nipples

    Wed 02nd Jul 2008Chanel | Solo

    It's rare to see such a petite girl with such large, full and perky boobs! Chanel's boobs are quickly becoming my favourite as is this wonderful lotion video. She's got a great way of moving her body, as though her hands really enjoy rubbing the creamy lotion into her glistening skin. And the way she cups her breasts and feels the weight of them, then some little flicks and her nipple shivers- sheer bliss!

  • Image of Nude Girls petite Lil

    Wed 02nd Jul 2008Lil | Solo

    Hooray! It's the return of Lil! As her halter top unravels and her stare dares you to take her, right there on the floor- you'll fall in love again with Lil. She spreads her legs open but not too much- she doesn't want to spoil you...

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation voluptuous Claire M

    Tue 01st Jul 2008Claire M | Intimate Moments

    It seems to be the trend lately, first Fae and now Claire M - reading a sexy story helps to get an abby girl in the mood!

    Things I love about this masturbation video: Claire gives her breasts lots of attention and I love that her erect nipples are poking out of their tee-shirt. Claire's little bum bouncing up and down is also a highlight. And of course her totally unscripted, "Oh God!" inducing orgasm.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls blonde and fair Rosanna

    Tue 01st Jul 2008Rosanna | Solo

    Rosanna's growing up and she's gonna be the yummiest mummy ever! For this video she talks to Prue about her body changes and what her partner thinks about her newly naturally enhanced bust- apparently her nipples have dramatically darkened to a cocoa brown...I think her older shoots deserve a bit of research ...for comparisons sake of course!

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