• Mon 02nd Jun 2008 Melissa D | Solo

    Melissa D's a flexible girl who loves to dance. She has great tits and freely admits that she loves them. Melissa has lots of tales of what she likes in bed - especially someone who will dominate her, push her down on the bed and tie her up. This traveller's in Sydney and we hope she stays for awhile.

    The Video Newsletter for this week is hosted by Fotina who's hanging out in the workshop. She'll teach you how to use a hacksaw while telling you about this week's photo and video sets. So download this video and don't forget your safety goggles.

  • Sun 01st Jun 2008 Evonne | Solo

    Evonne turns on herself and us with this sexy Intimate Moments video. She caresses her body all over, but concentrates her attention on her nice hairy pussy. Evonne lets out an extra-meaningful moan the first time she slips her fingers inside of herself. In and out her fingers go until she has her prominent orgasm at the end.

  • Sun 01st Jun 2008 Billie | Solo

    Billie's back, and she's got a thing for skulls and crossbones - I can spot them at least three places in this set; could be more. The pirate's life might just be for Billie cause there's also a ship's wheel on the floor. Any pirate worth his salt would be glad to have Billie aboard. Not on the crew, no the Captain's got better ideas.

  • Sun 01st Jun 2008 Melissa D | Solo

    Okay, who else is just waiting for Melissa D to pull down her elastic topped dress and show us her breasts? Her boobs don't disappoint at all; they're splendid. Melissa doesn't want to get too explicit, but she sits down on her blanket and displays her well-trimmed bush. You can see Melissa putting her clothes back on in the Dressing Room.

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