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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation pale skin Carly T and pert supple boobs Bettie

    Mon 16th Jun 2008Bettie & Carly T | Intimate Moments

    Bettie & Carly T join forces for their first Intimate Moments video together. They both cum and don't mind being side by side in their masturbation, although there's not a lot of talking. Bettie and Carly seem to have really gotten off on each other.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls girl next door Shaminee tan lines

    Mon 16th Jun 2008Shaminee | Solo

    Domination by her lover is Shaminee's thing. Being pushed around and slapped on the arse make her hot, she says. She likes being screwed from behind and from the front with her legs high in the air. Shaminee also gives you some good close-ups while she tells you about the good way her piercings make her feel.

    Join Sue-Ann as she talks to your in this week's Video Newsletter. She's wearing her fishnet stockings and her boots so she's quite the hottie. Sue-Ann will fill you in on everything you need to know to start another week at abbywinters, so why not download it?

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation pert tanned bum Violet

    Sun 15th Jun 2008Violet | Intimate Moments

    One of the most entertaining and downright hot Intimate Moments that I've seen. I lost track of how many times Violet came. But the sounds she makes when she comes are the best - as sexy as Chloe B but in a totally different way. You'll just have to watch.

  • Image of Nude Girls tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann

    Sun 15th Jun 2008Sue-Ann | Solo

    Model and abbywinters staff member Sue-Ann poses once again in a Redux photo shoot. She likes to change her hair colour sometimes, but her radiant smile doesn't change one bit. She still has the blue double dildo from a previous shoot, and she seems to enjoy using it with one end in her vag and the other in her anus - at the same time.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation slim Shasta

    Sat 14th Jun 2008Shasta | Intimate Moments

    Sliding her hand down into her skirt, then up her top to massage her breasts, Shasta begins her Intimate Moments video. She bends over doggy-style and rubs her pussy reaching back from the front. Shasta's a quiet cummer, but you could definitely tell when she came from the reddish colour of her face and the looks that crossed her face.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Immie

    Sat 14th Jun 2008Immie | Solo

    This is what is all about - a friendly girl, Immie, frolicking in the sun, sand, and surf in her bikini. She's relaxed enough to lose her bikini and run around naked, even sitting down in the sand and spreading her legs for you. Good fun and really sexy!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl redhead Chloe B and amateur girl next door Irene lesbian sex deep kissing

    Sat 14th Jun 2008Irene & Chloe B | Girl-Girl

    Irene & Chloe B kiss and fondle breasts. We find out the Irene's a squirter when she cums. What the squirt actually is I don't know, but it's very sexy to see. Both Chloe and Irene cum a number of times, which leaves them feeling a bit sleepy but really satisfied.

    Next week's Video Newsletter is out today and it's hosted by our staff member and model Sue-Ann. She's changed her hair colour so much that you'll hardly recognise her, but I think it's a definite improvement and I like it. Sue-Ann knits away on a park bench and tells you all about next week's models. You go Sue-Ann.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation cheeky geeky gamer chick Ren and girl next door Shaminee

    Fri 13th Jun 2008Ren & Shaminee | Intimate Moments

    This is a definite departure from past Intimate Moments videos, but I liked it. Ren & Shaminee are having phone sex. They're friends who like teasing one another and soon all their clothes are on the floor and they're masturbating. They continue their sexy talk until they both come at almost the same time.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Vicki dildo on couch

    Fri 13th Jun 2008Vicki | Solo

    Lots of close-ups and lots of lotion characterise this video the best. Vicki smoothes on lots of lotion everywhere, including between her legs. She's using a fancy vibrator that's one of her favourites.

    WOO HOO! We've been named the Number One site in the Amateur Class on . The review is featured on on their homepage. We're very proud of our re-review and being moved up to #1. Thanks to all of you, without whom we couldn't have done it. You make it all worthwhile.

  • Image of Girl Girl redhead Chloe B and amateur girl next door Irene lesbian sex deep kissing

    Fri 13th Jun 2008Irene & Chloe B | Girl-Girl

    Pashing on the outdoor couch makes both Irene & Chloe B wet with girlcum. But before long they lick off the others' juices and make their partner wild with pleasure at the same time. We can't hear Irene in the stills, but you know Chloe is getting loud with her orgasms; love it when she does that!

    The member forums are filling up with a few new private photographs from the models. Patty is slinking around on a cool rock formation in her sexy red dress. Caitlyn Y has photos of herself in two different forum threads, right here, and over here with the great boobie shot. Very nice, Caitlyn - thanks.

  • Image of Behind the scenes genuine ginger Lacey and freckled girl next door Annette P and big boobs Yvonne and small breasted and slim Jude young women behind the camera naked

    Thu 12th Jun 2008Backstage 204 | Behind the scenes

    Observe how staff and models interact in Backstage 204. Mostly it's serious and sexy business, but keep your eyes open for fun and horseplay too. You can see a side of both models and staff that you wouldn't otherwise know about.

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasts Immie

    Thu 12th Jun 2008Immie | Solo

    There aren't enough superlatives to describe the beauty of this model and this location! Immie first appears to us in a blue bikini which she looks great in - but we still want to see her naked. Immie takes off her bikini at the water's edge and we see her high breasts and nice full bush. But she doesn't stop there; she sits in the sand, spreads her legs and fingers her pussy lips apart - lots of girlcum inside. With her bum covered in sand, it's time to get back into the water.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation HUGE NIPPLES Melinda

    Thu 12th Jun 2008Melinda | Intimate Moments

    Our old friend Melinda does an Intimate Moments video today. She's as pretty as I remembered and has a beautiful body. Melinda uses some lube to get herself wet and rubs her clit, which brings her to a gentle but great-feeling orgasm.

    We have Site Lists and personal Public Lists for your fun and enjoyment. The site lists are maintained by abbywinters staff of course, and public lists are created by you on any topic or grouping of models that you like, such as I Love Girls With Pubic Hair.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls strawberry blonde Noelle and svelte Kristal and girl next door Alice P and thick labia Luanna and sri lankan Zasha outdoor group activities nude

    Wed 11th Jun 2008BMX Girls | Solo

    This shoot is an enjoyable ride through the woods for five young ladies on BMX bikes. Did I mention the BMX Girls take off all their clothes about half-way into the woods? Riding your bike in the nude is great fun and very sexy when the bike seat presses on the best spot!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls toned and flexible Kristy-Lee perky nipples

    Wed 11th Jun 2008Kristy-Lee | Solo

    Kristy-Lee has a vivacious personality and a killer body. She's been a surfer and a dancer and a cheerleader, all for many years. Kristy-Lee plays with her nipples seductively and dances around naked just for fun.

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasts Vicki dildo on couch

    Wed 11th Jun 2008Vicki | Solo

    It's been awhile since we last saw Vicki, so we let her come indoors this time. Vicki pulls off her denim skirt and removes her sexy underwear to let you see a good close-up view of her pussy, girlcum and all. She sits poised with her rabbit-type vibrator in her hand, ready to get down to business. If you like puffy nipples, then you'll like Vicki's cause they're a bit puffy.

    The AW staff likes to post on the forums as much as the membership does. They can often be found there giving their opinions on a variety of topics. See the box at the bottom left of this page for recent staff posts.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation radiant and wholesome Cleo

    Tue 10th Jun 2008Cleo | Intimate Moments

    The amazingly gorgeous Cleo pulls off her shirt and then slides her hand down into her jeans. If that's not sexy enough, she then removes her bra, jeans and undies, and starts to seriously rub herself. Cleo likes to rub her clit really quickly with her fingers, and it works for her, ending up with a nice orgasm.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls skinny legs Taysha

    Tue 10th Jun 2008Taysha | Solo

    Taysha's a little cutie who didn't really care too much for the chilliness of her last outdoor shoot. She's happy to be inside this time telling stories. Mostly Taysha talks about the way she likes to have sex with a guy, all the while getting naked. Two things she likes to do are put her hand down a guy's pants, and to ride a guy's cock while sitting on top. Taysha shows you everything when she crawls around and spreads her legs wide for a full view.

  • Image of Nude Girls toned and flexible Kristy-Lee perky nipples

    Tue 10th Jun 2008Kristy-Lee | Solo

    abbywinters does it again - another amazingly beautiful model - and blue-eyed too. Kristy-Lee rolls around on the couch and floor showing off her great boobs, nice pussy and those beautiful eyes. A Dressing Room set is also on her page so you can watch Kristy-Lee pull her clothes back on again.

    If you've got questions, we've got answers. There's an FAQ section under Membership at the top of the page that covers lots of common concerns. Common questions from new members include What are these Tiers?, Why no 30 or 40 year old models?, and What are Intimate Moments?.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation black hair Zora and small breasts Selena

    Mon 09th Jun 2008Selena & Zora | Intimate Moments

    Selena & Zora are hot for each other. They can't keep their hands (or their lips) off of one another. They start off eating ice cream and ending up masturbating enthusiastically, with a lot of kissing in between for just an Intimate Moments video. Selena and Zora have a double ended dildo to share - first one girl uses one end, then the other girl uses the other end. How very convenient and efficient!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls amateur Opaline

    Mon 09th Jun 2008Opaline | Solo

    Opaline has travelled from the Netherlands to Australia and she's loving it. She really likes going out dancing and shows us the way she dances. Opaline is so hot when she strips out of her clothes, then she rolls around in the grass, just enjoying the day and her life.

    The Video Newsletter this week is hosted by Kristal, and it's a colourful production. Kristal braves the chilly Melbourne winter air to tell you all of what's coming up this week. Don't let her down, watch and see the full sets that she's announcing.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation juicy labia Mandy M

    Sun 08th Jun 2008Mandy M | Intimate Moments

    Mandy M is already starting to get herself off when the video starts. She has her hand in her shirt fondling a breast, and it's not long until that hand finds its way into her knickers. Mandy rubs on her clit tirelessly for awhile until she can't hold back any longer.

  • Image of Nude Girls skinny legs Taysha

    Sun 08th Jun 2008Taysha | Solo

    This is Taysha's second shoot and she's happy to be inside this time rather that out in the creek. She's on the sofa this today looking at her clothes and more fancy undies. When she's finished being naked on the sofa, she goes outside and pees in the backyard, leaving a big wet spot.

  • Image of Nude Girls amateur Opaline

    Sun 08th Jun 2008Opaline | Solo

    This blue-eyed babe has a sultry and seductive look about her. Opaline has lacy underwear with a hot arse underneath. She's enjoying rolling around naked in the lush green grass of her backyard.

    Watch the lower right of this page for models appearing in a few weeks. There are always some good one's coming up. Pass your mouse cursor over the photos for the date the model is scheduled.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation Irish lass Jamie-Lee

    Sat 07th Jun 2008Jamie-Lee | Intimate Moments

    Jamie-Lee is a joy to watch as she gets herself off on the couch. Her breasts and pubes are nice, but that rounded little bum going up and down and around and around as she masturbates is the best part.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls petite Brittany meaty lips

    Sat 07th Jun 2008Brittany | Solo

    Brittany's a sexually uninhibited girl who's into modelling and loves sex. Listen to some of her stories about it. But Brittany's not all stories, she lies down on the blanket and is able to masturbate to a real orgasm, somewhat of a rarity for our regular videos and very welcome.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl pert tanned bum Violet and tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann tasting each other

    Sat 07th Jun 2008Violet & Sue-Ann | Girl-Girl

    Violet & Sue-Ann make a real connection and get on well. They get lots of orgasms from manual stimulation, finger insertions, and going down on each other. Violet looks like she's about to go through the roof most of time. An additional bonus backstage video of Sue-Ann and Violet in the shower is a nice surprise.

    There was a Wrestling Girls shoot made recently that looks really exciting. On the left side of this page is the AW Today section and you can let Jacki tell you about it.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation large labia Annalisa and red hair Agnes

    Fri 06th Jun 2008Agnes & Annalisa | Intimate Moments

    Agnes returns from the beach where she's been working on her tan. Her friend Annalisa is waiting for her at home with a horny look in her eye. Agnes & Annalisa compare their tans, but Agnes is just naturally fair skinned and freckled - not much chance she'll ever be as tan as her friend. The girls pull off their clothes, kiss, and rub themselves to a good climax while sitting right next to each other.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls big nipples meaty lips Mandie

    Fri 06th Jun 2008Mandie | Solo

    This sexy Canadian with the outrageous tan lines wants to tell you about the dirty dancing that she does with her boyfriend. Mandie can push and squeeze her boobs all around, even licking them herself. She loves her clit and her big lips which are one of her best features.

  • Image of Girl Girl pert tanned bum Violet and tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann tasting each other

    Fri 06th Jun 2008Violet & Sue-Ann | Girl-Girl

    Violet & Sue-Ann are two experienced girl-girl sex participants, and they use that experience to its fullest on each other. Violet says in her handwritten note that Sue-Ann looks pretty innocent. Boy was she wrong -they both gave as good as they got. This was a really extra-hot Tier 3!

    Kristal, one of the bike riders in next week's BMX Girls shoot is your host for the Video Newsletter. She does a nice job with it, twirling her bright umbrella as she tells you about next week's video and still image sets. She makes a big splash in her debut Video Newsletter.

  • Image of Behind the scenes athletic physique Tilly and hippy Jilly and pert boobs Nadine and beautiful smile Evonne and puffy nipples Charlie T young ladies with camera equipment

    Thu 05th Jun 2008Backstage 203 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series. It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 203 is up today!

  • Image of Nude Girls petite Brittany meaty lips

    Thu 05th Jun 2008Brittany | Solo

    Such a pretty blue and flowery dress on a beautiful blonde girl. Brittany has lovely breasts, hair that goes all the way down to her mid-back, and when she lies down on the bright red blanket to spread her lips she'll show you everything else.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation petite Melita

    Thu 05th Jun 2008Melita | Intimate Moments

    Facing away from the camera and reaching around behind, Melita's arse is in plain view, as are her fingers rubbing her dark pussy. Melita moans louder and louder as her climax approaches, until she finally explodes when she is overwhelmed by the horny feelings.

    Phillipa is the current Classic Model, near the bottom of this page. She was on the site quite a while ago, but it's time to take another look at this pretty girl. In one of her videos, Phillipa jumps on a trampoline nude and gives you a good look at her bits while on the sofa.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl buxom Anneke and hippy Jilly lesbian sex outdoors

    Wed 04th Jun 2008Anneke & Jilly | Girl-Girl

    In an exotic location in a creek near a small waterfall, Anneke & Jilly kiss and caress each other passionately. Jilly slides Anneke's top down and her superb breasts are released from their capture. When both girls are naked, Anneke rubs Jilly's clit and fingers her pussy until Jilly comes right there in the middle of the creek. A backstage video of the making of this set is also available and is very sexy too.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls shapely breasts Anicka

    Wed 04th Jun 2008Anicka | Solo

    Anicka's a model who can never use too much lotion or be too smooth and silky. She rubs the lotion all over her skin, not missing her breasts or her pussy. Anicka doesn't speak too much, but she knows the international language of love.

  • Image of Nude Girls big nipples meaty lips Mandie

    Wed 04th Jun 2008Mandie | Solo

    Mandie is bustin' out all over and I think you're going to like that. She has nice large breasts and her pink bits are a beautiful larger size. Mandie's areolas are a larger size too - she's just a wonderful model.

    If you're interested in learning about the site and what goes on here, why not sign up for our email Newsletter? It's published once per week, and don't worry, we'll NEVER share your email.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Billie

    Tue 03rd Jun 2008Billie | Solo

    Billie's back from holiday to Japan and now she's been working packing dildos and sex toys. She'll tell you about some of the more unusual ones and about the glass dildo that she keeps on her bookshelf. It's time go outside to relieve herself with a good pee in the alleyway. Good job, Billie!

  • Image of Nude Girls shapely breasts Anicka

    Tue 03rd Jun 2008Anicka | Solo

    Anicka looks so good in her reddish glasses and red hair that she could be a model on a poster for eyeglasses. But we found her first and we get to see a lot more than her eyes - we get the full monty. Anicka has pert little nipples and a very pretty pussy. She's a really cute model. A Dressing Room set is included on her page.

    Visit our forums sometime. They're free to all members and some of the models post there too, occasionally even with their own photos. Recently you could see Becky on her bed in her sexy undies, Emm relaxing outdoors topless, Fae's bare bum, and Patty at the seaside.

  • Image of Girl Girl buxom Anneke and hippy Jilly lesbian sex outdoors

    Mon 02nd Jun 2008Anneke & Jilly | Girl-Girl

    I don't think that I took a breath the whole time that I was browsing through this shoot. Two of the hottest girls on abbywinters, Anneke & Jilly are together for what feels almost a Tier 3. Anneke's bikini top is about half the size of her boobs - and that's a good thing and very sexy. The two models kiss, rub and finger each other in a watery and breathtaking scene.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation curvy Odette and small breasts Selena

    Mon 02nd Jun 2008Odette & Selena | Intimate Moments

    Odette & Selena have a bit of a case of the giggles, but they soon settle down to kissing and making out. Odette's got a tube of lubricant and Selena has a dildo that helps to get their juices flowing. The thing that gets them the most excited though is seeing the other one start to come.

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