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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation pink nipples Ollie

    Thu 15th May 2008Ollie | Intimate Moments

    Ollie looks good enough to eat, and she's back with an Intimate Moments video. Thank goodness she decided to take her skirt and undies off because she has the cutest little arse that goes up and down as she rubs. A very nice orgasm for us to see, and it looked good for her too.

    Be sure that you look at the AW Today photos every day. It's the way to see what we're up to - what kind of shoots we're doing and what the new models will look like.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl red hair Krystin and alt emo amateur Carey and tanned with freckles Jody making out in lingerie

    Wed 14th May 2008Lingerie Girls | Girl-Girl

    The Lingerie Girls are back from shopping for sexy underwear and they can't wait to try them on and swap them around. They play spin the bottle for awhile, then take all their clothes off, fondle breasts and kiss. Enjoy a special Backstage video profiling the way the Lingerie Girls stills shoot was done.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls freckles Shelia

    Wed 14th May 2008Shelia | Solo

    Growing up on a cattle station and playing every sport possible, Shelia was a strong and very fit young lass. Now she feels more like a lady after moving to the big city, travelling a lot, wearing dresses, and cutting back on her sports a bit due to injuries. Take a good look at her lush pubes, Shelia says that tomorrow she's going for a wax, which is her preferred state to be in.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation girl next door Estella

    Tue 13th May 2008Estella | Intimate Moments

    After removing her plaid skirt and silky underwear, Estella rubs her crotch and makes it wet. You can tell when she's getting close and when she comes she has powerful contractions that make her jump as she touches herself.

  • Image of Nude Girls freckles Shelia

    Tue 13th May 2008Shelia | Solo

    Unzipping herself out of her dress, Shelia reveals her pretty braless breasts. And oh my, when her undies are removed, Shelia has the most beautiful and thick pubic hair. What a nice surprise.

    Two models have posted some sexy home-photos recently on the forums. First there was Caitlyn Y wearing a see-thru sweater. And today Emm (new solo model coming-up in about ten days) uploaded a really nice image of herself with water droplets all over her back, the side of her breast visible, and the top of her bum crack. I love it!

  • Image of Girl Girl red hair Krystin and alt emo amateur Carey and tanned with freckles Jody making out in lingerie

    Mon 12th May 2008Lingerie Girls | Girl-Girl

    The Lingerie Girls, Carey, Jody, and Krystin have some new undies and have a party to try them on together - champagne included. They kiss and put the lingerie on then take it off of each other again. Extra-Large images are included with this set.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation buxom Anneke and busty Indiana

    Mon 12th May 2008Anneke & Indiana | Intimate Moments

    Anneke & Indiana is just a wonderful pairing. Take two of the sweetest girls on the site, put them on a couch with a double vibrator, and let them go at it. Totally uninhibited kissing, boob fondling, finger and vibrator insertions, and you have one of the best double Intimate Moments around.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls slim amateur Chandel

    Mon 12th May 2008Chandel | Solo

    Outside the house with her plantings, Chandel has a lot to tell us about her first orgasm and first sexual experience. She likes her boobs and thinks everyone else does too. She's right. Let her show them to you along with her pubes.

    Dominica has a real dildo fetish which she displays during this week's Video News Letter. She shows video clips for eight out of the twenty-one sets to be released this week and reveals a coupon code to allow you to get ten percent off of your membership.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation meaty lips Drew R

    Sun 11th May 2008Drew R | Intimate Moments

    Making herself cosy on her couch, Drew R lies on her belly to masturbate. She grinds her hips and her fingers together until she has that ultimate release.

  • Image of Nude Girls slim amateur Chandel

    Sun 11th May 2008Chandel | Solo

    Chandel is outside by the old shed and seems to find it a good place to get naked in private. Watch her take her sexy underwear off and let her boobs be free. Chandel has a pretty pubic area too, with all of her hair intact.

    In addition to our award winning website, did you know that also makes DVD's? Click on Shop and you'll be taken to a page where you can buy either Girl-Girl DVD's or our also award winning Intimate Moments DVD's.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation full breasts Sienna

    Sat 10th May 2008Sienna | Intimate Moments

    Playing with her boobs and slipping her hand down into her pants, Sienna starts to get off at her computer. She doesn't need to take her sexy black undies off to masturbate; she just pulls them to the side and goes for it. Sienna has a very sexy and intense orgasm, shuddering from the pleasure of it.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls big areolae Corelle

    Sat 10th May 2008Corelle | Solo

    Sci-Fi fan, Corelle, has seen all the shows and movies. In fact the only thing she likes more than Sci-Fi is sex. Corelle also has a fetish for pretty bras and undies. Watch Corelle sit on the table and rub her clit, which gives you a close-up explicit look at her pink bits.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl buxom Anneke and tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann tribbing outdoors

    Sat 10th May 2008Anneke & Sue-Ann | Girl-Girl

    Feeding grapes to each other as the sun is getting dim; Anneke & Sue-Ann play around with each other's chests and braless boobs. They begin to rub the other's pussy and then get the idea to trib each other - scissoring their legs together and pushing. It was very exciting for both of them.

    Dominica has a boatload of dildos to play around with as she hosts next week's Video Newsletter. She'll tell you all about a good number of the photo and video sets that are coming to the site next week. I honestly can't decide which will be my favourite, so it looks like you'll have to see them all and make your own decision.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation ginger Emeralda and italian amateur Luca

    Fri 09th May 2008Emeralda & Luca | Intimate Moments

    Emeralda & Luca are having a visit at Luca's place. They're playing around on the sofa, stretching their shirts out to look like dresses and giggling like school girls. After awhile they decide to masturbate together and it was nice that they both came at close to the same time.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls freckles Julia B

    Fri 09th May 2008Julia B | Solo

    Julia B is so pleased to be finished at university. She feels like her whole life is beginning again. First order of business - do a redux shoot for Julia says that she likes to use masturbation as a release to be able to go to sleep faster, which is a common opinion it seems.

  • Image of Girl Girl buxom Anneke and tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann tribbing outdoors

    Fri 09th May 2008Anneke & Sue-Ann | Girl-Girl

    Anneke & Sue-Ann, together in a field in far north Queensland, make love with each other and enjoy nature. They kiss a lot and fondle each other's breasts, slipping a hand inside the undies when they can. They engage in some tribbing and put their fingers up inside. Extra-Large images are optional if you'd like them.

    Coming Attractions models can be found if you just scroll down this page a bit more. Refreshing your screen will randomly bring up some different ones. If you hover your mouse pointer over a photo of interest, a small tip box will open to let you know the ETA of the shoot.

  • Image of Behind the scenes shapely breasts Darcy and toned and athletic Greta and freckled girl next door Annette P and petite Melita and small breasts Judi young ladies making porn together

    Thu 08th May 2008Backstage 199 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 199 is here - 131 images of the models and staff working together. They use backstage point and shoot cameras to record their interaction - just so you can see how it's done and the cool stuff that's happening. Go ahead and enjoy it - we did.

  • Image of Nude Girls big areolae Corelle

    Thu 08th May 2008Corelle | Solo

    What a cute blonde in her sexy underwear - Corelle is a sweet girl. She has beautiful boobs with large areolas that hang in the sexiest manner. It's great when she climbs up on the furniture and spreads her legs so we can all see between her legs.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation pert boobs Nadine

    Thu 08th May 2008Nadine | Intimate Moments

    Nadine is amazing in this Intimate Moments video. She rubs herself so tirelessly, lifting her pelvis up and down in time with her fingers, that she is able to come two times in one video. The first orgasm in particular is a classic - I thought she was going to go through the roof.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls red hair Krystin and hippy amateur Elyse and freckles and small breasts Kobe and toned and flexible Kristy-Lee and freckles Kylie T nude group fun outdoors

    Wed 07th May 2008Picnic Girls | Solo

    The video for the Picnic Girls is lots of fun. Sitting on the edge of a cliff, the models drink champagne, then play Truth or Dare. The game brings out heaps of sex questions and the girls start taking each other's clothes off. Don't miss the included Backstage video that was shot during the stills shoot.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls italian amateur Luca

    Wed 07th May 2008Luca | Solo

    Out in the greenhouse, Luca has a lot to say about the differences between Italian boys and Australian guys. She begins to get undressed and cleans up the messy greenhouse a bit as she goes. By the end she is naked and beautiful.

  • Image of Nude Girls freckles Julia B

    Wed 07th May 2008Julia B | Solo

    Julia B is looking as pretty as ever in this redux photo shoot. Julia plays with her boobs and squeezes her nipples before letting us see her pubic hair. She shows off her flexibility by putting her ankle behind her head, which should come as no surprise if you've seen her previously in the Yoga Girls shoot.

    You can talk to some of the models that you see on these pages if you head over to the forums. Right now there are at least ten models who've posted recently. Don't be afraid - they won't bite. They're all sweethearts.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation amateur girl next door Irene

    Tue 06th May 2008Irene | Intimate Moments

    Sexy Irene rubs her breasts through her thin singlet top, then removes the shirt and directly rubs skin on skin. When just boobs are no longer enough, Irene slides her hand down into her undies and rubs vigorously until she has an intense orgasm.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls ethnic amateur Carlie

    Tue 06th May 2008Carlie | Solo

    Carlie applies lotion all over her body in a very sensual manner. After the lotion, Carlie speaks about how much sex she's had since she came to Melbourne - and it's a lot. Carlie uses the same red dildo that she had in the stills to masturbate in a long and leisurely way, enjoying the feeling.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation latina with meaty lips Juanita and curly hair Mayla

    Mon 05th May 2008Juanita & Mayla | Intimate Moments

    Juanita & Mayla have a lot to talk about before their masturbation session, but eventually they get undressed, start touching each other, and working on their own clits. It's not very long before both girls have come and are feeling relaxed.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls svelte Kristal

    Mon 05th May 2008Kristal | Solo

    Kristal's out on the veranda of the house on a somewhat cold day. When she was a child she ran around a hippie commune nude all the time, so she should be used to it. Kristal likes to go surfing and works on her flexibility often. She doesn't like to swim nude in the ocean at night because she's afraid of sharks and wisely so. Kristal is a sexy hot girl with nice tan lines.

    You may wonder about the Tiers for Girl-Girl shoots. As the FAQ page describes, Tier 1 is nude with light contact, Tier 2 includes kissing, breast contact, bum squeezing. Usually no vaginal contact, but may be implied or lightly touched. And finally, Tier 3 includes all of the above with the addition of genital penetration with fingers, and oral sex.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation dark nipples Leah V

    Sun 04th May 2008Leah V | Intimate Moments

    Here's an Intimate Moments video from early in Leah V's pregnancy, I believe. She takes off her white shirt and yellow bra to better show her boobs. Then she turns over most of the way onto her tummy and rubs her clit from underneath. Leah rubs and rubs until she has a good orgasm.

  • Image of Nude Girls ethnic amateur Carlie

    Sun 04th May 2008Carlie | Solo

    Carlie's already got the smouldering eyes, so she brings out the hot black dress to really wow us. The white bra and dark pubes against her brown skin make an impression too. Carlie has a long, red, and curvy dildo to entertain herself and us too with her explicit toy insertions.

  • Image of Nude Girls svelte Kristal

    Sun 04th May 2008Kristal | Solo

    Oh, what a pretty girl. Great breasts, super body, and nice bush. Kristal will charm you with her easygoing manner and lovely smile. Come sit on the porch with Kristal and stay awhile.

    For next week's Video Newsletter, Fotina and Chloe B are out on the field playing around with their football while telling you about what's coming up next week. The schedule is looking just as hot and sexy as ever, so the girls have an easy time enticing you with it. Listen for a coupon code to get ten percent off your subscription.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation round bum Fotina

    Sat 03rd May 2008Fotina | Intimate Moments

    Fotina, or should we call her Fotina Longstockings is looking pretty hot as she prepares to get off. She adjusts her body so that her crotch is aimed right at the camera - how nice! Fotina massages herself and rubs her clit until she's curled up with her intense orgasm.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small tanned boobs Dillon

    Sat 03rd May 2008Dillon | Solo

    Dillon feels she just absolutely must show you what a girl carries in her big handbag. I'll leave it to her to explain. After the handbag, Dillon gets down to the buff in the bush. She massages her breasts and nipples, and lets you see her private parts.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl pert tanned bum Violet and toned and athletic Greta oral sex

    Sat 03rd May 2008Greta & Violet | Girl-Girl

    Through the window comes Violet, Greta's lover. Greta & Violet kiss on the bed and get undressed, rubbing the other's breasts as they go. Violet rubs Greta's clit with her fingers which is the best way to make Greta come. Afterward, Greta eats out Violet, mixing in some fingering which is Violet's favourite way to get off - mixing it up. A good number of orgasms were had by both models so it was a good day.

    The full model-catalogue isn't a lot to look at, but it's impressive because it's a full listing of all 2000 photo and video sets on the site. It's found under Content, Full Model Catalogue. Don't forget that the columns can be sorted by the headings at the top of the catalogue.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation curvy Carolyne and pale skin Beck

    Fri 02nd May 2008Beck & Carolyne | Intimate Moments

    Beck & Carolyne are hot in more ways than one. They're steamy hot and thinking about some ice cream, and they're sexy hot and ready for a good wank with each other. They opt to do the latter first. Two very nice orgasms with lots of touching are in store.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Nadia A

    Fri 02nd May 2008Nadia A | Solo

    Nadia A has lots to chat about with you, about her parties with guys from bands and all the drinking that goes on. She also talks about sex, shows you her pink vibrator, and gives it a bit of test drive.

  • Image of Girl Girl pert tanned bum Violet and toned and athletic Greta oral sex

    Fri 02nd May 2008Greta & Violet | Girl-Girl

    Awww, Violet brings Greta some wildflowers, then climbs in her window and kisses her. Greta & Violet lick each other's breasts as they remove their clothes. The girls give each other head and rub softly with their fingers. They finish up their romantic episode with more gentle kissing and hugging.

    Wouldn't you like to send the gift of a dildo or vibrator for a model to use in a shoot? When you send to the Dildo Drive you get some special pictures from the model, a written thank-you, and credit here on the News Page with your username (not real name).

  • Image of Behind the scenes small breasts Theresa and small breasts meaty lips Emelie and pert boobs Nadine and slim and shapely Giselle and athletic Viera young ladies naked

    Thu 01st May 2008Backstage 198 | Behind the scenes

    In Backstage 198, Giselle picks out clothes and underwear for her shoot by Toby. Also Emelie gets ready for her shoot, Viera looks absolutely stunning, and Nadine & Theresa begin their shoot on a totally roasting hot day.

  • Image of Nude Girls small tanned boobs Dillon

    Thu 01st May 2008Dillon | Solo

    Dillon's out in the bush showing off her new blue and green undies. Very nice. Dillon has small breasts, but that's alright, they're really sexy - they look good to me. She has a prominent tanline down below which makes you imagine Dillon pulling off her bikini bottoms. Yum.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation indian Kiki

    Thu 01st May 2008Kiki | Intimate Moments

    Kiki slips out of her snug-fitting top and cute little skirt, then slides a hand down into her knickers. She rubs her clit and pussy rapidly and you can see a big drop of girl cum forming. Kiki wipes it with a finger and gives it a taste. Yum.

    We have an Email Newsletter that we send out to you once per week. It contains lots of teaser photos from what's coming up very soon on Just fill in your email address, and don't worry, we will NEVER share your email.

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