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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation petite and athletic Kitty M

    Wed 16th Apr 2008Kitty M | Intimate Moments

    Kitty finds her bright blue sports outfit too constricting, so nice looking as it may be - off it comes for freedom of movement while masturbating. Same thing with her underwear until she's completely nude. Kitty moans and really gets into the good feelings of rubbing herself, and she earns herself a great orgasm.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls buxom Anneke and shapely Brandy and busty Indiana and malay Shee-ra and extra large breasts Angie nude outdoors

    Wed 16th Apr 2008Jelly Wrestling Girls | Solo

    Sexy fun in the sun...six models in bikinis are competing in the Jelly Wrestling Girls showdown. Video game-type animation is used for the graphics and it's pretty cool. Then the girls get down to the nitty-gritty or should I say the ooey-gooey? They play-fight in the jelly and the chief objective seems to be to get the other model's bikini off. A post-fight backstage video which is included is quite entertaining too.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls amateur Meagan G

    Wed 16th Apr 2008Meagan G | Solo

    Our visitor from Germany, Meagan G knows lots of dances and enjoys them very much. In between dances, Meagan sits down and gives everyone a lot of close-up looks at her privates. She shows you her clit and gives it a nice rub-a-round just for the fun of it.

    For our newer members, you'll want to look at the Coming Attractions at the bottom right of this page. You can see what's coming up in the next few weeks. Also if you hover your mouse pointer over the photo, a text pop-up will tell you the expected date it will be on the site. These thumbnails change often, so check back frequently.

  • Image of Nude Girls pale and playful Gabrielle

    Wed 16th Apr 2008Gabrielle | Solo veteran that she is, Gabrielle has no trouble quickly baring it all for us. She slips a finger or two into her wet hole and gets even hornier. These girls with glasses are a real turn-on aren't they?

  • Image of Nude Girls buxom Anneke and shapely Brandy and busty Indiana and malay Shee-ra and extra large breasts Angie nude outdoors

    Tue 15th Apr 2008Jelly Wrestling Girls | Solo

    The Jelly Wrestling Girls were looking for an afternoon of fun, and that's just what they got. Plus some sexy arse-grabbing and boob-squeezing just for good measure. They threw each other down in the jelly and made a try to get the other model's bikini off - that's great fun for us too. I think they got jelly in places it may never be retrieved from. Extra-large images available.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation slim and shapely Giselle

    Tue 15th Apr 2008Giselle | Intimate Moments

    Giselle gets the chance to masturbate on a polka-dot bed, and she starts off in a comfortable pair of pyjamas. She likes to rub herself in the belly-down position, and has one orgasm with just her fingers, and the second orgasm using her vibrator.

    To tweak your user account a bit, go to Extras at the top of the page and select MyAW. You can select things like thumbnail photos per page and you can select between seeing content for all the sites, or just the one you joined. If you press the Manage Account button, you can do things of a billing nature, such as changing credit cards, or upgrading your subscription.

  • Image of Nude Girls amateur Meagan G

    Tue 15th Apr 2008Meagan G | Solo

    Beautifully standing among the greenery is Meagan G, a chesty, smiling girl with long brunette hair. It's hard to say what her best feature is, from her great rack, pretty face and smile, or great looking pussy, Meagan has all the best.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation full breasts Sienna and alt emo amateur Carey

    Mon 14th Apr 2008Carey & Sienna | Intimate Moments

    End to end, Carey & Sienna lay quietly and masturbate. But when they reach their nearly simultaneous climax points, there's plenty of moaning in the air. Overall, a pretty nice double Intimate Moments video.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls shapely amateur Belinda F

    Mon 14th Apr 2008Belinda F | Solo

    It's Belinda F's birthday so she treats herself to a full-body moisturising. It's a treat for us too because Belinda gets so into the whole experience that she masturbates to orgasm in the process.

    How about some naked BMX bicycling or naked rock climbing? You can find both in the AW Today section of photos on the left side of this page.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls leggy girl next door Charity large areolae

    Mon 14th Apr 2008Charity | Solo

    Quite the talker, Charity will give you all the details about her loves and sexual feelings since she's been visiting Australia. She's out in the backyard among the cawing birds getting her clothes off and letting you see her nice large areolae and her pretty parts downstairs.

  • Image of Girl Girl pert tanned bum Violet and buxom Anneke toe sucking

    Sun 13th Apr 2008Anneke & Violet | Girl-Girl

    Anneke & Violet take a break from their board-game for a little fun on the side. Their boobs are out of their bras in a flash and quickly they go down on each other. Violet seems to really like having a moist toe up inside her - maybe they should play this game more often.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation cheeky tomboy Patience

    Sun 13th Apr 2008Patience | Intimate Moments

    In her desire to help out, Patience takes one for the team and contributes another Intimate Moments video to the site's collection. It's a good one, very sexy and strong, and one to be proud of.

    The Video Newsletter for next week has been released and not only does it give you the scoop on lots of good sets coming up next week, but it features Angie and Chloe B as your hosts, and boy are they horny for each other - tongue kissing, boob grabbing, and going down.

  • Image of Nude Girls leggy girl next door Charity large areolae

    Sun 13th Apr 2008Charity | Solo

    Charity's a luscious blonde outside in her dense back garden. She has a nice pair of boobs that fill out her shirt well and some dark pubes slipping out of her undies that are very tempting. Overall, a girl that I'd like to meet in the garden...

  • Image of Behind the scenes buxom Paula and redhead Chloe B and thigh gap Marigold and freckles Julia B and slender elegant amateur Petria young ladies fooling around with cameras naked

    Sat 12th Apr 2008Backstage 195 | Behind the scenes

    This week's Backstage 195 is all about the Yoga Girls shoot. Outside the building, then inside, the girls assemble, get their clothes and undergarments, then start to get lined up. Jilly's a good yoga teacher and she puts the models through their paces, all the while allowing for some spectacular photography!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls meaty lips Suzie

    Sat 12th Apr 2008Suzie | Solo

    Follow Suzie as she explores the tide pools and the surf in her bikini. She takes off her top and then her bottoms, for more of a feeling of freedom. Oops someone doesn't like a naked lady down there - better cover up. It was nice while it lasted.

    Keep track of where you are on the site and where you've been by looking at the top of each page. For example ">>solo>>Suzie. If you'd like to work backwards to where you've been, click on the link for Solo to see a gallery of all of the solo sets, or on the link for to return to this News page.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation amateur Meagan G and meaty lips Freya

    Fri 11th Apr 2008Freya & Meagan G | Intimate Moments

    Freya & Meagan G share a quiet room where the both intend to masturbate side-by-side. Things stay fairly peaceful until these girls get horny and their moans start to come. First one, then the other comes to a strong orgasm despite just cute little smiley glances between them. Just being near another orgasming woman is enough to get their juices flowing.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl big areolae Michelle R and round bum Fotina pussy licking

    Fri 11th Apr 2008Fotina & Michelle R | Girl-Girl

    Fotina & Michelle R are kind of mad at each other about the messy state of their house - but they can't stay mad for long and soon are rolling around together. Fondling and kissing, groping and thrusting, they can't get enough. They eat each other out and soon are in bliss.

    If you're new to our site, you've come just in time. We've just split the site to allow you to tailor the content to meet your own needs. Why not watch the tour - you'll be glad you did. Girl-girl, Intimate Moments, and solo shoots - we've got them all.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation shapely breasts Liz

    Thu 10th Apr 2008Liz | Intimate Moments

    Liz certainly knows the right button to press for a orgasm. She cums repeatedly in this Intimate Moments video - four times. The first orgasm is by rubbing through her knickers, the other three are naked on her belly. She must really feel spent after all that - or maybe not...

  • Image of Nude Girls meaty lips Suzie

    Thu 10th Apr 2008Suzie | Solo

    This picturesque image set of Suzie at a secluded stretch of beach makes a person glad to be living down under. Suzie sees shells by the seashore. I don't know about that, but there's one bearded clam I'd like to look at a bit more closely.

  • Image of Girl Girl big areolae Michelle R and round bum Fotina pussy licking

    Thu 10th Apr 2008Fotina & Michelle R | Girl-Girl

    Fotina & Michelle R both seem to be equal in assertiveness today. They both know what they want and are on a mission to get it. Michelle seems to really get off on being fingered, and Fotina goes more for the oral - both giving and receiving.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls latina with meaty lips Juanita

    Wed 09th Apr 2008Juanita | Solo

    Juanita is just hanging out at her grandmother's house and letting us do a shoot while Grandma's away. She knows exactly what she wants in a guy - the strong, take charge type, both in life and in the bedroom. Juanita gives us a peek at her lingerie then takes it off and lets us enjoy some legs open, up-close, explicit shots.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl freckles Jacki and thigh gap Marigold and slim and leggy Julietta outdoor group makeout

    Wed 09th Apr 2008Waterside Girls | Girl-Girl

    The Waterside Girls all get each other's clothes off, then fondle and kiss each other right there by the river. Marigold masturbates herself while the other girls kiss and suck their breasts. When it's time for a swim they all jump in, although getting back out on the slippery bank isn't quite as easy.

  • Image of Nude Girls latina with meaty lips Juanita

    Wed 09th Apr 2008Juanita | Solo

    Juanita's a beautiful young lady with a winning smile, great breasts, and a fine arse. Oh, and her pink bits are a beauty to behold also. Yes, Juanita's got one fine and sexy bod.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation slim Amy J and curvy Jennifer S

    Tue 08th Apr 2008Amy J & Jennifer S | Intimate Moments

    Amy and Jennifer like music, but there's one thing they like better than music, and that's masturbating. How better to do that than side-by-side with your friend. Might as well try for two orgasms while you're at it and really have a party.

    Just 1 more day until you can get your hands on more amateur material than there has ever been on! Three new sites bringing you around 20 updates each week between the sites. I'm sure you will be staying in tomorrow night...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls redhead Olay

    Tue 08th Apr 2008Olay | Solo

    Olay's outback in the lush green bush talking about her sexual experiences with both boys and girls. She's backpacking around Australia although she's originally from the north of England. Olay does a few cartwheels through the grass just for fun and entertainment. She sits still for a while and gives us a close-up look at her lovely pink bits.

  • Image of Nude Girls busty aussie amateur Tiff anal insertions

    Mon 07th Apr 2008Tiff | Solo

    Tiff is looking the picture of loveliness and very colourful as we see her in her bedroom. The crotch of her shorts can easily be pulled aside to reveal the wonders within. Tiff has the most beautiful large breasts for us to look at while she finds her double-pronged dildo. Her anus gets some action thanks to Matt Adams, her beneficiary to the Dildo Drive.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls meaty lips Saskya

    Mon 07th Apr 2008Saskya | Solo

    Saskya, a German model, feels more comfortable doing a lotion shoot for us. That's ok cuz we get to see every crevice, nook, and cranny of her hot body as she smooths the lotion around. Thanks again to Mike for the Dildo Drive submission.

    The Video Newsletter for this week features the massively sexy, Shee-ra. She's in the park on a nice day to tell you lots about this week's videos and photos. Don't miss a coupon code to get ten percent off of the price of joining.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls long legs pert breasts Maddy Soapy Breasts

    Sun 06th Apr 2008Maddy | Solo

    Maddy looks terrific and she's going to let us join her while she gets a bubble bath. She gets all soapy and bubbly, washes her breasts, and generally just luxuriates in the tub. These two bath videos will soon become classic must have content. Who could live without them?

    The team at abbywinters headquarters here in Melbourne are adding the final touches to the three NEW sites launching in this coming week! More sites, more awesome content.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation malay Shee-ra

    Sun 06th Apr 2008Shee-ra | Intimate Moments

    It takes Shee-ra only a couple of minutes to get out of her cute yellow top and to start rubbing her dark nipples. She takes her shorts off and slips her hand down inside her sexy underwear. Quickly out of her undies, Shee-ra circles her clit with her fingers until she has a big-O that had her crying out.

  • Image of Nude Girls meaty lips Saskya

    Sun 06th Apr 2008Saskya | Solo

    Model Saskya has a slim and finely chiseled muscular body. She has beautiful nipples and is very pretty underneath her fancy underwear. If you want to see girlcum, Saskya uses a Dildo Drive toy from Mike to get super horny and produce some.

    One of my favourite and best models here at is this week's Classic Model, Fleur. Indoors or outdoors, she's all good. Have a look at the wading videos from her first set. Wow! Wouldn't you have like to have been there then?

  • Video capture of Girl Girl redhead Chloe B and buxom Anneke lesbian sex

    Sat 05th Apr 2008Anneke & Chloe B | Girl-Girl

    Anneke and Chloe B are like two old friends meeting again and having sex. They seem to know each other well and what the other one likes. They start by fingering each other, then grinding on each other with their privates. They eat each other out and both have lots of orgasms. There's a short backstage video at the end of this set.

  • Image of Girl Girl redhead Chloe B and buxom Anneke lesbian sex

    Sat 05th Apr 2008Anneke & Chloe B | Girl-Girl

    Anneke & Chloe B are having an erotic time kissing and playing with each other's boobs. Then they pull each other's breasts out of their shirts and the pace quickens. Anneke finds a big wet spot on Chloe's knickers, so she knows she must be doing something right. She slips her fingers into Chloe's hole and slides them in and out. Chloe goes down on Anneke with a great fervor and everyone's in the pleasure zone.

    Shee-ra is the host of next week's Video Newsletter which is on the site now. Sexy Shee-ra tells us all about next week's sets from a picturesque park, and she will give you a coupon code to get a discount off of your membership when you sign-up.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls amateur Analisa tan lines

    Fri 04th Apr 2008Analisa | Solo

    It's a chilly day and Analisa has long socks and a sweater on. She doesn't keep them on for too long though, since this is a lotion video. Analisa heavily rubs lotion all over her body in the most sensual way. Thank you, Analisa.

  • Image of Behind the scenes small boobs Marie M and puffy nipples Trudy and natural and hairy Mira and small breasts Kathryn young ladies fooling around with cameras nude

    Fri 04th Apr 2008Backstage 194 | Behind the scenes

    Follow our models and our photographic staff around for a few days in Backstage 194. They have a sexy and fun time working around the Melbourne and Sydney areas. The outdoor shoots in the 3 seasons of nice weather are a great bonus.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls tall ethnic amateur Michou

    Thu 03rd Apr 2008Michou | Solo

    Michou's out on the back deck picking some low-hanging nectarines. She says they're pretty sweet- pretty sweet like Michou I'd say. Michou is about to get ready for the beach, so let's not keep her. Bye Michou!

  • Image of Nude Girls amateur Analisa tan lines

    Thu 03rd Apr 2008Analisa | Solo

    Analisa looks comfy-cosy on the couch, until she takes her sweater off and you realise that she's ready to rock and roll. She has a see-through bra and see-through undies and she really turns up the heat with her flimsy attire. When her undergarments come off too, she has a killer body and very nice boobs. Extra-large images are included with this set.

    Don't miss Jo's big announcement yesterday on this News page about the new DVD's coming out, and the changes for the better to our new online DVD vendor.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls slender elegant amateur Petria

    Wed 02nd Apr 2008Petria | Solo

    And now for your gardening lesson, Petria is going to do some gardening in the nude. She's in her backyard veggie patch, gradually undressing as she samples fruits and vegetables. Finally, Petria sits down on the ground, spreads her legs, and gives us a really good look, with a bit of girlcum visible.

    You can talk to some of our models directly on our forums. Look to see which models have posted lately by looking at the box under the schedule to your left. Some models post daily while others post rarely - it's a treat direct from the models to you, our greatly appreciated membership.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation large breasts Kiona and petite Skye T

    Tue 01st Apr 2008Kiona & Skye T | Intimate Moments

    Down in the laundry room for a little private fun, Kiona & Skye T masturbate together in front of each other. They don't have a lot to say, but that's alright, they're not down there to talk. They both have orgasms and that's the important thing.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls chinese Fae

    Tue 01st Apr 2008Fae | Solo

    Fae's in her room just packing for a trip. She believes that you have to pack a lot of underwear, although I'm not so sure about that. Fae loves having sex with both men and women - both have their pluses and minuses.

    For sale in our abbwinters shop - a nine-pack of autographed cards from the AEE girls, and an enormous ten-girl poster of the AEE girls in a sugarcane field in far north Queensland. These are all quality-made to high specifications.

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