• Tue 11th Mar 2008 Nancie | Solo

    At the beginning of Nancie's video, her skin is really dry after a visit to the beach, so Nancie had better put some lotion on. By the end of the video, there's not a square centimetre of her naked skin that's dry, not even inside her pink bits. Good work, Nancie.

    If you are a collector of rare items, we still have some limited-edition autographed cards in a nine-pack of all the AEE girls. We also offer a very-large, high quality poster of ten girls in a canefield up in far north Queensland.

  • Mon 10th Mar 2008 Katy | Solo

    In what has to be one of my favourite Katy sets, Katy hangs out on the porch and gets her gear off. Lying on the bench and inserting a finger inside of herself, Katy probes and finds some wetness. There's a Dressing Room set to see Katy put her undies, bra, and shirt back on.

  • Mon 10th Mar 2008 Angie | Solo

    There's one thing that catches your eye when you look at Angie - her tremendous breasts. But Angie has a lot more going for her. She's got a pretty face, long hair, and a winning personality often seen on the messageboards. She's a very sexy total package. Angie's using a long black dildo that she received from Frans via our Dildo Drive.

    This week's Video Newsletter is available here, so take your pick of the high-quality video download, or the lower-quality video streaming and have a look at Indiana as she tells you about this week's sets. If you'd like to join, don't miss the coupon code for a discount on your membership.

  • Sun 09th Mar 2008 Ollie | Intimate Moments

    You may remember Ollie from the Limo Girls special shoot. She's back by herself today for an Intimate Moments video. Ollie starts off slowly, but the intensity and passion in her orgasm cannot be denied. A very good IM.

  • We're back

    Sun 09th Mar 2008 We're back | News

    Willow, 10:56pmSunday, Mar 9th

    I don't know the full details yet, but our hosting company experienced a major network failure that took abbywinters.com off the air for a couple of hours. The problem has been resolved and we're back online now - in case you hadn't noticed already ;) We apologise for the inconvenience.
  • Sun 09th Mar 2008 Daria | Solo

    Undressing in her closet, Daria's looking very sharp in her glasses and her bright yellow bra. Matching undies cover a closely-trimmed and pretty pussy. Daria's a real sweetheart.

    Be sure to scroll down and see the Coming Attractions models in the box on the right side. If you wonder when a model's set is going up, just hover your mouse pointer over a photo and a date will appear.

  • Sat 08th Mar 2008 Greta & Jamie-Lee | Girl-Girl

    Greta & Jamie-Lee are up to no good - looking up dirty words in the dictionary. Before long they are doing those things themselves. The two of them go down on each other until they're both very pleased - two orgasms apiece. A good time was plainly had by both.

  • Sat 08th Mar 2008 Greta & Jamie-Lee | Girl-Girl

    Greta & Jamie-Lee are sharing their music together on the bed. These very sexy young ladies have a thing for each other and their clothes start flying off. They dip their fingers into each other's private areas and appreciate the delicious taste. It's best to just eat each other out as quickly as possible.

    In next week's Video Newsletter, which is out now, Indiana needs to change a flat tire on her bike. While she's stopped there, she may as well tell you what's coming up on the schedule. Plenty of hot chicks doing their best to turn you and themselves on! Watch for a coupon code in the video to get a discount on your membership.

  • Fri 07th Mar 2008 Backstage 190 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 190 brings you lots of models and old friends that you haven't seen for awhile. Their photos were captured while they were working and you get to see another side of their personality. Have look at this week's crop of backstage photos.

  • Fri 07th Mar 2008 Briony | Solo

    Teach us about playing footy, Briony, right there in your lounge room. Why don't you get naked now and show us your blonde pubes? While you're at it, how about giving us an explicit look at your bits? Thanks for the tour, Briony.

    How would you like an enormous ten-girl poster of the AEE girls, photographed in a canefield in far north Queensland? Or maybe you'd rather have a 9-pack of limited edition autographed cards of all the AEE models? Don't wait much longer!

  • Thu 06th Mar 2008 Shee-ra | Solo

    Shee-ra's in her backyard telling us about her favourite activity - surfing. She's also a bit of an exhibitionist and doesn't mind being nude for us at all. Shee-ra sits with her legs splayed open, just the way you would want and shows us all her good bits.

  • Thu 06th Mar 2008 Carel | Solo

    Carel is a beautiful blonde with very sexy breasts. She looks so hot going topless with just those little white shorts on. Carel undresses in front of the sink and reveals her pretty bum, then sits on the counters naked to show all she's got.

    Keep your eye on the AW Today column of photos. They change often and keep you up to speed on what's happening here right now. As one of the captions says, "So many beautiful women."

  • Wed 05th Mar 2008 Estelle | Solo

    Estelle's a make-up artist who tours a lot with bands. Naturally, she likes to play around with her hair colour a lot. You never know how she'll look. She likes to dance and she likes her body overall, so that's a good combination. Estelle lies back on the bed naked and lets you get a good long look between her legs while she talks about her pubic hair.

  • Wed 05th Mar 2008 Cristina | Solo

    Cristina's looking very hot and spicy in her short white top and her sexy undies that let her pubes stick through. She has a nice pair of boobies and she spreads her legs so you can see her with all her finery on display.

    If you'd like to speak with the model Patty, she can be found conversing in many different threads on the forums. She's a top chick, easy to get along with, and very friendly.

  • Tue 04th Mar 2008 Cordelia | Solo

    Cordelia's visiting Australia from Estonia, so the warmth and culture shock are quite noticeable. She likes dancing on stage, particularly the Charleston, which was a scandalous dance of the 1920's. Cordelia gives us a sample of the dance, which was very good. Afterward, Cordelia takes her clothes off, massages her nipples and does finger insertions into her pretty pussy, followed by masturbation.

  • Mon 03rd Mar 2008 Darya | Solo

    You may have heard about the mysterious "site split" we've been working on. It's happening shortly. More info here in the new site split FAQ page. If you're already a member, the news is all good: you'll get stacks more stuff for the same price. If you're not a member yet, hurry and join before the price increase.

    It takes a brave model to get undressed in the middle of a residential street, then run up and down the pavement in her birthday suit. Darya rises to that challenge and seems to do so fearlessly. The fall leaves, her unabashed enthusiasm, and Darya's killer body make this a very memorable set.

  • Mon 03rd Mar 2008 Nancie | Solo

    Nancie's on the back patio among all the greenery and private atmosphere. Her bra is see-through, but she takes it off anyway for the best look at her boobs. Nancie has a nice rack and very pretty blonde hair. She shows off everything she's got in explicit detail and in close-ups.

    Anneke takes you on a walking tour around the city and fills you in on all of this week's sexiest models in the Video Newsletter. Be sure to get a coupon code from this VNL for a discount on your membership.

  • Sun 02nd Mar 2008 Estella | Intimate Moments

    Estella is up today for an Intimate Moments video. After getting undressed on the bed, she flips back and forth from her stomach to her back until she finds the best position. IM's are shot with no camera operator in the room, just the model and a camera on a tripod.

  • Sun 02nd Mar 2008 December | Solo

    Oops! The strap broke on December's dress and now one of her tits is hanging out. So she just gets herself all the way out of the dress and lets us see her hairy bush too. She's a fun girl who makes you feel like anything could happen. Check out the included Dressing Room set.

    Girls in the Mood, Intimate Orgasms, and Next Door Girls are but three of the more than twenty DVD's that we have for sale in our abbywinters.com shop. Our DVD's are all of the highest quality and you don't need to be a member to buy them!

  • Sat 01st Mar 2008 Laundromat Girls | Girl-Girl

    It's washing day for five girls who all use the same laundromat. The loading of the machines starts normally, but stains on pants and dirty shirts keep cropping up and before long all the girls are naked. Five naked girls in their sexual prime just can't stand around in the laundromat, they kiss and fondle each other until all their clothes get dry.

  • Sat 01st Mar 2008 Laundromat Girls | Girl-Girl

    Imagine if five hot chicks found themselves alone in the laundromat on an obviously slow day. And the girl's clothes were all oh-soh dirty. They better just take them all off and get everything clean. The excitement of being alone and naked in such a public space gets them all feeling horny. Where will it all lead? Kissing and boob fondling at the very least.

    1GB Flash Drives, limited-edition signed postcards, and an enormous ten-girl poster of the AEE girls can all be purchased in our abbywinters.com shop. Get yours while they last!

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