• Sat 09th Feb 2008 Michelle R & Melinda | Girl-Girl

    Melinda brings home some DVD videos, but Michelle's got other ideas and jumps Melinda's bones instead. Michelle R & Melinda kiss and suck on each others breasts until they're both getting really horny. Then the two lovers go down on each other, and orgasms are had by both girls.

  • Sat 09th Feb 2008 Michelle R & Melinda | Girl-Girl

    Michelle R & Melinda make out on the leather couch, first kissing and removing each others bras, then gently probing and licking each other's pussies. Don't they both have nice boobs and lovely hairy bushes?

    Fotina is the host of next week's Video Newsletter. She's got a basketball and she shoots some hoops, all the while telling you what's coming up next week. Fotina has an effervescent personality and she doesn't disappoint in this presentation. For a discount when you sign up for the site, watch for a coupon code from Fotina during the VNL.

  • Fri 08th Feb 2008 Backstage 186 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 186: Tarlie, Toby, tits, and bits. Girls getting wet help make up this set. Primrose and Prue, bum cracks and bush, you're all very welcome to look at their tush. Chloe B and Shelly B, what can we see? Alex T and Portia, how about a T3? Susie and Adora, please give us some-more-uh, model and staff members, thanks for the show-uh.

  • Fri 08th Feb 2008 Marnie | Solo

    Marnie's out in the backyard on a beautiful day. She doesn't want to label her sexuality - she likes both boys and girls, whoever appeals to her at the time. Marnie takes her bra off of her largish breasts to let us see how pretty they are. Then she takes the rest of her clothes off and dances around the clothes line pole and explores her yard in the buff.

    We have some new promotional items available in our AW shop. There's a cool looking 1Gigabyte USB flash drive marked with our abbywinters.com name. We have an enormous ten-girl poster of some of our models shot in far north Queensland. Most exciting of all we have available a limited-edition 9 pack of signed autograph cards. Be one of the rare few people to have a complete set of these authentic autograph cards.

  • Thu 07th Feb 2008 Kobe | Solo

    Kobe talks like a whirlwind and before she gets naked she tells a funny story about streaking nude across the field at a sports game. She describes the synchronised swimming she loves to do and shows us how she can kiss her own nipples. Kobe has a nice body as you can see with a good full bush.

  • Thu 07th Feb 2008 Brenda | Solo

    Brenda's a pretty girl out in the green and lush woods. She has some wonderful physical attributes such as nice boobs, puffy nipples, a hairy bush, and a snail trail leading up from that bush. It seems like she's decided to take a nap on a warm summer's day.

    Our Dildo Drive is your opportunity to contribute something directly to the site and to the models. You send in a dildo or vibrator and a model gets to use it in her photo and video set if she likes to use toys to get herself off. You get credit on the News page and some gifts directly from us.

  • Wed 06th Feb 2008 Giselle | Solo

    Giselle has just returned home from a cocktail party. She's anxious to get off her feet and to take her stockings off. Giselle rubs herself and uses her Dildo Drive dildo from Frans - then it's off to the outside for a quick pee.

    As a special surprise, we've included a backstage video that shows the making of Giselle's stills shoot. Now you can see just how many photos Toby has to snap to get the perfect ones that go into the published set.

  • Wed 06th Feb 2008 Annette P | Solo

    Posing for a Redux photo shoot can really make a girl get wet down there. Annette P will show you when she loads up her fingers with girlcum. Annette has a nice bum and breasts to show you too.

    To see what the AW staff has been saying lately on the forums, look left at the box with that information. You can post on the forums too. Everyone can use their website subscription username and password after they join.

  • Tue 05th Feb 2008 Indiana & Jilly | Intimate Moments

    Indiana & Jilly get close by talking first about the way they like to masturbate and what turns them on. They kiss and touch each others breasts while rubbing themselves and they get turned on in a hurry. Lots of orgasms can be found here.

  • Tue 05th Feb 2008 Carey | Solo

    Carey's a nursing student who's a bit unconventional. She tells a good story about sex in a bathroom stall at a bar. She likes to wear stockings a lot, and definitely likes the big tuning fork dildo from Yusa and the Dildo Drive.

    Angie has posted some outstanding photos of herself in the forums once again. You get a close-up look at her hairy muff and great view of the large size of her breasts. A lot of people are anxious for her set to go live, but you'll have to wait just a bit longer. Meanwhile, have a view of Cleo's new look on this page.

  • Mon 04th Feb 2008 Nadine | Solo

    Nadine gives you a tour around her new bedroom that she's so proud of. She says it's fun when she's having sex and that blue veil falls around her and her lover. Nadine begins to masturbate and she looks seriously intent on having an orgasm. Did she make it?

  • Mon 04th Feb 2008 Caitlyn Y | Solo

    Princess Caitlyn Y sits on her large wicker throne and surveys her realm. Fortunately she's a benevolent ruler who wants only to bestow upon us the beauty of her nakedness. And beautiful she is with her large breasts and sweet pussy.

    Judi's down by the waterside in the park to tell you about this week's Video Newsletter. She has her hula hoop to toss around on the grass as she frolics. All the week's sets are highlighted by Judi, and she gives out a coupon code so you can get a good discount when you join up.

  • Sun 03rd Feb 2008 Marnie | Solo

    In this colourful garden shoot, pretty-eyed Marnie removes her shirt and pants to let you see her sheer see-through bra. After her knickers are shimmied out of, Marnie sits open-legged and lets you take in a beautiful sight.

    The Classic Model on the left side of this page, down a bit, is Penny. She's posing in a picturesque location down by the waterfront. Be sure to differentiate her from our Penny on staff (Penelope), another classic beauty!

  • Sat 02nd Feb 2008 Violet & Fotina | Girl-Girl

    Violet & Fotina are both very playful about their sex. They're original,creative and make it fun. They really get off on tribbing each other. Violet gets a genuine foot to pussy massage. They both come so loudly and forcefully that it's a real pleasure to watch these vids.

  • Sat 02nd Feb 2008 Violet & Fotina | Girl-Girl

    Violet & Fotina are playing around on the bed, and that leads naturally to kissing - tongue kissing that is. It's not long before Fotina is really wet. You can see her juices all over Violet's fingers. They eat each other out, then enjoy tribbing and some anal play.

    Judi is your host for next week's Video Newsletter. She was last seen in her cubby house video. Now Judi has all the details about which new model sets are coming up next week. Watch for a coupon code during the Newletter to give you a nice discount off of your membership.

  • Fri 01st Feb 2008 Karamia | Solo

    People assume Karamia is innocent and inexperienced, but she says that's not the case at all, she loves sex and she loves touching herself. This model from the Phillipines looks good in the doggie-style position, which is good because that's one of her favourite ways to get screwed.

    There's a poll in the forums where we're trying to find out which type of colours you prefer in images. Which looks better to you? Vote and express your opinion.

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